American Horror Story :  Opening Titles

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A short explanation of the opening of the Olympics

I will try to shed some light on Olympics open in Brazil because I saw some many people confused.

Well, the opening wanted to show who is the Brazilian people, begins with the natives and the arrival of our colonizers, Portuguese, and the slavery, yes, slavery was bad and ugly but it was 39 million slaves who came to Brazil, and with them,  those people brought  their culture,  their music, their food, at a time when we only had European obeisance.

In the early 19th century we had a huge immigration of Japanese, Italians and Arabs.

The opening is to show Brazil’s diversity where each immigrant left his footprint in our culture, the Brazilian people are made with little of the natives, little of Portuguese, of African, of Japanese, Italian, German and Arabic (and another countries).

My family is a clear example, my mother’s family is from Portugal, my father is a descendant of slave,  but my cousin is descended from Portuguese from mother’s side, but his father is descendant of Japanese and this mixture is Brazilian culture.

Time Worked On: About 4 Hours

Programs Used: Audacity (to cut down the song), Windows Movie Maker

Description: alright so ever since i started playing Mystic Messenger, the first thing i thought of was Taemin’s song Mystery Lover since the RFA members don’t really know who you are and have never seen you for pretty much the whole game (with the exception of the person you are romancing). so i thought the song would fit.