“There For You.”

That and a dozen other names/statements battled with me as I tried to name this doodle that quickly turned to a experiment on layers and things. I actually started this the very same day Asagao academy was released to the public, as a single playthrough made such an impact on me. Personal relationships are always something I enjoyed getting *lost* in. And, obviously my OTP is now Hana/PBG! 

P.S. I recommend downloading the image to observe details. =)

Had an oC session with Dai almost right after coming back home from FC, super fun!

Most of Dai’s stuff is at the bottom (he uploaded a version himself of the session which is a bit more clear). The gangerlon was his sketch, I just inked on top :D

(and of course for those who has an itch for Badalon, Dai made sure to scratch right where you wanted)


Buffy buttons! I really should have made these buttons sooner, I’ve been a fan of Buffy since the very first episode aired in 1997 (almost 20 years ago wtf) and rewatch the whole thing every couple years. Recently I introduced it to some friends and been watching it with them and this inspired me to finally, finally make some buttons. Are there still Buffy fans out there? When it comes to the Whedonverse it’s the browncoats who are the squeakiest wheel but I also wonder if that’s because their journey was cut so short and Buffy’s journey was fullyfleshed out (if not perhaps a little overlong COUGHseason7wtfhappenedthereCOUGH). Anyway. BUTTONS! Let it be known that David Boreanaz is the hardest likeness to chibify that I’ve ever done. It took 3 tries. 

Oh! And for those keeping score, I went mostly with season 3 looks because for me that was the pinnacle season of the series. :)

“Draw this again! Meme”

Granted, not my best piece at the time but luckily the inspirational songs still put the same image in my head. Meaning I could visualize and draw the same idea as I would’ve intended it at the time, only with all my new experience.

The image shows Ark, the main character of the game Terranigma (SNES), looking over the landscape of the underworld where the trials of the five towers await.

Before (2010) drawn on openCanvas4.5
After (2014) drawn on Paint Tool SAI

Crunchy Land: Hero Base

Most of you should be aware of a site called CrunchyRoll. If you haven’t, don’t let the professional homepage suck you in. Even the person who owns the site can’t speak properly. It’s the bane of society.

There’s this really retarded game on CR, Crunchy Land, where pretty much you can dress up with an avatar and fight generic bad guys in a Nummyz dating game way (that means it sucks!). You can be extremely cheap in the game because as long as you know how to colour in the shape of something onto of a paper doll, you can make up the cheapest weapons ever, and then price them really high. I’m not paying 5000 gold for some shitty looking bow and arrow!

Anyways, as you people may or may not be aware of, I have graciously offered my talents and graced them as a contributor in “Crunchy Land”. I made an avatar base named “Hero” and submitted it.

For some reason, I decided to check how Hero was going along and what other additions was added to his wardrobe.

I was very disappointed. 

Seeing how my base was being raped by a feast of ugliness, I had to step in and even out the ugly.
Thus, I’m adding some more items to the mix. (Mainly recolours of parts I already made! Haha!)

But really, seeing some of the things made me cry.

“Why the name Hero?”

The name comes from the idea that it was the hero amongst the sad looking bunch. If there was a male base, it was usually because it made a nice set with the female base before it. Of course, there were some bases which didn’t look like a base minus breasts, but that one was ugly. “Hero” was also the hero of the anatomy for the most part, with a base which obviously looks like it’s been more lovingly done.

But you know what baffles me? The description of my Hero base:

Finally, an automatically correct buff dude. ~This avatar has until June 27th to submit a full set of basic items until disapproval. Please submit items for this avatar to be considered. ~Duster

When is “Duster” going to remove his(?) comments off the base description? It’s already been approved for two years!

Also, I am slowly beginning to restart the line I had going with the Digi-Doll base. Finally, the hair will have a matching top (and possibly other articles of clothing).

Hero base made in openCanvas.
Some items made in Paint Tool SAI.
Some items edited in Photoshop (mainly changing colours).

Also also, I’m considering making a “Heroine” base, but I think CR needs more guys than girls.
External image