Guys I’m sorry I’m like 10 years late on these but Inuyasha buttons, woop woop! I loved this anime in HS and recently I got back into it when I was looking for a good show to play in the background while I did other stuff. I don’t know if Naraku has a fanbase at all but I threw him in anyway for fun. Plus can we all agree he had a GREAT voice in the dub?

“There For You.”

That and a dozen other names/statements battled with me as I tried to name this doodle that quickly turned to a experiment on layers and things. I actually started this the very same day Asagao academy was released to the public, as a single playthrough made such an impact on me. Personal relationships are always something I enjoyed getting *lost* in. And, obviously my OTP is now Hana/PBG! 

P.S. I recommend downloading the image to observe details. =)

At last, Harry Potter buttons DONE. I knew it’d be quite the undertaking when I began and boy was it ever. Hope I captured the likenesses well enough! Fun fact that I never noticed (because I myself always get Huffle or Gryff on quizzes, making me a Gryfflepuff), Ravenclaw’s colors in the book are blue and bronze, but in the movie blue and silver. I compromised on Luna with a movie-color tie but bronze and blue BG… the blue part is just cut off in this preview ;p