border checkpoint

border officer: you aren’t American, sorry
me: deep-fried guns at a baseball game
border officer *opening gate*: welcome to america. God bless


San Diego 9 July // Seattle 15 July // Milwaukee 25 Aug // Buffalo 3 Sept // Glasgow 8 Oct // Dublin 17 Oct // Dublin 18 Oct // Newcastle 27 Oct

a few ways to regard RBB’s horse

straight from the horse’s mouth – information from a reliable source

Trojan horse

A  subversive  group  or  device  placed  within  enemy  ranks.

The  hollow  wooden  horse  in  which,  according  to  legend,  Greeks  hid and  gained  entrance  to  Troy,  later  opening  the  gates  to  their  army.

A  computer program  that  appears  to  be  legitimate  but  is  designed  to have  destructive  effects,  as  to  data  residing  in  the  computer  onto which  the  program  was  loaded.  xx

pony up

Pay money that is owed or due

(“Pony” has nothing to do with small equines—it comes from pone, the Latin word for “put” (so does the Spanish verb poner). Therefore, if you owe someone money, you’d better pony up.)

In Poker: “The ante’s just been raised, so pony up boys”  xx     xx 

raise/up the ante

to increase your demands or to increase the risks in a situation, in order to achieve a better result.  Usage notes: The ante is an amount of money that must be paid in card games before each part of the game can continue.

dog and pony show

an elaborately staged activity, performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince people (from a derisive term for a small circus) 

Pretending to be something you’re not or doing something that you want people to think is important when it really isn’t. 

An elaborate act of bullshit, generally used to distract attention away from the sheer uselessness of the actual project or act. 

An elaborate presentation that lacks any imagination or originality, and is intended to impress an audience of rubes or halfwits

a  display, demonstration, or exhibition of something – such as something one is selling. (As in a circus act where trained dogs leap onto and off of trained ponies.)    xx    xx

roses-in-december asked:

Snowbaz EASE or LOST BOY ?! :D

This took me an insanely long time to write.  You’re welcome.  I chose LOST BOY, hope that’s alright with you!

What are you waiting for / cause someone could love you more.


We’re visiting Ebb’s cottage.  We aren’t technically supposed to be here, but the Watford gates always open for people in the Pitch family.  Sometimes, having a boyfriend related to the Old Families comes in handy.

I had a goat settled on my lap that had somehow strayed back to the cottage.  I thought they’d all left after last Christmas but I guess one came back.  The thing is skinny and frail.  I take a bottle of milk off of a shelf that Ebb once spelled so that it would stay fresh.  I give the goat the milk in a bowl and start scratching it behind its ears.

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you,” I forgot Baz was even here.  The goat that looked like it hadn’t eaten in a week had taken my attention.  I turn to him, still petting the goat.

“Why would you say that?” I wonder, standing up.

He shrugs. “You take care of goats and get overexcited when you see dogs.  Those are the animals that I eat, Snow,” he crosses his arms.

“You don’t eats dogs!” I point out.

“Yeah, but I could,” he argues.  I roll my eyes.

“But you don’t,” I kiss him, the only noise is the goat lapping up the milk.

“Still.  I feel like you could find someone better.  Someone who you won’t probably outlive,” this is ridiculous.

“Even if you are immortal, I wouldn’t care.  I’d still want to be with you,” I kiss him again.  This time longer and more deep.  Maybe Watford has some special effect on us, or maybe it’s just the kiss.  But I feel like this is more magical than it has been in the past.

No one in this world is happy unless he has opened wide the gates of his spiritual Jerusalem—his soul—and received God into himself. A godless man feels lonely to despair. The society of others does not make his loneliness go away, but only increases it. However he who has taken God into his soul will never feel lonely even in a desert. No one dies an eternal death other than one in whom God has died.

Saint Nikolaj Velimirovic

The Barstaff hates you

Only three days and I have a list of pet peeves working at a bar as a doorman. Here are a few of them.

If you throw your cigarette butt on the floor when there is an ashtray on EVERY table and it’s always empty I hate you.

Then I ask for your ID and you try saying you’re obviously older than me or throw aditude I hate you.

If you try opening closed gates that have locking links in them and get annoyed when I say you can’t exit this way I hate you.

When you’re drunk and ask me “How much I charge” I’m flattered, but when you get in the way of me working I hate you.

When I tell you not to sit in the plant box and you decide to throw your empty beer bottle in it I hate you. Those are innocent plants you monster.

When you don’t have your ID and get mad I won’t let you in I hate you. You’re a grown adult, you should know your ID is important.

When you complain to me there are too many fags in the bar and ask me where the ladies are, and then get disgusted at me that I work at a GAY bar I hate you.

When you start asking people in front of my door for smokes, to buy something, for change, anything, and they get annoyed and leave instead of going in, I hate you.

If you feel the need to tell me how much better the neighboring bars are and how we should be more like them I really don’t care. The same man owns those places and the resteraunt across the street, go to any bar you like, you’re still paying my paycheck.

That’s it for now. Maybe I should start talking about bar stories. Every night something interesting happened. Haha.

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. Between the Lines . 50

“Open! Gate of the Twins! Gemini!”

Her heart was pounding as Lucy opened their gate, her dark eyes serious and focused on what she was doing. It was early in the morning, nearly six thirty, that she summoned them, so she was fairly sure that she had at least a little bit of time before Natsu showed up. And he would show up, Happy in tow, to say goodbye before they left on their little day-long adventure. She knew him.

“Hello, Lucy!” Mini greeted immediately, bouncing up and down.

“Hello,” Gemi echoed.

“Hi,” Lucy greeted with a gentle smile. She’d steeled herself for this. She had to know what Layla Heartfilia’s message to Igneel had been. Perhaps, she thought, it might explain a bit more about how she hadn’t come to know about magic before she had. “I apologize if I summoned you at a bad time, I know it’s early here.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Gemi reassured.

“A night in our world…” Mini began.

“Is three months in yours!” they finished together.

“Oh.” Lucy blinked. Not bothering to look deeper into that - she was sure it’d kill her head - the celestial mage cocked her head to the side. “Um, would you like to form our contract now? Only if you want to, of course, you don’t have to.”

“We’d be honored to form a contract,” they replied cheerfully. “But first, we have a message to deliver from Ms Layla!”

Lucy blinked. “I thought-” She cut off, gathered her thoughts. “Is this the last message she sent to Igneel?”

Mini shook its head. “Piri!” it mused, as if that was its explanation before continuing. “Allow us to tell!”

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Open RP: Wonderland Tea Party                ~Come or Die~

“The tables were set check.

The tea and cakes set check.

The invites were sent check.

Hm but I wonder if they notice the little surprise I left in store waiting if they chose not to come. Oh those poor lost soul…eh they’ll live…maybe. Well if they’re lucky I guess.” Sez said as she looked over the mushroom forest.

It was decorated in the finest glowing mushrooms and lanterns cards strewn and roman numeral watches set at twelve. People waiting at the gates for the party to start. She grinned as she turned to the gates.

“Well it seems my guests have arrived~” She stated as she snapped her fingers the gates slowly opened.


The crowd came in some were civilians…she frowned at their plain get ups. Once they arrived to their tables they started chatting and the kids played running around. She smiled as they drank up their rags turning to gowns and tuxedos but with weird designs. A lady with a dress made of marshmallow a man with neon gloves and a hat to match.

She turned around seeing the latest guest and frowned.

“You’re late…”

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