Open to males and females. Honestly don't know where I'm going with this one

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One of my anime-ignorant friends came across a picture of the Sannin I had open on my phone. You already know where this is going, don't you? "That woman with the black hair has amazing eye make up and eyes. What's her name?" 'Orochimaru'. "She's really pretty, but her her cheek bones stand out a lot in an unhealthy way, she should eat more." As IRL, as canon and fanon; I'm 100% certain. Sometimes, just. Life. I didn't even say that Orochi was male because honestly? I have my doubts. 1/2

Might be genderfluid or agender or I-give-no-fucks-about-gender-norms, but I’d totally hesitate before definitively saying Orochi is male and I don’t know if it’s *just* from canon and his male-to-female bodyhopping, his dress, his speech and his entire appearance in Mitsuki’s backstory or if part of it’s from fanon/your stuff in particular. But yeah: Orochimaru. Sex, probably male. Might be female if he wanted to fuck with some minds. Gender: mysterious and undefined. 100% Too Pretty though


I think it’s pretty much canon that Orochimaru is no-fucks-about-gender? I mean, he does insist that Mitsuki call him “parent” even when asked if he’s the mom or dad, and he’s equally comfortable possessing male and female bodies. What exactly that translates to is open to interpretation. 

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I understand ur a feminist or whatever an that's OK. I'm not an I'm a female. Exactly what LEGAL rights do men have that women dont. Every time I have this convo with a feminist they say oh u don't understand when in reality I'm a hell of a debator an their support be trash. So which rights do men have that we don't.

I’m glad you think its okay but it really seems like you don’t understand what it is and what it means to women and society.  Feminism gets such a bad rep that its ridiculous and people are so uneducated on it that they seem to not even want to try and understand what it is- they just take it for what they think it is and move on so they can have something to demean and gripe about- as if there weren’t enough things in the world.

It isn’t about what legal rights you have as a man and the ones I don’t as a woman.  It may have something to do with that but its much more than that.  As a female in this country, especially a WoC and the daughter of immigrants you don’t understand the struggle on THISside because you’re on the outside looking in but generally there are many things that feminism stands for that don’t center around the legal rights of men and women as separate gender classes. 

  1. there are many many  laws that dictate what i can or can’t do with my body as a female but not one dictating what a male can or can’t do starting with the fact that prochoice isn’t even considered a helpful law.  Am I saying I would ever have an abortion- no I’m not, but to know that if I’m ever in a situation where I may think its for the best I would like to have comfort in knowing that the option is always open.   You never know another person’s situation or the hardships they could be facing so instead of having a society of men who are made uncomfortable by the topic shove their beliefs and such down our throats I would love for them to think about what it really could mean to another person.  No one just wakes up and goes “welp I’m preggers, lets go get an abortion” like their deciding their going for coffee, its a serious decision and until its illegal for a man to walk away and choose not to be a parent then women should be allowed to make this decision for herself.   And think of all the young teenage girls who die at child birth (its the number 1 killer of girl ages 12-19) and then of the ones who survive and are forced to care for children they didn’t want to have and then people say you could put it up for adoption but kids rot in foster care- look at all the white actresses who go to poor african nations to adopt children like their a white savior or some shit when there are millions of kids right here in this country that need to be taken care of. 
  2. We live in a patriarchal society dominated by white men who feel that their opinion and decisions is what’s best for women all over the nation even though they have never known what its like to be a woman.  
  3. society expects certain things of me as a female, such as being quiet and submissive to my male counterparts and speaking out makes me bossy and a bitch- Nicki Minaj spoke on this: she literally compared herself to her boss Lil Wayne.  In short she can’t act the way he does cause when you’re a female and you’re assertive you’re a bitch : :educate yourself
  4. the fact that there is still a wage gap between men and women who have the same professions woman have proven for centuries that we’re capable of doing the same things men can but we are still subjected to ridicule, harassment in the workplace, discrimination, and of course general maltreatment- just ask Joan of Arc, or watch Mulan… you’ll get the picture.
  5. the fact that I’m expected to have sex with only one person throughout the course of my entire life and that my virginity is something to be guarded and protected because its the only thing I have that defines my self worth and if i keep in tact by the time I’m 18 im some magical unicorn but if you keep it till you’re 18 you’re either a fuckin saint or loser.  By society standards, my virtue is something that should be coveted and that the man who takes it should be given the highest regard because its apparently an honor.  if you feel your virginity should be saved for someone special, then all power to you but to me- its not that serious.  Honestly it should be about what you’re doing like if you’re just fuckin or makin love or just having sex with someone- that’s what should be focused on here.  And on top of that if it is found out that I had lost my virginity at the “wrong” time I’m not the only person looked down upon- In most cultures like my own my father and my mother would be shamed for not keeping my a virgin- literally in Uganda some 100-200 years ago I would be married off to a random person and probably never be able to see my family again and if my husband finds that I’m not a virgin he has to send the mat we had sex on to my father for all the world to see shaming him for not being able to keep me locked up in the house. Just a lil fun fact I read about in one of my dad’s history books on our country.
  6. The fact if I have sex with more than one person, I’m considered a whore or a slut but you’re glorified as like a sex god or a “lady killer” As a female I’m not allowed to like sex the same way men do so when it comes to women like Rihanna, or Nicki Minaj (who has stated time and time again that she is celibate and has never had sex with anyone in the industry- seriously not one nigga stepped up and said he did, aside from Gucci Mane but that’s its own explanation) they are written off as whores and thots while their male counterparts like Drake or Chris Brown are praised for being around lose women and having sex all the time and then speak on this in the music and hit the top of the charts
  7. The fact that niggas can sing “These hoes ain’t loyalI” and not even take a step back and look at themselves.Now do I love that song, of course cause dudes were spittin truth in that song- while truly questioning these people in their lives who are willing to disrespect themselves and the people around them and use the people around for their own personal gain (why give them your heart when they rather have your black card and attention) and will do anything to have what they want but I can’t help but think about the men and women who forget that men can be hoes too.  But to me a hoe isn’t just someone who has a lot of sex.  If you’re single and have sex with other single people then all power to you, to me you ain’t a hoe cause WHAT GOES IN YOUR VAGINA AND WHEREVER YOU PUT YOUR PENIS IS YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESSit does not concern me unless it affects me directly but if you trappin people with kids, and spreading things and having sex with people and blackmailing them to get what you want or being a home wrecker then you’s a hoe in my book. 
  8. The fact that they very men who will pay strippers to take off their clothes and dance are the same men who will degrade them for doing what they have to do to survive.  If you’re a stripper i fuckin endorse you cause you out there getting you money and being self sufficient. Girls can strip through college to make ends meet and then end up makin less money in the profession they went to college for compared to the money they made strippin. 
  9. The fact that if a man shows any “feminine” traits or mannerisms he’s called “gay” and “weak” for not doing something “manly”
  10. The fact that “you ____ like a girl” is an insult because its degrading to be a female in this “modern" society

  11. the fact that people still don’t get understand that feminism works for both men and women when it comes to gender roles and what’s considered women’s work and men’s work
  12. the fact that most people rebuke the topic because they think it revolves around the bashing of men and women burning their bras, when in reality its something that fights for the equality of the sexes

And now some quotes from one of role models to help further your understand:

  • “I often use “emasculation” in quotes in my writing, to imply that I am questioning the word itself. The correct word to use is dehumanization. But a man is not even dehumanized solely because a woman does something better than he does, unless he views his humanity as the conglomeration of patriarchal norms, not a real humanity of complexity and nuance. That’s the issue. Any patriarchal norm deviated from is viewed as a threat to their existence versus them realizing that the real threat to their existence is making it predicated upon a list of limiting and rigid norms. When men state that women can’t do X, they often are also stating that they must do X. They imprison themselves via patriarchy as well. The only reason why it impacts women much worse is because men still have male privilege, can enforce misogyny with greater power and sexism benefits them.”  ~Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • “We teach girls shame. Close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though being born female they’re already guilty of something. And so, girls grow up to be women who cannot say they have desire. They grow up to be women who silence themselves. They grow up to be women who cannot say what they truly think. And they grow up–and this is the worst thing we do to girls–they grow up to be women who have turned pretense into an art form.”  -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

When it comes down to it, its not just about rights one group has and one doesn’t.  Feminism works both ways but I guess not every one is catching that drift.

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I'm not a very hopeful person nor have I ever 'shipped' anyone with anyone, but when I saw Jesus and Daryl I thought it would be so cool to have them as a couple and all, you know?, it would be so bad-ass, but, honestly, I don't think AMC executives and etc have the balls to do it. Think about all the rage it would cause? I hope at least they keep Jesus like he is in the comics, and don't turn him into another Aaron/Eric that barely show up in the TV series. Sorry for being so pessimistic.

Given the track record of all male/male ships on television, I agree that a romantic relationship is a bit of a longshot at this point. However, we have several things on our side:

  1. Jesus is gay (in other ships there may be subtext and homoerotic moments, but textually the men are always defined as straight, “just friends,” bros, having girlfriends etc.)
  2. Jesus’ first introduction and characterization were through scenes with Daryl
  3. Jesus’ cheekiness and borderline-flirtiness towards Daryl (have you seen those looks he gives, hot damn)
  4. Tom Payne’s interpretation that Jesus kept falling on Daryl on purpose (suggesting that Tom at least played Jesus being flirty towards Daryl, if it wasn’t written in the script that way)
  5. Daryl’s sexuality never being defined explicitly
  6. Daryl never hooking up with any of the female characters that he’s been paired with, despite fan support (Carol, Beth, etc.)
  7. Daryl never admitting to having romantic feelings for any said characters
  8. All of the main Daryl ships being sunk/deterred (Beth dying, Richonne going canon, Carol and Tobin’s new romance)
  9. Several interviews where Daryl being gay is discussed as an idea someone had, Norman stating he’d be totally down for gay Daryl 
  10. And yes, I know Kirkman said Daryl was straight. But 1) this was a while back 2) things change 3) this is Kirkman we’re talking about. He also said that AMC would be fine with gay Daryl and that he’d make him gay if he wanted to. So who knows.

This is a lot more than other ships get. Usually, the writers claim the two men in question are straight and that there’s nothing romantic there. I think Jesus actually being queer in canon helps the possibility of Darus happening. I think Daryl’s popularity among fanboys and women who may not be the most open-minded when it comes to Daryl may be the strongest deterrence here. That and the possibility the writers will cave with a one-sided crush from Jesus, but never actually go there. However, if there was enough support from the writers and actors I think that the AMC execs could be convinced. The show has already depicted gay relationships in ways that aren’t stereotypical. The world hasn’t ended. It’s just Daryl being gay/bi/interested in men in any capacity that may be the biggest hurdle to jump. 

Honestly, I haven’t shipped anything that’s become canon (whether that be het, gay, or otherwise) in a long time. It’s become less about whether or not the actual pairing will become canon for me and more about fandom interpretation. Jesus has only been on TWD for what, three episodes? And so far we’ve gotten enough moments to have a new ship. I can’t predict the future, but if both characters make it through this season I do have hope that we might get the beginnings of a special relationship.