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Sprint Stands Up for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is arguably one of the most important and pressing technological issues facing society, especially in light of how much control large corporations already have over media, information, and communication. Now, telecommunications giant Sprint has come out in support of the movement. More…
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San Francisco Has Slower Internet That Any Other Major City In The US


You would think that San Francisco, with its close proximity to tech-centric Silicon Valley, would have some of the fastest internet in the world. 
According to a new report from the Open Technology Institute, that just isn’t the case.
Researchers at the institute analyzed internet speeds in 24 cities in North America, Asia, and Europe.
Surprisingly, San Francisco ranked near the bottom in terms of download speed, beating only Mexico City, Berlin, Dublin, and London. 
Open Technology Institute
It seems that San Francisco was a bit of an anomaly in OTI’s analysis. As Curbed points out, the fastest internet costs less in San Francisco than in other US cities. A download speed of 200 megabits per second (mbps) can be purchased for $30 per month, while that same speed costs about $300 a month in New York and Los Angeles. 
OTI writes in the connectivity report: “During our regression analysis, every city except San Francisco, CA suggested that as a customer pays more, she receives a higher speed. But in San Francisco, CA, we found the relationship between speed and price is negative, due to some very cheap, fast plans that break from the city’s pricing trend.”
Here are the cities with the fastest Internet speeds, compared to average monthly prices. San Franciscans may have some of the slowest Internet connections, but users pay around the same as people living with the fastest connections in Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. 
Open Technology Institute

I Took An Online Coding Class, And Now I Have A Huge Appreciation For What Programmers Do All Day

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CCCAMP 2015 - What's the catch? - Funding open source with money from corporations and governments
What’s the catch? Funding open source with money from corporations and governments Increasingly, there is money available to fund free software projects; however it often comes from large organizations, governments, and corporations, who all have their own goals and missions. The question becomes, if you decide to work with these groups, is it possible for your project to maintain a set of goals and ethics that are its own? Members of the Open Technology Institute will draw on our experiences in partnering with large interested funders (US Government, Google), and facilitate an audience discussion of how this funding model can work, the challenges that can arise and the complicated ethics around it. Creating complicated multi-layered open source projects requires development, maintenance and ongoing commitments. Often, to do these things you need money. Paying developers and hackers can be a way for a project to work towards quality and sustainability, assuring that people have time to fix to bugs, handle support and work with others. There is increasingly money available; however it often comes from source like governments, major tech companies, universities, and large foundations. Each have their own missions and goals that are likely distinct from those of your project. The question becomes, if you decide to work with these funders, is it possible for your project to create and maintain a set of goals that are its own? To be sure, this is not the only way to fund a project, and it is not a good fit for all projects. However, it is a choice that many have made. We want to have a discussion about that choice. Drawing on our experiences in partnerships with USAID (for Commotion Wireless), as well as Google (for the Measurement Lab), members of the Open Technology Institute want to share what we’ve learned, and facilitate a discussion on what it means to make the choice to pursue these types of funding. We want this to be a broad discussion, with people who have made similar choices (or as importantly the opposite ones), and not a sales pitch for the choices our organization has made. We’ve discussed this at length amongst ourselves, and are curious to hear what CCC has to say. Some questions that we would like to see frame the discussion are: For More Information Please Visit: -

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