"This Rukia...What exactly is your relationship with her, Ichigo?"

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Maybe this will help? archive.org/web

BLESS YOU. So many stories are still irretrievable, but I’ve had much better luck with a few of them! I now have 8 tabs open and I’m going to email them to myself and read them on my phone while snuggled up in bed. I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Oops, almost forgot about this one!
Featured in this picture is DF, my modpone. This is supposed to portray a deeper feeling that I have about being an artist: control of my own world, and my own characters. I have the power to simply kill off someone, resurrect their corpse, and kill them again. I could have Fate me the most kindhearted pony ever, and have Surprise be absolutely gothic and over dramatic. My world belongs to, was made by, and is controlled by me. And the feeling of control is one of the reasons why I am still an artist.

There are many other reasons, but this is one of my favorites. <3

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for the ship ask: webgott

Oops I almost forgot about this so here it is thanks ❤️

insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible:

Both lbr

likes to watch reality tv:

Ok so webster sAYS he hates reality TV bc it’s all garbage (bc he’s pretentious like that) but if you put on an episode of America’s Next Top Model he will watch it from start to finish no lie (although I’d say it’s pretty much entirely the competition aspect of it)

refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone:

Joe :/

is the jealous / protective one:

Both. Definitely both or neither depending on the situation?

goes all out on the holidays:

Depends on the holidays but honestly I would say neither bc I don’t think Joe cares enough & Web’s a pretentious loser who is actually a sucker for these kinds of things at heart but he wouldn’t admit it so there’s no way he’s doing it either

cries over books:

Haha webster

is terrible with kids:

I’d say neither of them are terrible except for the fact that Joe forgets that he’s not supposed to swear around them. Web is good w/ kids & he seems chill on the outside but secretly they make him anxious

drinks too much caffeine:

Oh man it really just depends

could sleep for twenty-four hours straight:

Usually web, although Joe probably could too

never wears matching socks:

I feel like this would become a thing for Joe. Like this is basically just his life at this point. It lowkey annoys web. (Which means then he’d start doing it on purpose)

punches a tree when they’re angry


gets scared by the toaster

Web definitely Web

30 Day Asexuality Challenge

Day 6 - Have you faced oppression because of your asexuality, whether institutional or societal?

Not personally, because so few people know that I am asexual. But like with other orientations there’s a lot of erasure and lack of knowledge on asexuality.
Also, it doesn’t help when you’re watching a film, tv show, or reading a book, and there is almost ALWAYS a romantic plot or subplot. Films and tv shows are the worst for it though, because sex sells and there are just sooo many movies with sex scenes in them. Like, any romantic comedy where the friends of the protag are trying to get the protag laid or lose their virginity as if it’s a plague on their existence. Or like last month or so when a friend dragged me to see Blackhat and there was this long unnecessary sex scene, where I spent the majority of that scene uncomfortable and looking away from the theatre screen thinking “yes okay we get it they had sex GET BACK TO THE ACTUAL PLOT FFS”

Oops I almost forgot about this pic from last night. 3/27/15 (at Lulu’s Bakery & Cafe)


Oops! Almost forgot about this vid. 2 weekends ago with @imresarioevents at Fifth Amendment 😊 #fifthamendment #impresariolatino #fire #bellydancing #sexysixpack (at 5th Amendment Houston)

Oops almost forgot about today’s final pose of @cyogalab and @mandukayoga challenge, #ArmBalanceNation … Couldn’t do the full pose obviously, so I did this nice relaxing one… at work. Bahahahaha. XD I enjoyed this challenge thouroughly, even though I couldn’t do half of the final poses. Expressing gratitude towards @cyogalab for hosting a unique challenge yet again. ^_^ Namaste and Jai Bhagwan y’all.
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