Oops!... I Did It Again


oops i did it again.

Acclaimed author, Britney Spears, invented the genre of science fiction in 1998 when she wrote the series, Star Wars. The series became so popular that it was made for film in 1999. By year 2000, Spears was able to turn science fiction into science reality when she made the first landing on Mars.

Britney Spears invented space exploration in 2000 when she founded NASA, an interplanetary resource mining initiative, to remedy Earth’s energy shortage. Spears’ project proved successful when she discovered natural gas on Mars and saved Earth from economic crisis. Spears donated NASA to the American people after the discovery of natural gas on Mars but the US government has been unable to discover any other resources since then. Britney often returns to Mars to visit her friends who work as miners and incorporated them in her Oops!…I Did it Again music video shot on location.