Loved By You

Chapter Fifteen Part One

I waited until the last possible second to tell Liam about the trip to Newark, my nerves overplaying in my head and making me dance around the subject with him until late Thursday night. I sort of let it slip randomly during a discussion we were having about what kind of takeaway we wanted to order for dinner that night. I didn’t mean for it to come out so nonchalantly, to be honest, I had a whole spiel planned in my head, but it just burst out of my mouth and I totally froze. He knitted his brows at me a bit, confusion setting in as he obviously had no clue that Niall even had a tournament coming up, but I told him he had invited me and that we were leaving the next day and would be back on Sunday. I already knew Liam had a bunch of work to do at the law firm during the weekend, so regardless he wouldn’t be able to go, but I was still scared shitless about what his reaction would be.

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hi there !! the names jada ( i happen to have the chance of sharing a name with undoubtedly the most iconic america’s next top model contestant ever, and i love it ) and this is my lil baby dean !! and by lil i mean self-proclaimed six foot four quidditch prodigy… ANYWAYS. under the read more i have a little more information and links so you guys can figure out a lil more about dean. i love plots almost as much as i love dean, so you should defs hmu for plots, or check out my wanted plots page !!

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Good Kitty

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “Nightmare Fuel,” but can stand on its own. 

Marinette twirled around, feeling the fabric swing around her legs as it swirled around her.

“Slow it down just a little,” Chat suggested.  "Purrfect.“

His praise made her heart beat a little faster.  Their photoshoot in the evening sunlight of the middle of summer wasn’t the only reason she was warm

"Keep the smile and when I tell you to freeze, I want you to just stop spinning,” he said.  "Got it?“

"Better hurry up before I tip over,” she replied.

“Aaaand… Freeze!”

The skirt of the dress obeyed the laws of physics and continued wrapping around her before eventually swaying back like a pendulum.  The world still seemed to spin around her, and she was relieved to feel his steadying arm around her her a moment later.  "Oooooh.  Sooooo dizzy.“  She laughed.

"I’d like to do a couple more of those to be sure I really captured the swing of the fabric,” he said, brushing his lips against her forehead.  "But you won’t have to twirl so long for those.“

"You’re really good at this stuff,” she said, slipping her arms around his waist, and blinking up at him as Paris continued to rock and sway in her distorted vision.

“Uhhh… I am?” he seemed genuinely surprised.

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oooooh but just imagine if in the panel when touka's shirt gets stuck, when kaneki asks if she needs help, she accepts and he just..... gently trails his fingertips over her sides until he reaches the top of the shirt and pulls it off... when they get the shirt off, touka's hair just falls messily back into her face and kaneki brushes away her bangs... everything is still for a moment, and then he leans in...

asdhgsadgjhads!!! ToT i love when someone takes someone else’s shirt very slowly revealing skin little by little and everything is still for minutes, i feel like it’s such an important/significant moment?? i love reading/writing those scenes in smut. Lmao, I’m actually wondering if Touka did the shirt thing on purpose? Kaneki was feeling weird bc of his hands and she tried to take off her shirt without unbuttoning it and maybe she did that so Kaneki would forget about his insecurities and pay attention to the view? 😂 idk, she’s capable of doing something like that… if she actually did, i think it’s super cute. 

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marigold, peony, bloom, windflower, love in a mist, lavender?

Oooooh you’re a curious one aren’t you? ok…
I personally like Earl Grey tea.

I’m gonna combine peony and bloom and say: “I like you just the way you are.”

@lmao-calamity I love how creative and unique all your character designs are!
@chaoticspiral-w101 I love how aesthetically pleasing your art is! It’s both simple and expressive!
@completelyinfallible #infallible moments cheer me up
@kymmagreen ART TRADE BUDDY :D
@appuru-pi putting you here cause your my first follower, very friendly, easy to talk to, 10/10 art

Last night I dreamed about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Me and my friends were a wandering group of survivors! Thankfully no one died…yet…

I wanna be good at PvP, and achieve Warlord/Champion status without relying on…cheating… and I don’t mean TC or puppet teams >w>;;;



roseofenglandstuff  asked:

Hey there. I would like to know more about your spy au. How did Keith's and Shirt's first meeting go? Was it on a mission? Was Keith dressed as a woman or a man? What roles do the other paladins fill in your story?

[Hey! Oooooh~ I was waiting for this question, hahaha, actually, I intend to make a comic that flashes back to how they met but I don’t see why I can’t reveal some stuff.]

  • Shiro and Keith met before they were spies (well, Shiro was already training to be part of Volton at that time).

Keith was an orphan back then and he would often escape the orphanage for hours at a time just to go to a certain secret spot where he can watch the sunset go by without being disturbed. Shiro discovered the spot by accident one afternoon and Keith was not too thrilled about it. Shiro on the other hand was smitten by the boy and he would find himself going back to the same spot every afternoon, much to Keith’s initial chagrin. With a lot of probing coming from Shiro, they eventually became close. Keith would talk about the orphanage (how much he hated being there) and Shiro would confess about the stress he feels during training.

They met and talked for years, even after Shiro got into Voltron (although, it wasn’t as often as before). Shiro would always make time for Keith.

One day, Keith was finally old enough to leave the orphanage and he found a job as a mechanic for some nearby auto-shop. He was so excited to tell Shiro but that day, Shiro didn’t show up and he didn’t for a long time…

  • As for the roles of the other paladins:

They’re all part of Voltron.

The paladins directly report to Allura and she often sorts out the missions and the reports. Coran usually is the one who debriefs the paladins for their mission and does the whole ‘provides the gadgets cliche’.

Shiro leads the team in the field. Pidge is the one who walks the team through during missions. Lance can double as a sniper during certain occasions as well as an on-field spy. Hunk is a on field agent as well as a mechanic during their downtime.

Send me questions or headcanons!

Sheith!Rival Spy AU

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I loved this chapter! It was a great turn of events to find out it was him who stole the jar! I think it makes everything about YW's personality fall into place. As his teacher said he is greedy, that's the reason he could be #1. He couldn't help but steal it because all those kids had everything he didn't had. The beautiful bright jar represented everything he wanted and didn't have. He would look at it in secret to help him stay motivated and focused towards his goals when studying.