Albus Severus Potter

Sirius: *jumping up and down* Is it a boy? Is it a boy?

James: Pads, it just came out of the red head mate. Literally a second ago. It’s a potato at this stage.

Lily: *screaming* IT’S A BOY!

Sirius: OOOOOH wee little Remus is born.

Remus: *rolls his eyes* You don’t know that Sirius.

James: No he will want to have the whole package, he’s Remus. 

Lily: I hope it’s Remus, he’ll be a well-behaved, smart kid then. James Sirius is a nightmare, he’s like you two combined, I didn’t think that was possible to be honest, I thought if your personalities encountered it would explode but here we are.

*James and Sirius high-five*

Remus: I’m very honoured that you guys think he would name him after me but you forget there’s already a Remus in Harry’s family: Teddy.

Sirius: Fuck that. He doesn’t use it, this one would. 

James: He’s right, it’s gonna be awesome. If we get a Lily next time we’ll have everyone.

Lily: Everyone except Marlene, Mary–

Sirius: *smiling* Marlene would rather shoot herself in the head before she lets anyone name their kid after her.

James: Besides Harry didn’t know them, love.

Lily: Yeah you are right, I wish he did.

*Harry names the kid Albus Snivellus Severus Potter*

Sirius: Is this a fucking joke to you Harry? Is it?

James: Lils? Tell me he didn’t name my bloody grandson after my arch enemy. Tell me he is fucking with us.

Lily: Oh no I’m pretty sure he did.

Remus: Told you guys it wasn’t going to be Remus.

Sirius: *face-palming* You did but I thought that it was one of your “I’m not good enough for this” shit. 

Remus: No, I am good enough for this shit, I just knew he wouldn’t name him after me.

James: How did this happen?

Sirius: At least one of them could have been sensible you know. I will call him Snivellus Jr.

Lily: *points a finger at Sirius* No you won’t.

Remus: Don’t talk about sensible names. Your name is Sirius Orion. You as a whole, including your name, are not sensible.

Sirius: Your name is Werewolf McWerewolf, so shut the fuck up.

Lily: What’s up with wizards and weird names any ways?

James: It’s meant to show that we are different than Muggles, that we are somehow superior because we are, for example, named after constellations. *Sirius stares, James grins* It’s just an example Pads. Anyways my parents didn’t like that idea so my name is very sensible.

Sirius: *Lily stares at Sirius* Mommy dearest was an interesting person, don’t ask. Can we go back to the fact that Harry named his son ALBUS SEVERUS?

Remus: There’s not much you can do about it.

James: I find comfort in the fact that he’ll use Albus.

Sirius: I’m afraid if the next one is a girl, he’ll call him Narcissa or something.

Lily: Don’t be so dramatic about this.

Remus: You sometimes forget that you are talking to Sirius.

Lily: Oh, my bad.

James: So, how long will they wait before the next one?

Lily: JAMES!

James: What? They are not getting any younger. I mean they can have 7 children and form their own Quidditch team and–

Lily: No.

James: I trust red head on this.


Still Breathing (Official Lyric Video) - Green Day

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Yesterday in art class my teacher asked me who my favourite artist was, everyone said some famous, but I said cheapcookiez

OOOooh stawp it u //wink wonk//ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ

MMMmmhh i’m so sososo flattered ! //giggles//

thankiiiies ! ヾ(๑ ³ㅿ³)ノimah sure u kno’ better artists, but sincerely dsgqsrg thankies again !

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so i got to thinking about other possible spones disney aus and what about a mulan au? spock as shang being a strong leader coming up with all of these logical battle plans/training regimes. bones being mulan, sending himself instead of his family because he'd rather it be him than them. and of course, jim as mushu

Everyone thinking Bones is a little mad because he keeps losing his temper and yelling at the tiny dragon Jim in his pocket. Bones uses this to appear more foreboding on the battle field. Bones disagreeing with everything Spock says, despite Spock’s obvious better training in areas. Bones being grudgingly turned on by how hot Spock is when he’s showing them fighting maneuvers. Jim popping up in Bones’ like, “Dude, you’re dick is rock hard, what has you all- oooooh. Yeah, he’s a looker.”

At the end when Bones is thanked by the Emperor he turns to Spock and Spock says some uselessly unemotional thing like “You fight well.” But instead of being embarrassed and unsure like Mulan, Bones just goes off at him for being emotionally incompetent and yells at him about the healthy psychological effect of emotions right there on the steps of the palace. Jim cries with joy as they yell at each other in front of the Emperor


  She didn’t get too much of a response from her new companion seeing as she just snapped the girl’s neck using the power of her mind and nothing more. It only led her to believe he had seen some shit in his time, or he was just that fucked up in the head that the event just didn’t phase him in the slightest. Either way, it showed her that he had the strength to put up with her dark passenger and the blood and insanity that came along with it.

  “I like the way my name sounds on your tongue.” she purred. 

  She always did have a thing for accents. It just made him seem all the more unhinged. Being threatened by someone who was speaking English but had an accent so thick it was hard to comprehend at times, really did fuck with the sanity of victim’s. The wheels would try to turn, attempting to come to terms with their impending doom, trying to understand why this was happening to them, but how could they understand when they could barely understand what was being said to them? In the end, it would just cause more panic, and more fear. The perfect mixture of chaos, if you asked her.

  “Well, it’s a good thing I’m a ‘hands on’ kinda gal.” she winked.

  Her heart was racing just as fast as her thoughts were. What would she do? How would her night turn out? It was all so mysterious and exciting not knowing what to expect from a man so twisted. “I’m bringing you to the witch’s lair.” she hummed, “My home sweet home. You can say, it’s where the magick happens.” she giggled. “A little bit of substance abuse, a little bit of bare skin, and who knows what else lies in your near future.”

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Ooh reincarnation into FMA would be interesting. Especially if hes maybe a neighbor or something when Eds a kid so they grow up together with Al and Winry and Oro's extremely entertained by these tiny geniuses and their weird alchemy

Oooooh Oro snatching them up after the disastrous human transmutation attempt? Because genius going to waste, and if there’s one thing Orochimaru hates it’s misspent talent. 

…God can you imagine Roy vs. Orochimaru? Not in a physical fight, but a battle of sly motherfuckers pulling all the strings and being smug about it. Hawkeye would probably shoot someone. No, scratch that, Hawkeye would definitely shoot someone.

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Kooa panted as he walked. He didn't know how long he had been walking. It seemed like forever. He was lost and he knew it. He then spotted a castle in the distance " w-wonder if anyone there can help me?" He muttered as he walked to the castle and saw the door was open. He then walked inside " h-hello?" He called. (Hi love your blog. Sorry it's so long XD )

Starlight was just wandering the castle as she was reading. As she got to the foyer, the echoing, childish voice surprised her, causing her to drop the book she was so engrossed in. 

She glanced around and her eyes went wide seeing the lion cub, slightly worried “Oooooh my… Fluttershy?”

She glanced around, thinking Flutters came over and lost the cub, though with a lack of response, she could easily make a few assumptions, “Did… did you just talk?”

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hey, have u read the "life with dirk and jane" fanfic series, it's on AO3 and it's so good, good plot, very in character representation of dirk and janes relationship, i haven read it in a few years but i think its worth checking out. i think its also called sherlock bound

Oooooh, I might have to give it a read! I’ve literally never read a fanfic in my life, so I’d be a little nervous, but I’ll file away the idea. Thanks, John!

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At last, Mercy and Zenyatta return, meaning it's time. With one last look at McCree, Hanzo walks inside. He walks deep inside the mountain, until he finds a strange pool that seems to produce its own light. Remembering what he was told, he disrobes.


damoselcastel replied to your post “Oosawa, Volume 4”

On the background bit (since this one’s just Oosawa’s take) I’ve seen a fan’s take on the Nodoin sib’s flipped- as in Eltshan’s the bastard who was recognized because he’d gotten the Major Blood (and thus why he’s such an honor stickler trying to prove himself), while Lachesis was the daughter of the official wife. Either I find interesting.

Oooooh, I could see that! Same.

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She begs him to stop, that he shouldn't go back there. He ignores her, finding his cave eventually and stops. The cave is cold, there are tracks of scavenger animals having gone through and it's seems so...Dead. He silently moves through the entrance

QAQ oooooh nooooo