Radiant Garden Map and Theories

As a Saix/Isa roleplayer, I really felt like I needed a better sense of the actual layout of Radiant Garden, and unfortunately KH games only give you a map of the area you’re in. So I sat down and drew out all the areas in both Birth By Sleep and KH2 and connected them to make a full map, and oooooh boy did this process give me Some Theories about Radiant Garden.

Theories under the cut;

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I can't even add anything else to this I'm just so happy. Especially when they first start noticing how similarly Arthur and older!Arthur look to each other as they get older, if the grooming doesn't look to just be mental but also /physical/ like. And this kid can produce a monsterous patronus already? Easily passes all his classes? Never allows anyone near him during the summer? Only has one good friend, who's also a DIMR kid whose brother was a death eater?


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I play volleyball,have any advice for me?

OOOOOH! (*i play volleyball too!) of course! let me help you:

blocking: if you are blocking i recommend you not to put your hands like a ”straight and flat surface” like this one, when blocking.

i recommend you to surround the ball with your hand, like trying to “grab the ball”, i don´t know if i said it corectly but it is like when you are a setter, you     don´t have to serve touching the ball with your palm, but rather touching it with the tip or your fingers, and surrounding it. Also, when you block, always try to put your arms stretched forward the net, and not above your head. 

like the image should bring the arms as far to the other side as possible.

and for last, (*because it is going to be very long, and i am sorry haha*) your fingers need to be widespread and “relaxed”, not extremely flexed and tight. like this one

it should be like this

wah! i almost forget, there are two kinds of blocking, the kill block, and the soft block! , the last one is good for small players, like shouyou.

setting: i recommend to set as high as posible. your hand technique for playing the ball should be the same every time you attempt to set. Also it is very important to pull your elbows out to your sides.

As i mentioned earlier, your fingers are the only part of your hand that touches the ball, never your palm, or some fingers, it must be all of them (the tip of your fingers of course). If you are waiting for the ball, have your bodyweight on your right foot ready to take a step with your left in the direction of the passed ball.

And to finish this, always remember to warm up before workouts, because if you do them, you avoid injury or muscle aches.
And of course never forget to have fun! because volleyball is all about, teamwork, sweat, friends, and fun! (and kenma playing his psp)

hope that my answer helped you in some way. Keep with the good work bruh


(ah! i almost forget! if you want to learn more info go to this page, i took some ideas from there. here:   ).

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//labored breathing Jordan telling Aleks to sit on his lap, which he does somewhat begrudgingly. Kevin practically drools at the sight of Jordan worming his hand into Aleks' boxers, nipping Aleks' shoulders. Jordan tells Kevin to join them, to take away Aleks' breath. So Kevin does, in a heated make out session while Jordan gently plays with Aleks, biting pale skin and making sure Aleks is sitting on Jordan's own straining arousal. -.Puma. She isn't not sorry. This is what dreams are made of.

oooooh my lord

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Fave OTPs? 1 to 5

Oooooh this is a hard one ummmmm…

5. Malec ( cause you can’t do better than that)
4. Leo and Hazel (from HoO please don’t hate me)
3. Destiel (CAUSE DESTIEL  !!)
2. Percabeth (cause their love went to tartarus and back)
1. Phan (my guilty pleasure ship and THEY ARE ADORABLE)

My list changes all the time but right now it’s this *____*
And thank you for asking cause it makes me feel like people actually care about me 😂

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Good thing you're athletic to make up for your lack of good looks.

Oooooh yeah I love track thanks :)

I never saw 21 or 22 Jump Street but you know that clip of Channing Tatertor where he’s just prancing around the police station shrieking and laughing with ‘oooOOH MY GOD YOU FUCKED UP’?

That was basically Fantl’s reaction when she found out about her predecessor.