I have a question with this page from the latest chapter (222). Why did Nene’s dad reprimand/scold/told her to sit properly when her little sister is obviously putting one of her leg up on her seat like so - while texting even? I don’t see how the dad couldn’t see this 1. Both daughters are on opposite sides from him (there’s equality) and 2. The little sis texting is one the same level as her toast, it’s within the sight range. So why only reprimand/scold/told/whatever you call it to Nene?


Note: I’d rather not hear Because the dad was looking towards Nene. (2nd to the last panel) It looks to me that he was looking towards his wife since he said “Coffee”

Couldn't resist this one
  • Nene:*lost in a crowd and can't find Aoi* I can't believe I have to do this...
  • Nene:*cups hands around her mouth as a megaphone* IS THAT OGA I SEE OVER THERE????
  • Aoi:*comes rushing, her face as red as a tomato* Ehh?! Oga's here?! Where is he?!
  • Nene:Found her.

A Quiet Town

I had a feeling things would turn out this way. Without Beel or Oga back home, their hometown was open to the dangers of the enemy’s attack. Even with the combined strength of his comrades, there were still many unknown factors that could tilt the scale in their favor.

For instance we have NO idea how strong Fuji is, the last of the Six Killer Elements, and what the other opposing forces of the royal family are planning in the midst of this chaos.

We can only hope Furuichi will be able to figure things out as the strategist of the group before things really do go to hell in a hand basket.