oohlalasrk is the friend/dost/yaar of Bollywood: She deserves all the awards for how nice and friendly she is to everyone. It isn’t everyday you’ll meet someone who is willing to write wonderful fanfictions about you because she took a liking to you. She is smart, funny and a big fan of SRK, that really, makes the rest of us look bad for not being as on top as she is. She does things because she likes to help and support, so her title is exactly what she is. A friend. 

oohlalasrk reblogged your link: Not to Tell You Would be Such a Waste: Okay a Die hard fan of Richard Ramirez reblogged me…

whatever. i don’t care lol.


after you took the time to screencap my blog, make five separate posts about me and other people in the tag, and respond more than three times to the shit that I said.

It must be really convenient not to care after you make yourself look like a goddamn fool.

Stick to television.

Social issues that affect the lives of other are obviously beyond you.