oohlalasrk is the friend/dost/yaar of Bollywood: She deserves all the awards for how nice and friendly she is to everyone. It isn’t everyday you’ll meet someone who is willing to write wonderful fanfictions about you because she took a liking to you. She is smart, funny and a big fan of SRK, that really, makes the rest of us look bad for not being as on top as she is. She does things because she likes to help and support, so her title is exactly what she is. A friend. 

bhminyoongi  asked:

X :)

Miss Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!  YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER

And are thus so knighted. XP

Miss Breeze, I love you to bits.  I consider you my little sister, and I love your spams!  You eat my dash and it is always beautiful.  <3  (Speaking of beautiful, that new icon you have there is GORGEOUS.)  Your sincerity, verve, and spunk light up my Tumblr life.