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oodwhovian asked: I could save the world but lose you or I believe in her!

“Because this is my life, Jackie. It’s not fun, it’s not smart, it’s just standing up and making a decision because nobody else will”.

Poison is the Cure

Summary: Sometimes danger is all you need to break the boundaries both parties are too scared to cross on their own.

A/N: Written for oodwhovian, who’s prompt was: 9xRose (or 10 if you prefer) “You have to suck the poison out!”. Because I love you so much, I made it Nine. Beta’d by thedoctordanceswithrose, but I changed a bit after, so all mistakes are mine. This took me forever and a day to write (writer’s block sucks balls), so hopefully it turned out at least ok.

Or Cure Yourself Here: Teaspoon or Ao3

The Doctor burst through the thick foliage, red leaves and brown branches whipping at his already battered leather jacket. He came to an abrupt stop, causing his blonde companion to nearly crash into his backside. He took a step forward in the small clearing, and looked at her over his shoulder with a scowl.

“We’ll rest here for a minute,” he whispered harshly. He circled the tiny hollow in the otherwise dense jungle. Turning back to Rose, he pointed a finger at her. “Mind you a minute is all you get.”

“Right, because it’s my fault I’m human and lack a respiratory bypass or whatever,” she shot back, also keeping her voice low while waving a hand in his general direction.

“You’re wasting air by trying to insult me.” He fixed her with a stern look. She stuck her tongue out at him, causing his hearts to do something he pointedly ignored, before moving to rest her back against a tree. Her chest was heaving from the exertion of running at top speed through the rough terrain, but she wasn’t complaining. And she was obviously doing her damnedest to show she could keep up. He turned away, smiling to himself. As if he had ever doubted.

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rundalek  asked:

Yes! Christopher Eccleston is so attractive. He's shockingly attractive. David Tennant basically looks great all the time but with Chris sometimes his hotness just comes out of no where and burns you that much more. He'll move a certain way or give a certain look and it's just like DAMN! You're too hot sir. Too hot! :)

UGH I knowwwwwwww and there’s just certain shots or scenes where he is just so freaking hot and I personally have a thing for his eyes and just

UNF. And he just gives that look–doesn’t even have to say a word–and we all know what he feels and asdf;askdljfakldf Christopher Eccleston.

oodwhovian replied to your post:Poor Doctor must be freezing in that winter scene. Do you think Time Lords or Metacrisis Doctors need to worry about shrinkage from the cold?

My initial research…

Leads me to believe that no, full Time Lords do not have to worry about shrinkage. I realize he’s wearing clothes here, but at most it’s only trouser and pants. And well…*cough*

Tentoo isn’t fully Time Lord, but I am of the mind that he is far more Time Lord than he is human (I’ll say like 10% human maybe, idk lol but you get my point). So if anything, Tentoo may have a tad more issue than Ten. But lbh, if he’s naked…Rose is around, which means shrinkage is for sure a non issue.

Also there’s this one that I couldn’t get to stay in focus if I cropped too much. But I truly think this one speaks for itself anyway.

And thus concludes today’s science on Time Lord/Metacrisis shrinkage.

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Hi can we be friends? If you had the chance to meet DT and you could either stand 10 feet away from him and converse with him as much as you want OR you both say nothing and you get to ruffle his hair for five minutes which would you choose? :)

YES WE CAN, because I already think you’re totally awesomesauce.

Oh man.  That’s…that’s actually really hard.  Because as much as I find him aesthetically pleasing as a VERY good looking man with GREAT hair…his personality amplifies that so much, and just talking to him about things and hearing his voice and the way he expresses himself would be a dream.

Truth be told, if I met DT, even if I was given the choice, I’d more likely stand there petrified and dribble on my shirt while holding out a picture and a pen imploringly.

oodwhovian replied to your post:oodwhovian replied to your post:capaldisbluetardis…

I really do love CE. He’s such a great actor! I love how he can express so much by doing so little. No other Doctor has been able to do that. Just the look in his eyes is enough for you to feel exactly what he’s feeling. Now I need to watch Dalek.

Yeah I feel like Nine was great at conveying thoughts and emotions without even talking. Even looking at a screen cap like this one:

or this one:

or this one especially

(all of them credit to grandecaps) They all just convey so much, even looking at them without much context. 

and those eyes are just so mesmerizing

rundalek  asked:

Random fact. September begins on the same day of the week as December every year. Randomness for you.

You do realize that I had to look that up, because it just sounds so odd and arbitrary.  You’re right (which you knew, obviously) but also, apparently, March starts on the same day as November…and on the same day as September and December did the year before in leap years.

Who figures this stuff out?

Anyway, well done with the random fact!

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Disney playlist?! What’s your favorite Disney soundtrack?

this playlist! you could practically see my ears perk up when we hit the renaissance lol, all the old disney movie songs are sad as fuck (and/or racist)

my FAVOURITE hmmMMm I want to say “Lion King” because lion king is my favourite everything, even the instrumentals on that one are killer (“THIS LAND” my emotions). runner up is probably the little mermaid because “kiss the girl”, “part of your world”, “poor unfortunate souls” and “under the sea” are pretty hard to beat too, it’s just the chef’s song that’s a flop