Seriously though

I’d love to know what the director for What’s My Name and It’s Going Down said. What was the instruction for everyone like? “Look at Uma half like you have a crush on her and half like she’s your god and you’re getting confirmation she’s real for the first time?”

Because that’s the way they look at her.


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why are people… so rude about others opinions on rey’s parentage ??? like let people believe whatever they want, we all have our reasons for it. personally i believe rey’s a kenobi, though i hope she’s not anyone’s secret daughter bc i’ve grown a lil tired of the secret child trope ( blame r + l = j ) but i 1000% respect other people’s opinions ??? i even rp aus where padmé’s rey’s biological grandmother && i enjoy them very much. like istfg let people believe without being a pathetic bully.

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((i personally always think it’s my job to greet the followers! they came to my blog and followed me and so i kinda repay them for that if it makes sense?))

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(( if the person you follow always does greeters its on them, otherwise its on you? tbh i dont assume someone who follows me necessarily wants to interact straight away

(( i put these two in the same post because they seem to be sorta along the same lines? you both touched on greeters, which is another thing that factors in.

i actually wasn’t familiar with the practice of greeters when i first joined the tumblr rp community, but when i noticed people doing them, i tried to follow along. when i was first starting out with felide this was a really good opportunity to reach out to absolutely everyone, and i built a lot of my foundational network that way. however, i made the mistake of thinking it was a practice everyone kept - which was not the case - so i would follow someone, thinking that action sufficed for interest - aaaand nothing would ever happen.

as time went on and my blog grew in popularity and reach, though, i realized why not everyone did them. it’s fucking exhausting, quite honestly. after you reach a certain point, greeting absolutely everyone is nigh-impossible, following back everyone is basically useless, so it made sense for me to slowly stop doing greeters. now i just do them when people catch my eye - ancestors + leijons in particular. but i worry i’m now on the other side of the dilemma i found myself in as a newbie rper. (as if i’m not STILL a newbie relatively, lmao)

there’s also the problem of people giving REALLY dry/slim responses to greeters, or the people writing the greeters not having enough ideas to write diverse greetings. i think people worry that one-size-fits-all greeters/copy-pasted greeters are seen as lazy? but honestly, if you’ve got a greeter that sparks conversation, imo you should definitely keep using it.

okay this is getting long, i’m gonna end it here and open the floor again to discussion

Send me a ★ and I’ll bold what applies to your muse.

((Feel free to add your own. Have fun~ ))

I like you / I hate you / I dislike you/ I love you / You are family / I would take a bullet for you / I would shoot you / I would lie to your face / I would say something cruel to you on purpose / I would say something cruel to you accidentally  / I would cheat on you / I would physically hurt you / You annoy me/ You amuse me / I’d laugh at you / I’d laugh with you / I’d manipulate you / You scare me / You confuse me / I wish I knew you better / I trust you / I don’t trust you / You inspire me / I consider you an equal / You are beneath me / You’re better than me / I would trust you with my life / I think you’re mean / I think you’re petty / I think you’re childish / I think you’re smart / I think you’re stupid / I think you’re a bad person / I think you’re a good person / I’m not sure what kind of person you are / I wish you would listen to me / I want to make you proud / I wish you would notice me / I want to impress you / I would hurt other people for you / I’m not sure how to make you happy / I’m a bad influence on you / You deserve better than me / We make a great team / I’d have a one night stand with you / I’d have a relationship with you / I would marry you / I fantasize about our life together / I would trust you with my most treasured belonging / I would tell you my darkest secrets / You disgust me / You intimidate me / I hope I intimidate you / I’d hug you / I’d let you hug me  / I’m scared of losing you / I don’t think you like me / I want to be better for you / I respect you / I don’t respect you / You’re my mentor / You’re my friend / You’re my best friend / I have a crush on you / I could easily watch you die / I’d get drunk with you / I’d party with you / I’d comfort you / I’d prank you / I’d spike your drink / I’d act behind your back / I’d abandon you / I’d hurt you to get what I want / I would choose my happiness over yours / I would choose your happiness over mine / I despise how much I care for you / I need you / I’m dependent on you / I don’t know what I’d do without you / I’m scared of you leaving me / I’d give my life for you / You frustrate me / I’d call for you in a time of need / I would protect you / I’d visit you in hospital / I’d carry you if you were hurt / I’d feel guilty if I hurt you / I’d let you be near me when I am vulnerable / I’d ignore a phone call from you / I’d call you at 3am / I’d break you out of jail / I’d get angry at you / I would shout at you / You’re too loud / You’re too quiet / You’re too sensitive / You can’t take a joke / You embarrass me / I feel nothing for you / You’re reckless / You’re bossy / You bore me / I would ask your advice / I would blame you for something I did / I would cry in your arms / You have the power to hurt me more than anyone else /

@clockworkkatana replied to your post: // imo the one that follows first should be the one to initiate conversation

@vvicissitudo replied to your post: [[Me personally, I like when the people following make the first initiative, as the majority of my characters, barring Court, aren’t the type to go out and say hello to strangers.]]

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((i think that the one who follows should try to initiate. when people can do greeter posts for their followers it’s great! but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of who you have greeted and who you haven’t. so if the new follower is interested enough in your character to follow you, it’s easier and faster if they start interaction, be it ic or ooc))

(( okay i think this is all the “person who follows” responses - extra thanks to those of you who included reasoning! <3 it wasn’t required but it’s great for sparking conversation, which is what we’re going for here. opening up ooc dialogue is the objective.

when i was in touch w the undertale rp community there was a pretty popular sentiment that following was a clear indication of interest in rp. when i came here, though, i noticed that there are a lot of rpers that will follow people just to read their writing? i did it too for a time with some people, because i thought they were cool but i felt very intimidated - clockworkkatana, you were among them - and i think both perspectives have their advantages, but the blend can be confusing at best.

so in light of that, the person following speaking up could confirm that their act of following was, in fact, an indicator of interest. the other side of that though is, if the follower thinks the act of following is an indicator on its own, they might see it as redundant, or they may even think they’re annoying the person they’re following by being “so insistent.”