Net Neutrality

((OOC: So Net Neutrality was just repealed. I️ don’t know what that means for these community’s content creators but if I’m gone or any of you amazing people can’t afford to stay on this site, then I️ want to say how I’ve loved every moment so dearly. Being able to interact with such amazing people was truly life changing.

I’m shocked, disappointed, and disgusted by this vote. The internet was our safe haven. We were all equals here.

I’ve met some of my best friends on here and I’ll forever be grateful. I️ want you all to know how this community has shaped who I️ am today and hopefully who I️ will become in the future as well. I️ don’t know what the prices will be for the new packages on here in the months to come but if they’re too expensive I️ will no longer be able to access this account. Thank you for the good times. I️ hope we can turn things around and I’ll be able to see you all for a long time.))


((I’m hitting yall with that artstyle shift yet again. so here’s the reference I made for myself.

 also minor design changes to Frisk: bigger hair and real shorts instead of whatever those were before. Chara’s hair has also inflated and has more distinct shape than before

eucatastrophe-i-hope  asked:

Can I have, like, a brief explanation of what's going on in this au? Please?

[So basically, everything that happened in the original musical happened. The Squip scenario and everything. Michael and Jeremy made amends, but eventually, they lose contact after high school. Things went sour during senior year and neither Jeremy or Michael knows why. Years later, Michael becomes a famous YouTuber, that of which Jeremy is a huge fan of! VidCon is coming up so Michael’s in California. Currently, Michael is doing a Q & A Livestream the night before VidCon takes place! 

In the plot rn, he’s talking about memories of Jeremy and other anons and followers are encouraging Jeremy to hurry up and go to VidCon to reunite but the lingering remnants of the Squip makes that task a little.. difficult. 

The preface of the AU is found in this post and you can start reading asks via this link!]

I think one of the reasons I love Supernatural so much is how the show handles queer characters. With Charlie she was the badass, brilliant hacker that happened to be gay. Not a lesbian that happens to be smart with computers. With that couple in the episode “The Chitters” we see a badass male hunting duo that happen to be in love with each other. Not a gay couple that happens to be hunters.

That’s what I love about Supernatural. And maybe that’s why I want Dean and Cas to be cannonly queer. Because they wouldn’t be those queer characters. Dean would be this complex and layered, dorky badass that’s bisexual. Cas would be this strong angel, a force to be reckoned, yet somehow a socially awkward mess thay happens to be gay.

Along with the hundred other benfits for them to be queer, breaking stereotypes and making such great LGBT+ characters would be amazing.

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How big is our community here? / How many followers do you have?

((you’ve forced me to play my hand


longtime followers will know that I do a big request stream every time I hit one of these milestones. I’m in finals right now though, so that won’t happen for a few weeks. I’ll post the actual date and time and other details on how it works when it’s been decided!

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Yes hi hello, I have just found your guys' blog and I just wanna say- I'm in love?? This is amazing, you guys are so awesome at art and keeping up with stuff! Hope you guys get well soon and that you can start updating again!

(( thank you! we’ve been trying our best to get back in gear! my hand is slowly healing, i crave to draw guys i really want to update this blog! but our health and sanity is more of a priority and i hope everyone understands ! soon, my friend, soon
-mod starry


[ I don’t really know what and how to feel about the news regarding the Rurouni Kenshin creator Nobuhiro Watsuki’s alleged child pornography possession. I am beyond heartbroken and upset. The pain hurts like hell. I have been a Rurouni Kenshin fan for the past 20 years now and it has been a huge influence in my life and goals. It was also my happy pill when I was suffering from depression and the fanfics saved me from sadness when I was grieving over losing my father. More than that, I poured my heart and soul into Kenshin and the other characters and loved them more than any other ( I have Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook dedicated to Rurouni Kenshin ). Several years back, I even dreamt I met Watsuki sensei and I hugged him and cried while thanking him for Rurouni Kenshin. It actually felt real because I was crying when I woke up. And now this news … I am really sad.

My great love for Kenshin and the fandom is one of the major reasons why I am still trying to keep this blog despite real life responsibilities. The creator did something disgusting and unacceptable. I very much abhor and condemn what he did. But I will keep loving Rurouni Kenshin that is and was and remember the characters and it’s impact it made on me. In regards to Watsuki sensei, I pray that he may find light in the midst of this scandal, pay for his crimes ( if proven guilty), seek forgiveness and reform himself. It probably won’t save his career and reputation but it may give him a sense of redemption from his sins.

Regarding this blog, I don’t really know what to do with it. Rurouni Kenshin fans, including me, are very heartbroken right now. But in due time, I will do my best to continue role playing as Megumi and post RK related stuff to keep Kenshin’s spirit alive.

Just because Nobuhiro Watsuki dug his own grave doesn’t mean we have to bury Kenshin and his story along with him.

Much love to ya all! ❤️Stay strong Rurouni Kenshin fandom. ❤️

Thread Vote!!!

So since you all have been amazing and definitely not because I’m indecisive, I’ve decided to put my creative fate into your hands. I have a lot of thread ideas so I’ll put some of them on here with short descriptions and all you have to do is comment on which one you want.

Fem!Marauders Era

1. Awkward Silence. Misuse of a silencing charm. Chaos ensues. Fluff.

2. Their origin story. This would be a series and I’ve been itching to write it for months! Fluff and angst.

3. The Willow’s Curse. Snape believes to have found the brains behind the prank at the Whomping Willow. Or has she? Mega angst.

Golden Trio Era

1. Continuation of this thread. I love the idea of one of the twins being a girl. It just changes a few things and gives me so much to work with. Mega fluff.

2. Recreation of Fred’s death scene. That would be really interesting to do with the split screen and I would be able to test out new effects. THE MOST ANGST.

3. The Roles We Play. This goes deeper into Tonks and Ginny’s friendship and how they each affected each others lives. Fluff and maybe angst depending on how I wanna do it.

So here are the ideas and now it’s just up to all of you guys to vote. Voting ends this Thursday night! I’ll probably reblog this a few times so this is just a heads up.))