Semi Hiatus

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been on Nora’s blog or on my doodle blog very often, so I thought I owe you lovelies an explanation - and let you know I will be on a semi hiatus from tumblr for a while. 

It’s my last year of high school and I have been asked to participate a few scholarship exams for art and english, if I achieve an outstanding marks in these exams I could receive $60,000 to go towards my University education. So, naturally, I am picking up a lot of extra study outside of school on top of my regular stuff so I can get my NCEA level 3 papers endorsed with excellence as well as the extra money. Last year I also won a parliamentary internship scholarship to intern in NZ’s government! (Super great because I need to get into law school and that shit’s hard). I begin work there in a month so I need to get a few internal assessments out of the way.

I am so sorry I won’t be around much but school is going to chew into my personal time this year. I’ll try and be on this account but I’ll probably be lurking on my main blog from time to time if you want to chat. All the muns and followers have been amazing and I can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed interacting with you all. 

xoxo - Noramun 

Okay I’ve said this before a while ago but imagine; Ahk and young Cecil being friends.

Cecil decides to be the night guard of the museum ahk’s going to be put in when he grows up to keep being friends with Ahk but the other two come along and they think Ahk’s bad news so they make sure he stays locked up and Cecil gives up even trying to free him.
Sure he might feel a little guilty, ”but these new guys are actually kind of cool…and they don’t become frozen museum exhibits every morning so…”

and the only reason Ahk and Cecil end up with the whole tablet stealing and hating each other is because Cecil realized he was going to die soon because he was getting older, bUT if he had the tablet, that wasn’t gonna happen so he kind of wanted it so he would be able to live longer and such.

but seriously. The other night guards don’t really seem like bad guys when you think about it…Cecil doesn’t, at least. I always thought he was just an asshole but when he starts talking about “not the end of the world but the end of the magic” he gets really sad so im thinking maybe exhibits like teddy and Atilla were his friends and he knows they probably won’t make it til the end of the week…
Seriously. He (and the others) played fETCH WITH A DINOSAUR EVERY NIGHT to keep him happy and they also played music for the freakin soldiers (“at a slow place, like a lullaby” or something like that) so they wouldn’t fight!! That doesn’t seem so bad..

…And maybe that’s why the exhibits were so angry. They trusted Cecil and he abused their trust and tried to steal the tablet. I’d be angry too if someone I knew decided to steal something that was necessary in my life…

(sorry for ramblings)

In fact, thank all of you for keeping it real!

It’s so refreshing to see people here who aren’t concerned about how they chalk up in other peoples’ eyes next to the flavor of the month - please stay consistent in being true to yourselves! I don’t know most of you but I totally love you.