So, this is just a small lil blog idea that i’ve been thinking about here and there for the past few weeks and have been considering actually officially making it, so this is more or less an interest check.

The blog is set mainly in the PMDverse, albeit a loosely, starring a Pangoro ‘Shaman’ type and her oft forgot about son.

Miss Pangoro is an orb collector and and enchanter, having been born half delphox, having the psychics genes in her, she often spends her time fixing up and creating wands and orbs for explorers. She is just a tad unstable however, loving to experiment on new orb enchantments with little to no regard for her own safety or the town around her.

Her son is just your average pancham child. They go to school like any ol ‘mon and often does most of the housework as her ol’ ma is too engrossed in her own work to notice them sometimes. Some believe that she only really had a child because they needed another set of hands around the house! It’s a little unclear whether she cares for him or not?

The tone of the blog itself is focused on more of the darker areas of comedy, to give an example, think ‘Rick and Morty.’ There is story and even some mystery elements to it to be discovered, but most of the scenarios i played out in my head fall into the darker sides of comedy. She’s a crazy psycho foulmouth of a mom, and he’s just a small little kid wondering what the hell their life is.

So yea, thoughts? Would you be interested in this sort of thing? Is it worth pursuing.

wiingaurdium  asked:

even more than the makeup impresses me (which is quite a bit, for the record), I think what truly amazes me is your ability to give each character a different set of mannerisms. and ones that are all also different from your own. im,,,how u do it

(( OOC: I can’t give you a specific process because I really don’t have one. I just really enjoy character acting, and so making each character distinguishable from each other via their mannerisms or the way I use my face is something I always keep at the front of my mind when rp-ing. Because you can’t always rely on wigs and makeup - at the end of the day, you still have the same face. Changing the way you use it, even doing something as small as how you position your eyebrows, or squint your eyes, or hold your neck… it all adds to the illusion. ))


Hey there! My name is Skylar, and I’ve been playing this particular horrible villain, among others, for more than five years. Playing a villain is rough. Let’s talk about it!

(Btw I’d like to make something clear. Me saying “if you do x, people might do y, even if it hurts you”, is not me saying “if you do x, people will do y.” It’s not me saying “if you do x, y just happens, and you probably deserved it anyways.” It’s not me saying “if you do x, people will hurt you”. It’s just a warning, so that you’re not totally blindsided when you do x, and someone does y, even though your rules page says not to.)

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Hey everyone! 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been rather distracted and busy with some other things. One of those things is getting ready for a certain someone to visit me here this week~ ((Hint: It’s my bf @themarescorner ))

So because of that, I’ll be inactive for a whole week, maybe a tiny bit longer, but I’ll try having something done when I get back and then get back into drawing more. Hope you guys understand and sorry for being so inactive again. 

I’ll see you all later! <3

P.S: Oh ye also got my hair cut shorter now, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out too ;w; 

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You are so scarily talented that I think I might have a heart attack, how do you pull off all of these wonderful characters?

(( OOC: I’ve learnt a trick or two along the line… ))

Thank you!

//When I first wanted to make an ask blog, I got really inspired by 2 other blogs (@itsjacepi and @I-am-an-orange-rug) So I made a few other blogs too… But none of them was as succesful as this one! I’m so happy that people like what I do, because what I do I enjoy doing as well. I never actually thought if I will ever reach 300+ followers, but it happened and I’m just.. Wow!

I’m so amazed! I don’t even know what to say anymore, but thank you! Thanks everyone for all the support and love! I hope I won’t fail any of you lovely people! :’).

@ that one anon

no way in heck did i reveal their secret in a big butt server are you sure it wasn’t like in a call or privately to you because im somewhat sure,,, certain,,, that i wouldn’t spread the secret to a server (i usually do to a few friends tho!)