((OOC: This guy goes to a college near me and I think this is hilarious and I’m sharing it with you now.))


So like you know how everyone calls Torbjorn the Ikea dwarf?

This is cool and everything but i just wanna point something out there.

Look at his colour scheme: Red, Yellow (tints) and black. 

Wanna know what has a Red, Yellow( tints) and, black, also comes from Scandinavia, and is heavily associated with building?

Yes i am aware that Lego is from Denmark ( hense why i said Scandinavia as opposed to Sweden).  

Case in point: we’ve been getting Torbjorn all wrong,he isnt the ikea dwarf.


Can you believe I started this blog 5 years ago? Me neither! What a ride it has been! I’ve seen so many peeps come and go, but ya’ll stay in my hearts for a long time!

To celebrate,  I decided to spruce up the blog! With a nice new theme, a slightly tinkered  theme #45 , from @evilqueenedthemes , which is one of the finest themes for ask blogging, if you ask me.

anonymous asked:

I feel like you are doing American accents in your rps! Please do British accents. they are British!

(( OOC: I understand that they’re British dearie. However my British accent is atrocious… so trust me… me attempting to blunder through a British accent while giffing won’t benefit anyone. ;) 

Instead of using your energy getting worked up over what I might sound like in silent gifs, try putting time and effort into issues with substance that can benefit you as a person or the world as a whole. :) ))  

this is a public call out post at the word disingenuous

wtf is your etymology

the opposite of sincere is insincere

the opposite of honest is dishonest

the opposite of genuine is not ingenuine - that’s not even a word, and ingenuous is something completely different (it means innocent)

the opposite of genuine is disingenuous which is such a clusterfuck to spell and pronounce

what the fuck english