Business of Love

A Wedding Planner/Florist AU Valentine’s Day Fic

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Rating: General Audiences
Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Mari
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Flower Shop, Alternate Universe - Wedding Planner, Valentine’s Day, Roses, Public Displays of Affection, Mild Innuendo

This fic takes place AHEAD of the current WP&F!AU timeline (as of Under the Blossoms) by about 9 months!

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy and I’ll post this to AO3 later!

Not beta’d.


It’s Victor and Yuuri’s first Valentine’s Day together, but work gets in their way.

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Near Death

12x12 coda

Dean thought he’d be strong enough to handle this. After all, he held himself together really well while it was happening, facade crumbling only once when it seemed Crowley wasn’t going to help. And after, too, he held himself together well, silently helping Castiel up, only slightly hovering in his orbit to ensure he made it to the car safely. Hell, he even held it together on the drive home, despite the slight hiccup where Sam had to take over driving because Dean kept stealing looks to the back seat to make sure Cas was still…well…alive.

He did such a good job holding it together that he’d almost managed to fool himself.

But nights had always been Dean Winchester’s weak points, his nightmares allowing him to relive his worst fears in horrifying clarity. And tonight, though Dean tried to send himself off with a copious amount of whiskey, the nightmares returned with a vengeance.

It wasn’t just watching Cas dying, no, he watched him die. Watched the light leave his eyes as he gave a sort of strangled gurgle and ceased to be. Dean watched it over and over again. Watched as Cas choked on his own rotten essence, trying desperately to say something to the group. No. To Dean. Sometimes he even died reaching out for Dean, as though Dean could save him, but every time Dean was powerless and…

“CAS!” Dean awoke shouting. His voice was raw, like he’d been doing it for a while, and tears streamed down his cheeks. The memory of the dreams came crashing back down upon him and everything he’d built up to prove he was strong crumbled. “Cas…” Dean whimpered, curling in on himself as the tears turned quickly to sobs.

He wasn’t sure why this was affecting him so much. Dean had watched Cas die before. He’d even tried to kill him before. But he’d never heard Castiel lay out, in such painful clarity, the depth of his feelings for the Winchesters. For Dean himself. Dean had spent years trying to figure out his feelings for the angel and the moment it was laid out on the table was when Cas was going to die?

A deep voice cut through his reverie. “Dean? Are you alright?”

Eyes adjusting to the darkness, Dean could make out Castiel hovering just at the end of the bed. Gone were his trench coat and suit, those had to be washed, even replaced, and in their place was an old t-shirt of Dean’s and a worn pair of sweatpants. Even in the dark, Dean could imagine the overwhelming amount of compassion that likely marred the angel’s face. The guy had almost died and was still looking out for Dean.

The tears dripped a little faster now, though Dean silenced the sobs. “Fine. Just a nightmare.”

There’s a shift as the far end of the bed frame sinks under Cas’ weight. “Nightmares are…very difficult. They seem so real, it can be hard to discern them from reality. But I assure you, the nightmare is over.”

“I know, Cas.”

Silence settled in the room. “I can’t heal you,” Cas whispered finally, “But…I am aware that some humans derive comfort from physical contact.”

Dean snorted through the tears. There was the Cas he knew and loved. “You gonna hug me all night.”

“If that will help,” Castiel replied in all earnestness.

Perhaps it’s Cas’ near death, but instead of make up excuses or tell Cas to go, Dean shifts over to make room. “Good. Get in.”

Castiel obliges and Dean’s embarrassed to admit how little time it takes for him to practically wrap himself around Cas like an octopus, arms around Cas’ chest, legs intertwined. He rested his head on Cas’ chest, marveling in the warmth, the heartbeat. Cas was alive. Cas was here.

They lay in silence, Cas rubbing gentle circles on Dean’s back as he works to sync his breathing with Cas’. It should be alarming how natural this all felt, but that’s a problem for another morning. Right now all that mattered was Cas was here, alive, in his bed. With him. Loving him.

Drowsily, Dean pressed the faintest of kisses to Cas’ chest. Another thing he’d think about in the morning. For now, with his tears dried and his breathing even, there was only one more thing Dean had to do.

“Hey, Cas?” he murmured, waiting for a rumbling hum in response before continuing, saying the thing he should have said long before the near death experience, “I love you too.”

Bladder challenge

1.If you have to pee already don’t use the bathroom. If you don’t have to go that’s fine, you are lucky.

2.Drink three tall glasses of water. If you have small glasses then do four glasses.

3.Wait 30 minutes.

4.Push on your bladder for 30 seconds.

5.Drink two tall glasses of soda or drink three short glasses of soda.

6.Do 25 curl-ups.

7.Wait 10 minutes.

8.Sit on the toilet fully clothed.(Try not to pee)

9.Do 50 jumping jacks. It doesn’t have to be all at once but you can’t move on until you do 50.

10.Lay on your stomach and rock your hips back and forth for 60 seconds.

11.Push on your bladder for 45 seconds.

12.Drink two medium sized cups of coffee.

13. Wait 20 minutes.

14. Sit down on a chair and cross your legs then bend forward for 60 seconds.

15. Stay seated and relax all of your muscles for 15 seconds.

16. Take off your pants/skirt and sit on the toilet for five minutes without peeing (keep your underwear on)

17. Do 25 jumping jacks.

18. Do 50 curl-ups or sit-ups.

19. Drink five tall glasses of water or eight small ones. (It doesn’t have to be all at once but you can’t move on until you do)

20. Wait 15 minutes.

21.You can do it! You are almost there!!

22.Listen to videos of waterfalls/rivers for at least 5 minutes.

23. Turn on the sink and listen to it for 5 minutes.

24. Push on your bladder for 60 seconds.

25. Close your eyes and relax for 30 seconds.

26. Drink four medium sized glasses of water.

27. Only one more task you can do it!!

28. If you have completed all tasks then just wait 5 minutes. If you missed one or didnt complete a task you have to wait an hour.

29. Go to the bathroom.

30.(Optional) Explain your experience and rate it 1-10. Did you pee on yourself? If so on which task. Did you go to the bathroom or are you going to challenge yourself and hold it longer?

Twisted words - Nogitsune Imagine [Request]

Request:  7,9,13 with the Nogitsune

# 7 - “If I could just get you to see it.” 
# 9 - “Once I hold on, I won’t let go …”
# 13 - “Not that I mind, but why …”

A/N: I really like this one, though it turned out way duskier than I expected. As always - Enjoy reading ♥

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word count: 2008

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Couldn’t Wait (Cameron Dallas)

Everyone at our table laughed as Aaron finished his story. I scooted even closer to Cam in the little booth we were seated at. He looked down at me and smiled, wrapping an arm around my waist and stroking my side.

I cozied up with him as I watched him talk with the others about something I couldn’t be bothered to listen to. I watched his sharp jawline move with every word he said and I couldn’t help but to get a little worked up. And what fun is being turned on when there’s no one to suffer with you?

I looked at him as he spoke and placed my hand directly on his crotch. To his credit, he was already mostly hard. In the middle of his sentence, he stopped, made somewhat of a grunting noise, and bent forward a little.

“Are you okay, man?” Aaron asked.

“Uh,” he looked down at me and I gave him what I hope was a seductive smile. “Yeah, something just went down the wrong pipe. Anyways..”

He continued on, giving me looks every once in a while that told me I was in trouble when we got home. I couldn’t wait. I never moved my hand from the crotch of his pants. I occasionally played with his zipper or stroked his outline. As the night progressed on he grew more and more impatient, gritting his teeth at one point.

“I think I’m ready for some dessert,” one of the other guys exclaimed.

“Well, me an Y/n have to head off,” Cameron said, already standing up and grabbing my hand firmly to pull me with him. “You know, we’ve gotta check on our new kitten, get ready for our flight tomorrow. But you guys feel free to stay.” We both knew that our kitten was perfectly safe with our neighbor, who’d been ecstatic to watch him. He threw a 50 on the table which was enough to cover both of our meals plus some. “We’ll see you later.”

He nearly pulled me out of the restaurant. I tried to keep up with him but his legs were longer than mine and he was much faster when he was determined.

As soon as we got to the car he leaned over and pulled my face to his, kissing me with more aggression than he’d had in weeks. “You are so going to pay for that,” he said.

I decided to play the innocent act. “Pay for what, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Don’t play naive with me, you’ll only make it worse.”

“I’m sure,” I said with a smirk.

That car ride was one of the most intense of my life, even with the radio playing. Cam’s hands gripped the wheel so hard his knuckles were completely white.

“You okay over there?” I ask, reaching over to place a hand on his arm that was resting between us. I felt him tense even more and I liked the surge of power I felt at being in control of his pleasure.

As soon as we got home he rushed us both out of the car and into our condo. I lean against the wall next to the door as he struggled with the keys.

“I thought you wanted to check on Quill?” We’d named our new kitten after Peter Quill, or Star Lord, from Guardians of the Galaxy.

He stops messing with the lock to glare at me, then without a word goes back to what he was doing. Once he gets it open he grabs my hand and we both head in.

He slams the door behind us and connects our lips with a fierce pull that still somehow held a note of gentleness. He pulls way from my lips after a moment only to nuzzle into my neck, nipping at my jawline and collarbone. “What you did back at the restaurant wasn’t very nice.”

“Mhmm,” was all I could let out as our bodies pressed against one another. I felt his hands running up and down my body. They went from my waist to my breasts to my ass, and everywhere in between. And when he’d touched all spots he did it all over again in a new order.

“You were being a very bad girl, teasing me and making me turned on while we were with friends.”

“Mhmm,” I answer again.

He pinches my side lightly and I jump. “Answer me with words.”

“Yes, Cam,” I say in a desperate voice.

“What was that?”

I knew what he wanted. “I mean.. yes, sir.”

He sent one of those gorgeous smiles my way and I nearly melted just from that. “That’s better. And bad girls deserve to be punished don’t they?”

“Yes, sir,” I answered eagerly.

He took off the blazer he had on and led me to the table.

“Bend over it,” he commanded. I did as he said of course. He lifted my dress so that it surrounded my lower back. “Hang on to the edge and count every time my hand touches you.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I think 20 is a good amount, don’t you?” I nodded and he pinched me again.

“I mean, of course, sir,” I say, eager for what’s about to come. He smacks me once, lightly. “One,” I say, liking the ever so slight tingle that comes with it.

He continues, getting harder and harder with each one. It stings, but the mild pain is just turning me on even more than before, which I didn’t know was possible.

“Nineteen,” I call out, barely holding on to the table.

“One more sweetheart,” he says, and I know he’s just as turned on as me. He delivers one more blow and I can’t help but moan out. It hurts but in such a good way.

“Twenty,” I call out.

He rubs his hands over my ass for a moment to soothe it. Then he removes his hands from me completely and I stand self up and turn around to see him shirtless and messing with his zipper.

“Condom?” I ask.

He pulls on out of his wallet and says, “Bend back over.” It seems like no time at all before he’s back behind me, this time our legs lined up and him slipping into me. “I’ve been waiting for this all fucking night,” he exclaims breathlessly.

I’m immediately close to my peak and I can tell Cameron is too. Suddenly he pulls out of me and grabs my waist, flipping me over so that my back is on the table instead. He immediately enters me again, going faster than before.

He leans over, grabbing my neck and kissing me passionately. I lift my hips off the table and arch into him, pulling away from the kiss as I experience some of the most intense pleasure of my life.

“I love you so much!” I yell out and I feel him still.

I’m stuck in a daze for a few moments and we both lay there, him on top of me. It takes a while, but eventuallyI push at him and he starts to get up. We both stand up and I kiss him softly.

“Tomorrow it’s my turn,” I say.

“I won’t argue,” he says, raising his hands in surrender.

I smile and pull my dress back down to its appropriate length. “I’m gonna go grab Quill, you wipe down the table.”


A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! To the requester, I’m sorry it took so long. I only have one more request to do after this, then I’ll be working on my original ideas. But keep in mind, REQUESTS ARE OPEN.


Scat Stories #1 Part 2

Maddy & Nicole experiment. (Part 2)

Nicole giggled and kissed Maddy as she played with Maddy’s bulge. “Do you want to try something a little messier…?” Maddy said. “I think so…” replied Nicole “I think i want to watch you play with yours more.” Nicole said with a smirk. “Okay, I think i can do that.” Replied Maddy, standing up and taking two steps, seductively moving her ass as she did so, over to the opposite end of the bath. Nicole moved from her side so she would have a better view of her friend, as she sat down Nicole felt her massive load spread and squish in her panties. “Oh my God, now i see why you love this!” Nicole said, sounding like she enjoyed the feeling, as she progressively put more of her weight onto her mess. Maddy laughed lightly and watched Nicole as she made herself comfortable in her shit filled panties.

Maddy couldn’t believe it. It was finally happening, she finally had someone to share her darkest fantasies with. The fact that it was Nicole, her best friend and her biggest crush helped too. “Do you have anything you would like me to do?” Asked Maddy “I’m not sure really, i just want to see more.” Said Nicole now slowly and gently rubbing her clit through her soaked panties. “Mhmm okay, I’ll think of something then.” Maddy said with a wink as she turned around and bent over, letting her warm messy bulge spread out across her ass. She then slowly and very carefully slid two fingers down the back of her panties, sliding them in and out of her hungry asshole. Maddy moaned as she played in her filth, Nicole stared at her friend amazed by what she was doing, still surprised by her own reaction. “Do you like watching me doing this Nicky?” Asked Maddy in a seductive and sensual tone. “Yes, a lot, i like it a lot.” Nicole replied, struggling to speak through her own moans and whimpers of pleasure. Maddy then took her two fingers out of her panties, they were covered in thick, creamy shit. Nicole watched as Maddy turned around, slowly dropped to her knees and traced her shit from her stomach, up to her breasts. Maddy felt as if she could barely control herself as she smeared her body with her mess. She then did something that pushed Nicole over the edge, she traced her dirty fingers past her breasts up her neck and into her drooling and hungry mouth. Nicole moaned and made unrecognizable sounds as her pussy contracted and gushed cum into her already soaked panties. Maddy watched as her friend climaxed, she sucked her shit off her fingers as she had done many times before. This time was different Maddy’s pussy was drooling more than her shit craving mouth was, she was so turned on by what was happening she tore her panties to the side violently, ripping them in the process. She fingered herself faster than she had ever done before and reached orgasm faster than she ever had. Her pussy tightened around her fingers. Nicole wasn’t finished, she took her own panties off, taking a hand full of her shit she rubbed it into her pale skin. Maddy followed her friend as they both covered their bodies in shit, they turned from pale, innocent seeming girls into shit hungry scat whores. 

As Nicole pleasured herself and her new partner she thought to herself why she liked something as disgusting as this. Why did it make her pussy wetter and more sensitive than anything else. Why did it make her feel like it was what she was made to do. The truth was, Nicole loved everything about her new found fetish, the smell, the feeling of being covered. There was only one more thing for Nicole to do for her to do. Taste it. “I need to taste it, I need it now, please Maddy, please!” begged Nicole. “Well haven’t you transformed into a little slut now!” Exclaimed Maddy. “If you want it that badly ill give it too you, open your mouth, my dirt little shit whore.” Maddy commanded, Nicole, without a moment of thought of hesitation, opened her mouth wide sticking her tongue out closing her eyes. She was completely addicted. Maddy reached down into her torn panties and took a handful of her shit. She then placed it in her new scat addicted friends hungry mouth and watched as Nicole’s eyes rolled into the back her of head. Nicole raised her hands to her mouth and molded the shit into a cock shape, she began seductively and passionately sucking Maddy’s shit. Maddy took Nicole’s panties and put them up against her pussy and began to rub her clit with them. Maddy rubbed so violently that soon she was pushing shit inside of herself, something even she had never felt before. She loved it, especially that it was someone else’s shit. Nicole continued to suck and swallow her new favorite cock, she was now sliding two shit covered fingers into her ass moaning, struggling to get sounds out with her mouth full, this turned her on even more. Maddy and Nicole, the two most disgusting, filthy, depraved and aroused girls on the planet were now about the cum for the third time in their scat filled evening. Nicole climaxed first, her pussy gushing shit and cum. She forced the cock shaped mess into her mouth and over her face as she topped her previous orgasm with one that left her feeling for filled in ways she’d never thought possible. Maddy now had her shit hungry gaping pussy stuffed with her friend and new lovers shit, she came so hard that she felt as if she was going to pass out.

“I don’t want to get cleaned up” Said Nicole as she lay in her bath tub with Maddy covered in their shit piss and cum. “Neither do i… We don’t have to do we?” Maddy asked, pouting with her shit coated lips. “No, we don’t. I don’t care if my parents find us.” Said Nicole, Maddy’s new personal scat whore. 

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I. I feel like I don’t exist
My words dissipate into the air
like the smoke on the end of your cigarette

II. I have lived for decades
and died a thousand deaths only to be brought back from the brink; if only one more time, if only to do things right this go around—I do not want to know of the other ways that I can die in this lifetime

III. I have these miles of skin
and nowhere to go
Like ocean tides I almost reach you
only to be forced back to the depths again

IV. I can’t speak
My throat raw from saltwater
I am drowning in thoughts for
No one taught me how to swim in a hurricane

V. I feel everything
Each move I make weighted and sharp
At night, it crawls through my veins,
this dark thing that refuses to detach itself from me

VI. I don’t feel anything
My blood turned to sludge
My body numb to everything around it

VII. What an existence— feeling everything to each extreme
To be full and to be drained
over and over again

VIII. There’s nothing right about what I am doing
yet, I am still doing it— living in the shadows and darkest corners of every room in my heart

IX. Everything is so good at leaving except for the darkness

X. I still am not sure of all the things that live inside of me, just that they all are tired

—  Alexis H., all of the things in me are tired

Plagg is so fun to drawww…so is Tikki but I find her harder to do for some reason. -shrugs-

I was going to draw one last kiss panel for it. But maybe in a separate post once I can work on it more and it turns out better. ;D I wish I would like more that last kiss there, tho.

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Irresposible-Bruce Wayne

Requested by anonymous. Part of the Autumn Fic Meme Prompts. Request: Cold & Pie.

“Bruce, I really don’t think you should go out,” you said after he sneezed for the eight hundredth time during dinner. He grumbled something and wouldn’t meet your gaze. You exchanged a look with Tim. “Why don’t you get some rest, and Tim and Jason can handle things tonight.”

“I’ll be fine, Y/N. Stop worrying so much.”

“I wouldn’t worry about you if you weren’t currently sitting wrapped up in a blanket.” Bruce looked down at the dark purple throw around his shoulders and shrugged it off. “You’re such a baby! You took a day off when I had the flu, but won’t do it for yourself.”

“I don’t have the flu.”

“Alfred, does Bruce have the flu?” you called.

“Absolutely,” he called back immediately. Bruce mumbled something that sounded almost exactly like, ‘traitor.’

“Bruce, come on,” Tim tried.

“I’m going out. There’s nothing you can do to stop me,” he said dramatically, throwing his napkin down on the table before storming out. You and Tim exchanged a look, daring each other to go reason with him.

“You’re married to him,” he said. You rolled your eyes and stood up.

“Yeah, but I didn’t marry this man-child.”

“He does dress up every night. You should have known.” You sighed and left the dining room, walking straight to the bat cave elevator. As the elevator brought you down, you heard Bruce coughing. When it came to a stop, you walked straight up to him, taking the cowl from his hands.

“Bruce,” you said, forcing him to meet your gaze. He frowned at you as you ran a hand through his soft hair. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t let Tim and Jason go out by themselves. And there’s no chance that Dick can get here in time to help them.”

“Then they’ll take the night off, too. Gotham can survive for one day without you.” 

“What if something happens while I’m gone?”

“Call Gordon. Have him put out extra squad cars.” He sighed and you took that as a yes. You began pulling off his armor until he was back in his jeans and white t-shirt. “Come on.” He followed you to the elevator, wrapping an arm around you waist and sticking his hand in your back pocket. You rolled your eyes and walked up the steps to your bedroom. Opening the door to the dark room, you led Bruce straight to bed.

“Take off your pants,” you said. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at you.

“I thought I was suppose to relax.”

“You are. I’m making you change into sweatpants.” He groaned and kicked off his jeans, crawling into bed.

“Will you at least join me?” he asked.

“Maybe. I’ve got a couple of things to still do.” He groaned again and rolled over, burying himself in the sheets of your king bed. You shut the door to your bedroom and made you way back downstairs. Tim and Jason were sitting in the living room, whispering among themselves.

“What’s up, guys?” you asked.


“If you’re thinking of going out, please don’t. I just got him into bed.”

“We weren’t,” Jason said.

“Yes you were. Stop it or I’ll lock you in your rooms, too.”

“Okay, mom.” You rolled your eyes and walked into the kitchen. Alfred was cooking something and smiled when you walked in. You reached into the fridge and grabbed a deer, downing almost half of it immediately.

“Okay, Miss Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m just tired of taking care of all these boys.” Alfred shot you a look and you frowned. “Sorry, preaching to the choir.”

“That’s alright. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, I’ve only got one more think to do,” you said, picking up Bruce’s phone and sending a message to Commissioner Gordon. “There. Now I can relax,” you said, just s the familiar clank of the bat cave elevator sounded. Before you could do or say anything, Alfred placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Go take care of Master Bruce. I’ll handle the boys.”


“Yeah, go on.”

“Thanks, Alfred,” you said, leaning up to kiss his cheek. You ran up the steps, opening the door to your bedroom. You crawled in bed with Bruce, who only stirred slightly. You sighed and he opened his eyes. He was always a light sleeper.

“Hey,” he said groggily.

“Am I a boring person?” you asked.

“What?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows and sitting up a little.

“Am I boring? All I do is stay in this house, taking care of you and your children. I’m turning into a boring adult.” Bruce smiled and took your hand.

“Y/N, you are an adult, but that doesn’t mean you’re boring. Just because you’re responsible that doesn’t make you boring. You’re still the most exciting, gorgeous, amazing woman I know.” You frowned and brushed his cheek with your thumb.

“I haven’t done anything irresponsible or stupid in so long,” you whined. Bruce chuckled and reach across the bed for his phone.

“Well we’ll change that right now.”


“Shh, it’s a surprise. But first, we’re gonna make out for an extremely long time.” You were about to argue, saying that that would just spread germs but Bruce kissed you before you. He pressed you up against the sheets as he crawled on top of you. You kissed him back passionately, letting your hand explore his scarred and defined chest. 

Every once in a while you would reach a scar that felt really horrible and furrow up your eyebrows. Bruce hardly noticed, except for the fact that he would kiss you harder every time it happened. Some time later, a knock came from your door, pulling you two apart.

“Come in,” Bruce called, sitting back up. Jason walked in, surprisingly with a pie in his hand. He looked in between the two of you and curled up his lip.

“Alfred asked me to bring this up,” he said, handing it to Bruce.

“Thanks. Where are the-” Jason handed him two spoons and Bruce smiled. “Thanks, Jason. Alfred isn’t too angry is he?”

“Why would Alfred be angry?” you asked.

“Because this was supposed to be at the gala we’re hosting soon. I told him not to make another one either.”

“Wow, that’s really irresponsible,” you said with a grin. “Jason, leave,” you said. He grumbled something and left, right before you kissed Bruce again. “We’re gonna eat this whole pie, right?” you asked, pulling away for a moment.

“Oh definitely.” You smiled and kissed him quickly.

“I love you so much,” you said before crawling on top of him and kissing him some more.

Rhythm (Part 6 of ?)

Derek Hale x Reader x Pack

I’m thinking only one more installment after this. What do you think? Here is part one, here is part two, here is part three, here is part four, and here is part five if you wanna get caught up.

Words: 1,874

Warnings: None that I am aware of. There may be in later parts, but this is just mainly funny fluff.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The doorbell rang, and you clamored down the steps before your parents could reach the door. “I’ll get it!” You yelled, stumbling slightly as you took the steps two at a time, skidding to a stop in front of the door before smoothing your hair quickly.

You saw your dad eyeing you from the doorway, and you shrugged your shoulders. “What?” He walked into the kitchen to join your mother, shaking his head.

Swinging the door open, you came face to face with a brooding Stiles.

“Oh, don’t look like such a sourwolf. You’re getting free food out of this.”

His glare only intensified, making you smile.

Your parents had wanted to finally have a dinner with you and your “boyfriend” of four months. Malia didn’t even care at this point. The two of you had an unspoken bond, and all it took was a look from you and a wave of her hand, and the clearance had been given, despite a thoroughly confused looking Stiles.

“I resent that comment,” you heard a familiar voice say behind Stiles, and looking up, your eyes grew wider at the sight of Derek, grinning like an idiot.

Stiles gestures behind him, his face still creased. “Now do you see why my face is like this?”

Stepping outside, you closed the door behind you, talking quietly. “Derek, what the hell-”

“He insisted on being my ride.” Stiles said grimly.

“What happened to Roscoe?”


You leveled your gaze on the alpha’s face. “What did you rip out this time?”

Holding up a set of keys beside his face, he grinned like a school boy. “These.”

Suddenly Stiles leapt for the key ring with a small war cry, only to be swatting at air as Derek easily tucked them away behind his back, smiling over your shoulder. “Hello!”

Turning, you came face to face with your parents, the door held wide open. How was everyone sneaking up on you today?

“Mom, dad, this is Stiles.” You grabbed his hand, pulling him in with a smile plastered on both of your faces. Derek’s heart began to beat rapidly, the smell of jealousy and anger coming off of him in waves, and you wanted to smirk. Serves him right for being an overprotective little- You tried to kick the door closed, slightly miffed at Derek, but your father caught it just in time.

“Who’s this?”

Looking over your shoulder, meeting Derek’s expectant eyes as he played the part of innocent bystander, you snarled slightly, catching the slightest lift of the corner of his mouth. “Oh. Sorry. This is Derek. He just gave Stiles a ride, today. He was just leaving-”

“Nonsense!” Your mother said, and you could swear you heard Derek snicker softly. And Stiles groan under his breath. “You’ll stay for dinner!”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t-”

“Yes you can, and you will!” She said, pulling him inside, but you intercepted, releasing Stiles’ hand and taking Derek’s arm from your mother’s grip.

“Okay, but first, can you show me that thing you said you brought?” Derek looked at you with knit eyebrows. “You said it was in your trunk? Outside? In your car?”

“Oh! Yes, I saw him put it there,” Stiles said, catching on. “I’ll come, too.”

Your parents looked beyond confused, but you just smiled and pulled the door shut as you all made your way out to the car. Opening the trunk, as soon as it was up, you leaned into Derek. “What the hell?! You are not staying! This is ridiculous!”

“What’s ridiculous is that voice you are using,” Derek said with a smirk.

“And why all this smiling? You never smile!”

“I smile!” He said with a scowl.

“No, you don’t,” you and Stiles said in unison.

Pointing to Stiles, Derek’s face became serious. “This is why I am here. You two are becoming more and more alike and it needs to stop. I can only handle so much sarcasm at once. Both of you together is like, astronomically too high levels.”

“So then why are you staying for dinner?” Stiles asked calmly.

“He makes a good point,” you nodded.

“No he doesn’t!”

“Wait a minute. Is Derek Hale actually jealous of me just because I get to be near Y/N more often?”

Your jaw dropped as you turned back toward Derek who was fuming. “That is totally it! It’s killing him!”

“You two are acting like children,” he muttered. Grabbing a book from the trunk, he slammed it shut, glowering at the two of you. “And no, I am not jealous, because he may get to spend more time with you, but he doesn’t know you like I do. That one spot behind your ear that makes you-” he chuckled as you pushed him gently, stopping his insinuations as he pushed past the two of you back toward the house.

Stiles flailed his hands like he was flinging off a disgusting substance. “Ewwwwwww! Never talk about that stuff in front of me again! Or anyone! Ever!” He shuddered.

“What are you, five?” You asked. “I can see where the claw marks start on your back, bat boy.”

“Hey!” He waved a finger at you. “It’s not my fault she has gotten very possessive since this whole thing started-”

You held up a hand for him to stop, shutting your eyes before letting out a violent shudder. “I didn’t need to know that.”

“What are you, five?” He teased, and you shoved his shoulder as you both went back into the house.


The dinner had gone smoothly so far, the only disruption coming when Derek kicked Stiles under the table after he took your hand in his own after paying you a compliment.

Stiles had looked up at a smirking Derek across the table, and swiftly kicked him back, making the alpha grimace, only to have Stikes smirk and attempt to give one more for good measure, only to miss, the swinging motion of his foot so violent it nearly made him fall out of his chair when Derek moved out of the way at the last second.

Your mom and you cleared the dishes, and you nearly dropped the entire pile when she said, “So what is going on out there?”

“What do you mean?”

“The two of them are fighting over you.”

You looked at her and laughed. “I promise, that is not what is happening.”

Stiles walked in, smiling when he saw you, and wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Is it time for dessert?”

You laughed softly. Sure, Stiles was invading your personal bubble, and sure, you would kick his ass for it later, but for now, the fuming look on Derek’s face as he carried some glasses in was worth it. “Yes, honey. Go back out there and I will bring the chocolate silk pie out.”

Stiles disappeared faster than you had ever seen him move.

“I got it. Don’t worry,” Derek said, gently taking the pie off of the counter. You didn’t like the look in his eye as he disappeared into the dining room.

Your mom leaned in and whispered, “You picked a good one, darling. That Stiles, he’s a sweetheart.”

Before you could answer, you heard a clamor in the dining room, Stiles letting out a little screech shortly followed by Derek saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry, dude! I tripped! What did I even trip on?”

“Nothing,” you heard Stiles mutter under his breath. “Air. Gravity. Your own pride.”

You began to laugh, and shortly after a sheepish looking Derek appeared, his eyes glinting mischievously for only a second as he look at you, Stiles following shortly after, walking like a mummy from an old horror movie, trying not to drip whipped cream or pie anywhere.


The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and conversation, you getting lost in the way your heart beat matched the one across the room so perfectly. The way the one next to you made a rhythm you wanted to dance to.

Try as hard as you might, you kept feeling Derek’s eyes on you, and your eyes being pulled to him.

The conversation had lulled after a round of laughter, and you made a decision as you stared at the floor. “You know what? I can’t do this anymore.” You looked at each face, a smile you couldn’t control on your own. Meeting Derek’s gaze, that skipped beat cemented your decision. “Mom, dad, Stiles and I aren’t dating. He is dating Malia, and has been the whole time.”

“I don’t understand,” you mother said.

“Well then who are you dating?” Your father asked.

That skipped beat sounded once again, and this time you heard it. The emptiness did hold a name. “Derek.”

“I knew it!” Your mother cried, making you all jump. “I knew it!” Everyone looked to her. “You two have way too much chemistry.”

“So why the cover up?” Your dad asked.

“Well, that is kind of complicated, and I don’t really know how to explain that-”

“We’re werewolves,” Derek deadpanned.

After a few moments of silence, both of your parents burst out laughing. “No, seriously, what’s going on?”

Derek nodded at you, and you turned to your parent’s, both of you flashing your eyes. “Oh, this can’t end well,” Stiles muttered, sliding a hand down his face, holding it over his mouth as he watched your parents.

After a moment, your mother fainted, your father frozen like a statue with his mouth slightly open. Stiles frantically ran to your mother, Derek slowly making his way over as well so as not to scare your father.

“Daddy?” You tried, waving a hand in front of his face, but he was frozen.

“Thank you, Derek. I think you broke my dad.”


It took several hours, but after explaining and re-explaining to your parents, with the help of Stiles and Derek, all about the other members of the pack, and how Derek had saved your life, and reassuring them they were safer here despite all the dangers, your parents came around to the possibility of accepting your wolflihood sooner or later.

You walked your two friends back out to the car, giving Stiles a large hug, which he returned. “You’re the best fake boyfriend ever!”

“And that’s exactly what every guy wants to hear!” You both laughed as you pulled away.

“You got some whipped cream in your hair,” you said, swiping at the little bit you saw.

“Still?!” Stiles whirled around to look in the car window, thoroughly inspecting his reflection.

With a chuckle you turned around the face Derek, who wore a wide grin. “Sorry I just dropped that information on your family. I know I could have been subtler, but I hate beating around the bush. You know that-”

You stopped him with a kiss, the only sound your hearts matching beat for beat, the silence once again surrounding you before the rhythm resumed. “Thank you,” you said, pulling away just enough to speak.

“Ewwwwwww!” Stiles said behind you, the jiggle in his voice proving he was waving his hands like before.

“Oh, shut up and get in the car,” Derek said. “What are you, five?”

Part 7

Rainy days (Theo Raeken)

I actually already wrote this and as I was proof reading my laptop crashed so I’m really pissed. 

Request: Can I request any Theo imagine

A/N: I hope you liked what I came up with enough I’ve written it twice 

I was with my long term boyfriend Theo, we’ve been dating for almost a year and it’s been so far perfect, a few hiccups here and there but no major fights. He was perfect, he was always sweet to me and made sure I was happy no matter where we were. Currently we were at the local carnival.

“Alright pick out any bear and I’ll win it for you.” Theo told me as we were walking hand in hand. 

“I’ll tell you when I see one.” I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Come on let’s got ride some rides.” After riding a few rides we got some cotton candy which just happens to be my favorite.

“You’ve got a little something right there.” I pointed to Theo who had cotton candy on his face. He ended up just using his tongue to lick it off causing me to laugh.  

“You’re just a giant puppy.” I giggled at him.

“But you love me.” he smiled and snaked his arms around my waist.

“Yes I do.” I copied his actions and my arms found their way to his neck. He leaned down and kissed me. 

“I think I want that one.” I pointed to the giant panda bear at a booth next to us.

“Easy.” he scoffed.

“Whatever you say tuff guy.” I rolled my eyes. Theo ended up winning me the bear with a giant smile on his face.

“Okay now there’s only one more thing to do on my carnival check list, kiss my beautiful girlfriend on top of the ferris wheel.” he smiled.

“Theo did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” he asked.

“It soundes like thunder.” and as if on cue it started pouring down rain.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Theo grumbled.

“Come on we’ve got to go, I hate being wet.” I pulled him along with me to the car.

“But I didn’t get my check list done.” he pouted.

“Come on we’ll go home and watch a movie or something.”

“Can we cuddle?” he asked like a four year old making me giggle.

“Yes Theo we can cuddle.” He smiled. We drove home and snuggled up on his bed talking about a bunch off random stuff, dropping ‘I love you’ every once in a while. Truthly rainy days were always my favorite. We’d always end up in a tangled group of limbs and that’s just how I liked it. 

I hope you liked it. it was a little rushed sorry! I’m busy today

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here at the Scientific Pokédex, we’re grateful for all of our wonderful followers. So we’d like to show you our gratitude this Thanksgiving by examining Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon!

Feeling loved or feeling needed is great. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes on, chemically, in your body that makes these feelings so positive? Sometimes your heart might flutter, or your cheeks might turn red: what about feeling loved & happy makes that happen?

When a Shaymin senses gratitude or receives a loving hug, the buds all over its body burst into bloom! This, like the other effects we mentioned, is a physical response to an emotional stimulation. So let’s discover how that happens!

When you experience an emotion, it actually goes to two parts in your brain. The first part lets you actually sense the emotion, so the part of the brain depends on what emotion you are feeling. Researchers believe the frontal lobe is responsible for happiness and pleasure, while the amygdala allows you to feel anger, fear, and sadness.

At the same time, the signal is sent to a part of the brain that triggers physical responses: makes you paralyze in fear, smile during happiness, tighten muscles, increase blood pressure–any of those things. This is done in the hypothalamus.

How does the hypothalamus control the rest of your body? The hypothalamus links your nervous system (ie, your brain) to the endocrine system – the series of organs and glands that produce hormones. Hormones are chemicals that are secreted directly into your bloodstream and cause parts of your body to do different things. The hormone oxytocin is associated with happiness, melatonin controls when you feel sleepy, an so on. So from a signal in your brain, the hypothalamus controls how much of which hormones are produced: causing physical changes to happen in response to emotions.

After that, it’s all just a chemical reaction. The hormones will react with their target cells through means of receptors, and trigger a certain gene sequences in the cell that start the processes for the right results.

So let’s go back to Shaymin! When Shaymin feels loved, its brain tells its endocrine system to release a certain hormone, which will trigger the flowers on its body to bloom. Which leaves us only one more question…how do flowers know when to bloom?

It’s exactly this process! Flowers have a gene called Apetala1 that controls the whole flowering process. When activated, Apetala1 generates proteins that will then activate over 1,000 more genes in a flower, causing it to slow leaf growth and instead focus on producing sepals and petals of the flowers!

When Shaymin feels love or gratitude, its body starts producing hormones that activate the Apetala1 gene in Shaymin’s body, causing its flowers to rapidly bloom. 

Us Pokémon Professors may not grow flowers when we are happy, but thank you so much for supporting our pokéscience blog! We couldn’t be more grateful for all of you, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! And have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Any last wishes? pt.3

Part 1 and Part 2

A/N: I died three times whilst writing this and I loved it. It’s also an ridiculous amount of orgasms (I think it was 5 but who’s counting) but pls let me have my fun, this is no scientific research and this is fiction after all. 

I could continue this  just let me know what you all think and if I should do it.

Genre: Smut, Mafia!BTS, a bit of fluff

Word count: 2 k

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Summary: You are abducted by the mafia on your way home but it turns out that you are useless to them. The only option is killing you but they will grant you one last wish before death. Your mouth decides quicker than your brain.

“What on earth did you text him?? Sorry you can’t kill this girl yet I still need to fuck her on the kitchen counter??”

“No, Sorry Yoongi you can’t kill y/n since I still need to fuck her on the kitchen counter AND the shower. Also she’s pretty cute I can take care of her so we don’t have to kill her at all.”

You stared at him in disbelief when the display of his phone lit up. He picked it up without bothering to hide it from you so you could see the message displayed.

From: The Boss

You’re always the one causing so much fucking trouble.

You can keep her.

“Well now that we have a whole lot more time together I think we should sleep a bit, the kitchen counter will still be there tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And they day after that.”

You nodded sleepily, feeling beyond relieved and happy. Not only would you not be killed today but Jimin also promised to take care of you. He picked you up and carried you bridal style back to his bedroom. The sheets were still a mess from earlier and you smiled remembering how good it was. Jimin laid you down on the bed and you looked at the clock on his bedside table with heavy eyelids.

5:11 am

Jimin pulled out one of his shirts out of his drawer climbed next to you on his bed to pull it over your head. He himself had only put on some boxers. He laid down next to you and pulled you close to him, until your back was pressed against his chest. He was so warm and you felt so safe here in his arms that you almost fell asleep instantly.

“You know I said I would take care of you. I meant it. I will do everything that is possible to keep you safe. I never met a girl before and knew that she was the one, until I met you. The minute I saw you on that chair, still slightly pink cheeks from blushing, I felt like you were the one. But after all I’m still a member of the mafia so I need to know if you want to take that risk, being a members girlfriend can be very dangerous and of course you need to be aware that your boyfriend kills people and…”

You turned to face him and interrupted him with a slow passionate kiss.

“I’m sure, a 100% sure.”

He gave you another quick peck on the lips and you turned back to press your back against his body. His arms wrapped around you tightly and you drifted off into a nice, deep sleep.

When you opened your eyes you just saw white for a few seconds. Your eyes adjusted to the light and you remembered where you were. The white bedsheets reflected the sunlight that poured through the giant window. You turned over to look at the clock. Oh god it was already 1:00 pm. Jimins side of the bed was empty.

You got up and went to the kitchen to see what he was doing. The whole living room and kitchen area was flooded with bright sunlight and there he was. Right behind the kitchen counter, beautifully illuminated by the sunlight, looking like an angel.

“I made breakfast!!” He exclaimed happily.

Why on earth didn’t he put on a shirt, how should you focus on doing anything when he looked like that. You took a deep breath and walked up to him to sit in one of the chairs in front of the kitchen counter. Absentmindedly you stared out of the window. The window gave such a nice view over the city. Suddenly images of last night came flashing to your mind and you shifted uncomfortable in your seat, pressing your legs together. You teared your gaze away from the window, trying to think of something else. You stood up from your chair walking behind the kitchen counter to see if you could help Jimin with something.

He came up to you to kiss you good morning, a mischievous look on his face. The kisses soon turned into a full on make out session. He grabbed your thighs motioning you to jump. Your hands got lost in his hair as he kissed over all the hickies he had left last night. A few moments later he sat you back down on the kitchen counter and looked at you.

“Jimin you look like you have some bad news to tell me.”

“No everything is fine I just…”

“Jimin I can see it in your eyes just tell me please.”

“You know Yoongi is my boss… and as the boss he wants to know every members girlfriend… and you’re my girlfriend now… that means we need to meet Yoongi later.”

Well luckily that wouldn’t be embarrassing at all after what you said yesterday.

“Will the other members be there?”

“Probably, I mean we’re going to the headquarters if they’re not on a mission they’ll be there. But don’t worry Hoseok and Jungkook liked you very much yesterday.”

“Well then it’s almost not mortifying anymore to go there and meet all the people I told I want to get fucked as my last wish instead of begging for my life.”

“You know we all have an office in the headquarters… with a really nice expensive wooden desk… “

“Park Jimin are you fucking serious…” he cut you off by kissing you again. You wrapped your legs around his torso to pull him closer, tangling your fingers back in his hair.

“You know I’m very hungry…” he whispered with a raspy voice, nibbling at your ear “and I think you would be the perfect breakfast, baby.”

He trailed off from your ear over your neck and tugged at the hem of his shirt you were wearing. You got the hint and lifted your arms so he could easily take it off. You weren’t wearing panties, he ruined them by taking them off last night, so you now sat naked in front of him on the counter. His lips were kissing and sucking gently on your breasts.

“There isn’t much space for anymore hickes.” he said, pouting at you.

“Well blame yourself Park Jimin.”

He chuckled at your response scraping his teeth lightly over your nipple and sucked at it softly. Your back arched and a whine escaped you. He moved down to your thighs, placing kisses all over them, avoiding where you needed him the most.

“Not so sassy anymore, huh baby?”

“Shut up and show me how a feared mafia member pleasures his girlfriend.”

“As you wish, princess, but remember you asked for it.”

He dropped on his knees in front of you spreading your legs wide. You looked at him in anticipation.

“We will see how many times I need to make you cum before you regret your little wish and you’re begging for me to fuck you.”

You gulped slightly but you couldn’t deny that you were really excited. His fingers ran up and down your slit collecting your wetness.

“You’re already dripping and I haven’t laid a finger on you yet.”

He put his fingers up to your mouth motioning you to suck them clean. When they were all clean and now wet with your saliva he put them back to your heat, pushing one finger in without a warning. You moaned loudly and he immediately picked up speed. After a few thrusts of his finger he added a second one, slightly scissoring his fingers to stretch you a bit.

“Should I use my mouth as well? Would you like that, baby? I’m sure you would but I think you need to cum first to earn my mouth.”

You couldn’t form words at this point already when he decided to add a third finger, as well as to pick up the speed even more. When he pressed his thumb on your clit and started circling it you where gone. You clenched around his fingers but they wouldn’t stop,  only slow down a bit.

“J-Jimin I’m done I-I can’t…”

“Well you were the one that asked for it and I’m sure you can comeat least  two more times before I’ll fuck you.”

“No I-I really can’t it’s too m-much…”

“I wasn’t asking you, princess.”

His fingers increased the speed slowly and his mouth grazed slowly over your clit. You were whimpering at the slightest touch. He gave your clit a few kitten licks that had you writhing under him again. When he finally decided to take your clit in his mouth and began sucking it you couldn’t hold it any longer. His fingers were pumping rapidly, reaching far and massaging your walls just perfectly. You reached your second high, loud moans of his name mixed with a few curses slipped from your lips as your came.

“Now you only have one more to go, you’re doing so well.”

His words vibrated at your heat as his fingers slowed down until they stilled completely. He pulled them out and you whined involuntarily at them emptiness, but only seconds later you could feel his tongue sliding over your folds. The feeling of his tongue was so heavenly as he slowly parted your folds, his tongue peeking at your opening. You thought you were about to come right then and there, being so over sensitive, but he didn’t care, he pushed his tongue inside as far as he could reach. His nose rubbed over you clit whilst his tongue slid in and out of you. You were clenching down erratically , feeling that tightness in your belly spiraling closer and closer to snapping, trying to push your hips closer to his face but Jimin held them steady with his hands.

“I can’t hold it any l-longer J-Jimin…”

“I know baby, just let go.”

His words vibrating against you were everything you needed to be pushed over the edge as you reach your third high. You were breathless, chest heaving up and down sitting there on the kitchen counter, Jimin kneeling between your legs, his whole chin covered in your juices. He picked up a random kitchen towel to wipe himself clean.

“And now I will finally fuck you, on this kitchen counter, as I promised you last night.”

He was already lined up at your entrance and you were surprised that he could hold back for so long. When he finally pushed inside both of you simultaneously moaned. Jimin was far to riled up at this point to take it slow and his thrust were sloppy from the beginning. Even though you were already dead and gone you still couldn’t stop yourself from teasing Jimin a bit more.

“Is that how mafia members fuck their girls? I thought they would go way harder…”

Jimin abruptly stilled inside of you glaring at you with burning eyes.

“You want harder? I’ll show you harder princess, but you can see how you’ll walk to the headquarters later.  All the other members will know exactly that I fucked you good.”

With that he pushed back in in an incredible pace and you couldn’t even moan his name anymore, just whimper and grab onto his shoulders whilst reaching your high a last time. Your whole vision went out and you were sure Jimin was the only reason you were still sitting on that kitchen counter.

Both of you were a panting mess as he slowly lifted you up and put you back onto the ground. You grabbed the kitchen counter for safety’s sake and he laughed at you.

“Is it hard to stand up right, baby? Are your legs a bit shaky, huh? Well that’s tragic we need to quickly eat breakfast and then we have an appointment with the Boss.”

He sneaked his hands around your waist to give you some stability.

“I can’t go to see him I don’t even have proper clothes. I don’t want to look disgusting when I meet him.”

“The first time you met you were tied to a chair wishing to get fucked, I don’t think it would really matter…”

“Don’t remind me of that it’s already worse enough!”

“Don’t worry I have some women’s clothes that I once bought for the case that a girl would ever need new clothes after staying the night… some really nice dresses.”

“Oh my god I will die there of embrrassment, don’t make this worse than it already is.”

“I’m sure they will all love you…also remember what I told you about my office? It’s a really nice desk…”