Always care. 

Hope is only a functioning product when it has action behind it.  We can view all the green grass of others surrounding us in envy, but then only we are green as such. If we wish to live in our own abundant gardens we must tend to them with skilful hope, where our actions bring beauty and wealth in flourishing and tended lush living.  Pursue your own magic, inspired by that which simply perceived as greener.  | sub-Textural | 

Original writing, Original meme, sub-Textural.

Color My World by beka1d featuring blue shorts

Blue t shirt
Only Limitless denim jacket, £25
Esprit blue shorts, €40
Pastry shoes, €60
NARS Cosmetics nail lacquer, £14
Proenza Schouler shoulder bag, $1,225
H M hair accessory, £1.99
Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner, $28
Violent Lips lip makeup, £11
Leonardo Design Team Curved Glasses, $70
Simon C Page Grunge Geometry H, $20
MERCI GUSTAVE Eiffel Tower, €59