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Guys ! It’s Jonghyun’s comeback and it made me sooo happy like i’m so looking forward to every single moment in the next few days …
But tbh it pains me to see the fandome dividing , no i dont want to see that and instead of shutting my eyes until it ends i’d like to say what i think ..
I’d like to say if some of us think that this album is for the gays then let them be .. You guys you know how it can be really offensive and hurting to try to shut or fight someone for something that really means to them not only but it’s part of their identity ..
I see my self in SHINee in so many ways and i want to identifie myself in them in some areas so it’s part of building of my life and personnality , so if someone comes and try so inhibit this thought it only means that they think that i’m not good enough for it or i dont deserve it ..and that’s what some are doing now ..
Let every part of the fandome enjoy this comeback in their way , dont fight and dont unfollow each other for it it’s stupid
In the end Jonghyun’s album is for Taemin lol

fighting and healing; jongyu; pg

“Stretch for me. I want to make sure you don’t have any torn muscles or broken ribs.”

Jinki sighs, but stands obediently. “You only do this because you like looking.”

hi all!! i feel bad i still haven’t posted the next part of hyung au, so i’m posting a short drabble i wrote a while back instead. ^^;

short summary: jinki is a spoiled only child nobleman who likes to go into fighting rings for kicks, and jong is the person he always goes to for healing

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[Halloween] Where They Take You For Your Halloween Carnival Date (SHINee)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Dreamer

JONGHYUN: Not only would Jonghyun take you to a haunted house, but he would take you to the scariest haunted house he could find. He would be all for getting scared and would love the adrenaline rush it gave him. Plus, he would find the fact that you were so easily scared adorable and would hold you close the entire time, softly whispering teasing words in your ear as you walked through the remainder of the haunted house, while at the same time holding you close and protecting you from anything that started to come your way

TAEMIN: Taemin, being the adorable ball of fluff he is, would want to take you somewhere fun and cute rather than somewhere scary. He would probably end up taking you to a harvesting farm of some sort so that you guys could pick some apples and maybe even get some pumpkins to carve later that night. Either way, if it’s with Taemin, you’re bound to have a good time.

KEY: Key’s a very simple and classy person, so I feel like he would go with a very simple, classy, good ole’ fashion haunted house. He would love the experience of going into a haunted house with you and would love the way you clung to him from beginning to end. He would probably be a little scared himself, though he wouldn’t admit it, and he would relish in your cuteness and vulnerability, wondering what on Earth he did to deserve such an adorable lover.  

MINHO: I feel Minho would be the last person to want to take you through any type of haunted attraction. Though some may see it as boring, he’d probably end up being completely different from everyone else and would just have you guys walk around the carnival and hang out. You would play games, eat some junk food, buy a bunch of random stuff you don’t need, and would just completely act like kids again. You wouldn’t need some type of ride or attraction to have fun. As long as you had each other you would be having the best time of your lives.

ONEW: Onew, wanting to be a little different and spontaneous, would probably go for something such as a corn maze. He wouldn’t necessarily want to take you somewhere scary, but he also wouldn’t want to be boring. He’d want to take you somewhere you guy’s could have fun and just hang out, but could also challenge yourselves and maybe get a little scared along the way.

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au where jonghyun enters a random coffee shop one day and falls in love with a stranger that is sitting alone (who happens to be jinki) so everyday he will dress up to impress and go to the coffee shop hoping that jinki will notice him but he never does because he is blind (long, I know, sorry ^^' )

Dress to Impress

jongyu | pg (swearing) | cafe au, romance, fluff, fail humor, blind!onew | moral of the story is that Taemin is an asshole. | wc 1000~

a/n: i tried to be funny and wrote this in a train-of-thought kind of way. hope you like it!

There is a man who all the employees at Star Cafe know by name, a man who comes in every day at exactly 5:45 PM sharp and sits in the same seat next to the window each time. He reads a different book every day, eyes seeming to scan the pages in a few seconds before turning to the next. He sits there for only fifteen minutes before his flatemate Kibum, an employee at the cafe, finishes his shift at 6 and they leave together.

Jonghyun assumes that this silent guy with the handsomest forehead-nose-eyes-face-everything in the entire world must be some sort of genius hermit type that doesn’t often socialize, despite his impeccable outfit choices and hair that always seems to be perfectly styled. He’s a curious sight to behold most days because he’s also a little clumsy, sometimes bumping into chairs that haven’t been pushed in all the way on the way to his usual spot by the window or knocking over silverware with his hand.

The only real reason Jonghyun is sure he’s a genius hermit type is because he reads at an incredibly fast pace. Jonghyun can’t read a billboard sign without yawning after the first letter. The other reason is because no matter how flashy Jonghyun dresses and sits in the table in front of the other man in plain sight, where their eyes could make eye contact–if he ever looked up to catch Jonghyun staring right back at him that is, which he literally never does–he still doesn’t get noticed. Not even a small reaction, or even a laugh; he’s literally tried it all.

At first, Jonghyun had actually aimed to impress, starting the first few weeks dressing in his absolute best until he’d exhausted his entire wardrobe. He’s not sure why this man notices Kibum, who looked like a train ran over him after his shift at the Star Cafe, and not Jonghyun, who obviously looked like a cover model for GQ every time he breathed. Well okay, Kibum didn’t look like a train reck, and maybe Jonghyun didn’t always look like Calvin Klein was begging him for a photoshoot, but that was beyond the point.

The fact of the matter was that Jonghyun had resorted to dressing in cosplay, and at one point he’d even tried a clown costume. It hadn’t been the highest moment in his life, he’d admit at least that much, but to continue to not even get a reaction out of the stranger? It was quite obvious that Jonghyun was being ignored not on accident, but on purpose. The guy just wasn’t interested. Which is totally fine. Except that Jonghyun can’t bring himself to accept defeat so easily.

“Hi,” Jonghyun tries, for the first and last time ever, slipping into the seat across from the stranger one fateful day. He’s in his casual wear today, the kind of clothes Jonghyun probably wore in university when he was broke and sad 99.9999999% of the time. He’s literally worn everything in his closet and now he’s just given up. “I’m Jonghyun.”

The stranger actually looks up for once, offering a hesitant smile as he replies. “Hello. I’m Jinki.” His gaze is fixed somewhere around Jonghyun’s left ear. which would strike the other as peculiar except the fact that he’s been planning a speech since the last 20 failed attempts and decides to just go through with it without over-thinking himself out of it.

“I’ve been sitting at the table across from you everyday for almost three months now trying to get your attention. I spent a small fortune on the coffee here because the manager, Taemin, the fucking bastard, won’t let me sit here for free even though he knows that I only come here for you,” Jonghyun blurts out. Then, as an afterthought, he adds, “He’s an asshole, if I didn’t make it clear.”

Jinki obviously seems pleasantly surprised, eyes wide as he responds, “Yes, you did mention that Taemin was a bastard, which I can agree with wholeheartedly. Please, continue.” He’s smiling though, which is a plus, except that he looks really amused and maybe even a little bit playful, which is rude as fuck but also a plus because he’s really hot when he does that. Jonghyun is getting very distracted and has to pinch his own leg to get back on track.

“Basically what I was trying to say is that I know we don’t know each other and maybe you’re not interested in me, but I would really like to get to know you anyway because I’ve never seen someone who can make me forget how to breathe just by drinking an iced americano,” he finally gets out, breathing in deeply after streaming out all the words like there was a timer or something. Technically there was a 15 minute one until Kibum came and whisked Jinki away, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Jonghyun’s face is burning with embarrassment and his hands are shaking anxiously, but he’s low-key glad he finally said it aloud and high-key scared he’ll get turned down for good. His life will lose meaning without this stupid coffee shop and the expensive coffee he always has to buy just to look at his crush’s face everyday. Jonghyun gets dragged out of his thoughts to the laughing face of Jinki, who is wiping tears out of his eyes from laughing so hard.

“That has got to be the most ridiculous and funny confession I’ve ever gotten,” he admits, cheeks pink as he catches his breath. A bit of his swept up hair has fallen over his forehead and he brushes it back. Jonghyun absolutely does not drool, nope, not at all. He is embarrassed though, and he slumps over.

“So is that a no?” he asks.

“It’s not a no,” Jinki assures quickly, and he puts his book down on the table. Jonghyun realizes that it was upside down. People don’t read upside down. He looks back up to see Jinki smirking in his direction. “There is just one tiny thing I need to tell you that I guess you didn’t realize all this time…”

blue night radio ♡ 140205
translation: bluenight0524

(opening message) jonghyun: have you, by any chance, heard of (in english) white noise? a white noise? the sounds that are familiar to our ears. for example: the sound of rain, the sound of waves, the sound of the wind. i mean, these kind of sounds. this white noise, of course …, a noise is a noise, but because it’s adequately noisy, it’s psychologically comfortable and gives stability. it’s adequately noisy but provides comfort. somehow …, it’s similar to the image i’d had of blue night. not too noisy, but not too quiet. like that, the turning on of the radio would become like knowing that you’ll fall asleep soon. adequately noisy: the more you listen it gets comfortable and, before you know it, it becomes familiar. the 4th of february, between today and tomorrow, this is blue night.


(closing message) jonghyun: yeah. it’s the second day. it was a bit exciting and i think it was a second day where time went by much faster than yesterday! like i introduced on the aside corner (*): i should walk and walk towards you, everyone, right? slowly getting closer. although this road that me and blue night’s family are taking together may seem like it has a lot of branches to it, i think, eventually, it’s one single road. you may feel exhausted and could fall down too. you could also wander along the road. however, like blue night’s shining star, if you could hold onto me and give me strength i think i can be able to reach everyone in our family in one single roundabout way. yeah. a lot of people have been wondering about what the closing mnet would be. however, i still haven’t decided on it yet. i thought it’d be good to not think of it impatiently but to do it slowly …, that’s why i’m still worrying about it. to be honest, i slept yesterday at around 6 or 7am. i couldn’t sleep ‘til that late, thinking about the closing mnet. i will worry about it a bit more and slowly introduce it to you, everyone. we will listen to today’s ending song (now): michael learns to rock’s “blue night”. until now, this has been blue night, jonghyun. 

(translator’s note: (*) the aside corner was a short corner right before the closing message at the start of jonghyun’s stint as dj where he introduced a poem each day. the poem for this day was blue night by ra hee duk. the translation can be found below:

the numerous paths that i was mad to walk
in to not go to you,
were actually going towards you.

even when i walked in the distant dark road
at night alone,
the stars that flew at my head
would have shined above your head.
at my sighing and my breath,
the flowers would have leaned to you and flattered.

from love to shame,
again from shame to love,
the bucket’s that tipped against you
several times in a day.

however, the thing that always rose
was tens of thousnads of path
the galaxy’s one star going to another star,
those tens of thousnads paths, i’m walking
in them.

my life was going around all shortcuts,
a one roundabout way that was only going
to you.)