Online shop!

Hi guys,

Today I’ve been working on setting up an online shop, where you can buy prints of my photography and other nifty things like cushions and coffee cups.

A few people have recently asked if I sell my stuff, and now I do! Profits will contribute to funding my £6500 Master’s degree, as my university isn’t funding it and I’d rather avoid another loan.  

If you see something you’d like to buy on my blog, let me know so I can add it to my shop. Of course you can still enjoy my posts on here for free! <3

because I have a lot of leftovers from moccafest, i decided to open an etsy!!!

i worked really hard on all of my stuff and i’m really proud of them! so pls stop by my shop and tell your friends about it lmao 8)

Witchy online store ideas?

I want to start my own witch online shop after April, but I don’t want to do it through Etsy. Etsy makes you pay a small fee for each listing, so I will end up losing money if no one buys what I put up, like last time I made an Etsy shop. 

However I don’t know where else to put up witchy stuff I want to sell. My boyfriend suggested putting up listings on Ebay, but I’m hesitant. I might make a sideblog and just post about what I’m selling and people could pay me directly through Paypal? I’m really not sure, does anyone have ideas?

I’m hoping to sell anything witchy I could crochet which includes poppets, tarot holders, and more, as well as handmade candles and custom made jar/bottle spells.