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I have an Onlineshop now!

You can now buy finished products in my onlineshop and pay via paypal!

and as you might have noticed I sell lovely Dinosaurstickers
Do you love Dinosaurs? Real Dinosaurs not movie Monsters? Than this stickers are perfect for you.
Featuring Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, Troodon, Triceratops, YiQi, Maiasaurus and Kulindadromeus designed after latest scienstific evidence!

They are high quality Vinylstickers which makes glossy, thick and really durable! Perfect to put on your laptop, phone, nintendo and basically everything.

(Maiasaurus was added to the collection as a thanks for @a-dinosaur-a-day and Kulindadromeus for the whole tumblr paleo community I hope you guys enjoy the Aphafloof)

Big Stickers are 1€ small ones 0,5€!
I only have a realy low quantity of these stickers (15-20 per Spezies per size) and worldwide shipping is really effordable!

I also say TWO signed Original Allosaurus Prints
This prints are 2 of 15 and one off a kind. Cooper etching is an analog prining technic where cooper is etched in order to create a gravur printing technic. The paint is slightly rasied over the paper on original cooper etching prints when you hold it in your hands and slightly stroke over the paint you will undertsand what makes this prints so special.

The Papersize is a format bigger than a4 while the print it self is similar to A5 size. Both prints come numbered and signed.