Onision drama

My Honest Opinion on Lainey

I see a lot of people hating on Lainey in the Onision tags, and honestly, I don’t know why. From what I’ve seen, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Does she act a little spoiled, yes, does she worship the ground Onision walks on, yes, but I feel bad for her more than anything. If he really is the manipulative asshole that we all think he is (and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he is, i’m not saying he’s not) then it must be really hard for her to leave, especially if he is abusive which he seems to be. Basically, I have no problem for Lainey. I feel bad for her. Jesus Christ she is only a year older than me and got married when she was younger than me and shit I can barley handle driving, let alone being fucking married especially to an asshole like Greg.

Sometimes I hope we are all wrong and Greg is actually nice to her because she seems like such a sweet girl but…


I sincerely…

doubt that…

She is…


Please, Taylor. Leave him

And bananas, please stop hating on her. She’s married to the monster. That doesn’t mean she is.

*I got most of these from twitter, instagram, and from laineybotdrama

Onision Logic

You know what else causes caner? The sun. 
You know what else causes cancer? Too little exposure to the sun (from the lack of vitamin D)

Guess what else. 

  • Hair color chemicals
  • Hair color chemicals
  • Nail polish remover
  • Plastic Bottles

Pretty sure your wife has painted her nails and colored her hair. Oh wait, so have you. Lets use your logic, common sense says not to do anything involving those things. DURR. 


This is pretty funny coming from a guy that has cheated on both wives that he has had (1st wife with sh, drove across state line to have sex with her *she being 16/17 at the time*, then Lainey with Billie… oh wait “betrayed” though lainey made a poll asking her followers if what he did was cheating with majority saying yes), on top of emotionally abusing all his ex’s to the point of them going to therapy for it afterwords. While SR isn’t my cup of tea he has also done some pretty great things in my book, like granting that dying girl her wish to take him to prom. When has Gurg done such a thing? Also Billies friend is still friends with SR, guessing he deleted her too then. Yes cheating is no good, but it’s a huge leap to say that because of that he’s a horrible person. The vid Grug is talking about wasn’t even him bragging it was him admitting his wrongs (something grug never does unless he can get views/sympothy).
Even for a bit after SR and grug met they were still friendly (SR hadn’t even dissed gurg after a few jabs at him from gurg, shows quite some maturity). What this really comes down to *like many of his other YT friends turn enemies* is Gurgs jealously. Jealously of SR growing fame, jealously of SR being younger (lulz though in recent vid he claims haters are just jealous of younger girls getting older men, nah most of us have our own healthy relationships), jealous that SR is pulling in those teen followers he wants to groom. It’s cool greg we can see through ya.
Someone in his comments said it’s ok to not be friends with friends of abusers (cheating isn’t abuse, it’s shitty but not abuse), yeah but to shame people online and leaking private conversations is really uncool. Also in a grown up *irl* world it’s not always that easy, you will end up ruining tons of good relationships.

This is why Dan dislikes people like Onision. Onision criticises EVERYONE he can, he can’t say he never criticised Dan because back in the day he DID. The moment he gets criticised though he puts up a giant defence and then slags off the person to try and make them look like a bad guy. 

People were spamming the chat yet again with ‘onision’ ‘talk about onision’ and Dan clearly did not want to and they ‘knew’ that because it caused a shit tone of drama last week! Dan’s message was never directed completely at onision it was directed at the chat spamming names. Before going onto the whole ‘i don’t like people who use you guys for views’ he listed off another ton of YouTuber. YouTubers who HAVE also name dropped Dan, put Dan and Phil in the thumb nails when they have only been seen in the video for a few seconds. (sorry but its true). but don’t also forget we did have someone in the phandom who highly exploited the phantom for views literally last year and yes he is aware of it. 

For two weeks Dan had to deal with people spamming names and he was probably really fucking fed up with it. I know i would. It like dude you came to watch my live show if you want to spam about another YouTuber than go to their shows you get me? 

Dan dislikes people who slanders people, he dislikes people who are mean to others, he dislikes people who make videos to upset other people and Dan is not blind. As greg said above he made a video with Phil before, Yes! he did! congrats, but after that he then made a video calling phil Old, Creepy and ‘Ugly in comparison to dan’ so lets break this down. 

Greg - born 1985
Phil - Born 1986 

Greg is in fact older than Phil, the reason why he’s creepy? probably because a lot of his fans are young but that don’t make Phil creepy it just means his fans are young? hes not manipulating anyone, sleeping with anyone? asking the 12 year olds to meet up with him for a one on one? no so i don’t see how ‘HE’ is creepy. If younger people likes his video so fucking what younger people like Dan’s video too but you didn’t brand him creepy? 

‘Ugly in comparison to Dan’ Okay that is an opinion and Greg is entitled to his opinion but that don’t mean the opinion does not hurt the person you are talking about, and calling him ugly is low. i don’t care if it is a comparison to someone else or if it is just your opinion but the only way i see using the word ‘ugly’ is appropriate is when talking about someones attitude, and right now the only thing ugly is Onisions attitude to others. Comparing Phil to Dan is also a dick move, they are friends! its not nice to be called ugly to start with but to say he’s ugly in comparison to Dan isn’t a nice thing to do, Dan is his best friend and Dan cares about Phil ‘a lot’ Dan also constantly says how much he loves Phil’s hair, how he wants Phil’s hair. He has also called Phil beautiful a number of times so to then call him ugly in compression to Dan probably upset Dan too. 


Better Than Onision: Shane Dawson.
He has better content on his channel.
He doesn’t give shitty advice.
He doesn’t blame people for their parents abusing them the fact that he had an abusive father makes him more understanding of the situation.
He can admit to mistakes he has made unlike Greg.
He won’t call any of his fans stupid for emailing him on a business email.
He doesn’t make fun of cutters or make then feel stupid when he address the issue in a serious matter.
He doesn’t make fun of obese people in fact, he saids it kills him inside when people call them unattractive because he use to be obese himself.
Shane Dawson better than Onision