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Onision’s Track Record: Underage Girls

In light of recent events, here is a post detailing Greg’s relationships with underage girls. Getting in trouble with the legal age of consent is nothing new to Greg and something he has a lot of experience defending himself for. I hope this sheds some light to the current situation with his forums and exploiting his underage fans.


Shiloh explicitly states that Greg violated the Mann Act, which is essentially a federal law claiming that it is illegal to transport women/girls across state lines for sexual acts. People are still prosecuted to this date for violating this law, a pastor was recently convicted in 2012 for transporting a minor to a state with a lower age of consent to have sex with her. Which is the exact same thing Greg had done multiple times with Shiloh.

In this screenshot, Shiloh recounts her abusive relationship with Greg again but with more details into his warped sexual fantasies. Near the end Shiloh mentions how young she was when she was taken advantage of and announces her fear that Taylor could experience the same abuse. She makes a point to mention her age being the same as Taylor’s when they began their relationship with Greg.


Greg knowingly entered a relationship with Taylor while she was underage and attending high school. Greg met with lawyers frequently to confirm the legality of their relationship, while Taylor’s father objected that it was illegal in his opinion. The age of consent in New Mexico being 17. Greg and Taylor met only 10 days making contact online and had sex the first day they met in person. Greg obviously does not take issue with having sexual relationships with minors. Greg also married Taylor secretly from her parents only a month after turning 18! Which doesn’t seem totally underhanded and sketchy at all! /s

Side Note:

Billie joined their relationship in the end of 2015/early 2016 when she was 18 years old. Age of consent in Billie’s home state, Virginia, is 18. I find it curious that Greg seems to carefully check the laws before pursuing anything. He’s aware he is doing something morally wrong and knows he can get into some legal shit if he isn’t careful.

Also here is a screenshot of Taylor patronizing Billie for her age even though she was even younger when she got with Greg.

Greg like to harp on to the fact that a lot of his criticizers seem to point out the fact that he’s been in multiple questionable relationships with minors, and still feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong. The fact that this has happened not once, but twice shows his true intentions when it comes to children. Greg likes to forget the fact that teenagers are still children.

His Audience in General

OnisionDrama made a great post outlining Greg’s target demographic and why YouTube analytics aren’t exactly a valid reference when trying to determine the average age of an Onision fan. I know personally I lied about my age online from the time I was 12-17, which is the exact age range of Greg’s followers. Here we have multiple polls from 2012-2016 showing the majority of fans are indeed minors. Which is why most of the girls featured in his “body positivity” videos are underage.

Here is a poll from Taylor as well, showing most of their shared demographic being under 16 years old.


Sarah is a friend of Taylor’s. They began talking when she was 14. After her sixteenth birthday, Greg and Taylor started housing her officially. She moved in with them around Halloween 2016 and has been there since. The age of consent is 16 in Washington. Notice how once again, Greg calculated the perfect time to move her in after she became legal.

Miscellaneous  Notes

It’s been speculated that Greg privately emailed Robert Casio to defend his actions and offered verbal support. Robert Casio being a convicted sex criminal after impregnating a 13 year-old child. Casio uploaded this video thanking Greg for his kind words of encouragement, but only referred to him by his first name and not his online persona as to prevent public backlash.

AntiSouthernMovement being a well-known second alias of Greg, left this comment showing his support of a convicted sex felon. SG also did a video calling Greg out which has more details of the situation.

What I feel to be pretty damning against Onision’s case of “dindu nuffin wrong” was the email scandal that happened in 2013. Someone sent Greg an email claiming to be a model/actress that would like to collaborate sometime, she mentioned being 17 years old, and attached a topless photo. Greg then pursued and asked for her facebook for more pictures and to communicate further. After this came out to the public, Greg began the process of covering his own ass at first by saying “I didn’t see her age!” then later changing it to “I never opened the attachment!”.

Another piece of damning evidence is how much Greg has announced that he isn’t a therapist. He has no desire to help his followers. 

He never wanted to offer guidance to his audience. He dismissed and out right ignored any fans emailing him for help/advice. But now he has changed his tune since it’s more convenient for him to act like his videos are therapy for those who need it, rather than admitting he was asking for pictures of minors’ bodies.

It’s also important to note context. Greg says the photos are harmless and nothing you wouldn’t see in a public swimming pool. The context of underwear though is that is IS private. Swimwear serves an obvious purpose for being comfortable clothing specially to swim in. Underwear’s purpose is to protect your genitals, it is meant for privacy, to be worn underneath clothing. The hard difference between the two is obvious, swimwear is public, while underwear is private.

So understand that photos of underage girls alone in their room, posing in bra and panties, will always been seen in a sexual context. 

So what we can gather from all of the above is:

  1. Greg has no issues being in sexual relationships with minors. As long as it’s barely within the legal limits, he has no moral opposition to dating children.
  2. Greg invites minors into his life and supports relationships with minors even as young as 13.
  3. Greg is aware of his demographic’s age and takes advantage of their naivety for sexually themed photographs of minors.
  4. Greg never intended his “body positivity” videos to be helpful. Greg never had any intentions on helping his fans.
  5. Greg is not qualified to comment on the health of developing girls’ bodies. Greg has no medical certifications nor any experience in the medical field. This includes therapy.
  6. Greg somehow doesn’t understand that you legally can’t make money from minors’ images without parental consent. Minors cannot legally consent without their parents permission.
  7. No matter how many excuses Greg comes up with, there’s no way he can talk himself out of being a hebephile piece of trash.



Thought you might find this interesting, what he did to Shiloh and attempted to do to Billie.

Reply: This is a great compilation for everyone to reference for this situation. Very helpful! Thank you for taking your time to get this together.

Ok. Listen up. This is very, very important.

Forget all the other red herring bullshit he flung around about whether that second girl is real/is lying. That is simply to distract you from the fact that the rest of what LuxyMoo said is fundamentally TRUE.

And here’s the important part, my darlings: When it comes to sex and/or sexual relationships you are absolutely allowed to change your mind AT ANY POINT and that DOES NOT make you a “player”. You aren’t “leading someone on” when you get so far and have a change of heart. You are simply taking the time to take care of yourself - and that IS ALLOWED.

Fuck this guy. Fuck his rape culture propoganda. Fuck his rampant hormones. Fuck his sham of a marriage - and honestly? Fuck his wife who allows him to use her to victimize young women while she plays social justice warrior on the interwebz about nonesense that offends her snowflake sensibilities. Shame on her.

Stay away from them, kids.
He is going to make this girl’s life hell. He is a predator.


Warski, Blaire White, Jeff Holiday & Mrrepzion Vs Onision

Will Our Marriage Survive

This video is kind of revealing. Not only because we get to find out Lainey’s “life-goals” (*Shudder*), but also because it gives us the slightest hint of what sort if therapy they sought and exactly why they abandoned it.

One of the questions:  “There’s a lot of give and take (both people have influence) in our discussion.”

Lainey immediately disagrees, saying something to the effect of how it’s always “your [Greg’s] way or I’m crazy”. Gaslighting spotted and admitted.

The next question is far more telling: “My partner listens respectfully even when we disagree.”

Lainey: “That’s what the Counselor told us we need to do. We did not do it.”

Contrast this to the last time Greg brought up marriage counseling. He said that the Counselor wasn’t helpful and they stopped going and it turned out that all they needed to do was sit down and talk. No wonder he couldn’t take the Counselor actually telling him to listen to his spouse and not cuddle with barely legal girls when she’s not around.

Best of luck with that career choice, Lainey, I hope you teach young girls how to be gaslighted by their asshole abusive girlfriends.

My Honest Opinion on Lainey

I see a lot of people hating on Lainey in the Onision tags, and honestly, I don’t know why. From what I’ve seen, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Does she act a little spoiled, yes, does she worship the ground Onision walks on, yes, but I feel bad for her more than anything. If he really is the manipulative asshole that we all think he is (and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he is, i’m not saying he’s not) then it must be really hard for her to leave, especially if he is abusive which he seems to be. Basically, I have no problem for Lainey. I feel bad for her. Jesus Christ she is only a year older than me and got married when she was younger than me and shit I can barley handle driving, let alone being fucking married especially to an asshole like Greg.

Sometimes I hope we are all wrong and Greg is actually nice to her because she seems like such a sweet girl but…


I sincerely…

doubt that…

She is…


Please, Taylor. Leave him

And bananas, please stop hating on her. She’s married to the monster. That doesn’t mean she is.

*I got most of these from twitter, instagram, and from laineybotdrama

OK i need to fucking rant about Onision/Greg for a minute. There are so many wrong and manipulative and gross and graphic things he said in his recent video that I can’t even begin to describe all of them. So, I’m going to talk about the one that has stuck with me since I watched the video.

Greg said, “Now, 5 months ago, Lainey came out with a video openly saying to everyone that she’s bi. I was there to support her. I even encouraged her to get a girlfriend. My stated reason being…I work a lot…and there are things that a woman can give to another woman…that a man cannot give to a woman.” OK. Greg’s “I even encouraged her to get a girlfriend” after she came out as being bi just shows that Greg immediately thought that being bi means you want to date two different genders at the same time? And he thought that encouraging her to get a girlfriend meant he was supporting her?? Also: his “stated” reason being “[he] works a lot and there are things that a woman can give to another woman that a man cannot give to a woman.” Guys, his stated reason. He 100% chose that wording for a reason. He had other intentions that he didn’t tell her about, which becomes fucking clear the next few minutes of the video in which he says, “I mean, I felt like it was a dream come true being married to someone who was bisexual…because I personally have always felt that women are superior to men. Being a heterosexual, I have a significant interest in women…and I’m just being bluntly honest. Seeing two women make love to each other is absolutely beautiful to me.” LMAO ok so he was excited his wife was bi because it would stimulate HIM. It would make HIM horny. (This is so fucking creepy i can’t fucking deal with it.) He said he supported her being bi, and encouraged her to get a girlfriend SO HE COULD HAVE A THREESOME GUYS. AND THEN he went as far as to say he was disappointed in her for saying she was uncomfortable with it, even though she never agreed to that. Literally ever. He said, “So for some reason, I felt that Lainey had let me down…even though she had never promised anything would happen.” WHAT THE FUCK. WHO THE HELL STILL SUPPORTS HIM? i’m so fucking tired. i’m so tired of this shit. 

Everything he says is said to manipulate you. He helped Lainey pack so he could get her out of the house to fucking “”””cuddle”””” with her girlfriend. He cheated on his wife and posted a video “explaining” it all in hope to garner sympathy. Every “woe-is-me” post is made to make YOU say “NO, Greg! You’re overreacting! You’re not a bad person!!” EVERYTHING he is doing is done to manipulate everyone involved and I feel simultaneously mad at and bad for Billie because she’s a fucking brat, but she’s also his next victim. She’s only 18. He’s 30. There’s no excuse for his behavior. 


This is pretty funny coming from a guy that has cheated on both wives that he has had (1st wife with sh, drove across state line to have sex with her *she being 16/17 at the time*, then Lainey with Billie… oh wait “betrayed” though lainey made a poll asking her followers if what he did was cheating with majority saying yes), on top of emotionally abusing all his ex’s to the point of them going to therapy for it afterwords. While SR isn’t my cup of tea he has also done some pretty great things in my book, like granting that dying girl her wish to take him to prom. When has Gurg done such a thing? Also Billies friend is still friends with SR, guessing he deleted her too then. Yes cheating is no good, but it’s a huge leap to say that because of that he’s a horrible person. The vid Grug is talking about wasn’t even him bragging it was him admitting his wrongs (something grug never does unless he can get views/sympothy).
Even for a bit after SR and grug met they were still friendly (SR hadn’t even dissed gurg after a few jabs at him from gurg, shows quite some maturity). What this really comes down to *like many of his other YT friends turn enemies* is Gurgs jealously. Jealously of SR growing fame, jealously of SR being younger (lulz though in recent vid he claims haters are just jealous of younger girls getting older men, nah most of us have our own healthy relationships), jealous that SR is pulling in those teen followers he wants to groom. It’s cool greg we can see through ya.
Someone in his comments said it’s ok to not be friends with friends of abusers (cheating isn’t abuse, it’s shitty but not abuse), yeah but to shame people online and leaking private conversations is really uncool. Also in a grown up *irl* world it’s not always that easy, you will end up ruining tons of good relationships.