Onision drama

My Honest Opinion on Lainey

I see a lot of people hating on Lainey in the Onision tags, and honestly, I don’t know why. From what I’ve seen, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Does she act a little spoiled, yes, does she worship the ground Onision walks on, yes, but I feel bad for her more than anything. If he really is the manipulative asshole that we all think he is (and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he is, i’m not saying he’s not) then it must be really hard for her to leave, especially if he is abusive which he seems to be. Basically, I have no problem for Lainey. I feel bad for her. Jesus Christ she is only a year older than me and got married when she was younger than me and shit I can barley handle driving, let alone being fucking married especially to an asshole like Greg.

Sometimes I hope we are all wrong and Greg is actually nice to her because she seems like such a sweet girl but…


I sincerely…

doubt that…

She is…


Please, Taylor. Leave him

And bananas, please stop hating on her. She’s married to the monster. That doesn’t mean she is.

*I got most of these from twitter, instagram, and from laineybotdrama

Onision Logic

You know what else causes caner? The sun. 
You know what else causes cancer? Too little exposure to the sun (from the lack of vitamin D)

Guess what else. 

  • Hair color chemicals
  • Hair color chemicals
  • Nail polish remover
  • Plastic Bottles

Pretty sure your wife has painted her nails and colored her hair. Oh wait, so have you. Lets use your logic, common sense says not to do anything involving those things. DURR. 

OK i need to fucking rant about Onision/Greg for a minute. There are so many wrong and manipulative and gross and graphic things he said in his recent video that I can’t even begin to describe all of them. So, I’m going to talk about the one that has stuck with me since I watched the video.

Greg said, “Now, 5 months ago, Lainey came out with a video openly saying to everyone that she’s bi. I was there to support her. I even encouraged her to get a girlfriend. My stated reason being…I work a lot…and there are things that a woman can give to another woman…that a man cannot give to a woman.” OK. Greg’s “I even encouraged her to get a girlfriend” after she came out as being bi just shows that Greg immediately thought that being bi means you want to date two different genders at the same time? And he thought that encouraging her to get a girlfriend meant he was supporting her?? Also: his “stated” reason being “[he] works a lot and there are things that a woman can give to another woman that a man cannot give to a woman.” Guys, his stated reason. He 100% chose that wording for a reason. He had other intentions that he didn’t tell her about, which becomes fucking clear the next few minutes of the video in which he says, “I mean, I felt like it was a dream come true being married to someone who was bisexual…because I personally have always felt that women are superior to men. Being a heterosexual, I have a significant interest in women…and I’m just being bluntly honest. Seeing two women make love to each other is absolutely beautiful to me.” LMAO ok so he was excited his wife was bi because it would stimulate HIM. It would make HIM horny. (This is so fucking creepy i can’t fucking deal with it.) He said he supported her being bi, and encouraged her to get a girlfriend SO HE COULD HAVE A THREESOME GUYS. AND THEN he went as far as to say he was disappointed in her for saying she was uncomfortable with it, even though she never agreed to that. Literally ever. He said, “So for some reason, I felt that Lainey had let me down…even though she had never promised anything would happen.” WHAT THE FUCK. WHO THE HELL STILL SUPPORTS HIM? i’m so fucking tired. i’m so tired of this shit. 

Everything he says is said to manipulate you. He helped Lainey pack so he could get her out of the house to fucking “”””cuddle”””” with her girlfriend. He cheated on his wife and posted a video “explaining” it all in hope to garner sympathy. Every “woe-is-me” post is made to make YOU say “NO, Greg! You’re overreacting! You’re not a bad person!!” EVERYTHING he is doing is done to manipulate everyone involved and I feel simultaneously mad at and bad for Billie because she’s a fucking brat, but she’s also his next victim. She’s only 18. He’s 30. There’s no excuse for his behavior. 


Hey guys, I have a solution for all of the Onision haters… Don’t watch his videos! It’s not Onision’s fault that you can’t handle offensive jokes. There’s a warning sign in the beginning of almost all of his videos. “DON’T WATCH IF SENSITIVE TO OFFENSIVE HUMOR.”
Nobody is forcing you to watch him, so it’s too bad if you think his jokes are cruel… Ya should’ve listened to the warning.


I love how Greg is trying to capitalize on this Carter Reynolds situation. It’s mind boggling and absolutely idiotic.

This is coming from a man who PRESSURED his ex into having sex. She stated in the letter she had written, “We drove back to his hotel room, we walk in the door, I set down my bag  and instantaneously he starts making out with me. He immediately starts taking off articles of my clothing, and we had only been there for not even 30 seconds. He gets me on the bed, still kissing me and touching me – between his kisses was me going “nononononono” and him kissing me harder to shut me up.”

HOLD THE FUCK UP! She said no!! Keyword everyone. No means No! Did he keep going? Let’s continue.

“I finally pull away long enough to remind him that he said we were supposed to wait a month, and that maybe we should get to know each other in person a day or two before we jump into having sex. He asks me “Why?” as he continues kissing me. Eventually I realized I was fighting an uphill battle, so I gave up and just went with it.”

Even tho, she did say this after, “I’ve already said this on my Google+, but I want to reiterate that he did not rape me – but there is a fine line between being forced to do something and being pressured to do something. I just felt rushed is all.” , doesn’t change the fact she was uncomfortable in the beginning and felt rushed. Even tho, she gave in at the end, he still had the mentality to have sex with her regardless of whether she wanted to or not. It’s supposed to be consensual from the start! I repeat, FROM THE START!!! Not in the middle or end. What she described was rape! Also, its ridiculous that some of Greg’s fans are sitting there saying, “Oh you’re just taking it out of context” HOW?! That’s how she felt when that happened. So are you telling me, she was wrong?! She felt rushed into having sex, but “anti bananas” took it out of context. Fuck outta here.

Then he has the audacity to go on camera and say, “She goes to insinuate that when we did make love, that I was forcing her into it. That I was pressuring her into it when she really didn’t want too. That’s funny coming from someone who slept with over 20 people. That’s really funny.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amfEGZj0JP8 Found in his Horrble Rebound video. 8:20 to 8:37.
Also her quotes were from the letter she had written about Greg. http://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/letter

So why is he being praised for bashing someone who basically did the same damn thing?! I’m not understanding this. Greg, do the world a favor…please

“This is why I hate you”.

I’m sure that all of you expected me not to like OnionBoy’s new book, “This is Why I Hate You” and rest assure I do.  Dislike however, it is simply not strong enough to match how I feel about this and so far I’m only three chapters in.  This is an absolutely disturbing peek into how his works; as per his own words, this is book written from his perspective and is a culmination of his thoughts and ideas on a daily basis.

When I was going to school to study psychology, I became deeply interested in the inner workings of serial killers for a while as many people who take the subject sometimes do.  As time went on in college I started reading some of the batshit insane manifesto’s those types of people often wrote.  I am not exaggerating when I say that reading this “book” is giving me the same vibes I got when I read through the ramblings of people like Dahmer, Manson, and Richard Ramirez.  I would say that this books style is very reminiscent of Ramirez in the sense that 90% of its content is pure misanthropic blind hatred of anything and everything.  He’s trying to find a reason to justify it in this book but never does, as instead of doing so he just immediately deviates the topic and goes on a typical “I’m better than you” “why do you want world peace” and “god sucks because christians” Onion rant.

There is no conclusions made by any of the statements he makes in this thing, just words and ideas with no “glue” to connect them together.  It is an absolutely manic view point and what makes it worse is how blatantly he writes it as an attempt to change YOU, the readers viewpoint.  It’s all constructed from the first person point of view, like his novel, however rather than orate these ideas as just musings of his, he writes them in a way that attempts to make you think the way he does.  Obviously it falls flat on its face because not even in the most nihilistic moments of my 2edgy4u teen years would I have even fallen for that shit.

He actually believes the things that he puts in this book.  He believes its fine to look at a woman like a baby factory, even goes so far as to describe an enraged desire to forcefully impregnate said woman and describe it as “a million voices screaming to my mind telling me to do so”.  I took away a rapist vibe from that as I had no idea what else to compare it to.  He actually believes that people will read his book and think it’s a normal reaction to stomp on the arm of a student who started a fight with him until he shattered their arm, resulting in the police (who were obviously called in response) to just let him go.  Gurg has absolutely no concept of reality or consequence.  Now after my interview with a person who claimed they went to school with him, I know that he was also the loser in fights and was apparently decimated in them all throughout school so me this is just a revenge fantasy, but it also shows how violently his mind works.

Hundreds upon hundreds of videos about making jokes on death, suicide, murder, rape, self harm, depression, and thousands more with nonsensical twisted advice on how to handle those issues, and now books written from his self admitted point of view about these topics it has become absolutely crystalline that he has no connection to the emotional impact of these issues and never has.  To him, someone dying is just them falling over and going into a “forever sleep”, that it’s no big deal.  That someone killing themselves is just them being weak, self harm is weakness, depression is weakness, all these things are just nonissues people can overcome in a day or too like a typical illness.

Greg, you’re fucking insane.

Remember kids, if you hate Onision, Onision hates you more. Because Onision is a mature adult who knows how to handle criticism. He is a mature adult whose ego totally isn’t at all dependent on what others think of him, and who isn’t in any way desperate for your approval. All these statuses absolutely aren’t because Onision is throwing a tantrum like the huge butthurt pissbaby that he is. They are 100% not a reflection of his delusions about himself being shattered, nor are they indicative of any real hurt feelings. This has been a reminder from Onision, who is totally a grown up, and not someone whose emotional maturity is on par with that of his very young audience. Thank you.

On "Haters"

Hating on someone through the internet just shows how little character you have. Seeing all the people hating on someone makes me upset, but I’ve started to understand it better.

It’s like cyber bullying, but different. Since the person who’s being bullied doesn’t see everything, it’s more like an internet hate clan. They join together in an effort to combine every bad aspect of a person; therefore making them seem evil.

If you do this, I don’t think you’re bad for doing it. But you really have to look at yourself and wonder why.

I think it’s really rare that someone will try to spread hate about a person in order to protect others. The only exception that I can really think of is that the women involved with the youtuber scandals shared their stories in hope that young girls didn’t get pressured into sex. But none of Onision’s haters have been raped by him, so this is obviously not the reason.

If it’s not to protect others, then why is it? Maybe it’s to inform people on wrongdoings of his. But really, how would this help? Unless you think people are going to make a rational decision based on the information you give. After I found about all the Onision drama for the first time, I believed it. I didn’t realize that people were making it up. I actually told my boyfriend to unsubscribe from him. But I soon realized that it was all made up. Or at least mostly made up.

The most likely explanation for why most people hate on him comes down to simple reason, and although I can’t explain it well, this is it. Hating on him is used as a way to make yourself feel better. It’s a basic concept of bullying.

One more thing. In talking to oldgerg I’ve noticed that Greg’s haters call him Gerg? Correct me if I’m wrong on this one, but I think that’s what you guys mean. Not trying to call you guys out on this one, but that’s basically dehumanization.

I’m honestly really done with this side of tumblr. It’s negative and pointless, and I don’t think it’s going to stop. People will always feel the need to create someone lesser than himself.

If you as a person are comfortable and confident, you could rise about this and see that you’re not protecting anyone. Your low self esteem is driving you to bring others down. It’s unhealthy. After reading this, if you honestly think you have a valid reason to be a hater, you’re wrong. And I can’t help you, because you can’t be open to new ideas. But I hope that’s not the case.