• Ong: My feet hurts
  • Daniel: Get on my back
  • Ong: I'm heavy, you'd be exhausted
  • Daniel: Nah I won't. Why would I be exhausted if I'm carrying my source of energy?
  • Ong: Bro
  • Daniel: Bro
P101 trainees as your schoolmates

Seonho : always ask for ‘a bite’ and biting half portion of your food, or ‘a sip’ while he sips of your glass empty

Guanlin : comes to school with BMW, wears expensive branded clothes but cant tell the difference between right and left

Jihoon : model student, all grades are A+ but secretly snacks in the class

Choi Minki : always spraying air purifier before walking into a room, very sassy but everyone loves him

Jonghyun : the one who starts deep talk in the most random situation, “but ARE you really okay ?”

Minhyun : the one who create the plans of where to hide when skipping the class

Dongho : the one who dares to tell the teacher that the class is over

Bae Jinyoung : cries a lot, very easy to trick, accidentaly goes to school on sunday

Samuel : late reaction to jokes, calls teacher mom

Jaehwan : his laugh is funnier than the jokes he tell

Ong Seongwoo : the one friend that no one knows his real name anymore because everyone calls him by his nickname

Daewhi : fashionista, knows every gossip in the school

Park woojin : walks into a pole and apologized

Daniel : looks tough but has a folder of 1000+ photos of cute animals in his phone’s gallery