100 Followers Onesie Party!

J: Gyro we hit our first milestone! How awesome is that?!
G: Yeah, that’s great Johnny but what are we gonna do for it, throw a party or something? Don’t make a big deal outta nothing…
J: You know what, we will throw a party! And you can put that onesie of yours on too cowboy because that’s what our theme is!
G: groans Do I have to…?

To celebrate the achievement of reaching 100 followers we’re hosting a onesie party group picture! 

All you need to do is reblog this post if you’re a JoJo BD/PD/Daily blog with what onesie your muse would wear (either describe it or find us a picture if it exists) and you’ll be added to the party! 

We won’t be counting reblog entries after 35 REBLOG notes as we use a non-drawing tablet sketch and trace (with a computer mouse!) technique and 35+ people would be too much for us to handle. 

Thank you all for supporting our little blog! Our drawings are improving (and will continue to do so!) and we hope you’ll stick around for our adventures, big or small. To the next 100! *clink!*

@sakebimiruku was my 400th follower and as usual, I asked them if I could draw them a picture to celebrate! They asked for more D.VA and Lucio art!

I hope you like chibis and onesies hahaha :D

Tomorrow is my birthday so I could do only 1 picture but in the next days I will upload more bunnyribbit art because I even got an ask about them!

Thanks for all the likes and follows, lots of love! <3

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard