Praise me like you should

author: strangedesires

length: oneshot

word count: 4116

rating: PG-17

author’s summary:

“I like it when you compliment me,” he bursts, “You have this way of saying things,” he’s staring down at Yoongi’s lap, too afraid to meet his feline-like stare, “It’s nice, how you validate me… How you tell me how good I’m doing at any given thing.”

(OR: Jimin loves to be praised).

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Summary: Everything that Kate Beckett believed in was falling apart. Her entire career had been spent following the evidence, trusting in it. But with this case, unlike any before, she just could not believe it. AU ONESHOT; Takes place sometime after 3x17-Countdown.

Cover art by the talented E (@random-ship)

Prompted by @monalyssa33 and filled as a gift for her contribution to the @goodluckstana campaign (LA Children’s Hospital).

Patience - Zen/MC Fluff

My first fanfic on Tumblr! More will be coming soon, and please feel free to send in requests through.. Whatever it’s called that they’re sent in through! ^^“

There is no real plot, just a vague idea that I went off of, and by vague, I literally had the first sentence in mind and free-wrote from there :p oh, and the consistent use of female pronouns to represent the MC is international cough auto intentional. Enjoy!

* * *

She hummed as she wandered around the kitchen, a dishcloth in hand, an apron tied around her waist, and her mind lost in a familiar tune that she just couldn’t place a finger on. It was nagging at her, but she decided to not put much thought into it. Zen always told her that she was the most beautiful when she was happy and unburdened, and even though her predicament was exceptionally minuscule, she was dead set on not letting anything bother her. The soap-ladened cloth glided across the countertops once, twice, and again, lathering their surfaces with trails of foam.

Not like the countertops weren’t already spotless, of course.

When she and Zen first moved out of his small apartment and into their new residence a month ago, she was surprised when she found out that he’d actually asked Jumin Han for help.. All for her sake. Needless to say, she made sure to give Zen her heartfelt thanks for being as sweet as he was, and that effectively made up for his lost pride. It wasn’t until everything was purchased and signed when they realized that “helping” find an abode in Jumin’s world meant buying one of the most luxurious houses near his own high-end apartment and brushing that fact aside in a very typical Jumin-like fashion. God, they should’ve seen it coming.

His exact words were: “Money is not a problem, and I do not believe that it was a one-sided investment. If Zen lived closer, it would be easier to convince him to be the model for my cat food commercial.. And if he does say yes, then I can use the house to show how generous I am towards my employees. That is beneficial enough for me. However, that doesn’t mean I support living together before marriage. Because I don’t.”

It took the couple, plus Jaehee, to convince Jumin that installing a pool —it was a surprise that the house didn’t already come with one— and hiring staff was unnecessary. Even so, his attempt at dismissing his support and kindness towards them was endearing.

Alone in the expansive house, she was bored. She’d already indulged in a nap or two, flickered through several channels, and did unnecessary cleaning in vain attempts to cure her boredom. All that was left to do was wait for Zen to get off work. That was in two more hours.

I could start making dinner now, she decided. An hour flew by, then half, during which the sounds of her cooking filled the kitchen and later, the dining room table. She chewed on her bottom lip as she stared at the array of condiments. There were too many dishes for just two people, but before she could contemplate on what to do, she heard the front door slam open, followed by clumsy greetings from the intruders and loud shuffling as they took off their shoes.

Zen appeared first. He immediately swept her up in hug and planted a chaste kiss on her lips before drifting down to rain featherlight kisses along her neck. Knowing that they had company, he pulled back reluctantly but kept an arm around her waist as he rushed out an explanation. “I bumped into Seven on the way back, and then he said he was going to come with me and invited everyone else! I’m so sorry, bab—”

“A wild Seven Oh Seven, Defender of Justice, has appeared!” Seven cheered as he charged into the room, waving his bags of Honey Buddha Chips in flapping motions and effectively cutting Zen off. Seven plopped down ceremoniously on a floor cushion and rested his two bags of chips on the floor before falling back so that he was looking up at the ceiling. “Ah.. Must be nice living in a house like this. Hey, buy me one next time too, Jumin.” He closed his eyes and sighed contentedly as the rest of the members filed into the room.

“Sorry for barging in like this!” Yoosung apologized with a sheepish smile.

Jaehee was too busy to visit, and Jumin did not feel guilty.

“Please keep in mind that while I am still against this living arrangement, I am a generous man. If you decide that you wish to repay me, Zen, agreeing to be the model for my cat food commercial would suffice.”

Zen ignored him and grumbled under his breath, something about never being able to spend enough alone time with his own girlfriend, making her laugh softly and coo at how cute he was being. Nonetheless, it was true. Between his acting and.. Well, more acting, plus his rising fame, it was becoming harder and harder for him to take days off or just spending more time with her in general.

She minded, of course, because what type of girlfriend wouldn’t, but she didn’t complain. Instead, she would patiently for his return each night —unless sleep got to her, which was occasional, and those days, he would pick her up from the sofa she always fell asleep on as she waited and tuck her into bed— and showered him with affection and support. He loved her dearly, just as she did with him, and there was nothing more he looked forward to than her incessantly warm smile when he returned home.

Placing a hand on his arm, she stretched up on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “You can have as much time with me as you want later.” She pressed a teasing kiss on his cheek and pulled away.

“But I want it to be now,” he pouted, his cheeks slightly tainted pink. She shook her head, a smile on her face as she gestured towards everyone seated around the table. They’d already pulled out extra cushions, and the two vacant ones were.. At opposite ends of the table. Zen scowled when he saw this, but with some more reassurance, he sat down in an amicable but reluctant manner.

“Who made this seating arrangement?” He asked quietly after she seated herself at the far end of the table, with Yoosung and Jumin between them. Seven was seated across from them, alone on a side of his own and directly in front of Zen.

“Look~ MC already had enough food prepared! Wow, did you know beforehand that we were coming!?” Seven asked cheerfully, ignoring Zen’s question.

“Actually, nope. I just got carried away and made too much.”

“Aww, you could have at least pretended to agree. Okay, I’m digging in!”

Soon, laughter, meaningless arguments, compliments on the food, Zen’s glowers, and Seven’s occasional welps and inquiries about who kicking him were filling up the previously silent house.

With a group full of healthy men, it took less than an hour for the all food to be consumed. Zen jumped up and hurried to push them out after the meal was finished, turning down offers of helping clean up by insisting that his help alone was enough.

When it was only him and her left, he muttered a “finally” before enveloping her in a warm hug. She wrapped her arms around him in return and pressed her face against his sculpted chest, the muscles prominent even through his cashmere sweater. The suddenly rapid beating of his heart matched hers. She found his shy affection and reaction to receiving it entirely too cute.

“I missed you so much,” he breathed out against her hair, his arms tightening around her, firm and gentle at the same time.

“I missed you more.”


“Yes, I di—”

He pulled back slightly and removed a hand from her waist to tilt up her chin, murmuring, “I can think of better things to do than argue about this,” before meeting her lips with his. Their smiles were muffled against each other’s mouths, their moans drowned in passion, and their breaths quickly turning ragged as he pushed her against a wall, wrapped her legs around his waist, and carried her to the bedroom, the mess of dirty dishes and scattered speckles of chips forgotten.

* * *

*wiggles eyebrowns*

This definitely turned out longer that I expected, omg. The next fanfics probably won’t be as long, don’t worry/sorry?

So I’m thinking about writing Jumin fluff next.

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Hunters Fall In Love

Warnings: Language, Slight Angst. 

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Summary: While hunting a shifter, Y/N finds herself questioning the way Sam may feel about her. 

A/N; Basically fluff. Because I’m a sucker for fluff. Any feedback is appreciated, as always. :)

*GIF is not mine* 


“You know I don’t love you, right?” The shape shifter takes another step closer towards you. The shape shifter looks exactly like the man you accidentally fell in love with- Sam. And now it’s taunting you. Hitting you where it hurts. It does hurt. It hurts like hell, and you feel tears stinging at your eyelids.
“Fuck you.” You hiss through gritted teeth, tugging at the ropes that bind you to a chair. You can feel the rope give a little, which makes you inhale sharply. Maybe you do have a chance. A very vague, cloudy chance. But you’ll take anything you can get right now. Anything to keep you from paying attention to the shape shifter.
But it keeps talking. “I just pity you. Poor little Y/N, trying to hold onto anything. Anything to keep her from slipping away. I just don’t know why that something had to be me? God, it’s annoying. I hardly even care for you.” It twirls the knife it’s holding in it’s hand once. Then it takes another step towards you. It’s so close now you can smell it’s retched breath. “I absolutely despise you.” It hisses.
“Likewise.” You spit back, tugging at the ropes once more. And then you’re free. The ropes fall from your body. You take the state of shock that the shape shifter is in to roll over and grab your gun that’s loaded with silver bullets. “I pity you, too.” You say through a fake pout. Right before you pull the trigger to the gun and the body falls limp on the ground.
You exhale breathlessly. Looking up as Dean then Sam run into the room, guns already held tightly in their hands. “Took you damn long enough.” You sigh, dropping your gun on the ground.

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An Apple A Day
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Lecrit
Pairing: Malec
Rating: M
Word Count: 15,806 words
Summary: Alec only likes getting up at four in the morning to get to the hospital because he has always dreamed of becoming a doctor and because he finds a childish excitement in besting Dr. Glitter and winning a battle in their little war for his favorite parking spot.
It has nothing to do with Magnus’ incorrigible, shameless, incessant flirting. Nothing.
(This is a sequel to “Alec Lightwood and the Very Bad, No Good, Terrible, Horrible Day” but it can be read individually)

[LJ] Lutefisk and Love

Title: Lutefisk and Love
Author: Anonymous until reveals in exohousewarming
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: Canon, Domestic/Foreign Place/Vacation!AU

Summary: Kyungsoo had the perfect vacation planned out, and then Jongin inserted himself into it.

Reasons Why You Submitted: because CUTE! and Jongin ft. kids!

Animal (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

Prompt: Could I request some smutty Seb? Possibly with some handcuffs involved now that everyone is discussing his kinks… ;) Love you!

I’m the handcuff anon, i forgot to add the romanian part. Please please PLEASE. I need some smutty romanian speaking Seb in my life.

Omg please write a story with Sebastian speaking Romanian! Idc if it’s smut or fluff, but I’m addicted to these kind of stories. And you’re the definitely the coolest author ever, so I know it will be perfect! 👌💜

A/N: Don’t say I don’t deliver because…ladies…I have DELIVERED. This one has been a bitch to write because I’ve had literally no time, but these new pictures of Seb have sparked a fire in me- half lust, half jealousy that people are there and I am not- and now I’ve written a 4k smut fest. REJOICE. Stay hydrated, prepare your underwear- it’s about to get hot in here. Thanks to the anons who requested this!

Romanian used (I do not speak Romanian, so if it’s wrong, it’s wrong)

Draga mea- My darling
Mă duc să-ți strice această seară , draga mea- I’m going to ruin you tonight, my darling. 
Sunteţi frumoasă- You are beautiful 
Iarta-mi pacatele- Forgive me my sins 
Deschide- Open. 
Legat- tied up
Tu ești o fată bună- You’re a good girl
O astfel de frumos tâţe…isus hristos esti strans- Such beautiful tits- Jesus Christ you’re tight. 
Știam că ți-a plăcut dur- I knew you liked it rough
Vei să vii frumos și greu pentru mine, pisoi- You come nice and hard for me, Kitten
Te rog, te rog- Please, Please
Fată bună, fată bună, pisoi- Good girl, good girl, Kitten
Te ador- I adore you. 

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Panel: Sebastian Stan imagine

Being famous was something you never thought would happen. It just seemed like a dream almost, you still couldn’t believe it. Being in the Marvel movies gave you a huge break into the world of fame. And here you were at comic con with a cast of incredible people you thought you would never meet.

“Here you go sweet cheeks.” Sebastian deep voice startled you as he leaned over and place a cup of coffee in front of you. You quickly turned so that you were now almost chest to chest.

“God, you’re a lifesaver Seba.” You said taking the cup of your favorite coffee.

“Where’s my cup of fresh coffee?” Mackie asked with a fake pout as he looked over the the of you. Everyone noticed the sexual tension between you and Sebastian but yet neither of you ever made the big move towards the other. Sebastian rolled his eyes at his dear close friend.  

“So you nervous for your first con?” Sebastian asked as he noticed you drowning the coffee.

“What if I say something stupid?” You asked looking at him with wide eyes.

“Well then at least you’re cute.” He teased making you smack his chest. 

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[This fic was requested by @secretdreamerthings (I apologize in advance doll that it isn’t longer but I hope you enjoy it none the less) I take all requests and always try to complete requests in a timely manner. If you have any requests, idea’s you want to share, or if you just wanna chat/tell me what you think then feel free to shoot me a message baby dolls. Xoxo, Doc)

Three months, that’s how long it has been. That is how long most of the books tell you to wait before telling anyone. Mister J wanted me to put on that black and gold dress he liked that I wore to the club a long time ago but I was paranoid. It was a bit loose at the top once upon a time and at the stomach but now… I wasn’t showing that much. As smart and perceptive as Mister J was he wouldn’t notice would he? I mean it was just a little protrusion, a small, minuscule little curve, it could easily be mistaken for a food baby. I mean, he did watch with mild disgust and amusement as I scarfed down a chocolate cake in its entirety so really it wasn’t that bad.
I gotta tell him though… maybe I could get away with. Maybe I could wait a while longer and when it starts to become obvious I could say I am goin’ off on a business trip or something. Oh god, get yourself together Y/N, if you start sweating you are going to ruin your makeup. 
Taking a deep breath I walked into the living room where Mister J and his men were. Mister J was playing a round of cards with his boys, and I smiled watching him, touching my stomach. I wonder if he’d teach our little clown all of his tricks… unless he didn’t want it.
“What was that, Gut?” He said lightly, but I knew that tone.
Gut, one of the newer guys was a ripped 6′3′’ bouncer from jersey with a foot fetish and a funny nose. The other guys grew silent around him and he gulped, watching Mister J shuffle. 
“N-Nothin’ sir, I-”
“No Gut, I want you to share. We all want you to share, right?”
There was a chorus of grunts of agreement and laughter. Mister J looked up at Gut as he delt, his face not betraying what he was feeling. 
“Puddin’ what’s-”
He held up a hand to keep me quiet for a moment. “What was it you were sayin’ about my Y/N, Gut?” He asked.
Gut glanced at me, his eyes filled with fear and he licked his lips. “Come on, I wanna hear now.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.
“I-I said…” 
“I’m getting annoyed, Gut.” Mister J growled.
“I-I, all I said was your lady is lookin’ a b-bit more… well… more. I wasn’t sure if she you know, got umm… you know… or gained-” 
Gut was slumped over with his brain decorating the wall behind him in an instant and I quickly left the room, half-jogging back to the bedroom and slipping into the bathroom. I liked blood, I’ve spilt it, and I’ve seen more of it than Mister J has that’s for sure, but my little clown didn’t apparently. I puked violently, rising after a few moments red faced and queasy. Flushing the toilet I brushed my teeth, finding myself crying silently by the time I had rinsed my mouth. It wasn’t that noticeable the bastard! I exited the bathroom sniffling, only to freeze when I saw Mister J leaning against the door frame. He looked angry and he rolled his head, cracking his neck, in a way that he only did when he was conflicted or feeling something he didn’t like.
“Stop that,” He growled.
Cry more did he say? Well here I go. I’m a strong person, I don’t cry often, Mister J doesn’t like it and I don’t like it but I sat down on the bed with my back to him and I sobbed. I could feel him standing there, I could hear him shuffling as he walked away, broke something, and then came back. He walked around the bed, extending a red silk monogrammed handkerchief to me. I took it, a bubble of laughter escaping me when I kept pulling out a rainbow of handkerchiefs tied together. Looking up at him he wasn’t laughing though, his face was completely unreadable.
“Made you bust a gut,” He murmured before thinking about what he said and he laughed.
I half-laughed half-sobbed, blowing my nose in one of the handkerchiefs. He gripped my chin between his thumb and forefinger, his eyes intense as he said in his low and gravelly voice, “Stop.”
“He was right you know.”
He growled. “I said stop.” 
“I’m pregnant.” I blurted.
He laughed then, he laughed harder than I have ever heard him laugh and I glanced down at my hands folded in my lap. 
“I told you, I make the jokes around here, doll.”
I looked him dead in the eye. “I’m not laughing, if it was a joke I would be.”
He stared at me then, his eyes flicking from my face to my stomach and then back again at least a dozen times. His breath came out heavy and fast, he rolled his neck beginning to pace while running both hands through his hair.
“You’re not being funny Y/N,” He growled, but I knew he believed me.
“I’m three months-”
“Three months?” He demanded. “Three months, three months, THREE. MONTHS?” 
I started to cry again and he cursed loudly, knocking a lamp off of the bedside table before he sat down beside me. He bowed his head and sat quietly with me while I cried for at least several minutes before his hand slowly covered mine. 
“We’re going to have a…”
He left the room abruptly and I heard a few more things break, I heard a few more gun shots too and then he came back, cracking his neck. 
“You want it?” 
Do you. I wanted to ask but didn’t dare. Instead I just nodded feebly.
“He will be the prince of crime.”
I looked at him, mildly shocked to hear that come from his mouth. “What?”
“Don’t you dare start crying again, Y/N.” 
I sniffed, covering his hand with my free hand. “I won’t, I won’t, what did you just say?” 
“He will continue our legacy, Y/N. He’ll be a right laugh, we can get him his own gun.” 
I wanted to tell him our kid would not be getting a gun anytime soon but I was too happy to burst his bubble. Maybe when our little clown is older, they could have all the toy guns they wanted though if they liked them.
“It could be a girl.” I told him.
He looked at me, his eyes saying ‘as long as she’s just like you’. Hesitantly he touched my stomach, it was such a tender, intimate thing for him to do. It was something I never in my wildest dreams would have ever expected him to do.
“Frost!” He yelled, his eyes locked firmly on my stomach. 
“Yeah, boss?”
“Clear out the apartment. And get rid of the bodies. We’re not going out tonight.”
“Of course, boss.” 
Frost left us and Mister J’s cool blue-grey eyes met mine. His hand curled around my throat as he kissed me, pushing me down onto the bed and the weight of him on top of me with our little clown between us almost sent me over the edge again. At last he pulled away, leaving me gasping for air.
“He’ll be insane, Y/N” He said it in a curious way. Half-proud, half… apologetic? He said it like he knew this kid wasn’t gonna get the normal treatment. This kid would steal, lie, eventually kill, and be just as twisted as its parents because that is all Mister J could give me and all we could give it, but I didn’t care. I had chosen this. I had chosen him. 
“He’ll be taking after his parents then.”
Growling he reclaimed my lips and I heard my dress tear as he ripped it open.

[AO3] Can’t Run Forever

Title: Can’t Run Forever
Author: Tsubame_go
Pairing: Baekhyun/Jongdae, past!Baekhyun/Taeyeon, slight!Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance, Famous/Soulmate!AU

Summary: Baekhyun doesn’t know what he did to make fate hate him this much. But as hard as he tries, he can’t seem to shake off his soulmate.

Reasons Why You Submitted: I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS.

So @xxtorchxx attacked me with this gorgeousness. Casually asked if I might have a little story to go with it. And I do. But go look at it again. Another moment. Beautiful, right?

Now, if we’re all sitting comfortably, there’s the story to go along with:

“Kara, look at me.”

“I should have been faster, I could have gone back one more time if I’d really pushed-”

“Hey, hey…” Cat tilts her chin, touch as gentle as though Kara were made of porcelain and not the Girl of Steel. “Listen to me. You did everything you could. More than anyone else could ever have done, and that includes your cousin.”

“He would have risked it,” Kara insists. “He’s always putting himself in danger.”

Cat strokes her thumb along Kara’s jaw. She’s never touched the girl like this before - with the exception of that lingering hug that Cat still dreams about - but Kara hasn’t even flinched. If anything, she’s leaning into the touch, seeking it out. With her other hand, Cat squeezes Kara’s strong forearm, the muscles beneath it still flexing intermittently, little jumps beneath Cat’s fingers.

“Him being here has undermined your confidence,” Cat deduces. “You know I can’t allow that.”

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Pick Up (Joker x Reader)

Hello! I was really surprised at how many notes I got for my last Joker fic so I tried my hand at another one! Hope you like it :) Feedback is appreciated!

Word Count: 867

Warnings: None.

J: Where are you?

J: (Y/N)

J: (Y/N).

J: Answer me.

J: Now.

Then I’d turned off my phone.

Turning my phone on now was a bit of a nightmare. I was in a night lecture and I’d ignored him all day because of how he was acting and was now paying the price as my phone was flooded with messages, many of which were needy, then angry and nowhere in between. 

I fumbled with my phone, trying to turn off the vibrate as fast as possible. I could even hear it in my hands, looking around and hoping that no one would pay too much attention to me.

My friend Maddie gave me a look. “Wow. Popular much,” she said, chuckling softly before she went back to online shopping.

I laughed softly along with her, pretending to pay attention to the lecturer by looking up. I was sure that he knew half of the auditorium wasn’t listening anymore, a lot of the screens below me showing Tetris.

Already losing interest, my eyes scanned the architecture. The room was bright, lit so we could study better, and covered in a lot of wood. Where there wasn’t wood there was carpet. But what I liked most about the room was the interesting sort of entrance which reminded me more of a cave, hidden under a few layers of seats before the seats parted and stairs flanked either side of the entrance. It all felt very grand.

I listened to the man drone on for a little bit more about something got to do with economics as I willed myself not to join my fellow classmates in a game of very alluring Tetris.

I yawned, looking down at my phone which was still receiving messages. My breath stopped mid yawn as I read the most recent text.

J: I’m coming for you.

If I’d had water in your mouth, it would’ve ended up all over my laptop.

My fingers worked up some speed, texting him to tell him not to come. This lecture was important and I couldn’t be bothered to watch it online after sitting through three quarters of it.

The slamming open of the entrance doors didn’t leave me any choice.

I didn’t even need to see the beginning of his green hair to know it was him.

He walked in, self entitled, almost strutting. My lecturer almost died.

J let out a short laugh, clapping before rubbing his hands together then finally separating them. “What do we have here?” he asked, another laugh escaping his lips.

He suddenly turned and pointed right at me. “Darlin’, I’ve come to collect you,” he said, grinning.

Maddie turned to me. “You?” she asked.

I sighed. “Unfortunately.” I turned back to J. “I’m in a lecture,” I said, trying my best to project and not swoon. As much as I was annoyed at him, I couldn’t help enjoy him a little.

His head cocked to the side and his eyes closed as he tried to think of why I wouldn’t just pick up and leave. When he could think of no reasonable - to his standards - answer, he walked up the stairs and stood at the edge of my row. “What?”

I pouted. “I want to finish this lecture so I don’t have to watch it again.”

He pouted too. “Is this man boring you?”

I knew what that meant. It was something along the lines of I’ll shoot him. “Somewhat.” I rushed out the next part. “But he’ll be done in half an hour and then we can go out.” I felt like I was reasoning with an oversized toddler. It wasn’t so much his maturity level, but his level of stubbornness.

He grit his teeth before pulling out his gun. He pointed it at Maddie knowing very well not to aim it at me. Maddie went into shock, as any normal person would, and I sighed. “I’m going, I’m going,” I groaned, packing away my things and standing up. “See you later, Maddie,” I said before walking out with him.

The moment we were inside his clearly inconspicuous purple, metallic sports car, I let out a sigh, staring out of the window as he took off.

After half a minute of silence, he pulled over, putting the car into park.

“Are you upset with me?” he asked though it sounded like he was trying to patronise me. When I didn’t answer he reached over and cupped my chin rather forcefully, turning my head to look at him. “Answer me.”

I sighed, shaking my head. “I’m not upset with you. I just didn’t want to deal with the last thirty minutes in my own time.”

He let go of me. “But aren’t you happy to see me, doll?” He tried a nice smile and it got a fit of giggles from me. He grinned back.

As the giggles calmed, I leaned back into the seat, head turned to look at him. “I’m kind of glad you got me out of there.”

He grinned at me.

“But next Monday, please just let me finish the lecture,” I begged.

He only laughed as we sped off into the night.

Sex Dream

Description: You had a sex dream about Bucky and now you can’t stop imagining him naked.

Part 2

Originally posted by enochianess

It was 5am when you were rudely awoken from a peaceful sleep. Living with two super soldiers, and Sam, would seem like a dream to anyone else, but you’d like to see what they thought when they were woken up at the crack of dawn everyday. Who even chooses to go running so early?!

You knew they were trying to make an effort to be as quiet as they could but somehow they still seemed to stomp around and clash cutlery together so loudly you could hear it even with a pillow over your head.

When they finally left you pulled the duvet over the top of your head and was able to fall back asleep, thoughts of your three annoying best friends on your mind.

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