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Crass Libertarian-isms: Liberty

Liberty, for crass libertarians, is a rhetorical tool. An object.

Liberty reflects what the individual observing it sees as any thing, process, and/or state of being that makes one feel free of obligation, duty and responsibility—these three often being most responsible for citizens’ anxiety and dread in public. Liberty is a concept that is supposed to both expose and solve problems.

Liberty is a rhetorical tool designed to make one think about freedom while being educated about how to behave in a capitalist market.

Liberty looks like it has roots in a historical tradition of republicanism and democracy and sounds in tune with capitalism. They appear to go hand in hand.

Liberty is, however, a shape-shifting placeholder for one’s desire to be free from others while laboring alongside them. Liberty is a Capitalist’s ideal form of Cooperation.

Liberty reminds people of an idea they think they share with others, they think they already know. But the idea was constructed to look old, treasured, lost and recoverable. Liberty has been designed by capitalist economists and libertarian theorists to appear just out of reach. If you have not the liberty you want, it’s because you haven’t worked hard enough, or because the government is keeping you down.


The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki Sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.


fancasting meme » existing characters’ younger versions (5/11)

Celina Sinden as Cersei Lannister

you get more if you phrase it properly

add lesbians

the problem with ‘just add lesbians’, though, is that when a lot of fandoms do have a campaign for f/f pairings or a femslash day or a lesbian-recs campaign, the result is lots of pretty feminine girls flirting and kissing and having effortless choreographed sex. 

 your lesbians do not question their gender or fuck men praying it’ll change something or shave their heads or fall for their straight friends or wonder if they’re broken. your lesbians are all confident in their sexuality, or adorably shy. your lesbians are all content with their lives. your lesbians are all afab.

you are afraid to hurt your lesbians. your femslash does not break people and put them back together. your lesbians don’t set their ex’s clothes on fire or call a blocked number eighty times or break down crying in the supermarket when someone calls them a fat ugly dyke. they are too ‘badass’ for the world to touch them and you mean well but it means I, the reader, can’t touch them either.

you are afraid to have evil lesbians. we don’t drive drunk and we are never abusive and we don’t get fired from work for theft and we don’t plot the annihilation of the continent of North America. you are afraid to have complicated lesbians. we don’t cheat and we aren’t vindictive and we don’t have to decide whether to take a nation to war, or to ration the food in the zombie apocalypse. 

our relationships are never complicated, our crushes are always requited, we don’t have kinks and we all like sex and we are, all of us, pretty girls, the sort of girls that men like to watch kissing. 

At this point when a fandom holds a femslash drive, I cringe

add lesbians. but make them messy ugly people, nerdy arrogant people, ruthless powerful people. make them rivals or archenemies. hurt them, break them, let them kiss each other back together, or fail to, or not love each other enough to try. make them bite when they kiss, or make them hate kissing. But for the love of god just make them people.


10 GIFs per episode (Nagi no Asukara) : Episode 24, "Sayu Is Winning"

I really thought there was no one waiting for me.

I am so sorry for spamming this picture again ;u; The face before didn’t seem very well proportional, and the hairline was bothering me so much I had to step away for a day and try again today.

okay but for real you know at some point on the five year mission some little ensign came up to uhura real shy and was just like “e-excuse me miss… i was wondering… could you teach me how to do winged eyeliner as perfect as yours???”

and of course she teaches them because uhura is a sweetheart and then word gets around and soon she’s holding tutorial sessions on how to do all sorts of flawless make up and wow the crew have never looked more fabulous and it’s all thanks to nyota uhura