London Hearts

The trip to London so far had been an entire world change for Mia. Not just the driving and the accents all around, but spending so much time with Jeremy was disconcerting. It was strange to be in a different environment with him, one that wasn’t the workplace with structured interactions and co-workers keen eyes watching everything around them - desperate for the bare hint of drama.

No one knew who she was, it was the most freeing thing she’d ever experienced. Though she still knew who she was, and the small affection she could feel herself harboring for her boss was still being pushed down and stifled - though she didn’t know how long she could keep that up. 

“Yeah, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry Katie, Carter is gonna have heaps of fun! And you should try to as well, enjoy some adult conversation… Yeah, I love you too. Night” Mia hung up the phone and laughed to herself slightly, tucking it away in her small purse and slinging it over her shoulder. She was wearing a white dress and low heels - hopefully it wasn’t too dressy, but the team was going out for dinner together and she wanted to look at least slightly nice. 

She spotted him immediately in the lobby, talking with a couple of the other guys and looking incredibly handsome. Though that was nothing new, he knew how to wear the hell out of a suit - even after a long and stressful day of business meetings, which was something she lived for. Yet she still couldn’t help the increase in her heart rate at seeing him ; though she pushed it down and instead made her way over, a smile on her lips. “Hey guys, you ready to go?”

Impassioned as it was—and as equally forbidden–he felt every moment of their first deep kiss, for it was exactly as he had been imagining for weeks now, and even more.  It was the sugar he craved for his coffee in the morning; it was the secret that is too good to keep to one’s self; it was the way a beautiful piece of music elevates the human spirit, allowing for sweet inspiration.  It was, at last, an antidote to the loneliness that sometimes lived behind the face he showed the world.  And it had to be just about the poorest timing of his life…
—  from an upcoming chapter of The One That Got Away

hello friends I am trying to avoid being Sad tonight, so if you have short prompts or headcanons you wanna send e, or like, just any happy stuff I’d really appreciate it.

The fall of SHIELD had been a rough one, and no one was free of the damage left in it’s wake. Even Jess. She didn’t know who she could trust any more, and knew that nearly all of the SHIELD safe houses would be compromised at this point. She’d managed to drop the HYDRA agent on her tail for the time being, but he’d managed to shoot her before she got away. There was only one other place she could go, which was why she was standing in the lobby of Stark Tower in the middle of the night.

[ text: Stark ] Tony, please come downstairs. I know it’s late, but I need help.



She pushed Severus’ shoulders against the wall before closing the space between them and planting her lips square against his.

Immediately the Befouler Antichrist released a noise of discontentment, snarling as he pushed her away, his cobalt eyes flickering.

No one got to pin him to a wall and do as they pleased with him without his consent. Especially not her.

“Do not. Ever do that again,” the ice dragon hissed quietly before stalking away.

im so shit at coming online here its too fast for me and exams and rl and ‘chill’ fr n fishblr but anyway this is me saying i miSS you all terribly and i will try to come back but truth is im ??? glad i kind of got away from this account ?? this specifc one at least ??? it doesnt feel like my lifeblood anymore and yea i appreciate that

in short: im gettin gecks, im now in a p&p rp group, am moving in with my partner and am doing my first uni finals in a week ??? life’s a loT to handle rn
oh also i was in hamlet n our theatre group is v sweet n cool n it was niCE

This is the breath
of forgiveness.
This is the scent
of loss.
These things shall haunt you
until you die,
I will always be
the one that got away
because you
did not tie so tightly.
Because your arms
lacked the strength of commitment.
Because your kiss was not
the taste of forever.
—  Michelle K., Exactly One Year Later.

John finally got to the river, and when he finally got a fish, it was"the one that got away".

Wow, hello all of you new wonderful faces! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am that you like these sloths so much that you feel like watching for a bit! I hope you’ll all stick around!

A little about myself!

My name is Megan Jones, i’m originally from the backwoods of Missouri, near the BBQ haven of Kansas City, and i’m currently in graduate school at MICA in Baltimore, MD in the MFA in Illustration Practice program. During the first year of this interdisciplinary program, the students are immersed in different workshops, showing the wide variety of where our work can be applicable within the field of illustration.

Where did you get such a crazy idea?

 During a self publishing workshop, I came up with the idea for a humorous booklet (or zine), that revolved around characters that I had been doodling for awhile, such as sloths, kakapos, etc. being explorers, artists, and businessmen. This is where Sloths Are Bad At Things was born! I created a zine with 12 sloths trying their best, printed and hand cut 30 copies for sale. After that first edition, i’ve been asked to produce more for various local sales. I’m hoping to get in contact with a local comic store to see if they can be sold there and online through their company, so stay tuned on that aspect!

Now what?

Now that the book has been finished, i’m hoping to find a publisher that would be interested in it, or using it as a jumping off point for a longer book. If nothing comes back, then I’m planning on running a kickstarter and finding a way to get these sloths out to the wider masses for everyone to enjoy. 

But don’t fear newcomers! The series will continue! I’ll be working on little sloth friends alongside developing my thesis, so please, if i’m a little sloth-like in delivery, be understanding! They will continue for a long while! And if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to message me in the ask a question column. If I like it enough, it may be done!


I currently have an exhibition that is going to be at the Greenbelt Community Center Art Gallery, 15 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD from June 1st - August 15th as part of their summer exhibition Show Me A Story. Most of the original sloth paintings, copies of the Sloths Are Bad At Things zine, along with a cute plush narwhal I made are going to be included in this exhibition with other MICA illustration students. If you’re in the area, come check it out!

And Prints!

If you are interested in purchasing prints of some lovely sloths, check out my stores at Society6 or Etsy (I’ve made some small 5x7 prints and the original hand made Sloths Are Bad At Things zine are available here! If you order through the Etsy, I can personalize these if you want!)

So far, Kevin the Tennis Star, Mario Lanza the Matador, Henri the Chef, and Xander the Window Washer are on Society6, but if there are others you’d enjoy, please let me know!

And again, thank you! I’m so excited to have you all here!!