The Zen of One Camera, One Lens

In January 2013, I got the news that my grandfather passed away. I quickly boarded a plane, and only brought one camera and lens with me: the Ricoh GR1v (a point-and-shoot film camera with a 28mm lens). I also only brought 10 rolls of film (Neopan 400) and pushed the film to 1600. I set myself this limitation in terms of my gear and my goal was to document my grandfather’s funeral in a meaningful, present, and mindful way.

By having this simple point-and-shoot camera, I was able to really focus on the experience of being there for my grandfather’s funeral. Because the camera is film, I couldn’t “chimp” and check my LCD screen after every photograph I took. I was truly present, and wasn’t distracted by my camera. I think this lack of distraction from my camera helped me create one of the most meaningful projects in my photography career: my “Grandfather” series.

If you are a photographer that owns more than one camera and one lens, just bring one camera and one lens with you when you go out shooting. Or if you’re pursuing a certain photography project, do it all on one camera, one lens, and one film (or style of post-processing if you shoot digital). This will help you photograph more on the shooting process, and less about the equipment involved.

There is nothing that has given me more zen and peace than having one camera and one lens.

Imagine living in Emmerdale.

I’d be a nervous wreck on so many drugs and just one wrong pub order away from a complete meltdown.

No wonder Rob got cranky over his burnt food.

Speed dating?

I was tagged by quantumfeelstheory so here I go

Time/date: 11:02 (GMT +1) 03/08/2015

Nicknames: pretty sure I don’t have any

Birthday: 29/09/1996

Height: 184 cm that’s like 6 feet more or less

Favorite color: blue

One place that makes you happy?: the roof of my house in a clear summer night

How many blankets do you sleep with?: none in summer, one in winter

What am I wearing?: just dark blue shorts

Last book read?: The Slow Regard of Silent Things, and I just started 1984

Favorite food?: this is very hard but I’m going to say my brother’s pasta carbonara

Last movie watched in theater?: I think it was Kingsman but I’m not 100% sure

Dream vacation?: travelling through all Europe or the US with my friends

Dream wedding?: marrying a more attractive version of myself

Dream pet?: I want a chamaleon because I found one when I was a kid but it got away and I really liked it

Dream job?: working as an engineer for space missions/building rockets (that’s what I am studying for so I hope it happens)

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This is the breath
of forgiveness.
This is the scent
of loss.
These things shall haunt you
until you die,
I will always be
the one that got away
because you
did not tie so tightly.
Because your arms
lacked the strength of commitment.
Because your kiss was not
the taste of forever.
—  Michelle K., Exactly One Year Later.

Fen reads all the things.

Zie/hir pronouns for my Marian Hawke, please (and they/them for Anders as far as I’m concerned).