Title: You, Doll, Are Special

@kirahrps​ requested: Hi hi! I see that your requests are open and I’d like to make one :) I have mild cerebral palsy. I can walk but not well. I wonder if you could write a story where Negan genuinely and truly falls for someone with cp? She has more needs than anybody else but she’s also the biggest spitfire and she likes it roooooooouuuuuuggggghhhh (but without devices. That’s too close to torture to me and I can’t). Is this possible? I just feel like so many people desexualize us and would love to see a story that brings the opposite. 

Character(s): Negan and Reader (who has mild cerebral palsy)
Summary: You and Negan finally give in to one another.
Word Count: 3,638
Warning: SMUT! ;-)
Author’s Note: Thank you, @kirahrps for this request! It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every second of it! I sure hope that I did this story justice for you! ALSO, the line “I’ll be your balance” is all credited to you, @kirahrps! Such a good line hehe! Enjoy! :-) 

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guest star | cole sprouse

Originally posted by jugheadbest

request: can you write something about the reader being cole’s girlfriend and she joins the cast of riverdale as a guest star and because she’s a disney star too, the rest of the cast are ‘fangirling’ over her because they can’t believe she’s on their show? xx

a/n: y/n = your name | l/n = last name | y/d/s = your disney show

dating someone like cole was never meant to be a breeze, it was something you just knew since the first day you met him. after all he was an actor since pretty much birth, and you well, you started acting when you were a young girl.

your schedules were beyond crazy and it was taking an awfully long time to get used to, but you did eventually after long nights and long distance for awhile you seemed to work around it, coming out on top, stronger than ever. for four year your whole life was consumed by college and it’s all you seemed to worry about, study, study oh and more study.

that was until you meet him, it was during your first year and it was one of your first ever college partie, your friends had dragged you out of your dorm and you were pleasantly surprised when you seen cole in the exact same dilemma not wanting to be out but being forced to socialise.

you started dating shortly after and you spent just about every day & night together, in the last year you lived in a small apartment right in the heart of new york. it was a challenge in itself but it turned out to be the best last year you could’ve asked for.

cole made the decision to leave new york to pursue an acting career, his manager managed to get him an audition to read for a character in the new cw’s hit series riverdale.

it was supposedly a mix of twin peaks & gossip girl, don’t get yourself wrong you were so proud and happy for him for choosing to return to acting after the long and needed hiatus you took but somehow you felt like you were somewhat losing him.

you both had been living in your own little bubble for the past four years and the next thing you knew cole had landed the role and was practically all set to fly vancouver to shoot for six and a half long months.

now it was just you alone in your shared apartment waiting by the phone for cole to have any spare time to talk with you, but he barley had a chance to breathe for himself

when he wasn’t shooting his was practicing his lines and when he wasn’t running his lines he was catching up on sleep or eating and when he wasn’t doing that he was doing table reads and the list goes on and on

you knew this from experience but you couldn’t help but feel hopeless and fearful of where your relationship was headed, that was until you received an incoming call from your manager about having the opportunity to become a guest star on the show.

you marvelled at the opportunity and didn’t waste anytime flying out and learning more about your character and the her story, not to mention you could finally see your boyfriend after 4 long months.

after a whirlwind week you find your stomach flipping as you enter the set on your very first day of shooting, you were beyond nervous but you knew once you saw him you’d be fine

cole had bragged about how amazing the cast was and how close they all were to each other, they all sounded like high quality friends and it made me feel more at ease not to mention that they were supposedly fangirl material

you walk into set hand in hand with cole right by your side giving you a small tour before heading toward a small blue room where alot of what i assume our the actors seemed to be hauled up, scripts at the ready

cole pushes the door further open holding his arm out “m'lady” you giggle, blushing furiously as your boyfriend follows in suite standing next to you as he greets his friends.

you notice two familiar face spfrom photos, kj & lili. the blonde was sitting cross legged on the table, paper in front of her as the tall red head stood reading aloud

you unleash a huge smile tryin to disguise your thumping heartbeat, you were shyly hugging cole’s arm as he awakrdlt clears his throats to get the pairs attention, i tut him instantly feeling embarrassed

“cole they’re rehearsing we can come back” they share smiles and cole shakes his head, you glance over to the pair their jaws hanging open.

“guys this is (y/n) (l/n) my girlfriend” you smile brightly at the two

“kj apa” he steps forward giving you a small hug “nice to meet you”

you smile back politely “likewise”

the blonde steps forward a wide smile on her face “lili reinhart, cole you never told us you were dating (y/n) (l/n)!” she pinches the raven haired boys arm before enveloping you in a tight embrace.

you wrap your hands around his arm again, feeling somewhat safe in his arms, more at ease.

“i didn’t think he had to” kj let’s out a laugh glancing to the two of you before back at his co-star “he has photos of her literally everywhere” he emphasises on the word everywhere"

“not to mention he literally talks about her every day” the boy continues to ramble the blonde coming to realisation “see that does make more sense- i just thought it was some crazed obsession” she teases

“god would you two stop- and you’re staring, so you know you’re staring” you place a reassuring hand on his chest to let him know that it was okay, you were used to it anyway

“uh you’re right, im sorry- we’re sorry! we’re really big fans of yours” you chuckle as she rambles glancing to the tall boy next to her for some back up

“no introductions necessary, i know who you are, both of you, i adore you both and your work” you comment blushing they seem to lose control of their sense for a brief few minutes.

“she adores me!” she exclaims excitedly jumping up and down on the spot

“and you know what kj, cole never stops talking about you, like ever” you state straight faced causing the whole room to burst into laughter.

“god im also a huge fan of you- im pretty sure ive watched every single episode of (y/d/s), mainly because i just loved your character”

you blush and cole raises his eyebrows “easy there tiger" cole steps forward wrapping an arm around you as he’s friends ogle at you.

after a short conversation with two of cole’s castmates i was whisked away into the hair and makeup trailer to prepare for my shift scene

lili had entered the trailer aswell getting her infamous blonde pony tail prepped, she was still flabbergasted at the fact you were sitting down in the chair next to her

after makeup you moved toward the costume trailer and changed into your characters clothes, last minute check up with hair and makeup before im was pushed on my way out onto set

cole was waiting, dresses as jughead. he looks me up and down wolf whistling at you, you laugh playfully pushing his chest as he leads you down a small hall to the set you’d be filming on today

my black heels clicked against the wooden floor, hand in hand with your boyfriend as he leads you into a room that looked like it was the student lounge inside the high school.

two girls stand in the far corner, a raven haired girl stood next to a red head scripts in hand. your stomach started churning with anxiety but you walk if with confidence, your man with you ever step of the way

you walked toward the raven haired girl who you knew as camila, a shocked expression made known on her face “hello!” she greeted you a smile wide on her face “im camila mendes, nothing to do with shawn mendes and camila cabello” she rushes out

before you had a chance to reply to the young girl she spoke again a nervous twitch to her words “im a really big fan of yours, ive been watching you since i was little on (y/d/s) i swear i had so many posters” she gives a cheeky laugh

you blush trying to disguise your low chuckle “oh no- not with my horrible 90’s haircut and style, i cringe knowing that there’s still posters like that floating around” you joke letting out a giggle

“are you serious?! i begged my mum for bangs and three waiter jeans just because you wore them” the red head speaks, her red lips brought together in a closed mouth smile.

“im madelaine petsch and you guessed it, huge fan” you step forward hugging the girl, pulling away to see a wide smile on your boyfriends face

“you’re hair is mesmerising, it’s beautiful” you compliment, the girl absentmindedly playing with the long luscious locks, a blush covered her cheeks within seconds, turning her speechless.

the director wonders over calling you for a scene, you wave goodbye to the two girls and cole, placing a kiss on his lips as you follow the lady down the hall and into what was your character ‘house’.

turns out today wasn’t going out as bad as you thought.

Stuck In The Middle With You

Imagine catching Dwalin staring at your breasts.

Dark waves shone in the lamplight as you dragged the thick bristles through your loose locks delicately. You admired the ripple of your hair as you sat hypnotized by the motion reflected in the mirror before you. It was a calming habit you had fallen into since the Mountain had been reclaimed. Upon the journey to Erebor, your hair had been left unkempt in favour of your axe as you tended to it every night with your whet stone. Now that there were no foe to swing your blade at, you needed less dangerous hobbies…and not just for your own sake.

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Voltron Powers Headcanon [Part 4]

[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]  [You Are Here]

“You and I need to talk,” Keith stated the next day to Lance as he caught him entering the hallway to their rooms.

“Ok, is this about the secret behind my hair care routine? Because the look you’re giving me is frankly kinda scaring me and I’m not sure what goes through your head sometimes…” Lance started to ramble as he fidgeted about nervous; afraid, as if he was more aware of what Keith really wanted to talk about but was too scared to say aloud.

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Better Than A Dream

Kol Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 422

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you write one where Kol over hears female human reader about a dream she had about him which involved a heated make out session. He ends up teasing her about it which she doesn’t get it at first then tries to lie and say it was about his brother and Kol says then why did I hear you say my name then? You get annoyed at him and walk away but he follows behind till you hit the wall. You kiss him when you pull away he said was that better then your dream? You roll your eyes and laugh.

Originally posted by alltheimaginesbro

“So what you telling me is that you had a really hot make-out session with Kol?” She asked.
“No! It was a dream.” You mumbled.
“What’s the problem?” She asked and you shrugged.
“It was weird and really good.” You answered and she smirked as you fiddled with something under the table.
“You know maybe it just means that you like him a lot more than you thought.” She suggested and you shook your head and looked around as if to see if anyone heard.
“I don’t like him.” You mumbled.
“Sure you don’t.” She smirked.
“I don’t.” You denied before leaning forward. “It was a dream it doesn’t mean anything”
“It wouldn’t mean anything to a normal human.” She winked “but we’re not normal.”
“We’re normal enough.” You mumbled finishing your drink as she smirked at you. “Look a dream about a make out session with Kol doesn’t mean anything okay!”
“Sure.” She smirked but her gaze had shifted somewhere else, you looked behind you but you couldn’t find what she was looking at. Little did you know that you were being watched by the Original Vampire that you were talking about and he heard everything.

“(Y/N)!” Kol called through your house as he walked through the front door.
“What?” You asked walking out through the kitchen door you look at him.
“Thought you would want some alone time with me.” He winked.
“Why would I want that?” You asked.
“Well, maybe we can make some of your dreams come true,” Kol suggested.
“Then disappear.” You ordered walking back into the kitchen.
“That’s not what I heard earlier,” Kol smirked and that was all that was needed to jog your memory of your earlier conversation.
“How do you know about that?” You asked.
“All that matters is that I know right?” He asked and you glared before trying to walk away, keyword trying… There was a wall and he was fast to press you against it. “Was it like this.” He whispered. “OR was I closer?” He asked as his face moved closer to yours and you closed your eyes.
“No.” You lied.
“You know I can hear your heart and even if you weren’t lying I’d say you like this.” He whispered. You let out a soft growl before pulling him forward and kissing him. It was rough as he pushed you back into the wall keeping your hands pinned to the wall, eventually lacing them together. “Was that better than your dream?” You just laughed and walked away.

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Home Sweet Home (Shalaska) - jazz

A/N: Hi again - my fluffy boy Shalaska one-shot took an unexpected semi-smutty turn. I also just now came across the Season 4 Episode 2 of Untucked where Alaska sends Sharon the cutest video message (I’m so late to the game with this & I’m bitter about it), so that was the original inspiration here. Sorry it’s so short, I’d like to start working on something longer next! xx

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Fic of The Week (05.22.17)

You Walked In And My Heart Went Boom by FallDownToFandom (1/1 | 3544 | Teen and Up)

Prompt: We catch the same bus and train every morning and I noticed because you were cute.

Tyler’s pretty gay for the new regular on his bus, and really wants to ask him out on a date. Alternately, it’s 3.5K of Tyler thinking Josh is adorable.

What did you say?

Author: Supernaturalfanfics23

Summary: Imagine being fluent in different languages and using it to confuse Sam and Dean.


“So you find anything yet?” Dean asked. One after another Sam and I closed our books.

“Nope.” We sighed in unison.

“Who wants coffee?” I ask and both Winchester’s hold their cup up. I grab the empty cups and head to the coffee machine on the counter.

“Hey I think I might have found something.” Sam called out. I quickly take the two coffee and head back to the boys.

“What is it?” I ask.

“I’m not sure, it’s in some kind of language.”

“Can I see?” Sam hands me the book and I begin to read aloud.

“Is Banshee spiorad mná a heralds bás ball den teaghlach, de ghnáth trí shrieking nó caoineadh.” I look up and the boys are looking at me dumbfounded. “What? I know some languages. This one is irish.”

“How?” Dean asked.

“Growing up I was fascinated with the languages so I tried to learn as many as I could.”


“Nǐmen zhèngzài kàn wǒ, jiù xiàng wǒ fēngle.” I say with a Chinese accent. “Dean pánta me tis kyríes. Den xéreis óti o Kastiél sas agapáei?” I say switching to a greek accent.

“What did you just say about me?” Dean questions hearing his name. I smile and turn to grab my coffee.

“Was that greek?” Sam asked.

Sam om du öppnar dina ögon ser du att jag älskar dig. Har alltid och alltid vill.”

“What?” Sam asked.

“Well looks like we have a Banshee to hunt.” I say taking a sip of my coffee before putting it down and grabbing my bag. “You guys coming?” I ask as I head out of the bunker door.

“Wait what did you say?”

“Was that Swedish? Why did you say my name?” I can hear them running after me. I know then and there that they will be asking me what I said. Maybe one day I’ll tell them.

The Forgotten One *Part 2*

Mikaelsons X Reader 

Word Count: 1090

Requested: @hope-live-redemption

Request: Omg could you make a part two for the forgotten one?

*Part 1*

Originally posted by thecworiginals

“(Y/N)?” Klaus asked as he looked at you, you seemed like you, the only thing that had changed was the little girl hanging to your trousers. Klaus knew better than to take things at face value though, he saw you jump off that cliff, but he never saw your body afterwards, he never believed you were dead because he had never seen your body. “I thought you were dead." 

"I was to you.” You answered as he walked towards you, no one else had said anything and you hadn’t expected them too.
“What are you doing here?” Klaus asked. “You worked so hard to get away from us!”
“I’m here because she needs your protection, hunters are looking for her, I don’t know what they want from her but she needs to be protected until I can find out.” You answered.
“How dare you!?” Klaus asked glaring at you, you weren’t bothered by his anger instead you shook your head.
“I thought you would have changed.” You said softly before lifting the little girl and placing her on your hip. “Come on sweetie we have to ask someone else.”
“Your other friends?” She asked and you nodded.
“Yeah, my other friends.” You agreed.
“(Y/N)?” Another voice asked and you looked over to where the voice came from and smiled.
“Davina.” You greeted, you put the little girl back on the floor and hugged the friend.
“Kol said that you were dead.” Davina breathed.
“As far he knew I was.” You admitted. “It was the only way that they were going to leave me alone.”
“Who’s this?” Kol asked.
“Rhea.” You answered as she grabbed your hand.
“What brings you back?” Davina asked.
“I needed help I thought my family was the best place to go, but it looks like I will find no help here.” You answered looking over at your parents who ha both gone back tending to your sister.
“Maybe I can help you,” Davina suggested.
“We.” Kol corrected. “I’d never miss a chance to better my brother but your family and you need help.”
“Maybe you can help but we have to leave now if we want to make it back by morning.” Your ordered pointing towards the exit.

You got back to Beacon Hills by the morning and went back to Scott’s place. “I was hoping that we were going to get a little more help than this but we’ve got my uncle and my best friend.” You answered.
“Your Dad doesn’t want to help you?” Melissa asked from the kitchen.
“Nope.” You answered throwing yourself down on one of the armchairs and helped Rhea climb onto your lap where she curled up. Melissa offered both Kol and Davina a seat. Kol leant forward elbows rested on his knees.
“So what trouble have gotten into?” Kol asked.
“Actually trouble found me,” You mumbled glancing down at the girl that was falling asleep in your arms. “She got more power in her than what Davina had when she was the last harvest witch.”
“More?” Davina asked. “I could barely control it but she has more?”
“I’m helping her control it, feeding the energy that she doesn’t use into the earth, that’s why she’s always touching me.” You explained. “That’s not the problem though.” Rhea moved around till she was comfortable.

I was a few days later that real trouble arrived and tore the two of you apart, you were in the same place a group of hunters took her and you knew that they wanted to kill her because of her power and that was what you were trying to prevent. “(Y/N)!” Kol called.
“Kol!” You called back and he appeared in front of your cell.
“What’s going on!? It’s like the world is pulling itself apart!” Kol explained as he pulled the door of your cell off of its hinges ignoring the vervain that was burning his skin.
“They’re hurting her and she doesn’t know how to control the magic.” You answered as you looked around the room, you close your eyes trying to trace the magic back to her but it was bouncing off the walls it’s was impossible to track. “I can’t track her in here, we have to find her.”
“Come on.” Kol urged you to go as he watched to door behind you. You both looked around you knew that the others were there as well you were all looking and eventually you found her, she was standing in the middle of the room that they must have been keeping her in, there were two people on the floor you were sure that they were dead, before anyone could stop you, you pushed yourself forward wrapping your arms around her and beginning to bring the magic back under control but you black out before your work was done.

Kol and Davina had taken you back to New Orleans with Scott and Stiles. Davina helped Rhea control the power, you hadn’t woken up and your body was badly burned, they tried Kol’s blood and magic but nothing was healing you the only thing that they could think of was your father’s blood, but it was going to take some convincing. “Nik!” Kol called as Scott carried you in, Stiles pushed a few tables together for Scott to lay you on.
“Brother, must you shout?” Klaus asked as he appeared on the balcony.
“Sorry brother this is urgent.” Kol glared at him and he rolled his eyes.
“What?” Klaus asked harshly, now Elijah had appeared and noticed you on the tables as he approached Scott gave a harsh growl his eyes glowing red.
“She needs your blood,” Kol said.
“Shame she left then.” Klaus shrugged.
“She left because you forgot about her!” Kol argued.
“Guys we’re losing her,” Stiles said as he watched your breathing slow. Everyone turned to you and watched as you stopped breathing. “You know I’m glad… She’s free of you!”
“Excuse me?” Klaus asked attention turning to Stiles, but you drew attention to yourself when you gasped sitting up, Scott caught you and steadied you as you brought you hand to your head.
“Let’s go.” You mumbled swinging your legs over the side of the table.
“Nothing to say, love?” Klaus asked looking at you.
“Sorry do I know you?” You asked frowning as you hopped off the table picking up Rhea, letting a small smirk fall onto your face when he let out a harsh growl. You were gone before anything else could be said though.

Requests and general question!

Pedido: Faz um imagine com o Liam ou o Louis que eles tem muitos filhos e o mais velho começa a se sentir sozinho e excluido.

           Assim que coloquei meus pés dentro de casa vi meus cinco filhos mais novos correndo dentro de casa com uma arma de tinta que o meu marido tinha dado de presente para eles há uma semana e que eu tinha proibido deles usarem dentro de casa, mas pelo o visto minhas palavras não valem nada. Carter o mais novo corria no meio dos mais velhos, mas parecia que ele era café com leite, já estava todo coberto de tinta, já Becky que é a segunda mais velha parecia comandar a brincadeira e corria atrás de Daniel e Annie, Annie pelo o visto estava ganhando a brincadeira era a que menos tinha tinta no corpo. Meus moveis estavam de todas as cores possíveis eu sabia que aquilo iria da um trabalho enorme para limpar. Mas, pelo o visto meus filhos não estavam nem ligando para a minha presença ou ainda não me viram chegando em casa.

- O que está acontecendo aqui? – Gritei o mais alto possível. Um dia eu ainda iria ficar maluca com todas essas crianças. – Becky não parava de correr atrás dos seus irmãos, assim que ela passou do meu lado correndo peguei ela pelo o braço. – Chega Becky, todos vocês parem com isso. – Peguei Carter que tinha quatro anos no colo. – Cadê o pai de vocês?

- Papai saiu. – Carter disse com o olhar mais fofo do mundo, meu coração derreteu nesse momento e por um momento fiquei morrendo de vontade de abraçar ele, mas eu estava nervosa demais para isso.

- Saiu? E vocês estavam sozinhos? – O Liam só podia esta de brincadeira deixar todas essas crianças sozinhas em casa, nenhum deles passavam dos onze anos a Becky é a segunda mais velha, mas não consegue nem mesmo cuidar dela mesmo imagina dos seus irmãos.

- Na verdade papai deixou a gente com o Luke, mas ele saiu há tanto tempo. – Annie disse passando as mãos cheias de tintas nós cabelo loiros cacheados.

           Suspirei fundo, minha maior preocupação agora estava longe de ser todas as crianças sujas e todos os meus moveis e sim o Luke que esta cada vez mais distante de todos e o seu comportamento não é um dos melhores, sinto falta de quando ele tinha seis anos e a minha única preocupação era quando ele cortava seus cabelos sozinhos ou destruía minha maquiagem. Sentei-me na cama e peguei todos eles e coloquei em minha volta.

- Quero que vocês sejam sinceros comigo. – Olhei para todos eles. – Entenderam? – Disse firme.

- Sim. – Todos falaram de uma vez.

- O Luke está andando com gente estranha ou esta fazendo algo que não deve? – Perguntei esperando pelo o pior, mas nenhum deles responderam. – Ok, vão tomar banho todos.

           Quando todos foram para o banheiro comecei arrumar tudo o que eu conseguia, quando o Liam chegasse ele iria terminar de arrumar tudo. Não acredito que ele deixou todos eles sozinhos.

           Depois que todos comeram reparei que já passava das nove horas da noite e o Luke não havia chegado, percebi que Liam também estava preocupado com o filho ele não parava de olhar o celular e a todo o momento olhava para mim. Assim que todos terminaram os mandei irem para o quarto e que depois iriam vê eles. Liam deu um beijo em todos e assim que teve certeza que nenhum deles estavam ali ele se aproximou.

- Ok, espero que você não tenha um ataque, mas na hora do jantar saiu uma noticia do Luke no jornal com uma foto. – Liam levantou o celular e mostrou-me a foto do Luke, ele estava sentado e estava com um cigarro de maconha, já na outra foto ele estava fumando. – Talvez não seja isso…

- Com assim? Talvez não seja isso. – Joguei meus braços no ar. – Liam, nosso filho esta fumando maconha e depois sei lá o que ele pode usar isso não é bom. – Minhas mãos tremiam.

- Mas a gente já fez isso quando tinha a idade dele, você não lembra? – Liam tentava ser compreensivo, mas não adiantava.

- Eu sei meu amor, mas não é a mesma coisa ela é o nosso filho. – Assim que eu terminei a frase Liam caminhou na minha direção e me abraçou e depois me beijou com delicadeza.

           Nesse momento a porta abriu e Luke entrou, seus olhos estavam vermelhos e ele tinha um cheiro forte de álcool. – Luke. – Caminhei em sua direção e coloquei as mãos em seu ombro, mas ele tirou minhas mãos e continuou caminhando. – Luke, por favor. – Tentei segurar seu braço, mas ele logo se soltou.

           Liam entrou na sua frente e o parou. – Sua mãe esta falando com você. – Liam parecia ser a única pessoa que ele respeitava.

- O que foi? – Ele revirou os olhos e cruzou os braços. – Você não esta ocupada demais cuidando dos seus filhos preferidos? – Luke sorriu ironicamente.

- Dá onde você tirou isso? – Aproximei-me dele. – Eu amo todos você, só que eles são crianças e precisam de mais atenção, e você já é um homem sabe cuidar de si próprio. – Passei minha mão no seu ombro.

           Liam aproximou de nós dois. – O que está acontecendo? – Liam conseguia mudar de pai rígido para pai carinho de uma hora para outra, deve ser por isso que todos os nossos filhos preferem ele a mim.

- Vocês. – Luke se jogou no sofá cheio de tinta. – Eu sei que já sou velho o bastante e sei me cuidar, mas eu sinto saudades de vocês e sinto falta de como nós três costumávamos nós divertir. – Luke se levantou. – Sinto saudades. – Seus olhos estavam cheios de lagrimas.

           Fui à primeira abraçar ele com força e depois o Liam. – Nós prometemos que isso vai mudar, eu imaginei que você não gostava mais disso. – Passei as mãos nas suas costas.

- Eu e sua mãe amamos você. – Liam finalmente disse beijando ele na bochecha.

- Já entendi pai. – Luke olhou para o Liam com cara de nojo.

Say Something

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warning: Angst

Word Count: 1744

A/N: For @luciisthebest 400 Follower Song Challenge

Prompt: “Are we gonna fight or make out?” and Say Something by A Great Big World

Originally posted by findmeplease

It all started about a year ago. You had just finished a hunt with the Winchesters and you decided to celebrate in a bar. After a while Sam went back to the motel you were staying at to do some more research. So, it was just you and Dean.

You two always got along really well. But there had always been some kind of attraction between you and Dean, though no one acted on it.
So, after a few too many drinks you two eventually got a little closer than usual. You both started flirting and shortly after you ended up in your motel room, which was right next to the one Sam and Dean were sharing. You tried to be quiet, not wanting Sam to know about this. But Dean made it really hard for you to keep it down.

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The Blake Siblings Are Ready To Kick Some Ass

The 100 One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Octavia Blake + Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin & Commander Shumway

Warnings: swearing and nightmare-ish stuff

Request: “Could you write a oneshot where you are Octavia’s twin sister (fraternal, not identical), and when you were born, because your family couldn’t conceal two babies, you were given to someone your mother trusted to be adopted and raised as her own. Then, when you get sent to Earth as one of the 100, you find out that Octavia and Bellamy are your siblings?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,821

A/N: Hope you like it !!

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Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader

Warnings: Bit of fluff, bit of angst? Pregnancy

Summary: Being pregnant is a risk by itself, but being a walking Gamma mom it’s taking its toll on you.

3 months earlier.

“Bruce,” you had suddenly woken up with a terrible feeling in your stomach, and more precisely, on your growing belly. You tugged at Bruce’s sleeping self, trying to wake him up to take you to the hospital, or somewhere where you could be checked. “Bruce, come on wake up,” you hissed. He mumbled incoherently, trying to roll on his side to keep sleeping. “Bruce, goddamit, wake up!” Your voice was shaky now and it was enough to make him worried and awake. “I need a doctor…”

He jumped off the bed and started getting dressed again. He took his phone from the night table as he took your jacket and something cozy for you to wear. It was cold outside, freezing actually, and you saw him go from one part of the room to the other while pressing his phone to his ear with his shoulder.

Once he hung up, Bruce helped you getting up and to the car. He drove in silence, turning his head to look at you quickly, and when your gazes met, you turned away to the window. You were not sure of what to say, or if you even had to say something. He tenderly squeezed your hand, making you look at him, finding his lips curled in a sympathetic smile.

“We’re gonna be fine, (Y/N),” he said. “I promise,” you nodded silently and looked away again.

To your surprise, the place he drove you to was the tower. Dr. Cho was waiting for you inside, getting everything ready to check you up and make sure you were just fine. The elevator seemed to take its damn time to get you upstairs, but once you were finally there, you saw that Helen had already taken care of everything, and she asked Bruce to wait outside.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I woke up feeling terrible and I was bleeding… My god,” you sighed, “I have to change the sheets once I get home…”

“There’ll be time for that later, now I want you to lay down while I do the ultra sound.” You nodded and rested your back, impatient for the whole thing to be over. The gel was cold, colder than that night, and you twitched immediately when it got in contact with your skin.

Dr. Cho told you to be still for a while, that it would only take a few minutes. You kept your eyes away from the screen, fearing the worst, and it all seemed even gloomier when you heard her sighing heavily.

“(Y/N)?” she gently said. “Hey, you still with me?” You shook your head and looked at her. She had a slight smile on her lips. “It’s ok, you’re ok. You both are.” She started cleaning you up and looked for a cozy blanket to place it on top of you. “You’re gonna have to stay here though. I’m gonna call Bruce in so you can hear me, okay?” You nodded, feeling a smile of relief forming on your lips.

Bruce came in a bit later and took the seat next to your bed. He held your hand tightly and kissed it repeatedly, matching your smile with a huge, cheeky grin.

“(Y/N), you were very luck. This could’ve had another outcome,” she said sternly. “So I’m afraid that no more avenging for you.” You were about to rise up from the bed when Bruce pulled you back again. “I’m serious. I know the training you go through and the kind of missions you go on and if you want to keep that bun in the oven, you’re gonna have to slow down.”

“Avenging is my life!” You retorted. “You can’t take that away from me!” You started breathing heavily. “And what am I gonna do? Sit and knit all day long until I give birth?”

“If you want to be a mother, yes,” she folded her arms over her chest and looked at you with the coldest eyes. “Your pregnancy is risky because the gamma radiation is making it so. It’s a miracle, yes, but it’s also very dangerous. Slow down the training, period.”


The belly was already showing up, and it was big and you felt both joyous and bored. You weren’t given much choices, Dr. Cho was checking your training and whatever you did; well, everyone had that task. Bruce was especially obnoxious at keeping an eye on you. He didn’t let you do much, if it depended on him, you could be strapped to the bed and taken to the bathroom on a wheelchair and he’d still be worried about your state.

Against all odds, you did learn how to knit because you had already read almost all the books that you had, and the ones you didn’t read were Bruce’s encyclopedias and doctoral works that you didn’t really understand. Science.

You had finished a cozy scarf, alone in your bedroom, while Bruce was diving into some research he had been doing for the last couple of weeks. You stood up, and walked with your belly on point towards his office. Softly knocking the door, you got inside. He looked at you and smiled widely, but it didn’t last long.

“What are you doing? You’re supposed to be resting.”

“Yeah, I’ve been doing that for the past three months, if you haven’t noticed,” you rolled your eyes in tiredness. “I just wanted to do something…”

“Like what?”

“Like going out? Maybe taking a walk and having ice cream?” You innocently asked, walking towards him and dragging his chair away from the desk, enough for you to sit on his lap. “The days are getting warmer…” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pouted your way to his stubborn and caring heart. You placed a soft kiss on his lips, which he very happily replied by placing his hands on your waist.

“I could use a break from this…” he breathed once you broke the kiss, “it’s very boring anyway,” he shrugged. “So, where do you wanna go?”

“Maybe we could have a date, like the three of us,” you looked down at your belly. “We’d be supervised by you, doc,” you shrugged innocently. “I mean… what better than my personal doctor to take care of me?”

“Are you sweet talking me?”

“Is it working?”

“You bet,” he laughed breathily. “Ok, go grab something and we’ll go out,” he shook his head and placed one last kiss on your lips before giving you a soft spank and making you get up. You smiled playfully.

“Don’t tempt me, Banner,” you accusingly pointed a finger at him, “because I have done my research and sex is good for buns in the oven,” you played with the collar of your cardigan and bit your bottom lip as you moved your hips. “So you either take me out or I swear to god I’ll drag you to the bedroom because ohhh… how I miss you.”

“Don’t push your luck, (Y/N),” he cocked an eyebrow at you, “you won’t get lucky today.”

“Is that an open invitation for other day?”

“Maybe, let me do my research on that too. Now go so we all can go too,” he urged you, shaking his head as if he thought how crazy you were. He had won a battle, but no war.

I’m Here {Harry Potter x Reader}

Requests are open!

It’s an angsty writing sort of day.

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could do an angsty imagine with Harry Potter? I can’t find any imagines for him and he’s my baby :/ thank you!

A/N: I feel like this a little out of character I’m so sorry if it is. But overall I think it turned out a-okay

Warnings: angsty, language but barely any, kinda sad but it gets better I promise

Originally posted by asosyalbey

You ran outside to see the lights shower down on the shield, keeping us locked in the castle walls. Most of the students had left days ago once they heard the castle was expecting an attack. Your mother begged you to come home but you weren’t leaving behind your friends and more importantly Harry. The boy with the lightning scar, the boy you loved so much.

Your heart raced as you began to notice the failing shield. You sweaty palm closed around the wand buried in your jacket. Everyone began to retreat inside as thew death eaters stormed the castle. The Battle of Hogwarts had begun.

You sprinted back to the remaining members of Dumbledore’s Army. There was a collection of hushed whispers upon your arrival. The few people in the room stared at you like you had grown another head. Every head turned to the top of the wall. The painting that used to hang there had been swung open to reveal Neville standing there with Harry. 

You heart exploded and you covered your face to hide your embarrassing relief. Harry continued to stare at the group, avoiding eye contact entirely. He landed on the ground and everyone in the room surrounded him cheering and celebrating the trio’s safe return. You stood on the outside trying to weave through the crowd. The students dispersed and you stood across from Harry. He looked like he hadn’t slept in a week and he hadn’t showered in a month.

You stepped forward to meet him but when you went to wrap your arms around his torso he pulled away. You tilted your head to the side, forced a smile. Harry stood in front of you completely emotionless.

“Why are you here?” It was quiet but you heard the twinged of anger in his voice.

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Freya Mikaelson X Reader 

Word Count: 414

Requested: @lovely-wagner

Request: Hi can you do a cute Freya x daughter reader she has a daughter whose 3 and she is a witch like her just a cute mommy Freya fic💜 thanks if you can.

Originally posted by booasaur

You pretty much followed you mum around, you knew that your family wasn’t normal, you mum was a witch, you 2 uncles were vampires and the other is a hybrid, your aunt was a vampire and your cousin was a tribrid.

You were a witch, a young one with a lot of power because of your heritage, you showed signs of being able to use magic before you could even talk, that was a challenge because instead of trying to talk you used to magic to get what you wanted, but that was dangerous too because they had to make sure that you didn’t see something to make sure that you couldn’t get it. Hope liked that she wasn’t the youngest and instead liked yo help look after you. You loved to be around Kol and even now Kol was fascinated by witches and loved to look after you just to watch you use your magic, he’d never seen a witch this young use her magic even Hope.

Even with all of this you were still just a child and you had normal fears, you hated the dark so you had your mum sit with you until you feel asleep but sometimes she woke up to you in the bed with her even after she’d done that, you were shy, you didn’t like to talk to people that weren’t family. Freya decided that she wanted to start teaching you how to use your magic properly, it was impulsive at the moment and that could get some hurt. “What’s our little witch doing today?” Klaus asked as he walked into the courtyard of the Abattoir.
“I’m learning how to make sugar float.” You answered frowning at the little white dots on the surface of the table and Freya smiled.
“That’s salt.” Freya corrected and Klaus gave a soft chuckle.
“Oh.” You grunted as you poked at it feeling it under your fingertips.
“Come on try again.” Freya encouraged as Klaus ruffled your hair before going off to tend to something else.
“I don’t wanna.” You answered.
“Remeber what you promised?” Freya asked raising an eyebrow at you and you sighed.
“No magic until I learn…” You answered and she nodded moving to stand up but you didn’t move causing her to look back at you, you were glaring down at the salt hand out and all of a sudden the salt started to move, lifting itself into the air, you cheered and your mum came over giving you a tight hug. “Can I use magic now?” You asked.
“No, you still need to learn,” Freya answered and you grumbled. “How about some ice cream since you finished your work for today?” You nodded enthusiastically “Let’s go.”

Requests and general question!

What Happened!? (Snart X Reader)

Characters: Snart X Reader

Universe: DC, Legends of tomorrow

Warnings: Swearing, mention of losing a limb, Monty Python reference

Request: Hi! Can you do a one-shot of the reader fretting over Snart’s missing hand from when he froze it off? Just as Rip tells them it can come back?

Originally posted by upon-a-rainbow

You weren’t there when it happened, and you were kind of thankful for it. All you saw was him holding his arm, and seeing no hand at the end of the arm as he was being rushed to the medical bay.

“Oh my god! Leo what the hell happened?! Are you okay!?” You asked him, rushing after him, scared to touch him in case you hurt him even more than he already was.

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I have been stumped on a second chapter for Dawn, but here is a short (as of yet untitled) thing. A bit over 800 words.


“But you already know it was them,” Shirayuki sighs.
Her boots crunch heavily through the snow as she slowly weaves her way back toward the pharmacy, clutching a basket of hot supper from Pavilion Street.

“Ah, but Miss—what I don’t know is who drew the curly ones, and who did the scraggly ones.”

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AUTHORS NOTE: So yeah we made it into a fanfic. After a lot of feedback from you all I have decided not to change much. I feel that you all are liking it the way it is, so I should stick to that. As always I appreciate feedback good or bad. Anyways I hope you enjoy this, as I’m excited to move forward into this more and get some stuff going with lover boy. ;) ENJOY

The Ellen Show Master List

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The line was silent for a few moments and I felt my heart beating inside my chest. Shawn shifted uncomfortably on the other end of the line. The silence continued on and I was just about to ask my question again when he began to speak.

“Well, uh. Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about something.” He spoke, his voice was awkward.

You sat down on the hotel bed in your room. “Okay?”

“Okay.” He paused and then gave an uncomfortable laugh. “Well, I’m not really sure how to say this.”

Your heart was racing in your chest. You had no idea what to expect but from his tone, you weren’t expecting it was good news.

“So, I was talking to Andrew. And you know how there was someone taking pictures of us last time we saw one another, well I found it really odd.” He cleared his throat over the phone. “I hardly get followed and I hadn’t that day. We met downtown in an area that isn’t known to have photographers there I guess?” Pausing he cleared his throat again. “Anyways Andrew found it weird so he dug around a little. And I guess, they were given a tip that we would be there together?”

I felt my face change into confusion as I listened to what he said. He fell silent over the phone, and I waited for him to continue but he didn’t.

“So someone contacted that woman to get pictures of us?” You finally asked.

He spoke slowly. “Yes.”

You shook your head. ‘Well, who would do that? Who would even know?”

Shawn remained silent.

“I mean the only people who knew that we were getting together was you, your manager and…” You trailed off.

You knew exactly what Shawn was trying to say. Silence invaded the phone for a very long time as you processed your thoughts.

“No.” You whispered into the phone. “Wait, are you saying that you think Zach…” You trailed off again, unable to finish the sentence.

“Yes.” Shawn answered, his voice felt stiff.

Defensiveness replaced your shock. “Wait, you’re telling me that you ‘think’ Zach called up some photographers just so they could get pictures of us?”

Shawn must have picked up on my tone because his changed too. “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“How do you know?” I quickly responded.

Shawn sighed over the phone, his tone was much more relaxed this time as he spoke. “Did you see the pictures?”

“A few of them. Why?”

“Look up all of them. They start from the moment you got out of your car. Someone knew you were going to show up. It was planned. If that photographer had just happened to have found us it would have been halfway through or at the end. But they had pictures of us the moment we showed up to the moment we left. That’s odd? Right?”

You understood what Shawn was saying, so you became a little less defensive. “Yeah… I guess that is a little odd?”

“Listen.” Shawn began, his voice was tender and soft. “I know that’s a pretty big accusation. But Andrew did his research. He got in contact with the photographer and she confirmed it. She wouldn’t give her contacts name but she did say it was a close connection to you. If you and Zach only knew who would have told her? If it wasn’t you, then it was him.”

You sat on the edge of your bed and thought about what Shawn was saying. He was making a lot of sense, but you really didn’t want to believe that Zach would do that. Nonetheless, the more you sat and thought about it the more it made sense. That’s why when you left the hotel room that morning Zach came out and saw you. He made the comment about how you had looked, now you understood the context of why.

But why had Zach lied to you about it, why was he doing this behind your back? You had texted Zach right after to ask if you needed to do anything about the possibly of those pictures coming out. He had given the impression he didn’t know, and would do something to avoid it. When you saw him later that day and asked about it, he acted as if he didn’t understand why a photographer would be there either. So Zach lied to you about it?

Shawn began to speak as I hadn’t yet. “Listen, if you don’t believe me you can get into contact with Andrew he has all the information you need if you want to check up on this yourself. I just wanted to let you know. That’s if you didn’t already?”

“Yeah. No, I believe you. Thanks.” You mumbled, still confused on what to say.

The phone was silent, and probably awkward for Shawn. But you didn’t notice because your mind was full of his words.

“Anyways I’ve to go.” He spoke after a bit.

“Uh. Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Shawn.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

Slowly you brought your phone down and hung up. Taking a deep breath you looked up to the window in your hotel room.

“What the fuck?” You whispered.

Zach was lying to you. The longer and harder you thought about it the less it surprised you, but you still never thought he would do something like. You knew Zach pushed you, he pushed you because you thought that he was doing it for the best interests of you. You were under the impression there was some mutual understanding. The parties, the clothes, the less than desirable awkward interviews, you did them all. You did them because at the end of the day you had always believed there was a trust between you and Zach. But this was a betrayal.

“So, the first premier is at the end of August in London. We’ve got your flight booked, from Vancouver right?”

Zach’s assistant looked at me. Wanting me to confirm that I would be still visiting my family right before the promo for the movie came out. “Yes, that’s right.”

She looked back to her itinerary, as the door to the room unlocked. My heart began to race. I heard his heels slither across the carpet in the room. I felt cold just from his entrance.

“Alright, we’ve got a lot of interviews scheduled in London. Photoshoots as well, a few with your cast members, and one just for you, we’re working on another one.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him come and sit on the bed next to myself. My blood boiled at his boldness. It enraged me that the could so nonchalantly come and sit next to me with what he had done.

Zach assistant went on with more of the plans for the promotion for the movie and plans from the studio. You acted that you were paying attention but you were more preoccupied with Zach. As she spoke to you, you watched him from the side. The longer you sat there next to him the more you resented every cell of him. The way he sat, taking up as much space as he could to the way he smelled of coffee and cigarettes. You watched him more and more and realised how relaxed he was, he seemed to have no idea you knew. Which was good but also made you realise how much he had perfected the art of lying to you.

“So how does that sound?” He asked you after finishing the overview of the promotion.

You turned to him, looking him in the eye and put on your best performance. You were an actress after all. “Sound great. I’m excited.”

He smiled to you. “Great. Going to be great for you.” He reached out touching your bare shoulder. “Great for us.” His voice slurred.

You walked into a small coffee shop that was the epitome of hipster. Walking to the counter you ordered yourself an iced coffee, but felt the pressure to order something chia or vegan. Getting your order from the young girl behind the counter you picked an open table in the back corner next to the window.

You had been scrolling through your phone when you heard you name. Looking up you saw a woman with black curly hair. Under her darker completion, she has freckled that contrasted on her skin. She extended her hand.

“Charlie Petit.”

Reaching out I shook it firmly. The woman looking down at me immediately made me feel small. She was bold. Her free hair showed she was a confident woman, and her clothing exuded professional power. She sat down in the chair across from me a coffee in hand from another location.

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled.

She placed her large bag on the window sill next to her and put her sunglass hanging from the collar of her button up shirt in it.

“So.” She began turning to me. “You’re looking for a new manager.”

I leant forward. “Yes.”

She casually leant back in her chair. “And you already have one?”

“Yes.” I repeated.

“And he doesn’t know you’re looking.”

I repeated myself for the third time.

“I looked you up. Good start. You’re very photogenic. You’ve got that whole Emma Watson look. And from what I picked up on the interviews, personality of Taylor Swift.”

I tilted my head and looked at her questionably. You hadn’t realised this was like an audition.

“You’re also talented. I managed to get a view on some footage of you. Auditions and stuff, in particular, the one for your movie coming out soon.”

You raised your eyebrow, this woman had done her research on you, extensively and invasively. Feeling uncomfortable with how much this woman knew about you shifted in your seat.

“But you have work. It’s been sloppy. I’m going to assume that’s your manager’s fault.” Your eyes narrowed watching this woman. While you clearly weren’t the biggest fan of Zach any longer, you never believed the things you worked on had ever been sloppy. However, you did also understand that maybe that style of management was what had led him to think he could be deceitful. Charlie must have picked up on your hesitation.

“What I mean is missed opportunities. You’ve had some good work. Five episodes on the CW network with a show that’s just been picked up for a new season as your first real gig is impressive. But I don’t think that’s because of your manager, I think that was because of you. But after the show, you were on hiatus. No interviews, no photo shoots, nothing. You could have lost your momentum. You didn’t obviously. But it’s possible.” She paused, looking for feedback in your expression but you gave nothing.

“You have no image. I want you to have one.”

Raising an eyebrow you asked. “And what is this image you see?”

“Good girl. Sweet. America’s sweetheart. Next Taylor Swift only of the acting world. Oh and only more talented. You work hard because you have the talents to do so.”

Considering her words you looked down to the table, your eyes glazing over the knots in the wood for a moment before narrowing your eyes to her and spoke flatly. “But I’m not Taylor Swift. I’m me.”

You leant forward in your seat folding your arms on the table. “I’m not going to be someone bitch. I’m me. I make my own choices. If you’re my manager you’re going to understand that you’re like my lawyer. You advise me, you’re the expert. I value your opinion and trust them. We have a mutual respect and agreement. But I’m not going to have someone undercut me. I’m not the next Taylor Swift, or Emma Waston or whatever. I don’t work as hard as I do, for someone to sell me cheap or as someone else. Give me work and I’ll work hard to get us there. You’re going to train me, hard. You’re going to push me, challenge me. The harder I work the better I’ll get. But at the end of the day, I’m going to do what I feel it best for me. I want to have a long career. I want to win. Whatever winning means in this industry.” You spoke waving your hand around in the air. Looked her dead in the eye you spoke.

“But I want to win with integrity, at the end, I want to look back and say I got where I am because I earned it not because I sold myself for a cover of a magazine, some guy or for popularity.” You sat back from the table comfortably and gazed around the room before returning to look at Charlie. “Also I’m Canadian. Not American.”

Charlie looked to you her expression was softer, almost taken off guard. And you felt a power exchange between the two of you.

She leant to her side just slightly in her chair and watched. A small smile just edged at the corner of her lip.

“Huh?” She huffed looking down in front of her thinking, she did this while before looking up to me. She grinned to me, looking me dead in the eye. I continued to stare at her emotionless.

She leant back in her chair, smiling and looking pleased. “Alright. So that’s a no to the America’s sweetheart?”

Took a sip of my iced coffee and smiled at her as we I exchanged a look.

“So do you think this is going to work?”

Charlie looked up to me from her planner, containing all the details that I knew of my schedule. She leant back in her chair and touched at her chunky necklace moving it back and forth on the chain. “I think so. It’s going to be a lot of work. I’ll have to bring in someone to help because of how short of time we are. We’ve only got two and a half weeks to transition you to me. You’ve got multiple events and promotion. Some are trash and you shouldn’t even be doing them. So we need to pull you out of them. But we have to do it so people won’t treat you as if you’re ungrateful. It’s tricky but I think we can do it.” She looked up at me questionably. “Now the real issue is Zach.” She paused and grinned. “I hope you’ve got that lawyer of yours handy.”

You spent the next half an hour going over the course of action you planned. The first and most important decision you made were to keep this all from Zach. Charlie thought hitting him blindly would be best. If he knew he might become angry and being sabotage. Second was to get Charlie and yourself into contact with your lawyer. Charlie would be unable to truly do anything for you until your contact was broken with Zach. Both of you made a few more plans before you both left the coffee place to say goodbye on the street.

“I’m excited for this.” Charlie spoke standing on the corner. Her expression was soft which seemed like it would be very unusually for her character. “You’re unexpected. I was wrong to diminish you to the ‘next Taylor Swift’, or next whomever” She said rolling her eyes. “You clearly made me see that. You’re dedicated to your work. I’m going to make you work hard. We’re going to have fun with this.”

The corner of your lips curled up into a soft smile. “You bet we are.”

It had been about a week since you had met with Charlie and everything was moving very fast. She was working hard with the lawyer to get up paperwork to break the contract with Zach. As she and my lawyer had been digging up stuff they found more and more things Zach had done behind my back. In particular, a minor detail with my audition for Supergirl, which my lawyer informed me was considered as illegal. Of course, I was livid but had to keep up appearances with Zach. It was beyond frustrating knowing what Zach had done, and it only made me loathe every inch of him. Even him breathing next to me made me want to call him out on this actions. This was a man you practically had been with every day for a year and a half. He had been there for some of your biggest accomplishments and you shared them with him. You had always known he pushed the boundaries but you never truly thought he’d do anything immoral to get you ahead.

Additionally, all the risk he placed you under never really had a lot of benefits in the end for yourself. He was reckless and cocky, which is the last thing you wanted.

Thankful that Shawn had called to tell you about Zach, you wanted to call and let him know about all the changes you had mad, to apologise for Zach and how grateful you were that he let you know.

You were parked in the car about to leave for the airport when you decided to finally call him.

You weren’t particularly nervous to make the call but just slightly hesitant considering the last time you talked it was about the pictures.

The phone rang for a really long time before he answered.

“Hello.” His voice was flat, and suddenly you didn’t feel good about this.

“Hey, Shawn.”

The phone was silent. You continued on. “How have you been?”

“Not bad.” He paused, almost as if he wasn’t going to answer. “You?”

“Good. Busy. Lots of changes.” You said, hoping he would ask about the changes so you could tell him all about Charlie and what you found out about Zach. But he said nothing more than. “That’s good.”

The phone was nothing more than the both of you breathing and you felt your heart beating in your chest. This felt wrong. Shawn seemed cold, distant, nothing like the person you had met.

“Uh well.” You spoke nervously. “I actually wanted to call and thank you.”

“For?” He spoke almost irritated.

“Uh. For letting me know about Zach. It was all true like you said. Not that I didn’t believe you.” I began to stutter. “I just mean I had to find out for myself. And you and Andrew were right.”

You paused hoping he would respond but he didn’t. This conversation began to feel painful for you, your face winced. “Well. Um. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know. I really appreciated it.”

“Yeah. No problem.” He answered quickly, leaving the line dead. This time you didn’t know what to say, feeling like an idiot for calling. So the both of you sat on the phone in silence.

“Listen. I’ve got to go.” Shawn said after a few moments.

“Uh yeah sure.” You said, but the line cut out seconds after.

Pulling your phone down you watched the call disappear from your screen. Shawn was acting, well, rude. But why? All you wanted to do was apologise for Zach’s behaviour and thank Shawn and Andrew for being honest with you.

That’s because they think you’re in with Zach. You realised.

It became apparently clear that Shawn believed you were in on Zach’s plan. You could understand how he could see it that way. You were a new little actress, hardly relevant. Having a romantic connection to someone who was much higher on the celebrity status ranking could pull you up and from the shadows of obscurity. But you never dreamed of that from Shawn. You genuinely liked Shawn, you liked the parts of him you met that one morning. You liked how genuine he seemed and how his smile made you feel things. And first and foremost you had always been a fan of this music. But again you hardly knew him. Essentially you both were strangers. And from the conversation you just had, you would remain strangers.

“If it wasn’t you, then it was him.”

If it wasn’t me, yes, you remembered. Shawn did say that the last time you talked. Meaning that he did consider the possibly you had been on the photographers. He believed you had used him to pull yourself up.

Sitting in your car you felt disappointed. You felt so upset that someone else decisions and actions were affecting how someone was perceiving you. This was exactly why removing Zach as your manager was necessary. Zach had created a poor image for you, he made decisions that affected you negatively. The feeling nagged at you, and you knew it would continue to do so until it resolved but you really didn’t have time to try and win over Shawn with the truth. You could only hope that when the time came he would talk with you and let you explain.

“Can I get you something to drink?” An attractive male waiter asked as I sat the bar.

“Uh. Sure.” You said looking at the bar behind him. “Scotch on the rocks for my guest when he arrives.”

He waiter nodded walking away.

About five minutes had passed when Zach entered the room. Smugly he walked across the room and sat down on the bar stood. He smelled strongly of cologne, unpleasantly so. He reached to greet you, you reciprocated reluctantly. Zach began to talk about something he was working on for you, but you didn’t care. His work was about to be irrelevant in about thirty seconds.

“So what did you want to talk about?” He finally asked after rambling on forever.

You reached into your bag and pulled out a thick brown envelope. Pulling it out and handing it to Zach you grinned. Zach’s face lit up, he appeared to think the contents inside were good. This only gave you more satisfaction. He bony nicotine fingers took the package from you and he pulled out the stack of papers. You waited as he began to read the page. His smile slowly faded away and then his face became flat.

“What is this?” He asked still reading. You said nothing. He looked up and then back down. He read a while longer before lowering the papers.

You raised your eyebrows in satisfaction. “You went behind my back. Betrayed my trust, lied to my face, compromised my relationships with people in my life and the most important placed my career at risk. If you’re going to call some paparazzi to take pictures of me with someone you should have waited till I was a little more relevant so it wasn’t so obvious.”

He opened his mouth and stuttered my name, about to make up some excuse I was sure. But you cut him off. “No. Zach.” You placed your hands on the cover of the pages. “You’re going to sign these papers.” You paused looking him in his eyes. “No bullshit. Don’t try and make this difficult. Because you’re going to lose. Have your lawyers check these papers and I’m sure he will tell you the same thing. Because the amount of unethical and frankly illegal shit you’ve pulled under my name… well… you better be thankful I’m only breaking a contract rather than suing you.”

You watch him stare at you. While your voice and hand gestures were strong and steady you were running off pure adrenaline. You could feel it pulsating in your veins. The waiter then came and placed the clear glass of Scotch on the counter. Pulling out a fifty from your wallet you placed it on the bar unsure of the price but wanting to be a hundred percent sure it was paid for. Then reaching for the Scotch you placed it on the top of the papers, before getting up and placing your purse strap on your shoulder.

“Welcome to the unemployment line. Have a good evening Zachary.”

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