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juckrat mccree ship name suggestion: junkee?

i think ive mostly settled on high boom ?? there were other names goin around like junkree, mcjunk, mcrat, nd texas bbq

i dont rly track th tags so im not sure what Th Community™ uses bt high boom’s what i use

honestly can’t wait for the day that I go to pick up the love of my life in the airport after they’ve been away on holiday and get to run and hug them because I’ve missed them so much

I think it’s pretty screwed up that we can love someone so much to the point that they can hurt us over and over again, and we will still love them more than they deserve.
—  I don’t care how you treat me. I will always love you and I hope you don’t think that I won’t.
I was wondering whether or not I ever truly loved you at all. Then I thought about your face and I felt my stomach turn and my heart felt like it was going to burst. Then I just felt like an idiot for trying to belittle you like that.
—  I did. I know I did. Hell, I probably still do.