Let me just say, I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship- AND that we get to see the side of Pearl we never had a chance to see before. 

You never saw me in action! Breaking every rule, taking on the authorities so I could indulge in the joys of life on Earth!

And think about it, we haven’t really seen her in action. At least not without the context of being a maternal figure to Steven. We’re talking about the Terrifying Renegade Pearl, beyond the impressive abilities we’ve already seen. The Pearl who had the courage to not only learn how to use a sword, but actually use it to fight for her freedom. The Pearl who took a stand. The Pearl who proudly declared that she belonged to no one. 

Looking at her day to day life now, it’s almost easy to forget. Almost. But Pearl hasn’t. 

Instead we drove to loud music, chased a mysterious woman into the night, and broke the law. I’ve lost my edge. I should have stayed home with the puzzle.

What are all of these things to someone with her history? She had one goal: Mingle with the humans in their strange human way. Wear the pants, drink the juice, bump into them without hurting them. To be COOL. And if we know anything about Pearl, it’s that she always has a plan. Even when she says she doesn’t. So when things don’t go according to plan, it bothers her. A lot. And despite her rebel spirit, at the end of the day she just wants to be liked by the people she cares about. She doesn’t just want to be cool, she needs to be cool.

The thing about Pearl? She’s cool by virtue of just being herself.  And sometimes she even realizes it. After all:

I’ve been a criminal for 6,000 years. 

She’s still got that rebel spirit whether she realizes it or not. And when she realizes it? Nothing can stop her. She wants Mystery Girl? 

She gets Mystery Girl. And how does she get Mystery Girl?

I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine, I told her my appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light. And she said ‘I know how that is’. Although, I highly doubt it. Oh! And then I added ‘By the way I saved your planet and your species and you’re welcome.’

By being her adorably nerdy self. Which IS cool. This is the Pearl that is starting to come into her own in her new life without Rose Quartz. The Pearl that is starting to achieve everything Rose ever wanted for her but never could while she was so devoted to her. The Pearl that is finally and truly being forced to become to own Gem. 

Don’t get me wrong, Pearl clearly has a type. But this Mystery Woman is NOT Rose. She has no expectations, no preconceived notions of what a Pearl ‘should’ be. She was just some cute girl with cute hair who went on about being a conscious manifestation of light and maybe she’s an alien? Either way she’s someone she wants to talk to again. 

It’s pretty safe to say that previous chapter of her life IS over. It shaped her, it made her everything she was until now, but starting tonight, she’s moving on. She may have lost Rose 14 years ago, but tonight marked the end of an era. Before tonight she never would have dared to have acted the way she did. With a HUMAN no less. And in the end, what got her what she wanted? By plucking up the courage to be fearlessly herself. 

I think we’re about to learn a LOT about Pearl, and see her grow more than we ever thought possible. And I sincerely look forward to it.

Happy one year to one of my favorite ever fictional characters. She has grown and developed immensely. She’s funny, sassy, sarcastic, beautiful, loved and incredibly skilled.
She’s fearless, she’s known as Berenice Wolfe, Berenice Griselda Wolfe, BMAM, Bernie, Berenice Bloody Wolfe, The Blonde Job, Bernadette Wolfe and many more.
Happy one year 👌❤🎉🎉

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I heard that tree fell down a few years back. the one we tried to climb that one time. all its peaches fell with it, which is obvious I guess. which is still sad. It’s okay though. things like this happen. my heart should be used to this by now. I don’t talk to a lot of the people I thought I’d always tell everything to, which my heart will never get used to. remember your birthday that one year? you know the one I mean. the city was ours. these days, not much belongs to me. I was thinking the other day that I might really never be in love, might never have a better use for this stubborn stupid heart, and I really didn’t want to have to write this poem and I didn’t want to have to lose so much sleep, but how do I rest? how does anyone in this world rest? listen, don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay. I didn’t want to worry you. it’s okay. you don’t call anymore. I forgive that. listen, I just want you to sleep easy. you used to never be able to. I want you to think of the trees that haven’t fallen. there are a lot of them. don’t worry about me. my hands will get over the emptiness. the rest of me will catch up. I’ll write happier poems soon. forgive me my restlessness. my body’s just been looking for somewhere to belong.

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Laurel and her Decisions.

When Laurel wanted to tell her father that Oliver was The Arrow, I let it slide. Her father had gotten beaten up and she wanted him out. She wanted her father out and she didn’t think about the consequences of revealing that secret. At that point,she knew or suspected that Sara was the woman in black. She knew that the woman in black was often seen in the company of The Arrow. Revealing that Oliver is The Arrow would mean that Sara would be in the crosshairs of the SCPD. But if she didn’t get her father out, he may be killed; at that point, I loved Papa Lance so I let that go.

Keeping Sara’s death a secret from her father, I had to let that go because it was the first step in her journey to the Black Canary and the Black Canary had to exist if Oliver was ever going to be able to have balance in his life. Letting it slide started to become difficult when Laurel continued to keep Sara’s death a secret for more than a week. When she realized that finding Sara’s killer was not going to be as straightforward as they thought, she should have told her father. The decision to wait so long to tell him and not let him know that it was her decision not to tell him made things difficult for the team, which she has yet to apologize for. To both the team and her father.

Stealing her sister’s suit and going out and fighting It never occurred to her that her actions would be reported to her father, a Captain in the local police department. This escalated to the point she had Felicity distorting her voice so that she would sound like Sara and therefore making Felicity and the team complicit in her lies. Yeah, brilliant decision.

What was the last straw for me was not only did she not tell Nyssa that Oliver accepted her father’s offer for three weeks, it is because of this that Nyssa is in Starling City when Oliver comes for her. Her reason for not telling her, basically she didn’t want to lose her one connection to her sister. It was Laurel who demanded that they protect Nyssa, that said that if they aren’t going to do it, she will do it herself. In protecting Nyssa, Oliver was forced to kidnap Lyla. Yes, forced because Oliver had two choices: he could attack them with the force of the League of Assassins or he could kidnap Lyla and force Diggle to give up Nyssa. Here’s the thing, if they had stayed out of the way, if they had listened to Nyssa and stayed out of it, Lyla wouldn’t have been kidnapped.

My brother and I argued about this. He believes that Nyssa only agreed to be handed over to Oliver because Lyla was kidnapped. I disagree. I believe that Nyssa went to the rooftop where Sara died to wait on Oliver. I believe that if Oliver had been able to beat her in a fight that she would have gone with him. This is Nyssa Al Ghul, Heir to the Demon (former), there was no way in hell that Oliver was going to be able to take her in without besting her in a fight. Think about it, he is supposed to be taking her position as Heir, he should be able to beat her and if he can’t he is not worthy to be the Heir. She decided to be exchanged for Lyla because when they had arrived to protect her, Oliver had beaten her.

Now she is taking Sara’s body to Nanda Parbat to resurrect her. She has seen the effects in Thea, she isn’t 100% sure that the LoA would know how to fix what is wrong. Nyssa doesn’t want her to do it, the one other person who would want Sara back as much as Laurel, does not want her to do it. Nyssa, who knows more about what happens to people who go into the pit, doesn’t want to bring back the love of her life, you really should listen to her. You are telling me that you don’t think that Nyssa has thought about this before? Laurel is been told not to do by the one person she would have expected to agree with her and this doesn’t stop her?

I know people have said that Laurel is being a big sister but I call bullshit on that. Being a big sister is about doing what is best for your younger sibling. You cannot tell me that taking the risk that bringing Sara back and her being crazy is what is best for Sara. Even if Sara can be cured of her crazy from the LP but what about the normal crazy that will occur when she realizes that she has a year missing. Imagine having to deal with having no memory for a year and not because you can’t recover the memory but because there is no memory to recover. Because you were dead, wrap your mind around that. 

Another thing to consider, Thea attacked Oliver when she first came out and she has been unstable since. It took Laurel and Diggle to pull Thea off of Oliver. Sara is a lot more dangerous than Thea and it will probably take a lot more to subdue her . Why she is risking exposing Star City to a mentally unstable version of Sara? Simply, because she wants her sister back. Oliver got to get Thea back so she should be able to get Sara back.

It amazes me that she sees the consequences of that decision, she has seen the effect has had on Thea and somehow she arrogantly thinks it will be different for her. Does she actually think that Sara is going to be thanking her for bringing her back to be crazy?

Being a hero is not only about tracking down the bad guys and stopping them, being able to fight well. It is about the sacrifices that you have to make. It is about forgetting what you want and to think about what is best for the greater good. It is also about thinking about your actions and the consequences, do a risk/benefit analysis about the action you are about to take. 

Laurel’s road to Black Canary has been paved with selfish decisions, decisions which were made without any thought to consequences. Laurel is the only character who has actively wanted to have this life as a masked vigilante. Oliver did out of obligation to fulfil the promise he made to his father, Diggle is doing it because as a former solider, he knows no other life that gives him that kind of purpose, Roy grew up on the streets and had to fight to survive and was inject with Mirakuru, Thea was taught by Malcolm how to become a weapon. Sara was a former member of the League of Assassins who grew tired of killing but couldn’t leave that life behind.

In the premiere of S3, Laurel arranged for there to be a press conference so that The Arrow can be publicly thanked. Oliver never expected that and that wasn’t the reason she did it. But remember the finale episodes of S2, with those people calling Sara a hero. Laurel wants that. Laurel sees the glamorous side of vigilantism, she sees the fighting ability, she sees the end results. She hardly sees the internal trauma of what they do, she doesn’t see the sacrifices that they have to make every day. She doesn’t see that the amount of pressure that being a vigilante will put on you, that it doesn’t matter how many times you save the city or how many lives you save, it will always be about the number of times you didn’t save the city or how many lives you took or failed to save.

That life is not easy, it is a calling and it is not something that you wish on someone else. The thing that annoys me the most about this storyline that they have given Laurel is that she has no motivation to be Black Canary. Yes, Sara died and that was the trigger but it isn’t the motivation. We can’t say that Sara had been secretly training Laurel believing that since she was so close to the danger she should be able to hold her own. Or that Sara died protecting Laurel and she feels obligated to carry on her legacy because it is because of her that Sara isn’t here anymore. We haven’t seen Sara indicate in any way (the magical jacket ceremony doesn’t count) that she would approve of her joining the team in any way other than as an ADA.

There is nothing in this storyline that would explain why a lawyer who supposedly loves the law would be motivated to believe that the law isn’t enough and that SHE must become a vigilante. As it stands, she has seen enough that she will not object to working with Team Arrow but there isn’t enough explanation as why it is necessary for her to be a vigilante. 

I am hoping that we find out her motivation when she has to explain to Sara why she took the mantle of the Canary and became the Black Canary.

Silhouette- Owl City 

“But the more I try to move on the more I feel alone…”

anonymous asked:

What if S4 ran out of funds and had to sell those fanservice calendars featuring the special ops squad + Munakata? (Costumes courtesy of Enomoto, and then Awashima poses in the classiest evening gown) And the photographers just love Fushimi because of his super high fashion model poses...

That is totally Munakata’s idea. Maybe after the Slate gets destroyed and the number of Strains starts decreasing a bit it becomes increasingly hard to justify Scepter 4’s insanely lavish budget (just think how large it must be, there’s Awashima’s anko allowance, Munakata’s puzzle allowance, a ton of money gets sunk into requisitions in order to give Fushimi his steady supply of knives…). Munakata decides that they will have to make up the budget shortfall somehow and gets the force together to discuss ideas. Various suggestions are put up for vote – Enomoto suggests a maid cafe and Munakata is totally considering it because ooh chance to see Fushimi-kun in a maid costume – but in the end it’s Munakata himself who hits on the genius idea of a Scepter 4 calendar. After all, everyone in Scepter 4 seems to be alarmingly bishounen so clearly they were made for fanservice calendars. He figures out that each other alphabet boys can have a month, then a month for Awashima, Munakata and Fushimi, and the last one a group shot. Fushimi attempts to opt out of the whole project and is informed that anyone who doesn’t participate will have to deal with the budget shortfall on their own so no more knife allowance. Fushimi grudgingly agrees.

Munakata of course has many ideas for what everyone’s photo spreads should look like. He gives the sketches to Enomoto who enlists the help of some of the ladies in filing and a few members of the Fushimi fan club in order to make the costumes. Munakata’s photo spread of course involves him with a scepter and a cape and kingly crown, the background is a fine pattern of sparkles. Awashima poses with her sword and an evening gown, looking dangerous and alluring. The alphabet squad all get random weird occupations, like Hidaka gets to dress as like a gangster with a pinstriped suit and fedora, Akiyama’s a butler, Gotou is a vet and surrounded by cats, Doumyoji is a ronin, etc. The group shot is everyone painted gray and covered in purple drapery like ancient statues, Munakata is very proud of his high-concept design. Fushimi gets dressed in something tight covered in leather studs and is supposed to pose with his knives, the photographer is enchanted by his amazing high-fashion poses and how even though he’s glaring his face is magnificent. The photographer is so into taking Fushimi pictures that Munakata recognizes the goldmine in front of him and decides that they will be making two calendars – the all Scepter 4 calendar and the special limited-edition Fushimi-Only calendar. Fushimi is bribed into posing for the second calendar by the promise of more free knives. He regrets this decision when he sees all the layouts Munakata has planned for him, there’s ‘naked Fushimi covered by gauzy sheets,’ ‘shirtless Fushimi lying amongst the rose petals,’ 'Fushimi in tight pants leaning downwards, 'more naked Fushimi covered in expensive furs,’ etc. It’s a smorgasbord of Fushimi fanservice and sells out in preorders (Munakata himself buys three, Yata will never admit it but he buys three of them too).