Seattle's tent cities

Seattle has America’s fourth-largest homeless population and virtually everything homeless people do is illegal in Washington State, which has added 288 new offenses related to homelessness to its statute-books since 2000 – amazingly, this did not convince those homeless people to stop being homeless.

Instead, they’ve started building semi-permanent tent cities, which have been institutionalized by Seattle, which now grants one-year permits for cities of up to 100 people. One such tent-city is Nickelsville, named for former mayor Greg Nickels, who devoted extraordinary municipal resources to razing homeless encampments (amazingly, this also didn’t convince those homeless people to stop being homeless – they really are intransigent!).

There is one strategy that has proved amazingly effective at ending homelessness, and it’s one that Seattle does not appear to want to try: giving homeless people homes. The Housing First strategy starts from the assumption that whatever other problems homeless people have – mental and physical illness, difficulties with employment, substance abuse, etc – these are much harder to solve when you don’t have a roof over your head. So they give people homes, no strings attached. It works.

As the article in the Grist notes, Housing First has been a roaring success in Salt Lake City, and has also performed brilliantly across Manitoba.

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so I’m in San Francisco and I literally haven’t felt this happy since, I guess, the last time I was in San Francisco??

It’s like when I’m here my blood and my soul know that this is where my people are from and for those few days the world is balanced and right.

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Jun walks outside his apartment building, looking at the street scene. Nothing new for this part of town, usual faces, maybe something happening here or there, but all in all, not much. But today, for something he’s used to, it sure feels different today, not becuase of anything more than the fact that his birthday’s coming up soon.

On his way to the place where most of selling happens, his thoughts about his life ring louder in his mind  than the city sound. Yep, one year older, one year in pieces as a teacher, but beyond that, not much. He sighs and shakes his head as he sits down on an empty bench nearby.

19th June 2015

Page 170 of 365..


Today let’s forget the post by numbers, shall we? ;)

I spent the entire day sick! I believe that these are not good news.. but since this is an online diary…

I barely came out of bed or the sofa.

BUT! I cleaned the kitchen! And watched a lot of books online, that I really want to read.

I also sent the email to that director of HR from the company that I’m hoping to do the internship, and my interview will probably have place in the end of next week. But, of course, I need to prepare it with my teachers on monday or tuesday.

To end the night, I went to the my city fair. I watched my little brother’s dance from school. I saw some of my friends that I wanted to see for ages! And I had this huge hot dog with a pinneaple juice for dinner :) It’s was quite nice, actually.

In the fair I ran into my father’s boss and we talked about my thing bout the internship and moving to another city all by myself, without knowing no one, and he said to me that I was too pessimist… which is so TRUE! -.-’ And apparently everyone thinks I’m going crazy about this subject, and that I really need to get out of the house and my comfort zone. I need to learn out to be more optimist, it’s almost mission impossible! But, okay..

Now, I’m back home, I’ve watched more episodes of Gilmore Girls, I believe I just watched S01E13 *.* Love this show! xD

Ok, so time to turn the pc off and read my book, which by the way I’m almost finishing! Thank god!

Wish you all a great weekend and I would be a very happy girl if tomorrow I had some messages on my ask box ;) Tell me whatever you want to! I just want to get to know the people who read this… or if you want to talk about some book that I’ve already read it’s fine too ;)

Bye bye xx



neko-veut-des-olives asked:

Strangely, you remind me of someone I knew when I spent one year in a big city. One of my classmates there, who lived in the same building as me, was also vegan and was also into alternative things (I couldn't tell if he was more into goth stuff or metal stuff, though). And this guy is very kind. This person made an impression in my life, without a doubt… So, yeah, it is strange for me to see the same kind of person again, the second time in three years. Coincidence maybe.

Hehehe it is!
People always find similarities between people that crossed paths with them in life. After all - we’re all human (sadly. I want to be an undead unicorn but what can ya do).
And thank you!

Sing next year in Jerusalem, you know – the one at W. 103rd and Broadway?