Our pinpad devices are set up for the customer to slide or insert their own card. But I had one customer try to hand me her card to slide it for her. I indicated she needed to slide it herself. She then became irate and insisted that our sister store one town away slid customer cards for them. I gently replied that she was at my store, not at the other one, and the policy was different.
I suffered a customer complaint because I was providing poor customer service by making her inconveniently slide her own fucking card.
What is wrong with people?


I will regret this but whatever.

So I dont have any pics of me in my phone so I had to go to my ig account and here is an old pic of me attempting to do like Dan and Phil and a recent one trying to look good next to a plant (didnt work btw)

Name: Marwa but you can call me Mars

Age: 16

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Fav choices book: Endless summer obvs, all my children are there. Also tcatf and most wanted (I still want book 2!)

How long I’ve been playing pb games: november 2016, I actually thought I will try it then delete it but ho ho ho boy was I wrong… it ruined my life 😐

So yeah… I am not responsible for any nightmares btw.

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Re: "ISN?T IT DUMB OR TOO SIMPLISTIC??" I MEAN FLORBE didn't you see the omake where ONE was trying to come up with a new webcomic and was like "even the character I designed is uninspired..." and it was Mob?

Oh.. my God, dear

You almost made me cry… for real … even big monsters like ONE are insecure sometimes, for no reasson… he’s such an inspiration to me, and all the relatable facts about him that I found make me think that.. some day.. if I stop being too hard on myself I can be a lil bit like him…

I also have a couple of OC’s that are just a remake of old childhood OC’s, they are part of this kinda story I have in my head. A young delinquent, I underestimate him so much for being part of my own childhood stories, I mean, I was a 11 years old girl drawing comics about 2 boys hanging out, being bad and punching people stright in the face when they considered it was necessary…it wasn’t serious at all….

(fun fact… one of them was bald XD)

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I just saw the ask about blood mage Jeremy and his zombie, but I raise you this. He didn't tell anyone about the zombie, and it escapes one day. Everyone's trying to kill it, but Jeremy comes in, says "Do talk to me or my son every again!" and corals him back to his home.

lmao nice

The Truth

So as much as it hurts itsost likely true that no one gives a single fuck about this blog I never had helped anyone from depression with my art no one cares to try and get to know me no one give a flying FUCK about me in all truth all people do is like my shit thats not what I fucking want and if you like this one its probably because you either didnt fucking read it dont care about me or is like “ oh wow its so relatable so I’m just gonna like it” when people do that I dont see it as getting love I see it as people see what I do but dont think I’m good enough if you like this blog dont like this post ask me thing show me you care by doing something more than clicking a damn heart button talk to me please

ya girl finally started uni today!! i’m currently taking 7 classes and expecting to
work a part-time job come next week, so…with that being said, activity here is
going to drop
; i’m not yet sure how extreme this ‘ drop ‘ is going to be, but it’s
my hope that i’ll find out and adjust accordingly within the next month or so.

i’m ridiculously attached to both raven as a muse and interacting with you guys,
so just know that this isn’t ‘ adieu ‘ or even ‘ see you later ‘; although i can’t
make any absolute guarantees, i’ll definitely try my best to maintain a ( somewhat )
constant presence on this blog. and in the event that fails to be the case, please know
that you’re free to hit me up on discord, snapchat, or twitter whenever you want!!

anyway, i’ll see y’all on the other side. thank you for taking the time to read this, and
i wish those also starting classes the best of luck with everything. take care always.♥


APA Meta Monday - Very Keen Indeed

Again, we have a time skip, albeit only a month this time into S1E7. We skip over the season in London, and one does have to wonder if anything of note happened between Anna and Bates there… but again, I don’t think Fellowes wants us to think that hard haha.

Anna’s off again to London with Mrs Patmore, and this is when we get the first “will you miss me?” His answer here of course is a pessimistic one: “try not to miss me.” We’ll revisit this in S6E6, and my, how it will contrast.

Anna goes find the missing pieces of Bates’ past, visiting the military barracks and then calling upon his mother. She learns the truth about the stolen silver, which she tells Robert to help secure Bates’ job.

Bates, regardless, still thinks that he is unworthy of her. However, when Molesley asks if Anna has anyone special in her life, he does say yes, and that the person in question is “very keen indeed.”

As S2E1 is a major episode, I will talk a little bit now about the next time skip before that post (although some will be inevitably covered there as well). We skip the entirety of 1915 and rejoin them November 1916. Most of the time jumps in the first two series are to accommodate the historical context and timeline. Considering how things are left here and then when we pick back up it’s almost kinda like, wait what, they are getting engaged already? but I don’t think that necessarily means that their relationship had really severely progressed during the skip. It’s a bit different from the other skips, but again, I can’t see Bates ever wanting to lead Anna on, even though they are definitely in love with each other. My personal headcanon for this period of time means that they kept on being very close friends, but of course, were not stepping out officially given his situation with, well, still be legally married to Vera. He couldn’t combat his feelings entirely and I’m sure there was some handholding etc. And an engagement wouldn’t be entirely out of the blue as they’ve been in love for some time (and also, think of the time period). It just was a very unconventional courtship, but it’s one that blossomed from friendship. More on this next time.

Misjudged words

Hey loves, here is just a little drabble. 

Warning: SMUT! 18+ Only!!

Dean x Reader


ut iam defecerint ab inferis = 
as we have already fallen away from the grave

iam evanescunt = Already disappear

You tried to push free from the grasp. You felt like 100s of pounds of pressure on your body, keeping you pinned to the wall. You looked around the room, you seen Sam trapped behind a book shelf being crushed, dean pinned to the floor. You closed your eyes, thinking of anything to stop this demon. Soon you felt an impact to the ribs, you felt your bone shatter into pieces. “Y/N!!” Dean yelled, his eyes read nothing but worry. You kept coughing, trying to get composure to try one last thing. “ut iam defecerint ab inferis” you spoke lightly. The demon snapping its head torwards you. “ut iam defecerint ab inferis” You yelled out. “iam evanescunt!” You yelled. The demon burning into flames. You crashed to the ground. Sam quickly moved the bookcase running over to you, Dean doing the same. You looked up at Dean, with blurred vision. “y/N! Stay with us!” Sam yelled looking down at her. “Please!!”

You woke up, looking around. The light causing spots in your vision. You were in your room in the bunker. You got up slowly, weakly pushing your feet to the ground. You held your side, your rib still broken. Fuck did it hurt to walk. You walked into the library, to see Dean and Sam. “Boys..” You whispered. They looked at you. Sam, smiling standing up, carefully wrapping a hand around your waist. He sat your down on the couch next to him, Dean coming up to you kneeling. “What happened?” You smiled slightly knowing that Dean was going to get straight to the point. You loved Dean, more than anything but sometimes, you wanted to beat the hell out of him. Literally.

“I read a little about our old Demon friend. He was from the old ages. I told him to vanish, to be gone. If you chant it twice and tell him to vanish one more time.. he dies. It was a shot in the dark, but it worked.” Dean looked at you with slightly saddened eyes. “I want you to leave..” “What?!” You looked at Dean confused. Sam staring at Dean like he sprouted another head. “You where reckless you did not even know it would work! You could have got us killed! You do that shit all the time. Now look at you! Broken rib and helpless!” “DEAN STOP!” Sam yelled. You sat there, confused of Deans words. “She is family!” Sam yelled at Dean. “She is not family!” “Dean you said you loved me!” You slowly got up walking towards him. He pushed you to the side, causing you to crash into the table. You felt the wind knocked out of you. Sam ran up getting you. “Your just a stray that my father saved a few years back when your parents left you.” Deans words hit you hard. “Fuck you Dean… My parents did not just.. disappear! My mother died the same fucking way yours did!” Deans eyes shot open wide. You promised John not to say anything till the time was right. You got out of Sams grasp walking to your room. Locking the door. “Y/N Please!” Dean banged on the door. “I just… I don’t want you to get hurt..!” You closed your eyes crying to yourself.

It was about 3am. y/n snuck out of her room. She threw her duffle bag around her side, the opposite one so it would not hurt her. She checked on Sams room and he was asleep leaving him a note. Doing the same to Dean. She climbed out of the bunker, starting up her Truck, driving off into the night.

Dean woke up to a bang on his door. “She is gone!” Sam yelled at Dean. Sam threw the letter that was addressed to him.

“Dean, I love you.. I do. And your right though… I am not your family. I guess what we had… was just something to pass the time. I wish you well. I will always love you,


Dean growled, the letter. He threw it down on the ground. “We gotta go find her…” Sam nodded to Dean.

**Two Months Later**

“See if Y/N was around she would have known what fucking language to speak to that demon!” Dean growled throwing a glass vase at the wall. Sam sighed sitting on the couch, both boys unaware of the demon still lurking and watching them. Soon they hurd a shot go off. They looked back to see the demon, dead on the ground. “y/N..” Dean ran looking to grab her. “Stop Dean. Your Welcome. Goodbye.” y/n walked past Dean. It was like they never fell in love, like they didn’t go on countless missions together. “You have been keeping tabs on us!” Sam yelled out. “Dean escaped that cage, the ghost was weakened…” Sam looked y/n in the eyes. “Sammy boy.. watch over your brother for me.” Using the same words that John use to say to Dean. Y/N walked out the house, getting in her truck and disappearing again. “FUCK!” Dean yelled laying his head on babys hood.

“We need to keep a tab on her.. I want her back…” Dean tightened then grip on the steering wheel, he was getting frustrated. She left, because of his cold words to her. They pulled up to a bar, walking in, Dean sat down at the bar. Taking a sip of his beer, wallowing in his feelings. “Well, sorry guys. You can cram those pool sticks where the sun don’t shine.” Dean looked over to see y/n standing there looking as gorgeous as ever. She wore her black skinny jeans and high heeled boots. Her leather jacket fitting her curves just right. Her cleavage slightly out, making his mouth water. He seen a guy take a swing at her. She ducked quickly, elbowing him in the back. She smirked as she took on two more of them. Sam came out of the bathroom seeing her fighting off some guys. She picked up the wad of cash on the table. Walking over to the bartender she handed him a few hundred dollars. “For repairs darlin, see you later sweet cheeks.” Dean hurd her voice, she knew he was listening. He stood up to put money down. “Your tab is paid.” The bartender said to Dean handing him his money back. “By the pretty blondes over in the corner.” “Score..”.

Dean walked out of the bar with two women, one on each arm. Sam followed behind him rubbing his temples. Dean looked over to see y/n sitting over on the hood of her truck stairing at the stars. She glanced over at Dean, rolled her eyes and kept looking at then stars. Dean gritted his teeth. She walked out on them over a lousy fight… he was going to get revenge for that. Sam jogged over to y/n. She hopped off the hood hugging him tightly.

“Y/N you gotta come back!” “I can’t Sam. I… I just can’t. Doing this alone, I am starting to see why John did it.” “Please… I have no one to talk too about Jessica… You are my best friend… please..” y/n looked in Sams eyes. He was honestly upset with everything. “I cannot afford to lose someone who is like my sister.” “Sammy… Trust me when I say I am doin this for everyone. Dean pointed it out. I could get you guys hurt.” “Dean was blowing smoke out of his fucking ass! Like usual! He can not even form full sentences without you.. He had fucking nightmares that something happens to you.. He had not slept in so long…” “Looks like he is just fine..” y/n pointed to Dean flirting with the two girls. Sam sighed, he reminded himself to mentally kick his brother. “I do not want to have you in the middle of this Sammy.” She kissed his forehead. “Can you atleast help me crack this case” you sighed at Sams puppy dog eyes and nodded.

Sam and Y/N where up, sitting at the table going through files. Dean strolled in with two girls. “Here Samm…” Deans eyes went wide, seeing her looking through the files that him and Sammy where having trouble cracking. It was like old times, but instead of two women in his hands he had two cases of beer. y/n gasped in pain slightly. Seeing Dean with those girls caused her heart to break slightly. Sam looked at her, he seen the pain in her expression. “Sam.. can we go to my place please?” Sam nodded, as she helped him grab the papers. Dean watched them wide eyed. She walked passed them. “You never loved me you ass.” She started to jogg, Sam on her heels. Dean looked at the floor. “go… GO!” He yelled at the girls. They ran out of the room. He ran to baby, following them. She was pressing 120. Dean on her heels. “That mother fucker!” Sam sighed knowing this was going to end in a huge fight, or in the back of baby. Y/N skidded to the side. Dean getting out of the car. “ENOUGH OF THIS Y/N!” “GO FUCK YOURSELF DEAN!” Deans eyes where dark. He looked at the woman infront of him. She would never back down from him. The only thing that scared her, was the thought of a normal life. Dean walked over to her, putting his hand out to touch her face. She grabbed it, twisting it behind his back. Pushing him to the gravel. Sam laughed as he watched it in the rearview mirror. y/n put her foot on Deans back. “Leave me alone Dean!” “No. HE grabbed her leg, flipping her, as she landed on the ground. He leaned over her. “I have no fucking clue what we where… but I loved and still love you… I can not sleep with out you.. I can not think straight on a mission thinking about you.” You looked at Dean and took a deep breath. You flipped him and pointed a fun to his head. Sams eyes went wide. She held a hand back to Sam, Sam smirked a bit. “Where you going to fuck them?” Dean smirked a bit. “Where you going to fuck the bartender?” Dean slid his gun out holding it to her head. “No.” “No.” Dean repeated. He laughed slightly. “You are fucking nuts woman. I seen the look in your eyes when you seen me with those girls. You wanted to kill both of them.” You got at way from, putting the gun back behind her pants loop. “I need to go..” you gasped. You started making your way to the door, than something appeared. You stopped in your tracks pulling out your gun. You looked at Sam in the truck, eyeing the thing. “The moment I touch this truck it explodes.” You could see the demons eyes now. “Let him go!” Yu yelled, Dean standing behind you. “Only if y/n comes with me…” “Fine.” You set your gun down. Walking torwards the demon. “Let Sammy go..” You looked at the demon. She took her hold off the car, Sam getting out.. “Sammy, becareful at the park..” “What” Dean looked at him confused.” “We will..” Sam replied. Soon you disappeared with demon.

“What the fuck did she say to you?!” Dean looked at Sam. “It was code, for ‘It’s a trap. There will be more.’” Dean sighed a bit. He wanted nothing more than this bull-shit to be over. Sam walked back to y/n truck. He open the glove compartment. He seen a folder, with a bunch of paper articles. “That thing… is what has been killing women around here. That is why Y/N was here. She was trying to help. They must have caugh scent of her coming after them. “This is the place they are at..” Sam pointed to the paper that y/n had circled. “Lets go…” “No.. we need help..”

Bobby arrived a few hours later. He got out of his truck, the boys filling him in. “Lets get our girl back..” Bobby smiled to them.

Slowly they approached the building “We have to lure them out to the devils ring.” Dean and Sam nodded. Soon they hurd a chair come crashing threw a window. y/n and a demon where fighting. y/n got on top of her, punching her in the face multiple times. She grabbed the holy water in her back pocket, burning the demons eyes. “Y/n!” Dean yelled. She looked over to see them. “Head to the merry go round south!” y/n nodded. She got up, the demon after her. “There is four more inside!” y/n was thrown against the side of a truck. “y/N!” Dean yelled. She slowly got up smirking as the demon was caught. “LET ME OUT OF HERE!” y/n smirked running back to the boys. “Becareful. Here.” She handed them ear plugs. “I had these on me when I was about to come hunt them. If you don’t wear these, they can control you.” The boys nodded putting them in there ears. They walked in, y/n walked in first with some chalk. She signaled for the boys to distract them. They went separate ways. She started to draw out the circle. Soon the boys came running in different directions. The demons all ending up in the ring. y/n taped all of there mouths shut. “You know what to do..” Sam nodded prefroming the excercism.

They burned the house to the ground. Helping the bodies that where once possessed. A few hours later meeting back at the motel. “Y/N you need to come back..” Bobby looked her in the eyes. “I… I can’t…” “This isn’t over just what Dean said is it?” you nodded no. “If they get hurt because of me.. I will lose my fucking mind…” “They need you… as much as you need them. They are back to eating shitty food and Dean, drinking all the fucking time.” Bobby sighed leaning back against his truck. “I need you to keep those two straight. So they don’t wonder off there path. John told you how many times… that he needed you to watch those boys..” you looked down at the ground. Tears clouding your eyes… “I know..” You nodded hugging Bobby tightly. “Now go work things out with Dean when we get back to the bunker.” “Alright..”

After the two hour long ride, and a tape of Led Zeplin later, you arrived at the bunker. You shut off your lights and grabbed your duffle bag. You followed the boys to the bunker. You locked your truck. You walked to your old room. The bed was messed up. Someone had slept in it. “I only slept well.. in your bed.” Dean appeared behind her. He looked upset. “Dean…” “I am so sorry…” “Dean.. stop..” Dean grabbed your hand, holding it, kissing every knuckle. “Your more than family… You keep me sane, you keep Sammy calm and you keep Bobby smiling.” Dean pressed lips against yours. You felt his soft lips, moaning slightly into the kiss. He wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you close. “I thought I was going to have to kill that bartender. The way he staired to you. His eyes on your ass as you walked out. It is mine.. all of you is mine..” “My girl..” Dean whispered in your ear. He picked you up, hugging you tightly against his body. He just wrapped his arms tightly around you. “I am yours.” Dean smiled kissing her nose. “Can we sleep however? As much as I would like to do so many things, being held in that house with those demons and being thrown so many ways the last few months.. I am exhausted.” Dean smiled nodding.

Dean woke up, it was the best sleep he had in months. He looked around to see y/n was gone. His heart beating threw his chest. He ran out to the kitchen in just his boxers. He seen y/n cooking breakfast. Sammy and Bobby drinking coffee. Looking over they started to laugh at Dean. “You ok?” y/n looked over at him chuckling. “I.. I thought you left again..” Dean looked down. “Go put on your clothes, as much as I would like you to stay in just your boxers, I think Sam and Bobby are having a hard time eating there pancakes.” Dean laughed walking away.

He came back, grabbing pancakes, bacon, eggs, scones and some orange juice. He started to shovel it down. “Mmm.. thanks y/N..” Sammy said putting his hand on his stomach full. “Well, Bobby said you boys have not had a good meal in a bit. So I figured I would cook a good one.” Dean smiled over at y/n. Soon a timer went off. She walked to the oven, opening it taking out two apple pies. “You didn’t.” Dean said taking his last bite. “Oh I did.” Dean hopped up, hugging her tightly. “The man loves his pie.. maybe too much..” Bobby spoke under his breath.

After everyone had a slice of pie, y/n went back to her room, she started to clean her guns, her head phones on. She was listing to Panic! At the Disco. “If you love me let me go!!” She stood up dancing and singing. “cause these words are nice enough to leave scars!” Dean peered in her bedroom. He smirked seeing her dancing around. “This gospel, for the vaga bonds, naturals and insufferable bastards!!” She was swaying her hips.  Dean stepped into her room, leaning against the door frame. Damn did he want her. He wanted to make her his again, lay her down and make her scream his name.  She turned seeing Dean standing there smirking. She took out her head phones. “Nothing I love more than a girl who can move and clean guns.” Dean smirked stalking over her. He kicked the door closed with his heel. Dean picked her up laying her on the bed. He kissed her deeply, his tounge playing with hers. Her gasps driving him insane. “I need you..” Dean kissed up and down her neck. Sucking and kissing her jawline. “Dean.. I don’t know..” you looked in his eyes. “Fine!” Dean yelled. He stood up sighing. “Dean..” He looked back at you. “Why me?” You stood up, you didn’t want this to be a touch and go type of thing. “Because.. your everything I want and more. Your so strong… your so beautiful… you remind me that there is good in this world y/n.” Dean turned around walking out the door. You grabbed his hand, pushing him against the door. Your lips attached to his, kissing him deeply, your tounges fighting. You slipped your shirt off. Dean sliding his hands over your breasts, noticing you wore no bra. He slid his thumbs over your already hard nipples. Dean stopped sliding his shirt off. He slid his pants off, you sliding your shorts off. He picked you up throwing you on the bed. You laughed a bit, him on top of you quickly. “I need you..” Dean slid a hand under your panties, dipping a finger between your folds. “Dean!..” you moaned out, throwing your head back. “So wet already…. Fuck..” Dean kissed your neck, pulling your panties down. He couldn’t wait anymore. So much emotion filled him. He slid off his boxers, pushing his dick deeply deeply into her. “Dean…” Your whisper causing him to pull out and push again. Dean looked into your eyes, you could tell this ment more than just a one time thing. He kissed your lips, pushing in harder. Your head thrown back “Fuck Dean…” “Say my name again…” He increased his tempo. “Dean…” “That’s right, I am the one taking care of this beautiful pussy… Your mine…” He turned you over, kissing you back and biting your shoulder hard. That was just enough pain to make you cum. Dean smirked, he seen your juices drip off his cock when he pulled out. He continued to kiss down your spine, biting you neck and back, leaving marks all over. “I can’t last much longer..” Dean spoke breathless. “Harder… cum in me… please…” Dean smirked a bit, he was hitting an angle that was causing you to almost scream. You felt your self clench around him. “Fuck!” Dean emptied himself into you, he waited till he was done. Kissing your back, laying down. You turned over to see him. “Wow… I uh… did a number to your neck..” Dean said laughing a bit. “No shit.. If I didn’t know any better I would say I would have to behead you, you vampire.” Dean chuckled.

one bed

(a phan oneshot)

yeah it’s fluff and pg 

A door opens. And then silence. I give Phil a sideways glance, wondering his thoughts. As his face is usually an open book, I see surprise clearly written over his features. Phil turns his head to see me already looking and him and says the obvious.

“There’s only one bed…”

Trying not to show my excitement, I give him a nod and move to throw my luggage on the floor. Phil still hasn’t moved, so I look back towards him. He meets my eyes and asks, “Should we ask to get two beds?”

I sigh and look away. 

“Phil, it’s late. Let’s not bother anyone.”

He nods his head and says okay. It’s not like it’ll be awkward; we live with each other, for fucks sake. 

Tired, we drop our stuff, get changed, and crawl into the one bed. 

For awhile, neither of us moves - or sleeps, for that matter. 

Finally, Phil scoots closer to me so we are touching side by side. I lean into his touch as he whispers to me.

“You’re comfortable, Bear”

Then, he buries his face into the crook of my neck as I sigh in content. Gently, I wrap my around his waist to bring him closer to me. Smiling, I remark, “We are making all those fluffy phanfics come to life right now.”

Phil chuckles, then replies. 

“We are missing one thing, though.”

My heart skips and beat and I ask him what he means, even though I have a strong guess as to what it is. 

From the crook of my neck, I feel him smile.

“This, of course.”

And he softly presses his lips to my neck.

I stiffen slightly, but immediately relax. 

There’s a comfortable silence, as we stay like this for awhile, wrapped up in each other. 

Phil shifts slightly, nuzzling me. I decide to ask the question that’s been burning on the tip of my tongue this whole time. 


He hums, encouraging me to continue.

“How do you feel about phan? The ship name, I mean.”  I rush the question out, mildly embarrassed at how uncertain I sound.

He lifts himself, slightly, to study my face. 

After his couple moments of pondering, he replies.

“I want it to become canon.”

He says it so simply that I smile. Then, I lean in, to close the distance.

The kiss is soft and passionate, before we break apart so we can both catch our breath. 

We look at each other with widened eyes, until we are both smiling. 

“We need to do that a lot more.”

Phil begins laughing uncontrollably, until I am laughing with him. After ten consecutive minutes of cackling madly, we are left to catch our breath, once again. 

Looking into each others faces, it is incredibly noticeable how each of our sets of eyes keep drifting to the others lips, so we are once again smiling.

This time, Phil closes the distance between us.

His hands are in my hair as mine are cradling the back of his neck and we are both smiling into the kiss. 

Suddenly, I felt the other boy’s nose twitch against my face and felt him try to push me away.

My eyes widened in realization and I try to back away as well. 

That didn’t work very well. I feel my face get splattered with spit as Phil violently sneezes on me.

I sit there in shock. 

Phil gives me a sheepish smile, before using his sweater paws to wipe my face.


He is still looking abashed, so I pull him close to me and shift so we are back to lying down onto the one bed.

There is a few moments of silence, interrupted only by the soft sounds of our breathing. 

Eventually I break the silence.

“Only you, Philip Lester, only you.”

And then, I burst into laughter. 

Phil’s facial expression turns into a relieved grin as he watches me.

Eventually catching my breath, I look back to Phil.

“I’m going to sleep to recover from all the events, enjoyable and appalling alike, that the world has sprung upon me tonight.”

He nodded in understanding, that sheepish grin returning. 

Sliding into a comfortable position before falling asleep, the last thought in my head is simplified to: good thing there was only one bed.

a/n well there’s that

i guess i could do requests if ever wanted

idk have a good day

one time i was trying to find a song on spotify an couldnt find it an the first thing I assumed was tgat the artist had blocked me. on spotify


CAN.NOT.EVEN.BEGIN!!  To tell you how chuffed I am at the photos I was able to capture during todays Total Solar Eclipse.  I TOTALLY need to research how best to post-process these babies to bring out the “snake shadows” and enhance the color flares at the very edge of the moon. 

So these are draft photos - the top one is straight out of the RAW file, I’ve done slight adjusting with levels and brightness to the second to tone down the glare - I’ve watermarked them quite egregiously to try and keep them from being reposted and/or ending up in someone else’s library.  

The first one was taken just after “totality” and the second one was me trying to capture the “Diamond Ring” but just missed it and ended up with this bauble.  I took a photo every 5 mins throughout the entire almost 3 hours of the eclipse so there are other photos and a “collage” to show the progression of the eclipse, still to come.  

(Click on images to view larger)