my headcanon is genos gets nightmares about his encounter with the cyborg and saitama gives him his childhood teddy to feel better

AU in which Jack has zero issues with picking up Rhys and making sure everyone else knows exactly who mister legs for days belongs to. Because no one loves Rhys’ ass more than Jack lbr  (☉‿☉✿)


part 1/3 taekook instagram!au in which taehyung is singer jeon jungkooks #1 fan and comments on all of his instagram posts. jungkook may or may not be a little bit flustered when he sees how cute his admirer is

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“why did i say that oh my god he’s gonna think im so lame”
“what’d you say?”
“what? oh um, ah, n-nothing”
“sure jungkook”


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             One Door Closes: “Out of the Woods (Acoustic)” by Taylor Swift (x

So it says a thousand years have past. Yuki brings flowers and Bloody Rose to the Kiryuu grave and basically says her goodbye to Zero. As soon as she leaves Zero’s grave she goes and kills herself.

Yuki admits to wanting to die like Zero did. SOON. We all know how terrible Yuki is at dealing with her thirst. So I doubt she would stick around for a couple hundred years UNLESS Ren was a child and needed to stay till he was grown. 

Tragic BUT an option.

Whats the difference between 900 and 1000 years for Zeki???? Nothing really for them. Im pretty damn sure 1000 years past before Zero died. When it says 1000 years, it could mean 1000, 1100,1200,1500, ANY OF THOSE. Hino is vague as fuck as we all know, (unless she ya know, WANTS TO KILL PEOPLE)

Guys i need poem help 👀🚨

Please pull up to my inbox with ANY of the following:

-Words to describe somebody that you adore
-Admiration words for a woman of power
-What ‘black joy’ means to you
-Pop culture references that promote joy and self empowerment (i accept anything from trap to pop. The broader the spectrum, the better)
-Describe someone that you are/were in love with

I accept alllll and any suggestions, so please don’t be shy! I want male perspectives/white perspectives/ non-hetero perspectives/ALL of it. If you’re reading this consider it a personal invitation lol please and thankyou 🙏🏾

You’ll daydream about him coming back but he never will.
You’ll imagine what he will say and you’ll carefully plan out how you’ll let him down.
You’ll tell everyone that he’s lost you.
You’ll pretend like you’re over it.

You’ll lose your mind trying to decipher every moment you spend together here on out.

—  Is he worth it?

i miss writing so much

i think imma do that goal i used to do of posting something at least once a day, no matter how stupid it is 

do you have any favorite writing prompt challenges you wanna send my way??? i sometimes see those monthly challenges? 

I decided to take a shot at drawing asshole cat Omega digitally (and try to stay as true the original design as I could with everything outside of the television screen as much as possible in the process). I’m pretty pleased with how well it’s coming so far.


right here | laurel & sara

As much as I love Thea and Oliver as siblings, these two mean so much more to me and I’m saddened that we don’t have more of them interacting.

They have been through so much both together and as individuals and I hate that they are continually separated from each other time and time again without much interaction when they are together.

The truth is that there’s nothing Laurel would not do for Sara and the same is true in reverse. I love how strong their relationship is despite all the hardships they’ve faced. 

I mean - do you ever think about the fact that Laurel watched her sister die in front of her and then had to carry her body to the Foundry all on her own? Or that she stayed down there the entire night with Sara and never once left even though she was covered in her sister’s blood? She risked everything to take her sister’s body to Nanda Parbat to bring her back… she did everything that she could to help Sara and despite how tight Laurel wants to hold her babysister she lets her go again and again because it’s what Sara wants.

Sara spent so much time telling Oliver that he needed someone who could harness the light inside of him that I think she forgot about her own light still shining bright inside of her, but Laurel never forgot. 

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