i don’t know if any of you have that one tv show that you’ve been following for years and years and it’s impacted your life in more ways than you can ever explain

i started watching one tree hill when i was 14, it’d already been on a while, but i started it and i am 22 years old now and i put off watching the final season for about four years out of the sheer fact i knew i’d be so sad to see it finally finish

i have had the one tree hill boxset for three years and i have two episodes left and i am sobbing??? because this is so much more than a tv show

this show helped me so much through the hardest of times it literally changed my life and saved me and i don’t think i can deal with the fact it’s actually finished. i know i can put season one on again after and pretend it never ended, and i’ll rewatch it for the rest of my life, but this tv show means so fucking much to me i can’t put it into words properly

yes i sound a bit weird and i am legit crying my eyes out right now as one of my favourite character’s just died and the music is beautiful and the show is beautiful and I NEED A FUCKING HUG AND SOME ICE CREAM

please please please watch One Tree Hill because it is the best TV show I have ever watched and that cast means the world to me. trust me it is incredible.