“Just like old times, buddy.”

Villain Saitama having memories of what it was like back in the day after rescuing Genos from another fatal blow.

This was a little pick me up gift for a good friend

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata
Art © Anjelzjelly129


Sometimes I think about the similarities between Mob & Ritsu and Fubuki & Tatsumaki. And their differences.

And in particular I think about these two scenes:


and in mp100:

Isn’t it cute? The older siblings showing such love and admiration for their younger siblings. Mob and Tatsumaki react almost identically!

…And it’s then you get the immediate follow-up, which highlights the big difference between the two:

Tatsumaki decides the way for her sister to grow stronger is to abandon her friends in the Blizzard Group, regardless of what her sister has to say on the matter. And tries to force this decision on her using her powers.

Mob on the other hand…

Accepts his brother instantly, and dismisses Ritsu’s attempts at conflict and tries to convince everyone to get along using his words, not his power. He doesn’t try to force the situation to go the way he wants, he just tries to fix the situation.

Considering how similarly these scenes start, yet how differently they turn out does make me wonder about both of them. If Mob had gone through the same things Tatsumaki had, would he be similar to her? Still caring about his family but more willing to impose his will on others in order to ‘protect’ them. And if  Tatsumaki hadn’t been taken away from her family and experimented on, would she have been more like Mob? 

Both characters are socially awkward but they express it differently, with Tatsumaki responding more negatively towards others compared to Mob, who’s more shy and unimposing…

 The parallels between these siblings is really interesting to me.


So here are a couple of full length pics taken of my Saitama cosplay over the weekend. (*´-`*) Xd 

I was actually pretty nervous about wearing it in public and did not expect to get all weird and shy and make strange faces when asked for my picture. This was also after I’d driven 4 hours and was up since 5am so I don’t look very fresh in the pics even though I had a really nice time! I was inwardly tiptoeing around wanting to hold the cape around myself like Oh my god this was a mistake but a ton of people recognized the character at the con and were really excited about it. I know OPM is popular, but I wasn’t sure how many people at that particular con would be excited about it bc it wasn’t a large con or an anime con.