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Wait, walking is better for fat loss that jogging? Would you be so kind and elaborate?

First off let me start this off with something so a Bunch of people don’t hop on my Ass haha. Everyone’s Body is different. Not every Body will react the same way to certain methods of training. Some people swear by this but that may not work for someone else. There is No ONE Training for every single person because its Personal to them. That’s why its called Personal Training ya find what works for you and stay consistent. Just wanted to say that cause Not enough people know it but lets get to your question that I can answer from MY OWN personal experiences and various studies I’ve done from College classes and my own personal gain for knowledge.

This may be a bit of Read but It’ll explain somethings to you


First of all let me say this about Running/Jogging, its GREAT.

Its gets you from A-B faster, keeps your heart and lungs healthy, makes ya feel better, Helps ya lose weight, and Keeps ya safe in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Overall it’s a fantastic exercise. BUT if you are talking about Pure Aesthetics for Fat Loss purposes, Running is good but its not the best and most efficient way to lose fat faster. Now a lot of people think that since Running can be taxing and burns a lot of calories of course its going to make ya lose fat fast and it is true that consistent running can do that but if you Really want your Body to look nice for the beach or a Photo Shoot there are 2 other Extremely Helpful ways to accelerate your fat loss and those would

LISS (Low Intensity Steady State)


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Now I’m going to get a lil Scientific and talk about the chemistry of it but don’t worry I’ll make this easy to understand ^u^. You see in our Bodies we make ATP our bodies main form of energy.

And we get that from Glucose (sugar in our bodies we get from foods broken down). Now in our Body the food we eat gets broken down and stored as Fat, Glucose, Proteins etc. When we do a High energy Aerobic activity like Running our body takes the Glucose we have stored and trades it for about 36 ATPs so we can run further. And While you are running your Body is Using the calories (Which are just units of Heat energy) from mainly the Glucose and some fat since you are using a lot of energy to maintain your speed. To keep it Simple your body looks at what its got for energy and goes

“Okay I got some Fat I can burn for energy, a Bunch of glucose especially since he ate a ton of pasta stored here, and if I really need to But I will TRY at all costs to avoid this I can burn these Proteins and Muscles as a last resort.”That’s only if you are OVERTRAINING like fuck.

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Since you’re Running your body is primarily using Glucose and trading it forATP so you can run longer and longer and fat is there and some is being burned but not as much cause your Heart rate is above the Fat Burning zoneso its not the main source of energy. By the way to Find your Max Heart Rate take the number 220 subtract your age and to find your fat burning zone multiply your max heart rate by .55 or .7.

Now this is where LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) comes in. Im friends with a Few Bodybuilders riothiei included who Say this is their primary form of Cardio when getting ready for a show. I used this when I injured my Back last year and couldn’t do HIIT and my god the results were awesome. Also people like Physiques of Greatness, the Hodgetwins, Elliot Hulse etc etc have praised LISS.

Heres the thing about LISS though, Its not going to make you Super Athletic and it takes a while to complete and it can be boring, BUT Its very therapeutic and relaxing. Because LISS is so Low Impact all the calories are coming from Fat instead of the other stuff. So its best to do it in the morning on an empty stomach. 1 hour of LISS in your fat burning Zone can Burn up to 600 calories of fat. Its great for people with Injuries or disabled folks

But if you’re like me and want to challenge yourself HIIT is the way to Go 

Now the thing about HIIT is because you are pushing yourself so Hard in a short amount of time, (15-20 mins) Your body actually goes into an Afterburn state where you continue Burning fat after you are done training.

Lemme give ya scenario
Lets say 1 day you do 1 hour of LISS and you burn 600 calories all from Fat, then the next day you do 15 minutes of HIIT and burn 250 calories.
Now you may think you did more with the 1st one But the 600 calories burned from LISS ends as soon as you finish that training. When you do HIIT you may burn 250 then but your Body is still burning fat after you finish and you also released some Growth Hormone so you’re gonna look pretty ripped.

But not all people can do HIIT cause its so Intense so LISS is a nice alternative. Also I don’t want you to think I’m bashing running. I LOVE IT it gives me a good scenic route and I love pretending Im in an Anime Opening

Sequence while doing it.

Hope that Nerdy Jax science lesson helped you out.
Good luck to you and Happy Training.

One of my favorite things about One Punch Man is that it’s 90% goofy superhero action story with ridiculous dialogue and breathtaking fight scenes, but then every so often it hits you with “By the way, Saitama has been struggling with depression his whole life and also some dude whose ‘superpower’ is just ‘he owns a bicycle’ will make you cry like a baby”