The fact that my girlfriend bought this and sent it to my school for my anniversary is just perfect. Like I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I’m so in love with this girl and I know this is who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. You mean so much to me already. You’re everything. You’re my world. I love you more than you’ll ever know. concrete-kings happy anniversary, I know there will be many more to come.

Pick A Member - Exo

Thank you so much to bemyexo for tagging me!! You are such a sweetheart and I love your blog!!

Rules: Answer the question (do not leave any out or replace it with a member that’s not listed) by choosing one of the three members given. Of course you are able to provide a reason for your answer.

1) Marry? Xiumin/Luhan/Suho

 Suho because he is so sweet and shy and awkward and adorable.

2) Would not bail out of jail? Baekhyun/Kyungsoo/Chanyeol

None of them if they did something horrible then they deserve to be in jail. I ain’t bailing nobody.

3) Lose your innocence to? Kai/Sehun/Yixing

Kai because he seems that he would be very patient and respectful about it and wait until I’m ready. I feel he would be good at it too but he also may be as nervous as I am but try to comfort me with his words and ask me what I want and don’t want.

4) Workout buddy? Kyungsoo/Chen/Tao

 Tao because have you seen those muscles of his and also his wushu skills??? I think he would also be very comforting if i started putting myself down about the whole workout thing by cheering me up and talking it out so I can be determined to continue doing it with him!! Also he is quite sensitive like me so I think he would understand to not push me over my limits and to talk normally to me as to not scare or intimidate me.

5) Accompany you on an island that has no inhabitants? Kris/Baekhyun/Sehun

 Probably Baekhyun since he is very funny and silly and at least we will have each other to talk to!!:))

6) Partner in crime? Kai/Chen/Luhan

 Chen!!=D Because he is so adorable and we would be awesome together by playing pranks on everybody!! Chen would always have my back and I would always have his. We would probably be the two kids in class who would pass notes to each other or talk so loudly that the teacher would have to tell us to be quiet. If we worked together we would help each other by doing some of each other’s work if it became overwhelming for the other and also study together and hang out.=))))

7) Introduce to your best friend? Kris/Chanyeol/Suho

 Chanyeol because he is really funny and I’m sure he would make my bff laugh for sure especially with the way he laughs!!:D Also he is tall and dorky and adorable and gets excited over the little things and is a social butterfly just like my bff!!!:))

8) Everything at the mall is on sale. Who would you go shopping with? Xiumin/Yixing/Chen

 Yixing since ik he would pay for everything.

9) Clubbing with? Kyungsoo/Tao/Kris

 Tao. This boy was meant for clubbing especially with that arm thing he does I mean look at this kid.

He isn’t the best dancer but he dances so dramatically and crazy it is funny and his craziness would ease me into the whole club thing since I get very shy and uncomfortable in crowds at first but then we would dance all night like crazy!!!:D Tao has so much energy but if he was drunk oh geez he would get even crazier!!!!xD Tbh I think he would probably be the flirty kind of drunk.

Also if anyone tried to flirt with me or make me feel uncomfortable Tao would make them go away in a second with just a glare.

But if he had to he wouldn’t be afraid to throw a punch or kick or whatever.

Sorry this was so long omg but i just really want to go clubbing with Tao.

10) Remake 50 shades of grey with? Kai/Xiumin/Suho

I don’t want to remake 50 Shades of Grey with anybody PERIOD.

11) Parents most likely approve of? Chen/Kris/Sehun

 Chen since he is very caring, handsome, sweet, and genuine. He would definitely always protect me and love me with all his heart. He would be very focused on our relationship and would want to spend a lot of time with me and get to know me as a person better.

12) Ditch on a first date? Chanyeol/Luhan/Tao

None of them because only assholes ditch people on dates.

13) See yourself having kids with? Kyungsoo/Yixing/Baekhyun

Lol that’s way into the future I don’t even want to think about having children.

14) Watch a Disney animation with in theatres? Chen/Sehun/Suho

 Chen definitely!!!:D He seems like he would love animated movies and would really appreciate the artwork and focus on the plot and memorize all the songs with me so we can sing them really loudly at 3am!!

15) Who would you picture your 13 year old self dating? Kyungsoo/Kai/Tao

No one because I wasn’t interested in dating at that age.

16) Pull the best wedding proposal? Baekhyun/Kris/Luhan

Luhan since he seems very introverted and sweet so I think he would really want me to be happy and take down every detail of things I like and my style of how a proposal would be and would make sure to listen to the things I say and talk to my friends since he wants this to be the best proposal so that he can see my smiling face and hopefully for him a yes. Luhan would definitely respect my limits for a proposal and understand I would hate being pressured in front of a lot of people and would just want it to be a special moment between just the two of us.

17) Most suitable to be a McDonald’s employee? Baekhyun/Suho/Sehun              

 I would say Baekhyun because he is very cheerful and would probably brighten up the mood of his other employees. Also Baekhyun probably wouldn’t let himself be bothered by mean rude customers and just ignore it by doing something silly.

18) Spoil you the most? Chen/Yixing/Chanyeol

 Probably Yixing since he is such a sweetheart and I feel he would want to give me anything so that I can always stay very happy though I would probably tell him that it is alright he does not need to get me all of that stuff and I am fine with just being with him.

19) Best kisser? Kai/Kyungsoo/Xiumin

 I think Kai would be the best kisser because even though he is really shy I feel like he would spend the most time trying to think of how and when to kiss me and though he would be nervous his kiss would be very genuine (also Kai has those nice soft plumpy lips). It would be a not too quick not too long kiss because Kai would probably be very nervous and embarrassed but I’m sure he would want the moment to last for the both of us!!

Who would you say you’re the most compatible with? (Choose any of the 12 members but remember, favoritism and compatibility are two different things)

 Tao. Yes he is my bias but i really do feel like we have very similar personalities. We are both very sensitive and can get upset very easily. We can get pretty crazy if we feel comfortable enough around the people we are with and if we have to we will protect our friends and loved ones at all costs. Like Tao, I can be very reserved at first with people I don’t know but eventually I will open up to them and show them my true colors!!:D I am not as confident as Tao and like him sometimes I may try too hard for people to like me but overall we are both good and friendly people and would never hurt the people we love.


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Cute food asks
  • Dumpling:Have you ever fed ducks some bread?
  • Shortcake:How many houses have you lived in?
  • Truffle:What does your favorite sweatshirt look like?
  • Flapjack:What do you eat ice cream out of? What flavor of ice cream? What toppings?
  • Chickpea:Do your pets sleep in your bed?
  • Eclair:Describe your favorite mug and what you drink out of it!
  • Almond:What is your artistic outlet? What about your athletic one?
  • Guava:Would your perfect day involve other people? Or would it be just you?
  • Icing:Do you use your straw to blow bubble in your chocolate milk?
  • Noodle:Do you have imaginary friends?
  • Muffin:What's on your windowsill in your bedroom? What about on your desk?
  • Parsnip:Have you ever made a blanket fort?
  • Lentil:What weather makes you feel at peace?

ok buttttttt

kyle jean baptiste is 21 years old, and made his broadway debut as valjean yesterday

he is the first african american valjean on broadway, AND the youngest valjean to ever take the broadway stage

am i the only one freaking out about this????


i doubt i’d ever forget meeting you

60/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

“You should’ve seen the way he was looking at you while you were out.”
I smiled a little. “How?”
“Like you’re the ocean, and he’s desperate to drown.”

               — Michelle Hodkin, The Retribution of Mara Dyer [x]

Progress not Perfection

I was brave and bold last night. I thought you would appreciate my motives. I stepped fully into the picture to encourage others to love and accept themselves today, in the body they are in. Shaming myself and loathing myself never got me into a heathy mind or body. Only loving and accepting myself, has made a true transformation possible. On August 1st will be my year anniversary of my Public Display of Self Love journey. I have released 90 pounds and truly have self worth and self pride for the first time in my life. You know how bad the pain can be, and so do I. I was eating myself to death, and hating myself with each bite. I have shed my self loathing, and last night I shed my clothes. I bared it all, to show you my self love and self acceptance regardless of imperfection. My kidney cancer scar, breast reduction scar, stretch marks, lose skin, rolls, and all. I love myself and am so proud of my transformation. This is possible! Step into the picture and step into your life!
Sara Michele Kaplan

one week in one post

So, this is something different and not only for Cardinal Sin(Sun)day. Hope, you’ll like it and won’t get bored while scrolling through it (cause I just like the gif idea here and can’t get Avicii song from haunting me :D). Have to thank apollostowel for this too, cause her “gif battle” made me laugh and gave me this idea, so thank you, dear :3

Oh, and sorry, Cardinal, my Cardinal (…you’ll get why, when you reach the Sunday part of this post).

Enjoy! xx

Monday left me broken…

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…Tuesday I was through with hoping…

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…Wednesday my empty arms were open…

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…Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love…  

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…Thank the stars it’s Friday…  

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…I’m burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday…

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…Guess I won’t be coming to church on Sunday… 

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Sorry, Cardinal, my Cardinal…well actually, thank you for understanding, Your Eminence :3

…I’ll be waiting for love, waiting for love…

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…To come around.

The end!

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