ALL One Direction Music Videos


What Makes You Beautiful” 

“Gotta Be You”

“Wishing on a Star”

“One Thing”

“More than This”

“Live While We’re Young”

“Little Things”

“Kiss You”

“One Way or Another”

“Best Song Ever”

“Story of My Life”

“Midnight Memories" 

"You & I”

These are so far all of the music videos that 1D have participated in, and I am very sure that there more coming on the way. I have to say that us all as Directioners are very proud that they have come so far, and are still thriving. Just looking back at all of these videos, makes me wanna cry so badly and that will defiantly happen. 

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whether this has been pointed out or not, i don’t know, but i’ll say it anyway.

the fact that zayn directly states that he doesn’t think he’s gotten the short end of the stick by dressing up as a woman for the music video makes me all sorts of wonderfully happy. and maybe this is just me reading into it, but it’s really nice because it’s not wrong to be a woman. it’s really not a bad thing; he doesn’t see it as insulting, nor does he see it as anything less. and i’m just a bit upset about it now because you go zayn. bless you.