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We live in what we call 1Derland. Though, long ago we called it Earth. 12 districts used to exist. 10 remain. The other 2 were long ago obliterated, though no one is sure if they still exist. The 10 districts that remain have the following names: Larry, Lirry, Narry, Zarry, Lilo, Nouis, Zouis, Niam, Ziam and Ziall. There is one place that has control over all the districts, Paulitol. It is ruled by President Paul. He banished the man who takes credit for creating the districts, Simon Cowell. This led to the rebellion of the 2 districts that were obliterated. There have been rumours that Simon Cowell is still alive though those have proven wrong by President Paul. But some people still believe he is wrong. Every district has 2 gods. Each from which belong to the group of homosexual, good looking lads. The stronger the love between themselves determines the stronger the district that is named after them. Each district is specialised in whatever their gods are good at. Larry, the most prosperous and the most populated district is specialised in sex. Their gods, Harry and Louis, keep going at it like rabbits so those of the Larry district follow the actions of their gods. Which explains the large population. Niam, Niall and Liam, act very adorably and sensibly. They love each other a whole lot. The people of the Niam district are very kind and follow President Paul's orders. For this, they receive a large number of gifts from the Paulitol which allows the district to keep going. The Ziam district is very sensible and very beautiful. Around their land reflective surfaces are placed. It is said that they have a law saying that they must remain good looking at all times. If not, they are executed. Every ugly offspring produced in that district is also executed. Those in Ziam also follow the orders of the Paulitol. Zouis is very fun and those in Zouis are beautiful too. It is said their gods, Louis and Zayn do mischievous acts together. Lilo are very on and off. Hardly any district understands Lilo. The Lilo district is very aggressive but to those who are on their good side, they are very sweet and loving. Nouis is the fun and carefree district. Lirry is very cheeky but they have a touch of sensibility. Zarry is good looking and cheeky. Those who escape from Zarry are sure to woo women of other districts. Narry is very carefree and cheeky. Ziall is carefree and beautiful. Those who want sex do not give a fuck about who with and are very oblivious to the consequences of their actions. If you have been bothered to finish reading the history of 1Derland, then I applaud you.

if you ever get sad..

think of harry dancing in X factor  200 million years ago