We Need To Stop This Before It Spreads To The Rest Of The Band. Even Though I’m Not One Of His Girls I Still Love Him The Same Amount Of Every Single One.
So Please Repost And Spread This To All Directioners
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what is said:

Tell me that I’m wrong but I do what I please
Way too many people in the Addison Lee
Now I’m at the age when I know what I need, oh, whoa


what I heard:

Tell me that I’m wrong but I do what I please

Way too many people in the Addison Lee

Now I’m at the age when i know what I need, oh, whoa


He leaves you for his ex-girlfriend than wants you back- Harry Part 1

Today was your second anniversary with Harry, you were currently getting ready to go out to dinner with him. You put on Harry’s favorite dress which he had gotten for you for your birthday.You could hardly contain the butterfly’s in your stomach from excitement. It had been 2 incredible years with Harry and you couldn’t wait to celebrate it with him. You were going to meet him at your guys favorite restaurant where you had your first date. You finished up grabbing your purse and heading down the stairs and out the door to your car. You still had an hour before you were suppose to meet Harry at the restaurant so you decided to go to the studio to surprise him there and you could go to the restaurant together. You drove to the studio in silence, parking the car after arriving in the studio. I walked inside in a hurry wanting to see Harry. walked down the corridors turning on a corner to get to the boys recording booth. When I turned the corner I noticed the lads in the sitting down on the floor quietly…that was weird. When were they ever quite? “Guys?” I said making them look up me their eyes going wide seeing me in front of them. “[Y/—] [Y/N]? What…what are you doing he- here?” Louis said in a nervous tone getting up and standing in front of me. “I came to surprise Harry, where is he by the way?” looking around not seeing Harry. “And why are you guys in the hall, all quite? That’s not like you at all” I said with a joking chuckling a bit. But their surprised facade didn’t change as they just seemed nervous now. “We- um we were..” Louis said not knowing what to say. “We were just taking a break!” Liam said quickly coming behind Louis giving me a weak smile. “Okay, what is up with you guys? You’re all acting really weird” I said eyeing them suspiciously. “We’re fi- fine” Zayn said his voice a little to high. “Uh huh” I said not believing him. “Where is Harry?” I said looking at them. “Oh he uh…he..” Louis said again not knowing what to say. I let out a frustrated sigh. “Is he in the recording booth?” I asked pointing to the door that was down the hall behind them. “No he isn’t!” Niall said in a hurry. “What are you guys hiding?” I said squinting my eyes at them. “Nothing, were not hiding anything. Nothing at all. Why would we hide something! Right lads!” Zayn said laughing nervously. “Oh would you guys just move!” I said getting impatient with them and pushing past them to go into the recording booth when someone held my arm. “I wouldn’t go there if I were you love” Louis said giving me a sad look. “Louis please let go of my arm” I said getting worried about why they were acting like this. When he didn’t let go of my arm I just pulled free of his grip and ran to the recording booth door before they could stop me and turned the handle opening the door, I felt my heart sink at the sigh in front of me. Harry had his arms wrap tightly around a blonde girls waist both of them in a passionate lip-lock since they didn’t notice that I walked into the room. I dropped the clutch that I was holding in my hand as it hit the floor the sound of it causing Harry to pull away from the girl and look my way. His eyes got wide seeing me standing in front of them. Once he let go of the girl she turned around to face me and at that moment I just wished that it had been any other girl but her. Taylor…

“[Y/N]…Wha- what are you doing here?” Harry said still looking at me with wide. “I…I- just. I don’t know..I shouldn’t have-” I said stuttering just wanting the floor to swallow me whole right now. “I just came to surprise you..” I said my voice sounding week looking from Harry to Taylor, who seemed to have a bored expression on her face. “Ho- how log-” I tried to talk but I just couldn’t get the words out my voice sounded so weak. “How long?” I managed to say quickly not looking at him. “6 months” he said rubbing the back of his neck nervously. I let out a whimper covering my mouth with my hand thinking about how he must have been with her in the morning and came to me at night. How did I not notice this? What the hell did I do to deserve this. “Where you ever going to tell me?” I said with teary eyes trying hard to hold back from just breaking down crying in front of them. “Actually..yea- yeah” he said looking down. “I was going to break up with you, I just didn’t want to hurt you” I let out a scoff wiping away the falling tears. “You didn’t hurt me Styles..You broke me. I regret the day that I ever met you. You’re an sorry excuse for a man” I said in a angry voice turning around and walking out of the room when someone grabbed my arm stopping me. “[Y/N]…I’m sorry” I heard Louis’s voice say. I shook my head covering my mouth from making any sounds. “You all knew and didn’t say anything” I said turning around to face him and the rest of the lads. “You’re all just like him. I don’t want to see you, any of you ever again” I said pulling my arm out of his hold and running out of the studio and into my car just wanted to drive away not knowing where to go but just wanting to get away from everything…