You Do His Makeup


Prompt- could you write one where your boreed or something and you do nialls makeup but like glam girly makeup and he doenst want you to do it but you do it anyway and hes grumpy through out it, id think that will be cute.

~1422 words


“Please baby.” You whined to your boyfriend for the hundredth time. “We can take it off right away.”

Niall groaned and ran his large hand through his soft hair, “(Y/N), babe, the guys will be over soon to watch the game and i really don’t want them coming in when you’re putting all that goop on my face.”

“I promise i’ll take it off right away. Please? I sat here all day watching golf, can i just do it this once?” You cuddled closer to him and gave him your best pleading eyes making him sigh, “Fine. But it better all be off my face by the time they get here.”

Squealing like an excited school girl and got off the sofa and went to gather your makeup. Niall watched you leave the room , he knew he was wrapped around your finger and that no matter how much of a fight he put up it would have happened anyway. He eternally cursed his decision to allow you to do this when you came back with your arms full of palettes, brushes and sparkles galore. “Alright, let’s get started.” You smiled as you sat back on the couch spreading all your stuff out on the coffee table.

Niall turned on the couch cushion so that his arm was resting on the back of the sofa, one leg bent and resting on the cushion between the two of you while the other one rested to the floor. “Good thing you shaved this morning.” You commented as you grabbed the foundation and beauty blender.

“Yeah, now i’m gonna be looking even more like a girl.” He closed his eyes as you worked the foundation into his soft skin, you would have made him wash his face and put on primer but you didn’t want to push it and he wouldn’t have it on for long anyway. “How do you have this on your skin all day everyday.” He asked as he scrunched his cute face when you put the foundation on his nose.

“You get used to it.” You giggled. “Alright let’s go on to eyes.” Niall watched as you grabbed your morphe palette and opened it, he never seen so many shades.

“Why do you have thousands of eye shadow things when this has so many colors.” He asked genuinely confused.

“Because, there is different shades and some are shimmery and some are matte.” You answered and started to put a dark brown color in his crease. “I can’t believe i let you do this to me.” He said grumpily.

“You let me do this because you love me.” You then went to another shade that was lighter and was shimmery.  “My man is going to look so pretty.” You joked.

“Well I better not be looking pretty when the lads come.” Niall warned gently finally opening his eyes when you were finished blending it out. “Can I see what you’re doing to me yet?” He said reaching for his phone but you grabbed his wrist stopping him. “No you can’t look until i’m finished.” You scolded him, putting your pallet down and grabbed you cosmetic glitter to make the eye shadow on his lids a little more glam.

“No. No glitter.” He said pulling away from your hand.

Giving him puppy dog eyes, “Please Ni.” You whined. He gave you pleading eyes, “No one will know babe. Please? For me?” A groan left his lips as he sat up again and closed his eyes allowing you to tap on the cosmetic glitter. “See. It’s not that bad.”

“I haven’t seen it yet.” He grumbled.

After putting simple bar eyeliner on, concealer on his under eyes and did his eyebrows, which again made him cranky you grabbed you contour palette. “Let’s make them cheek bones pop.” You smiled getting the proper bush and started to dust the powder over his cheeks.

“How much does all this stuff cost?” He said looking at all the products on the table. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back so that he was looking at you, “Stop moving. And they all cost something different.”


“What does it matter?” You sighed, exasperated from the constant questioning and grumbles.

“Just curious.”  

“The thing i’m using right now is like fifty dollars.” You answered, referring to contour palette in your hand. His eyes widened, it wasn’t really a problem but Niall would have never guessed that it would cost so much. “Fifty dollars? For some brown dust?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend, “It’s not just ‘brown dust’ babe. But yes fifty dollars.” After you finished the contouring you leaned in and kissed his thin lips. “Now the highlight.” Switching out the contour palette for the highlighter and a fan brush.  Dusting the illuminating powder over his cheekbones, “Look at that glow.” You joked, “Oh, i almost forgot.”

“Please, i don’t want that near my eyes.” Niall complained when he saw you get the mascara.

“Don’t be a baby.”

“Well i’m a baby then, i don’t want that near my eye. You might poke it out.” Rolling your eyes at how over dramatic your boyfriend could be.

“I’m not going to poke your eye out. If you let me do this then we can be done and i’ll never ask you to do this again.”

And with that Niall let out a long sigh, “Fine, but after you put that on I’m taking this all off.”

“Okay.” You smiled and started to unscrew the mascara.

“Better Than Sex?” He read the mascara tube and raised an eyebrow, “Is it really that good?”  

“Shut up Horan.” You giggled, “Look up and don’t blink or else i will poke your eye.” It was a struggle to get him to finally sit still and allow the wand to come anywhere near his face. You felt very accomplished when you were able to get one coat on his thin lashes.

After putting the mascara tube down and looked at your work, you couldn’t help but laugh at how your boyfriend looked, “There all done, you can look now.” Niall took his iPhone out of his pocket and turned on the front facing camera.

“Jesus Christ.” He said looking at his reflection in the phone, he turned his head side to side looking at your work. “This is fucking creepy.” He chuckled.

“Let me take a picture then you can wipe it off.” You said reaching for your own phone to take a picture.

“Alright but please don’t post it, the last thing i need is for the lads or the fans seeing it.”

“I wont post it.” You reassured him, he made faces at your phone as you snapped a few pics before putting down your phone and getting the makeup remover wipes. “I can’t believe you’re making me wash away my beautiful work.”

He took the wipe from you and scrubbed the makeup off his face as you got up to put away everything, “You did a good job beautiful but i never want any of that goop on my face ever again.” You laughed at his remark and kissed his forehead that was damp from the makeup wipe. “Thank you for letting me do it.”


Later that evening you were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream while Niall and the lads were in the den watching the game but your ears perked up when you heard Deo ask “Niall what the fuck is on your eyelashes?”

“Nothing.” You heard him answer quickly, you didn’t even have to see him to know that he was scrubbing at his eyes.

“Mate, is that mascara?” One of the other lads said.

“No.” Niall said defensively.

“Yes it is.” You heard another say followed by laughter. You felt kinda bad for him but a part of you thought it was so cute how defensive and embarrassed he sounded.  

“(Y/N) was messing about earlier give me a break.” You heard him grumble.

The lads laughed, “Ya let your girl doll you up?” One barked out.  

That’s when you left the kitchen and walked to the den, “Yes he did, and it was very sweet of him to do.” You said walking over to Niall and kissing his lips, “And no you’re not going to see pictures.”

You left the room as Niall’s mates continued to give him a hard time. But you knew you were Niall’s princess so he’d taking some teasing just as long as he knew he made you happy.


Hope you liked it, requests open.

Love me like you do

Eyes hazy. Heavy breathing. The temperature rises. He slams me to the wall not being able to wait any longer. Playing with my red lacy undergarments running his hands all over my skin. My legs pulling him closer. My heels digging into his leg. Releasing a raspy moan as he leaves kiss marks up and down my neck and all over my chest. Picking me up moving my hot sweaty body to the couch he slid on top of me. Purring as he grinds down hard on me. Grabbing my hands roughly pinning them above my head as he pulls my panties down then his pants. My eyes cloud as I let out a pleasure filled scream. I feel every nerve in my body fill with pleasure. But I couldn’t let him see that. “Submit to me” he growls out coming down to my neck. I bite back my moan as he goes rougher. He suddenly stops after a moment and flips me onto my hands and knees. He re-enters pounding harder than ever into me I grab onto my mouth holding in the pleasure erupting all over my body. “Submit to me” he barks out slapping my ass. I let out a moan not being able to hold it anymore. With that I sealed my deal. I was now his and only his. I could feel his smirk,” good girl” he purrs to me as he let’s me reach my end. My end bring a bright haze over me. Drifting off after he finished with his arms around he whispers,” Your mine. Only mine. I love you more then anyone. And forever will “.



Our Perfect Family

Niall and I have been married for two months now it was bliss it was lik- Oh shit. This was not good. I glanced at my calendar on my phone. I hadn’t had my period in two months, since the wedding. How the hell did I not notice? Shit. I couldn’t seem to relax as I sped to the drug store from the arena. The boys were out on the water and I had some down time. Thankfully as I entered the drug store nobody recognized me as I purchased the pregnancy test. What would I do if I actually was? Oh god. Niall what was he going to think? An hour later I sat on the couch with my answer I was pregnant. Holy shit. I sighed. 

“Hey I’m just going to let Y/N know that we are back.” I heard Niall say at the bus door.

I take a deep breath. It’s just like a band aid I just had to have the courage to rip it off. Niall stepped onto the bus smiling but when our eyes connected his smile dropped. 

“What’s wrong?” Niall said as he knelt before me. 

“Niall you know I love you right?” I said warily to him.

He swallows. “Of course babe. I love you too." 

"I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or harm the band. You know that as well?” I say worried about what he will think.

Tears seemed to swirl in his eyes. “Y/N….Your not leaving me are you?” Niall said barely above a whisper.

“God no.” I said quickly. Well not unless he wanted me to.

Niall’s shoulder’s seemed to release some of their tension. “What’s wrong then?”

“I’m preganant." 

Niall seemed to freeze at my words. "Are you sure?”

I nodded warily afraid that if I spoke my voice would crack.

Niall stood up and gathered me into his arms before spinning me around. “We’re pregnant!” Niall said hooting. 

I laughed a little. “Your not mad?” I said curiously.

“Mad? Hell no! I'm…. ecstatic darlin’! I am going to be a dad!” Niall said before setting me down to kiss me passionately. “Now excuse me I have to go rub it in the lads faces.” Niall smiled broadly and headed to the door before turning to face me. “You okay?”

I smiled brightly at him. “Never been better." 

Niall laughed. "Good. Now come on I want to see Harry’s face when we tell him I get to be a dad before him!" 

I laughed following my husband out of the bus. I don’t know why I was so worried Niall had always wanted kids and the cherry on top of it all was that he was going to beat Harry to the punch.


I was coming up on my due date and as much as I loved being pampered I just wanted to get these kids out. I sighed as I exit Louis’s and El’s bathroom. Twins, I was due with twins in two weeks. Of course Niall was even more happy when he found out we were having two. I just about had a heart attack though.

Niall and I waited in the doctors office. 

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Horan I am Dr. St James.”

Niall shook her hand. “Niall.”

“So you ready to see the baby? At this stage we can show you their heart beats.”

“Okay.” I said squeezing NIall’s hand in support. 

The doctor stared at the screen and smirked before turning to face us. Oh shit.

“Congrats Mom and Dad you are having twins.”

“What?” I said extremely loud. 

Niall hollered. “TWO! We get two!” Niall kissed my lips. 

“I’ll have the picture printed just set up another appointment on your way out.” Dr. St James said before leaving.

As soon as the doctor left Niall’s excitement was unattainable. 

I smiled at my husband. “When you do something Horan you don’t do it half heartily do you?” I said laughing.

“Apparently not.”

I chuckle at the memory as I walk into the living room for our movie marathon with the gang.  

Niall and the rest of the boys were arguing over the latest soccer match. El’s eyes connected with mine before we laughed. 

Niall noticed me walking back into the room. “Darlin’ sit down.”

I narrowed my eyes at Niall. “I’m fine Niall.”

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

As much as I loved him he was driving me crazy smothering me. “I know. So what movie first?” I said sitting down in the recliner to appease Niall.

For ten minutes we all argued the boys wanted a scary movie but us three girls wanted romance. I winked at Perrie and Eleanor. “You know guys I don’t think I can sit through a scary movie.” I said rubbing my stomach. 

Perrie and Eleanor both smirked at my statement. Well begin pregnant did have some advantages. 

Harry and NIall’s faces both went to that of concern which meant us girls were going to get our way. 

Louis scowled at me. “You are lucky you are pregnant." 

I laughed before sweetly smiling at him. "Love you too Lou." 

He chuckled and sat down next to El.

As the first movie came to a close I was thirsty. 

I went to sit up. 

Niall stood up from his place at my feet. "You okay darlin’?” He said concerned. 

“Yeah just need to stand to stretch.” I said 

As I walked into the kitchen I grabbed a bottle of water. Harry walked in as I started to finish it. I dropped my water bottle holy shit my water just broke. 

“That’s odd…” Harry said noticing the water on the floor.

Harry and my eyes collided. 

“Harry…” I said lowly.

“GUYS! GET THE CAR!"  Harry shouted before coming to my side. 

Niall ran into the kitchen. "What’s wrong?" 

"My water broke.” I said matching my breathing with Harry’s. 

“Oh shit.”

I glare at Niall as Harry helps me to the drive way. “Don’t swear Niall they can hear you.

Harry  tucked me into the car and ran to the front. "HORAN! LET’S GET A MOVE ON!” Harry shouted as he rounded to the drivers seat.

Niall ran to the car and jumped in next to me. 

Harry drove extremely face to the hospital.

“My bag…” I mumbled to Harry seeing as Niall had completely lost his head.

“I called El she is heading to your place just need the security password.”

I mumbled it to Harry as he helped me to the nurses satiation to check in. I glanced at Niall who looked like he was going to be sick. “I’ll go park the car.” He said before heading back outside.

I laughed at little until the next set of contractions came. I matched my breathing to Harry’s thank god he was here to help otherwise I would be screwed. As they put me into the room Harry excused himself to go get the others and so I had privacy to change. I was sitting in the bed alone. What was with Niall? 

“Hey….” Harry said. “Don’t cry.”

“They are not tears of fear or sadness. They are tears of angrier.” I said angrily. “Where the hell is my husband at Styles?”

Harry switched his weight. “Y/N…”

“DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!” I shouted at him.

Harry looked a little scared. “I’ll go find him.”

I narrowed my eyes at him as another wave of contractions hit. “GOOD AND TELL HIM IF HE DOESN’T GET HIS BUTT IN HERE I AM DIVORCING HIM!" 

Harry chuckled and left the room. 

The doctor came in. "Mrs. Horan. Do you want the medication?”

I growled at him. OF course I did but Niall and I agreed I wouldn’t do it. “No.”

“Are you sure?”


I was in total bitch mood at this point. I just wanted these babies out. I felt another set of contractions as the doctor left and Niall came in.

"OH LOOK WHO SHOWED UP!” I said through clenched teeth.

Niall smiled weakly. “Look maybe you should take the medicine it can make the pain go away.” Niall said with worry in his eyes as he wiped the sweat off my forehead.

I grabbed his shirt collar. “NO!”

Niall grabbed the sponge and wiped my forehead again. 


“Shhh. It’s okay darlin’ I still love you.” He said quietly. 

I felt another set of contractions and after seeing Niall’s face I gave in to the taking the medicine.  I was still angry why did women have to deal with this? I am never getting pregnant again. 

“Alright Mrs. Horan. We need to take you to the delivery room it seems that your water bursted earlier than you said.”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you pee before you thought your water broke?”


“Thought so. You see Mrs. Horan when you though you were peeing it was your water breaking.”

Oh shit. I peed in El’s kitchen. 

I laughed a little as I looked at Niall. “Not a word Horan. Not a single word.”

Niall held his hands up in defense as they led me to the delivery room with my nervous husband.

“Now, c'mon…push!” The doctor instructed.


“Mrs. Horan c'mon please just push!” The doctor urged. I was going to punch him. What the hell did he think I was doing?

“AhH!” She shouted gripping Niall’s hand like it was my only life line. I’m pretty sure I was causing him a great deal of pain

“HOLY SHIT!” Niall shouted as I squeezed his hand tighter every time they told me to push. Niall went to see what it looked like.

“Don’t you dare Horan!” I yelled.

“PUSH!” The doctor instructed.

“YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU BASTARD!” I shouted letting go of his hand and grabbing his arm for more support. 




Oh shit I had to do this twice. I glared at Niall who bowed his head.

"AHH!!!!!!” I shrieked throughout the entire hospital.

“Here we go! One more!” The doctor shouted.

“GET THIS KID THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!” I yelled pushing.

“Aww! Here he is!” The doctor said… “First one is out. Now Mrs. Horan time to push again. 

After repeat the horrid process I was blessed with two healthy little babies one boy and one girl.

"I’m sorry I called you a bastard.” I apologized as I held our daughter in my arms.

“I’m sorry I wasn't… you know.” Niall apologized. As he held our son. 

“What are we going to name them?” I asked looking at the little girl in a bundle of pink. The gang was  sitting in the visitor chairs still in  scrubs watching our new additions .

“I liked Elizabeth…”

“Too many people have that name…I’ve always liked the name Charlotte.” I said. “Her middle name could be Elizabeth.” I suggested.

“She looks like a Charlotte Elizabeth.” Niall answered smiling at me. “What about him? I like the name Lukas?”

I smiled. “Lukas Robert Horan.” I like that name.

Niall smiled at me. “Sounds perfect. I love it.”

“Oh, Niall babe I forgot to tell you something.” I said.


“I love you Ni.” I smiled up at him.

Niall smiled and kissed me. “I love you to Y/N and the two precious babies you just gave me.”

Our perfect little family.

Picture Preference : One of Zayn’s Kid’s Instagram [Naida]

Naida Malik (Other Kids) - [ @spaceynaida]

@spaceynaida: young malik just macking … 

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You like him and he uses you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous- Niall Part 1

I was kind of surprised when Niall asked me to prom. We were best friends and never in a million years would I have tought that he would ask me to prom especially since he didn’t seem to be over the breakup with his ex-girlfriend Amber.I know it made me a bad best friend to be glad that they were through but she wasn’t good for Niall plus she hated me because she figured out that I had a crush on Niall, oh well. Niall picked me up from my house to go to the prom. He seemed a little surprised at my dress, looking at me up and down giving me a warm smile. “You look good” he said opening the car door for me making me blush. When we arrived at the arena where they were having the prom Niall seemed kind of tense getting out of the car and I noticed him staring off into the distance. I followed his gaze to where he was looking and I realized he saw amber getting out of the car with a handsome looking guy. She seemed all happy and cozy with the guy wrapping her hands around his arm walking to the door. When she walked past us she turned to look at Niall giving him a smirk and walking in. Niall slammed the door shut coming to my side grabbing my hand. “Let’s go” he said roughly pulling me behind him. 

The whole time we were there Niall didn’t take off his eyes off Amber once. His gaze was on her the entire time, when ever I asked him something he would just brush me off not taking his gaze off her.The only time he would pay attention to me was when Amber walked past us he held my hand over the table giving me a sweet fake smile “I’m having such a good time with you [Y/N]” he said loudly making sure that Amber could hear. When she was gone he let go of my hand looking at down the hall she had gone down from. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why Niall asked me to the prom in the first place. He only wanted to make Amber jealous. I let out a deep sigh my eyes filling with tears when it dawned on me why he had asked me to the prom. I was so excited when he asked, I took forever to find the right dress and shoes and made sure that I look really good for him but it was all for nothing…I grabbed my clutch getting up from the chair and walking away when Niall grabbed my arm stopping me. “Where are you going?” he said looking at me. I yanked my arm out of his hold looking at him angrily “Home, you’re plan doesn’t seemed to have worked so there is no need for me to stay here right?” I said motioning to Amber dancing away with her date happily. He was confused at first but when he realized what I was talking about his eyes got wide knowing that he had been caught. “[Y/N] I’m really sorry I didn’t mea- ” I held up a hand cutting him off. “Don’t worry about it Niall. I was just kind of excited when you asked me but its okay. Sorry I couldn’t be much help” I said shaking my head the tears falling down by now I turned around walking out of the building leaving a very upset Niall behind me. Well since Niall was my ride here it looked like I had to walk home in heels..great. Could this night possibly get any worse I thought to myself as I made my way towards home. 

Meeting Niall

Sitting inside of a pub in Dublin my friends and I took in the atmosphere. “God this place is packed!” I shouted over the pubs music to my three best friends Kelli, Dani, and Ash.“Yet it is amazing! I mean the fact that we are even sitting here in Ireland drinking, legally I might add.” Kelli says. We all laugh in response since we all drank any way just not in pubs well back home they are bars. “I’m going to get another.” I shouted as my friends continued to talk about how great it was to be visiting over our spring break. Making my way out of the corner booth was no small task due to the number of patrons inside of the pub, who all seemed to know each other I might add. As I weaved through the crowded tables I mumbled some sort of apologizes to any one I may have ran into. As I made it to the bar a blond with crutches hobbled in and as I approached me at the bar to head to the tables I saw his crutch slip and reached my hands out to steady him, which resulted with my arms at his waist. “Woah. You okay?” I shouted over the noise as my eyes locked with his piercing blue ones. He chuckled a bit and his cheeks turned red. “Yeah thanks love that would’ve been embarassin’.” He says with an Irish accent and a laugh. I laughed with him. “For you or for me? Because I am pretty sure that we both would’ve fallen on our asses.” He smiled showing off a row of perfectly straight white teeth. “Both I suppose. Which means I owe you.” I shook my head and smiled. “No it’s alrig-“ “At least let me buy you a drink.” I smiled at him, “One? I am not sure you can handle that.” I teased him. He threw his head back and laughed. “Well I guess it’s a good thing that you will be drinking with me.” He says smirking. I scouted onto the bar stool closest to me and he did the same. I stuck my hand out to him, “ The names Y/N by the way.” “Niall.” He says as his larger calloused hand incased my small one. “ So Y/N do you catch guys much?” Niall asked before getting the bartenders attention to signal two beers. I laughed, “Not really in the habit of it.” Niall shook his head. “Such a shame you seem to be really good at it.” I laughed. “Actually it’s usually the other way around.” Niall smirks, “I bet it is.” I laughed and smacked his arm. “Hey now not like that.” “Uh-huh I am sure.” Niall says as he drawls out the word sure and quirks his eyebrow at me. As the bartender sets down our drinks he gives Niall an odd look which I shrug as him being a regular and not usually seen with a girl. “Seriously.” I say on a laugh. “I had a few knee surgeries and slipping on the floor became a sort of Olympic sport to me. Niall laughed. “ I know the feeling but I feel like a lot of guys used it to their advantage to help you out.” Niall said smirking. I shook my head and laughed, “All the time, it was so annoying.” I said in my best dramatic voice which caused us both to burst out in obnoxious laughter. As the night drew on my and Niall fell into an easy conversation and got lost in exchanging stories about our lives. Midway through Niall’s story about his broteher’s wedding a voice cleared behind me. I turned to see my friends that I forgot about. “Hey Y/N were heading back now.” Dani says trying to hide a smirk. Kelli seemed to want to ask who I was talking to and why I forgot my friends were around but refrained from doing so. “Here’s your coat and phone.” She say handing them to me. As I glance at my phone I realized Niall and I sat here talking for two hours. Shit. I sighed and stood up as my friends headed out the door. As I slipped on my coat I looked at Niall who seemed a bit disappointed. “That’s my queue to go.” I say on a sigh and offer Niall a half smile. Niall returned my smile. “Yeah…” “It was nice meeting you Niall.” I say leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “You too Y/N.” Niall says . As I walked out of the pub I could feel his blue eyes follow me out the door. As I hit the brisk air I sighed I felt as if something in my life was about to change.

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Do u have a master list

The boys mixed

  1. He compares you to his ex-girlfriend- Harry, Niall, Zayn Part 1Harry and Niall Part 2 Zayn Part 2
  2. Silent treatment- Harry and Liam
  3. First sleepover- Harry and Zayn
  4. Your son’s friend/frends think you’re hot- Harry, Louis, Zayn
  5. The morning after- Harry and Niall
  6. Best friends sister- All the boys
  7. Kisses at the door- All the boys
  8. Blush- Zayn, Liam, Harry
  9. You catch him staring at you- Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis
  10. He mentions his ex-girlfriend and you get mad/jealous- Liam and Louis Part 1

Liam Preferences

  1. He is your secret admirer- Part 1  Part 2
  2. You’re from another country and one of your friends/ family call you and you talk in your native language and he finds it a major turn on
  3. He leaves you for his ex-girlfriend then wants you back-Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  4. You get into a fight with him
  5. I know your secret popular sports bot
  6. Lip biting
  7. You knew him in high school and he sees you after a long time
  8. He gets jealous of one of the other boys

Harry Preferences

  1. First Meeting
  2. Accidental Kisses
  3. Teaching your child how to walk
  4. You’re from another country and one of your friends/ family call you and you talk in your native language and he finds it a major turn on
  5. He leaves you for his ex-girlfriend then wants you back-Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6  Part 7
  6. Dating you for a bet-Part 1 Part 2
  7. He gets jealous of one of the other boys
  8. Management hires someone else to date him for publicity and you get jealous- Part 1 Part 2
  9. He checks out another girl in front of you- Part 1 Part 2
  10. Masquerade ball- Part 1 Part 2

Zayn Preferences

  1. First Meeting- Part 1 Part 2
  2. He teaches your child how to walk
  3. You’re from another country and one of your friends/ family call you and you talk in your native language and he finds it a major turn on
  4. He is your secret admirer- Part 1 Part 2
  5. He leaves you for his ex-girlfriend then wants you back- Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  6. He gets jealous of one of the other boys
  7. Management hires someone else to date him for publicity and you get jealous

Niall Preferences

  1. First Meeting
  2. You’re from another country and one of your friends/ family call you and you talk in your native language and he finds it a major turn on
  3. He leaves you for his ex-girlfriend then wants you back- Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 
  4. You work for him and he acts like he hates you  but he secretly loves you- Part 1 Part 2
  5. He checks out another girl in front of you- Part 1 Part 2
  6. You like him and he uses you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous- Part 1

Louis Preferences-

  1. You’re from another country and one of your friends/ family call you and you talk in your native language and he finds it a major turn on
  2. You knew him in high school and he sees you after a long time
  3. He gets jealous of one of the other boys- Louis (Harry)

Picture Preferences

  1. Wedding Dress- All the boys
  2. His favorite picture of you- All the boys
  3. You’re mad at him and he texts you- All the boys
  4. His favorite hairstyle on you- All the boys
  5. What you wear to the: This Is Us Premier: Niall
  6. What you wear to the: This Is Us Premier: Harry
  7. What you wear to the: This Is Us Premier: Louis
  8. What you wear to the: This Is Us Premier: Zayn
  9. What you wear to the: This Is Us Premier: Liam
  10. You wear matching shoes- All the boys
  11. Favorite nails on you- All the boys
  12. He buys you high heels- All the boys
  13. His favorite flower crown- All the boys
  14. Meeting his parents for the first time- All the boys
Birthday Surprise

“Dad what if mom finds out?” Fourteen year old Darcy asks her dad who is currently on his world tour and sky ping with her.

Harry chuckled. “She won’t look it’s for her birthday. Besides she thinks I’m going to forget anyway.

Darcy laughed."I agree. You missed it I walked in on her making me breakfast and she was singing Kiss You  while dancing around the kitchen."  Both daughter and father laugh.

"Darcy! You’re going to be late for school if you don’t get down here right now!"  You looked at your watch again. "If you’re not down her in five minutes I’m coming up there and you’re not join got like it young lady!”

“Okay  bye daddy I love you!” Darcy said before quickly shutting down her laptop.

Darcy raced down the stairs to the foyer to retrieve her back pack. 

“About time!” I grumbled. 

“Chill mom. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Just get in the car Darc.”

“So mom…” Darcy said excitedly.

“What?” I sighed.

“So when dad and the guys come back can we go somewhere for vacatio-”

“Darcy they aren’t coming back for a couple of months its a nonstop tour sweetheart.” I say as I steal a glance at my fourteen year old. 

Darcy made an ‘O’ shape with her mouth as you arrived to her school “Have a good day! Love you.” I shout as she runs towards her friends.

I sigh today was going to be a long day. It was my day off from work because of renovations at the dance studio I owned. So I decided to run a few errands that needed to be done before this weekend. I went and got grocery’s for the two of us for the week. As I brought the stuff into the house and began to unload my phone began to ring.

Back to you, Back to-

“Hey Harry!” I answered giggly just like the first time he called me.

“Hey Y/N, babe. I miss you.” I could tell that Harry had just woke up, or so I thought.

“Miss you too. It’s to bad you won’t be coming home this weekend.” I say trying to bait him.

“Yeah but it’s just an ordinary weekend Y/N it’s not like anything special is occurring.” Harry said.

I paused. How could he forget your birthday? We had been married for sixteen years. “That’s true.” I say softly. He forgot.

“Harry hurry up!” I hear in the background. 

“I got to go Y/N. I love you.” He says.

“Yeah…love you too.” I reply sadly as he hung up. 

For the next several hours I sat around thinking how could he? I glanced at the clock to realize that I had to go pick my daughter up.

As I pull up to the school I see Darcy who has the same piercing green eyes and curly hair her father has run towards me.

“Hey mom.” She says excitedly as she jumps into the car.

“Hey sweetie how was your day?”

“Great! Jessica this girl….” Darcy goes on about this girl she doesn’t like and how the boy she has a crush on called her out in front of the class and you tune it out because you wonder if your daughter is even going to remember your birthday.

“Mom! MOM!" 

"What sweetie?”

“We’re home are you going to get out?”

“Oh. Yeah I’m coming.” I say climbing out and trail after my talkative daughter. 

Around nine I decide to call it a night. 

“Night Darcy! Love you!” I say as I tell my fourteen year old goodnight.

“Love you too Mom.”

“Oh and mom Abi is coming to pick me up at seven for that project." 

"Okay sweetie night.” I turn off the lights and retire to my room. I pull my phone out of my jogging pants and send Harry a text. 

'You up?’

'Heading to bed now love you Y/N.’

I grumble. “I hate tour”

The next morning I woke up and it was eight o'clock which meant that  Darcy was already gone with her friend. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up around ten and got ready for the day and still no text or call or word from Harry to say happy birthday. 

Around noon Darcy was back, “Mom. mom. MOM!” she shouted. 

“In my room Darc." 

"Hey Abi’s parents want to know if you want to come over for their cookout today. Plea PLEASE!”  My daughter pleaded with me. I faked a smile after all she didn’t even say happy birthday to me. “Of course sweetheart. When do we g-”


“Do you know wh-" 

"Of course mom she’s my best friend." 

I rolled your eyes. Of course what was I  thinking. 

When we arrived at Abi’s house it looked as if the neighbors were having a party and Abi’s parents..well nothing to exciting. The two of us walked up together me leading Darcy. 

I opened the door and were greeted by confetti and "SURPRISE!” everyone I knew shouted.  Then my eyes collided with the green orbs I knew so well. 

“I thoug-”

“I know Y/N. I would never forget your birthday I love you to much.” Harry says as he kisses the top of my head.

“Darcy was in on it to?”

Your daughter shrugged. “It was all dads idea we have been planing for a month. He didn’t think I could keep my mouth shut though.” My fourteen year old stuck her tongue out at her father and of course he did it back.

“Thank you both for the best birthday any women could ask for.”

“Only the best for my perfect wife.” Harry replied and covered my mouth with his.

“EWWW! MOM! DAD! Stop just stop!” My daughter squealed but neither one of us cared because we had this moment and that was all that mattered.

He is the bad boy in school and he falls for you- Harry Part 2


I leaned against the library wall by the parking lot as i took another drag from my cigarette waiting for [Y/N] arrive. We couldn’t meet at my house because I knew her dad would say so she insisted that we meet at the library instead of her house because i knew she didn’t want me to find out who her dad was. I saw her from across the road with her books in her hand as she crossed at a green light making her way towards me. She smiled when she saw me leaning against the wall giving me a small wave. I smiled waving back at her dropping my cigarette on the floor and stepping on it. “Sorry, did you wait long” she said standing in front of me. “Nah, I just got here” I said lying. “Well let’s go inside then” she said walking towards the doors as I followed behind her. I managed to pay attention to the things she was saying about the project and reading the giant book she found on one of the library shelf that would help us with the research for the project. But my mind kept on slipping to the her as she sat in front of me working away on the project. She was making notes of the important points she was reading on the book in front of her. Her hair was pulled up in a bun today unlike her usual style of lose curls that she wore to school. But i liked this looked to, Her bangs were out of eyes and could easily see her [Y/E/C] eyes now. Her eyelashes were long and draped over her eyes gracefully,  fluttering every time she would blink. Her lips were a light pink from her chap-stick that she had put on earlier when we sat down. It was hard not to stare at her when she was applying a coat of the chap-stick on to keep her lips from drying out as it made them look more plump. I wondered what they would feel like pressed against mine, or my neck or any part of me really…I shook my head at my dirty thoughts, no I shouldn’t be thinking this way about her she was so innocent and pure nothing like any other girl that I had been with before. But that was the thing, I wasn’t with her no matter how much I wanted to. We did a good portion of the project as I leaned back stretching  my back. “Please no more [Y/N]” I said with a groan. She chuckled nodding her head. “Yeah I can’t take anymore of reading these stupid books” she said motioning to the books. “I think that’s enough for today and we deserve a break. What do you say?” I said smiling at her. “Sure, what did you have in mind?” she said gathering her books. “There is a small bakery that I used to work at not far from here we could go there?” I said with a smile as she nodded. “Here let me” I said as I grabbed her books from the table as she gave me a thankful smile as we made our way out of the library. We got into my car as I drove us to the bakery. We arrived at the bakery the little bell going off as soon as we opened the door and we were greeted by Barbara the little old lady that i used to work with. “Harry!” she said excitedly as soon as she saw me. “Hello Barbara I said with a warm smile greeting her. "Here for another slice of my famous chocolate cake I presume” she said and I nodded my head carrying on talking to her. “And who is this lovely lady” she said referring to [Y/N]. “Hello, my name is [Y/N]” she said as she shook Barbara’s hand. “Oh my, so your [Y/N]” she said making my eyes go wide. I forgot I told Barbara about it. “Are you Harry’s girlfriend yet then?” she said excitedly. My face flushed red as so did [Y/N] she looked at me then back at Barbara shaking her head. “No  you’ve got it wrong, were just friends” she said her face still tinted a light red. “Oh to bad, you guys would make a lovely couple” she said with a smile watching me and [Y/N]. She took our order and [Y/N] went to find a table as I paid for our order. “So she is a special one tough isn’t she?” Barbara said making me look at her questioningly. “You never bring a girl over here Harry. And you barely talk about them, she is the only one you’ve told me about” she said giving me back my change. “Yeah” I said looking at [Y/N] then back at her. “I’ve got it bad for her” I said with a shrug. “I can tell. And she’ll be good fro you to Harry. But you better tell her soon before someone else snatches her away” she said with a  smile handing me the twice pieces cake as I thanked her making my way to [Y/N]. We sat talking as we ate the chocolate cake. “So Barbara is really sweet” [Y/N] said making me smile. “Yeah she is, she is like a second mom to me” I said. “and you’ve told her about me?” she said raising her eye browns in question making me almost choke on the cake that was in my mouth. “Ugg hmm. yeah I did mention you once or twice when I was telling her about the project we were doing together” I lied looking at her as she nodded her head a small smile on her face as she took a sip of the coffee in front of her. We kept on talking about school and other things as I asked her if there was anyone she was seeing at the moment making it seem casual. She shook her head “there is someone I like tough” she said looking at me. Her eyes boring into mine. “Do I know him?” I said getting upset at the idea of her liking someone else. “Uh-hmm. You do. Pretty well actually” she said smiling. I was about to question who it was before she spoke. “I should get going its getting late. "Ill drop you off” I said still a little gloomy at what she said. We said goodbye to Barbara as we got into the car driving to her house. I was quite the whole time thinking about who she meant when she said that I knew the guy she liked pretty well. “This is it” she said as I stopped in front of a large house. “thank you Harry” she said smiling as I didn’t say anything making her frown. “You okay?” she said as I nodded my head. “I’m fine” I said giving her a smile to re-assure her. “Goodnight” she said leaning in and giving me a light peck on the cheek as I could smell her sweet perfume from her being so close to me as I felt her plump lips on my cheeks for a few seconds before she pulled away giving me a one last smile before getting out of the car and walking into her house. I cursed at myself as I felt my heart beginning to beat faster at her simple gesture. This was bad, how did she make me feel like this at with a simple kiss on the cheeks. I drove back to my house a ghostly smile on my face and my thoughts filled with [Y/N].. 

This was kind of long but oh well!

The Arrangement Part 4

“God dammit.” I grumbled as I flipped to lay on my other side and glanced at the clock. I had been in my room for three hours and I had not been able to sleep. Maybe this arrangement was not going to work I mean after all Amy was downstairs with Niall. This is just great I am jealous of his relationship and I am not evening dating him. I groaned maybe I just needed some hot tea. Yeah that would work and hopefully they went to Niall’s room or left . I sat up and padded out of the room. I looked down the stairs and listened to see if I could hear anything. I pause and crept down the stairs and made my way to the kitchen. I grabbed a cup and filled it with water and put it into the microwave just to be quick. I picked out my tea bag and waited until the microwave went off. The microwave made a loud beeping noise. “Shit.” I mumbled. I forgot how loud this stupid thing was.

“Thirsty?” I masculine voice said from behind me.

I jumped a little. “Yeah. Wanted some tea.” I replied before walking around the kitchen island to leave the room.

“Listen about ear-”

“You don’t have to explain it to me Niall. It’s not my job to meddle but you should be better at hiding her because chances are this will leak out to the press and cause problems for both of us. I’m here to do my job Niall it’s nothing personal.”

Niall looked at me strangely.”Are you sure?”

I smiled at him. “Yes. Look just make this easier for me by being more secretive okay?”

“Alright…” He said as I made my way upstairs with my tea. “And Y/N..” I turned and looked at him. “Thanks.”

I smiled and turned to retreat upstairs to my bedroom. I sighed and leaned against the door. This was going to be a long six months.


Glancing at the clock I groaned. Great It was only six in the morning and I was already wide awake. I got up and walked over to my suitcase and pulled out one piece swim suit. I sighed I guess getting a work out in wouldn’t hurt. I walked into my connecting bathroom and grabbed a towel. I made my way down the dual staircase and outside to the large heated pool. I set my towel on a chair and dived in. After a countless humber of laps I stopped deciding I needed to actually get ready for the day. I attempted to drag myself out of the water.

“I didn’t know you liked to swim…” Niall said.

I turned my head towards him and noticed he was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt. “I don’t usually…but today just seemed like a nice day for a swim.” I said trying to use my arms to hoist me up and failing pretty miserably.

Niall got closer. “Need help?”

I nodded mutely and reached my hand out. I smirked on the inside rather than me getting out it would be more fun if I made him get in.

Niall reached his hand out and began to help hoist me out of the pool. I smiled at him and kicked my feet out against the wall which cause my body to go flying back and Niall to come flying into the pool.

Niall came up sputtering and laughing. “I should have known that was coming.”

I gasped in between fits of laughter. “Probably. would. have. been. a. good. idea.”

“You think that this is that funny huh?”

“Absolutely.” I said laughing at him.

Niall made a grab for me and dunked my head under the water. I came up sputtering.

I noticed that Niall had moved to the edge of the pool and hoisted himself out of the water and stood laughing at me.

“Thanks Niall.” I said making my way to him. “A little help?”

“That depends.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You want to make me food? Because I’m starved right now.”

I laughed at him. “Sure. Just help me out.”

Niall hoisted me up out of the pool. “Great. Now I am going to change and I will meet you in the kitchen in a half an hour?”

I nodded as I picked up my towel and began to dry myself off. “Yeah. I have to hop in the shower first though.” I said throwing my towel over my shoulder and trailing after Niall.

Niall turned and continued to walk into the house backwards to look at me. “You know if you want to conserve some water….”

I laughed at him. “Not a chance Horan. Not a chance.” I said brushing past him and heading to my bathroom. “I’ll see you in a half an hour.”

I heard Niall laughing as he headed to his own room. I quickly grabbed my clothes out of my suitcase and hopped into the shower. I glanced at the clock fifteen minutes left. I threw my hair up and into a messy bun and grabbed my phone and wallet from the night stand and headed downstairs to the kitchen to start making us both breakfast. I grabbed everything that I needed to make omelets stuffed with cheese, ham, and a ton of veggies. When I had both of them done I glanced at the clock and noticed Niall was fifteen minutes late and rolled my eyes.

“Oh my God that smells amazing!” Niall said as he walked into the kitchen and sat at the island.

I laughed. “Thanks.”

“So you do you really know how to cook?” Niall asked looking at the food questionably.

I punched his arm playfully. “Believe it or not yes. I am a great cook and if you question it again I may slowly start poisoning your food.”

Niall quickly took a bite out of his omelet. “This is awesome.”

I laughed at him. “You only say that because your afraid of what I will do in response if you don’t.”

He chuckled. “I guess you’ll never know.”

“So what is the plan today?” I asked taking a bite out of my omelet.

“They want us to go shopping or something public that we can have tons of pictures taken together.” Niall said.

“I take it you don’t want to?”

“No..I just hate this. I feel terrible that I have yo-”

“Niall, I agreed to this so don’t say that. I signed up for this remember?” I said. Even though it wasn’t entirely true considering I signed up without even knowing what I signed myself up for.

“I guess your right.”

“I am. So why don’t we go shopping and then we can go do something more exciting that you want to do?”

”Sounds like a compromise.”

“If you want to call it that.”

“Fine but…Can we not draw tons of attention on us?”

“Deal. You ready?”

“Yeah…Are you?”

I stood up and grabbed both of our plates and placed them into the sink. “Yeah. Why do I need to wear something special?” I said turning and raising an eyebrow at him.

“No..It’s not that it’s just…I don’t know most girls wear make-up and..”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Niall we are supposed to be ‘in love’ so I am acting the part.”

“By not wearing make-up…?”

“Yes. Look it’s a girl thing okay. If a girl doesn’t wear make-up around a guy she likes or in this case is supposed to love that means she can be herself around him. Do you understand?”

“Yeah..I never knew that before.”

I chuckled at him. “I guess you learn something new everyday.”

“Alright. Let’s go then.”

I grabbed my stuff and he grabbed his keys.

“I hope you are aware that I am driving.”

“Of course your highness.”

Niall chuckled at my comment. “You really don’t hide what you think. Do you?”

“No. I don’t find it necessary. Plus according to my file that’s what you love so much about me.”

Niall raised his eyebrow. “You read it?”

“Some of it. Mostly just the stuff highlighted.” I said as we climbed into the car.

Niall laughed. “Just the important parts huh?”

“Pretty much.”

Niall chuckled as we pulled out of the driveway.

“Holy cow!” I exclaimed looking at a sea of paps everywhere.

“Welcome to the life of dating a boy band member.”

I glanced at him. He definitely seemed upset about it. “It’s just crazy.”

“Yeah it is.”

As we pulled out of his driveway and down the street it took us just about a half an hour.

“Well that as a well spent half hour.” I said jokingly. “Can we go back I am pretty sure they have enough pictures.”

Niall laughed. ” I am sure you’re right darlin’ but we still have to go shopping. Orders from management.”

I stared at him in silence for a few minutes. He really didn’t have much of a say in this. “I’m sorry.”

He looked at me questionably. “For what?”

“This whole thing. I know you just want a normal life.”

“Yeah sometimes I do, but then I think about the guys, all the sold out concerts and the fans and realize that I am living my dream. To me that’s more important.”

We drove in silence the rest of the way to the mall. When I climbed out of the car Niall was standing on his side waiting for me. He stuck out his hand.

“What?” I said.

He grabbed my left hand and interlaced out fingers. “We have to look the part. Remember this is your job?”

I nodded. “I know but if you don’t want to that’s perfectly fine.” It always seemed to me that it killed him he had to pretend to be something he wasn’t.

He smiled at me as we made our way inside of the mall. “That’s why they picked you.”

I raised my eyebrows at him. “What’s why?”

“You’re extremely nice and not to mention look out for me.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Part of my job.” I said winking at him. “So where to first?”

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Ello😋 Can I have a master post of your prefrences?

He Give’s Your Baby a Bath. His P.O.V.

He Say’s I Love You for the First Time. Liam and Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry.

Cuddling. Harry.

You Star in a TwitCam.

He Misses You on Tour. Harry Zayn Liam Louis Niall

Just Friends


You Over Hear Him Talking with the Other Boys About How He Wishes You and Him Were a Couple

He Embarrasses Himself in Front of You

You Embarrass Yourself in Front of Him

You’re Just Friends, You Get Drunk and End Up Having Sex. Part Two.

First Kiss.

You Lost Your Virginity to a Girl.

You’re On Your Period.

You Get Caught Kissing by Your Kid.

You Hang Out with the Other Boys when You’re Just a Fan.

You Visit His Mom.

You Sing Him a Taylor Swift Song You Wrote.

Cute Couple Moment.

You’re Just Friends, and He Flirts.

Late Night Talks.

He’s Sick.

You’re Just Friends, You Fight, Then Kiss.

You’re Separated, and Have Kids.

The Morning After.

You Get a Piercing.

Christmas with the Family.

New Years Kiss.

He Hurts You Physically.

Taking Down the Decorations.

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He uses you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous- Harry Part 2

I grabbed my phone checking the text from Harry who told me to meet him at the restaurant at 8:00pm, and it was now 7:30. He didn’t even bother to pick me up from my house, that jerk. I put on the last touches to my makeup and admired myself in the mirror. I rarely ever put on make up but if I was going to do it I made sure it looked perfect. I smiled to my self fixing my hair. I called a cab and grabbed my bag and went down stairs . Once the cab arrived I said by to my mom and dad and walked outside getting into the cab. The drive to the restaurant was kind of quite as I made small talk with the cab driver. Once we arrived at the restaurant I paid the cab driver  getting out of the car and walking into the restaurant. I walked in and looked around the restaurant for the curly haired guy I had known for years. AS soon as I spotted him I walked towards the table but Harry didn’t see me coming as his gaze was fixed on his phone. I sat across the table from him and he lifted his head for a second “Hi [Y/N]” he said with a smile looking down again but doing a double take once he noticed how I looked. “[Y/N]?” he questioned looking at me with his mouth gaping as if he wasn’t sure it was actually me. “Hello Harry” I said giving him a sweet smile. “You…ugh you look..” he said stuttering a bit looking at me up and down. “I look what?” I said leaning towards the table and placing my arms on the table. “You look really pretty [Y/N]” he said giving me a smile. “Thank you Harry, so should we order?” I said as he nodded. The whole night he seemed to pay extra close attention to me like he never did before. He seemed to try to make me laugh every chance he got, and he flirted away like nothing was wrong and complimented me every chance he got. I just played along with it making him think everything was all handy dandy. After dinner he walked me out of the restaurant and offered to take me home and I agreed. The drive home was kind of quite and I noticed he seemed a little nervous as he gripped the steering wheels a little to tight. He parked in front my house getting out of the car and running to the other side to open the door for me. I would have thought the was such a gentleman but he was only acting this way because he thought I looked prettier than I usually did. I thanked him as I bid him good night walking to the front door when I felt him grab onto my hand causing me to turn and face him. “I had a really good time [Y/N]” he said smiling down at me making my heart skip a beat at how good he looked just by smiling. No [Y/N] stop it, the only reason he asked you out in the first place to just to use you to make his ex-girlfriend jelous. “We should do this again sometime” he said leanign closer to me tilting his head to the side his lips inches away from mine his eyes closed when I placed my hand on his stopping him from kissing me. He opened his eyes a little confused at why I had done that. “Yeah well I rather not go  out with assholes the second time around who are only using me to get back at their ex-girlfriend. And I am definitely not kissing you.” I said in a mono-tone making his eyes go wide as he stared at me. “[Y/N]..I- I wasn’t tr-” I cut him off before he could finish. “Save it Harry, and don’t bother ever talking to me again. Good night” I said with a serious face walking up the stairs leaving him a look behind me with a shocked and hurt expression as I slammed the door locking it behind me. That would tech him to mess with me I thought to myself but I could still not help but cry as how I still had feelings for the tall idiot. “Dammit!” Harry thought to himself as he ran his finger through his hair. How the hell was he going to fix this mess he thoughts to himself as he got into his car and drove away his mind filled with thoughts of his gorgeous best friend that he had been crushing on since the beginning of high school..