a fantasy that i had while washing my legs in the shower

i am very close to michael cera. on a whim i ask if he still has the leather jacket he once wore as george michael on season one of arrested development and he gives it to me as a gift.


Abby Griffin in every episode | 1x05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming

“My husband was killed for trying to warn us. In 12 hours, 320 people will be sacrificed to extend our oxygen supply unless we take action. The future doesn’t belong to the Chancellor or the Council. It belongs to all of us.”

Steven Universe Starters:
  • “Nobody can tell me what to do, and if they do, I hit them in the face with a chair!”
  • “What a gross misuse of safety equipment, and your tax dollars.”
  • “It’s a trap! An adorable trap!”
  • “They are bleeding. Oh no, they are dead.”
  • “We can’t fight them forever. Well, we can, but I don’t want to.”
  • “I got hit by an airplane!”
  • “Well, the important thing is family and friendship, honesty, values, and no one got arrested”
  • “Hey! Don’t mess with his funky flow!"
  • “I know how to burn people!”
  • “But I think you’re just mad cause you’re single."
  • “If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs."
  • “Truth is a feeling in your gut that you know is true.”
  • “Now everyone can see me burning."
  • “Just let me do this for you!”
  • “I won’t let you hurt my friends."
  • “Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time and work.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’m never alone.”
  • “I never asked to be made!”

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Who among the SC would trespass in a private property just because a rare pokemon is inside? Also, I love the new chapter. It may be one of your best yet. It tore my heart but that's when I know that whatever I'm reading is really good.

Eren would 100% be the first one to be arrested for trespassing. Armin just wouldn’t get caught. Jean would try to find ways to avoid trespassing and end up in ridiculous positions with his hands over fences, trying to get close enough anyway. Hanji wouldn’t even care for police.

How biased is the media you have access to?  Have you heard much about the DAPL?

I don’t have television, so I have no idea what is playing on the news.  I do know, however, that Google News has only articles from more obscure sources about DAPL and none of them are coming up as headlines.  Compare that to my social media feed, filled with articles and posts shared by my largely Native friend base, and you can see how little important Native news makes it into mainstream media.

People are being arrested.
The popular video being shared today is from AJ+ and shows peaceful protestors being arrested.  In one clip, a man who is walking away in a field is grabbed from behind and slammed to the ground as an officer handcuffs him.

DAPL is suing.
The energy company is claiming endangerment of its workers and a risk to its permits for delay in constructing its water crossings.  Ironically, the protestors are claiming endangerment of their lives should the construction continue, adding to the sentiment the pipeline is causing amongst the Standing Rock people: “Is an entire people expendable?”  The methods used to seek approval for construction of the pipeline are called into question.

More and more people are showing up.
I have a number of friends packing up their cars from Indiana to Idaho, ready to drive to North Dakota and risk arrest for the cause.  Shailene Woodley, Divergent actress, is already on-site defending alongside the Sioux.  Read her Twitter feed here.

30 youth just ran 2,000 miles.
They delivered a petition with 160,000 signatures to stop the pipeline to Washington.  They began on foot from North Dakota.

Protestors are asking for support.

External image

The Cheyenne River Sioux stands in solidarity with Standing Rock.
This letter was written to Washington on behalf of the cause:

External image
External image
External image

Furthermore, transportation was provided for protestors:

External image

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe are also backing up the Standing Sioux.

External image

Salish Sea Bio Region members are raising funds to support the Native groups.
They plan to travel from Washington to North Dakota to stand in support of defending land and water rights.  Their fundraiser is located here.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as more people are planning to make the trip to North Dakota.  I just hope my friends stay safe; the Dakotas are not exactly known for polite police officers when it comes to Native peoples.

DAPL intensifies. How biased is the media you have access to?  Have you heard much about the DAPL?
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Him (Part 4)

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Bella’s heart was racing. Not out of fear, but anticipation. Excitement. Every time they came close to catching the killer she felt this way. She had felt it for the first time when she was a little girl and was riding around with her father in his police cruiser. She had been tagging along the whole day when her father got word of a local killer being spotted in the area. Their local police department had been going through hell for a month trying to find the guy. Bella’s own father was the one who arrested him. Even then, Bella wasn’t afraid.

“Clear,” Bella said into her communication device. 

“I’m going in through the back, spot me,” Emily’s voice rang through the static. Bella made sure Emily got in safely. They were in the first floor of Johnathan’s house and everything was silent. There had to be basement or sound proof room somewhere. Bella carefully looked around for it, pointing her gun in front of her every step of the way.

“Emily, his end game is going to be to kill Lisette or himself. Or both. We can’t let that happen,” Bella spoke quietly.

“I found a door,” Emily said, putting her ear against it to listen in. She nodded her head and counted to three silently, nodding to Bella to follow her lead. The rest of the team was on their way, along with backup. Scorned lovers usually tend to not go down without a fight. “FBI! Put your hands up where I can see them!”

Emily busted the door open and they ran down the stairs. Johnathan and Lisette were waiting for them, Lisette tied to an operating table and Johnathan wearing a surgeon’s mask and carrying a scalpel. He had not done too much damage yet; only her left cheek was cut. 

“Put the weapon down, Johnathan,” Emily said.

“No! She deserves to be punished! She deserves to know what it feels like to have your heart broken!” Johnathan screamed.

Bella cautiously stepped in front of Emily, getting a look from her.

“Johnathan, let’s just talk. I’m going to put my gun away, okay?” Bella said carefully, putting her gun in her holster. Emily gave her an alarming look, but she let Bella take the lead anyway. “I know you’re hurting. I know how you feel.”

“You don’t know anything! Step closer and I will kill her!” Johnathan yelled, putting the scalpel up to Lisette’s neck, something he had never done before.

“Okay, okay. Johnathan, I do understand you. You’ve been hurt. You feel like your heart is missing, and it’s being carried by the person who took it out of you. You feel a hole where it’s supposed to be, and you’re reminded of the pain over and over again, even when you’re not thinking about it. But hurting these women, hurting Lisette; it won’t change anything,” Bella said sympathetically.

“Yes it will! All they do is get more and more surgeries and cheat on their husbands and then act like they did nothing wrong. My life is ruined!” Johnathan cried, his hand shaking.

“It’s not, Johnathan. We can get you the help you need. You just need to put the scalpel down,” Bella said calmly.

The air was thick. Lisette was visibly shaking, and so was Johnathan. Emily stared intensely at the two of them, waiting to see what would happen and what she would do about it. 

“I don’t want help. I want…” with that, Johnathan made a swift motion with the scalpel to his neck, but Bella’s quick reflexes let her shoot him in the leg before he could kill himself. Emily ran to Lisette to help her out and Bella ran to Johnathan to cuff him and get medical help. The rest of team was upstairs, along with backup and paramedics. They had arrived just as they heard Bella trying to calm Johnathan down. They didn’t want to interfere until it was absolutely necessary.

Everyone rushed down the stairs and a paramedic got started to work on Johnathan. 

“I’m sorry about your broken heart. I really am. But no one is going to die on my watch,” Bella told Johnathan as he was taken away on a stretcher. Bella caught Spencer’s eye as he watched the two’s interaction. Upon noticing, he quickly looked away. She was just ready to go home.

“That was probably the quickest case we’ve ever done,” Rossi commented as they all walked into the BAU headquarters later that night.

“All thanks to Bella. She basically figured out the entire thing in five minutes,” Garcia said, joining the team and greeting them with welcome-back hugs.

“You really were amazing out there, Scodelario,” Hotch said seriously, a small smile creeping on his lips. This made Bella blush just a bit. When Hotch compliments you, you know you’ve done a good job.

But Bella’s good feelings were short lived when she saw Spencer leave without saying anything to not just her, but everyone. The heavy feeling in her heart returned and she was reminded why she just wanted to go home.

Bella and Emily ended up walking out of headquarters along together. Emily was staying in town for a little longer to catch up with people, and the team had plans to have dinner with her at Rossi’s house on her last night.

“Bella, you really were great today. And I don’t say that lightly. You’ve been here for only seven months, but I’ve seen you pull off some stuff that agents took years to achieve,” Prentiss stated.

“It was really nothing, Emily. Just doing my job,” Bella halfheartedly smiled.

“You were doing more than your job, Bella. You were being a true team member, hero and friend. You’re exactly who I’m looking for,” Prentiss stated.

“What do you mean?” Bella asked.

“I’m looking for someone to be my right hand woman at Interpol. Someone who can be a team member as well as a leader. You proved you can be that today.”

“Emily, what are you saying?” Bella asked, stopping in her tracks.

“Bella, I’m asking you to come work with me at Interpol in London.”

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I'm rly lost pls help who tf is raj and who tf is victor and why tf are they suddenly in love???

So Raj was a minor character last season, he didn’t have much dialogue, he was the one who ‘arrested’ Izzy, he is this bad boy right here

and Victor Aldertree is a new character, he was just cast and I don’t know if you have read the books but there is an Inquisitor Aldertree but I don’t think he would be an inquisitor because he is very young, maybe a son or a relative?

And why we are shipping both of them, who knows (probably because we stared thinking Raj had something for Alec) but enjoy the sweet gay ride :)