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and here I was thinkin you were a chaotic good. so bask have you ever been arrested for one of your late night robberies? Think maybe you should tell Wonka about your secret life of crime before you take the job he's offering you?


  • Victor: Are you gay?
  • Yurio: No.
  • Victor: You can tell me.
  • Yurio: I’m not.
  • Victor: It’s okay. I’m gay, Mila is gay.
  • Mila: Bye.
  • Victor: Oh, sorry. She’s bi.
  • Mila: No, I’m leaving. I’m gay.

Robert Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for plotting to burn down a NY mosque

  • Robert Doggart, 65, was arrested for plotting to attack and burn down a mosque, school and cafeteria in a predominant Muslim community in upstate New York in April 2015.
  • On Tuesday, less than one year since his arrest, the New York Daily News reported that Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for his plot. 
  • Doggart faces “one count of solicitation to commit arson, one count of solicitation to commit a civil rights violation and two counts of threat in interstate commerce.”
  • Why won’t he face terrorism charges? The United States does not have a federal statute on domestic terrorism. 
  • According to Rafia Zakaria, a human rights attorney, federal statutes on terrorism are — ironically — designed in language to deliberately criminalize foreign suspects.
  • The U.S. federal law statute on terrorism almost entirely targets individuals with foreign ties or alliances. Read more (2/14/17 3:27 PM)

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all of my stumbling phrases
never amounted to anything worth
this feeling.

愛 (side a): a fanmix dedicated to katsuki yuuri
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He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw his skating, it’s been an unending chain of surprises.


Detective Maggie Sawyer can arrest me any time now. Especially in that shirt.

Also, anyone else wish Sawyer would have corrected Kara calling her Maggie? Once she informed Kara they were there on official business and Kara kept using her first name, I wanted Maggie to give a simple, “Detective,” in response.

Also also, follow up scene with the superfriends:

Maggie: Just doing my job. We good lil Danvers.

Kara: of course, Detective.

Or, or! Kara sees Alex after the arrest:

Kara comes in the DEO in a huff.

Alex: What’s with the stompy steps?

Kara: Your girlfriend sucks, ‘Agent.’

Alex: 😐