One punch man

Me to american animation: I know your stories are great buy why does your animation suck so bad?

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American animation: We have to create simplified characters to make the movement faster and more creative and interesting.

Me glancing at Japan: 

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Me: k.

But okay, consider this:

Instead of son of a bitch, it should be bitch of a son.

It focuses the insult more on the son rather than his poor mama, and the aphronym would be BOS, so you could say “OkAy BOS” without them realizing you’re actually insulting them. It’s the perfect flawless crime against humanity.

Edit: I now noticed that you could say this to the rhythm of “Bitch I’m a cow”. May or may not be relevant, but take from it what you may.


「 梶 裕貴 」Vivacity. Variety. Versatility. Vitality. Yuki Kaji.

Thank you for all the characters you’ve brought to life & all the characters that’ll captivate our hearts in the future.

Happy Birthday Kaji-kun! ⭐ (Sept.3) 💗 💗 💗

content is more important than style

hey, this is a little reminder to put yourself out there even if you feel like your style isn’t ‘good enough’ yet

the quality of your content is always going to shine through more than the mechanics of it, waiting to ‘catch up’ isn’t always going to work

think of ONE who did One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100, two hugely popular series

this is how he started out drawing:

ONE’s art style improved every step of the way! Especially for MP100

And it tbh didn’t matter that it started off shaky bc the story, characters, and humor shone through and made the content more compelling than the style itself

don’t be afraid to put your self out there if you have an idea you’re passionate about, waiting until it’s all ‘good enough’ may put off starting altogether, it may make it so we never get off the ground bc that day will never come