So I think I finally have a name for my story about the supervillain (Lucius/The Cosmos) taking in the sons of the recently deceased superheroes (Jason and Tyler).

One Day.

I know it might not make any sense at first but there are three reasons why I think it would work well:

A.) It goes along with the mentality that one day could change your entire life. For Jason, Tyler, and Lucius, their lives were completely flipped upside-down the day the boys’ parents died. 

B.) It goes along with the mentality that they’re taking things one day at a time.

C.) It reflects the lyric from David Bowie’s song ‘Heroes’, which was covered by the phenomenal Peter Gabriel (as heard in Stranger Things):

And we can be heroes just for one day.

I personally think it’s fitting.


ChaCha Malone - One Day - Part Three: The Night

“Come on, Sofia! One more shot won’t kill you,” Kiseok tried to reason with you as he refilled your glass. Nodding enthusiastically you took the bitter drink that you had come to enjoy as the night went on. You had a slight buzz going, just enough to cause you to be bolder than normal.

“But really, do you not age? I mean most CEOs are old fat guys. And just look at you. I’m just saying… you might be vampires! Or Warlocks! Ohh, I know, you guys sold your soul in exchange for forever youth,” you logically tried to explain in your intoxicated state. Jay just shook his head as Kiseok lightly smiled with a trace of blush on his face.

“Just shut up and have another drink,” Jay leaned over and refilled your glass. He took your hand after and lead you to the dance floor. Pulling you close, he swayed his hips to the music as you found your rhythm and took a step closer to him so that your backside was almost touching. You felt yourself letting go as the music and liquid courage ran through your veins. Feeling Jay’s hot breath on you neck, you turned slightly toward him as you saw his Cheshire cat smile appear.

“We’re going to make Chase mad,” he said to you in a matter of fact tone.

“We aren’t a couple. He has nothing to get mad at,” you reminded Jay. He flipped you so that you were chest to chest with him.

“Sure you aren’t dating now. But you want to be. And I know for a fact he wants you, so let’s piss him off and see where this gets you,” Jay laid it out like you were slow yet it all started to make sense. You always wondered if Chase had returned your feelings so maybe Jay was right.

“You take the lead then, Mr. Park,” you laughed. With that invitation, Jay took a step closer so you were straddling on of his thighs as his arms wound their way around to the small of your back just brushing your ass. You two continued dancing together and Jay stole a look to the table. Chase’s hands were in fists, his eyes on the two of you while the others just laughed at a joke.

“That’s working well,” Jay commented with you humming in response.

“He told me on the plane that I couldn’t date anyone at AOMG, especially not you since your an old idiot,” you informed him. He smiled down at you and once again you were awestruck at his looks.

“Well this idiot thinks you shouldn’t move. It’s time for my final plan,” he moved you slightly and ducked his head down. He was just a breath away but his lips didn’t make contact with the skin. He was trying to make it seem to Chase that you were quite literally necking. Within seconds you heard the deep voice of Chase coming over.

“Shit, Sof, it’s time to go. I didn’t think you drank that much but maybe you did,” Chase pulled you out of Jay’s grip. “Maybe you need a cold shower Jay. I’ll call you a cab since you must be out of your mind.” Chase nearly spat at his friend, who had that same dumb smile.

You reached up and wrapped your hands around Chase’s bicep. “Come on, take me home Chase,” you reasoned as you gently tugged on his arm. Reluctantly he moved, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close to his side.

You hadn’t spoken since you left the club until you parked at the apartment building. Before he could get out of the car, you held onto his hand.

“Jay was just fucking with you, Chase. Nothing happened,” you couldn’t stand seeing the frown lines on Chase’s face or knowing that be was mad.

“Oh I know. Which just pisses me off more, Sofia!” He raised his voice slightly causing you to jump slightly. Chase was many things, but quick to anger was not one of them.

“Wh-what?” You hiccuped quietly.

“It pissed me off seeing with you. Having him touch you and it really pissed me off that it fucking bothered me that much!” He was getting out of the car now, giving the door a slam and coming over to help you as you got out of the car.

“Wait…you are mad at what we did and mad that you’re mad?” You tried to work through his logic in your tipsy state but you had and hunch that even sober you wouldn’t be able to follow. Chase just shrugged and lead the way into the apartment building. He went up the steps two at a time as you followed after him, struggling to keep up.

“Chase! Wait…ouch…wait!” You rounded the corner and bumped into him. His strong arms came around you to steady your movements, although he didn’t let you go as you regained your equalibrium. You stood in his arms with your hands over his chest. Noticing he wasn’t letting you go anytime soon, the brave part of you fueled by the shots you had earlier took the opportunity to do a little exploring. Your hands moved slowly from his chest tracing a slight pattern over the subtle ripples of his abs. Once your hand got to his belt buckle, you heard a sharp intake of breath from Chase. Looking up you saw him biting his full bottom lip as he watched your face. You slowly slipped your hands under his shirt to feel his firm love handles and up slightly to just below his rib cage, all while maintaining eye contact.

“Fuck, Sofia,” he whispered as he leaned down and pressed his lips onto yours. Somehow he tasted sweet, almost of honey while he still had his manly Chase smell you had come to love so much. His kiss wasn’t aggressive or forceful but rather one of comfort and integrity. His lips felt so right against yours as they slowly started to move against yours ever so slightly before you pulled him a bit closer to you so that he was pressed firmly against you. Chase gently nipped at your lip, running his tongue over the skin before pulling away and looking into your eyes. He leaned down and placed a short kis on your lips before resting his forehead on yours. His hands moved to cup your cheeks gently.

“I don’t know what that meant,” you said tentatively, unsure of how to proceed in the situation.

“It meant that we should get you home and that we both need to sleep on the events of the night,” Chase said as he pulled away while keeping your hand in his. You looked down at how his hand engulfed yours due to the size difference but yet it felt like it belonged.

“In you go,” he told you as you stood in front of your door.

“Come over tomorrow morning, okay?” You told him as a question, knowing that he would be over with pain medicine for your hangover and your favorite tacos to try and cure the stomachache that came after a night of drinking.

“Very first thing,” he told you as his kissed your forehead warmly and backed up to his door, watching to make sure that you got inside safely.

You woke up the next day to the smell of greasy tacos and a slight banging in your head. For a second you thought that your had imagined the events of last night but everything came flooding back to you.

Getting out of bed, you changed into a pain of yoga shorts and baseball jersey so that you looked mildly presentable with your hair done in a high ponytail.

“Hey, sleepy. I brought some stuff from my favorite taco place. They aren’t quite the same as at home, but good. This one is traditional taco with the beef and then this is a fish one. Sounds gross but it’s really not as bad as you thought. Aspirin is by the water.”

Chase was in his talkative mood which normally meant that he was hiding something, like his thoughts. He scrambled around keeping busy doing God knows what as you ate your hangover cure.

“We need to talk about it Chase. There’s no avoiding it,” you sighed as you walked over to the couch after finishing your breakfast.

“Yeah, I guess I can’t just avoid you until it blows over.” He said with with curt laugh. “Look, I wish I could say that I regretted it but I honestly don’t. I’ve wanted that to happen for so long and honestly it was better than I ever imagined,” he looked at his hands as did you.

“But,” you said for him, knowing that was where this easy heading.

“But I don’t want to mess up us. You know the relationship we have now. Maybe I can keep going on as your friend but I want so much more than that.” He said, still not looking your way.

“What’s holding you back?” You whispered feeling the lump rising in your throat.

“I don’t want you to hate me. I know that you will say now that you won’t ever do that but there will be times that I’m shit to you. You’ll hate all the parties I go to or when I spend 40 hours in the studio without doing a single thing. And eventually you’ll get so homesick that you’ll blame me for not being able to go back. There are so many things that will go wrong,” he stated. Clearly he had thought this out.

You leaned back are gains the couch, weighing what he had said. It made so much sense but at the same time everything had changed.

“Chase, I don’t know if I can go back to just friends. I mean, you are my absolute best friend but I’ve been wanting this for so long and knowing that you want the same thing…how can ee just go back?” You gently pulled his shoulder so that he was facing you. “You know I can’t hate you. I honestly don’t think you could ever just forget about me like that if we were together. Sure, it’s not an easy road but I can handle it. Look at me, I’m a pretty self sufficient girl.”

He gave to that signature smile. “So what now?”

You thought for a moment. “How about we wait things out, almost like a secret trial run? Go with the flow so to speak. If we end up together then it must have been fate abound if not then we’ll still be best friends. Just be open with everything and see where we end up.”

Chase nodded and processed your proposal.

“So we can hang out and kiss and fight and no strings attached?” He clarified.

“I guess. Everything on the downlow. If you want to yell at me then do it. Kiss me in private for all I care. Just don’t force this..and no sex yet, not without a commitment. We can’t have Jay einning that two month hookup bet.” Chase laughed and nodded.