Mark your calendars from July 7th to August 7th for 32 Days of Sanji!

The last time that we saw Sanji outside of a title page he was getting ready to fire on Big Mom’s ship.  It’s been over a year since then and we’re all getting pretty antsy.

All types of art will be accepted: fanart, fanfiction, graphics, edits, fan mixes, and whatever you’d like to create.  Please make sure you’re not stealing anyone else’s work because that’s not cool at all.  Give credit where credit is due.

Tag your posts with #32daysofsanji so we can see your works.

Rules and prompts:

This event is structured a bit differently than usual ones because we all realized how difficult it is to participate in every single day of a weeklong event.  So we’ve created this schedule to make it easier.

7/7 to 7/14 - Smoke/Sink

7/15 - 7/22 - Mythology/Secrets

7/23 to 7/30 - Treasure/Passion

7/31 to 8/7 - Past/Future

In each of those time periods we’ll be working on pieces that reflect the two prompts.  You’re welcome to just use one prompt or even combine prompts.  Once that cycle ends, the next prompt set starts and this goes on until this is all done.

A special thanks to yuushishio for creating that awesome artwork and helping to bring together such a great team.  More thanks go out to caelumxiv, kumiko-sama-chan, aevvium, maarchen, acidiceffect​, undanewneon,  kikokus, and ikrzosan for making all of this all a possibility.



Ok here is a little explanation for this REEEALLY senseless comic:
Oh wait

There is none


I always thought that if law had a cellphone he’d message weird stuff to everyone or creep random people just because yes ,so this came out of that crazy idea.
Specially usopp because he knows usopp fears him the most

(PS: If you guys recognize from where the background is, you’ll get my eternal admiration)