A New Neverland.

Request from anon:Do you do requests? Well if you do can you do a Peter Pan smut where both the reader and him now live in storybrooke and you both are trying to get used to the new technology? Thanks!!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1,744

Warnings: Smut…not LOADS but enough to certainly put it in the warning so if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ! There is also some language too and some mild intimidation and threatening behaiour.. Anything I have missed just let me know.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

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“Damn it!”

For the second time that morning you found your foot connecting with the kitchen worktop and for the second time you instantly regretted the move as an agonising pain shot through your big toe. You needed to find another way to unleash your frustration, something that wasn’t so……painful.

“What’s going on?” A tired Peter stalked out of the bedroom, both hands rubbing the tiredness from his eyes, as he sent a rather perplexed expression your direction. “Still can’t figure out that toaster? I figured it out days ago!”

Your eyes immediately narrowed into dangerous slits as you grabbed hold of a nearby knife and pointed it in his direction in a threatening manner.

“Shut it Pan or I swear to god I will find a new place to store this knife…..” Your voice is low and it is more than evident that your words aren’t only a threat but a promise too should he continue his smugness. “…it’s this stupid thing they call a ‘radio’ here. It’s not, well, it’s not doing anything!”

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ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 7, episode 1 : Welcome Home

present : The inhabitants of Storybrooke wake up back in the Land of Ever and struggle to find their footing in their old home, having adjusted to the accommodations of living in modern-day Maine. The seven dwarfs put themselves directly to work introducing plumbing into Castle Misthaven. Mary Margaret takes her place as High Queen once again and officially pardons Regina for any and all crimes committed as both queen and mayor, as a way of thanking her for her assistance in breaking the Curse and ridding the realms of the Servant. Emma is conflicted about her new life as a princess and has the hardest time of anyone adjusting to a world where Ruby is a werewolf, Archie is a cricket, and Evelyn can only be reached by calling upon the evening star. Henry, on the other hand, adores his new home and is ready to seek out his first adventure. Although at first Mary Margaret believes the sickness she is experiencing is an aftereffect of the broken Curse, she soon learns that David left her with a parting gift – she is pregnant.

past : Regina Mills awakens for the first time as mayor of Storybrooke the night after casting the Dark Curse. She spends her first few days adjusting to her new life, exercising her new authoritative power over the town, and exploring to find out how exactly the curse affected everyone. She is particularly delighted to meet Mary Margaret Blanchard, now a meek and mild librarian, and Regina takes her to the hospital to see a John Doe coma patient and relishes in the fact that Snow White no longer recognizes her Prince Charming. Regina is delighted to find that the curse has maintained her sexual relationship with Sheriff Graham Buchanan but also finds frustration in the luxury that was given to Mr. Gold. When Regina begins researching the Land Without Magic, she decides to take a day trip to Boston – but when she tries to cross the town border and hits an invisible barrier, she begins to learn that the Curse still has rules for her: the people of Storybrooke are physically unable to leave the town. The inhabitants of the Land Without Magic are able to come and go from Storybrooke, allowing those within the town to maintain their livelihoods, but the Curse will never allow the outsiders to stay very long. These rules soon leave Regina feeling trapped by her own Curse.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Salma Hayek as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/John Doe/David Nolan, Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Buchanan

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So I am going to transfer ALL of my fics to my wattpad.

Every series/oneshot will ONLY be posted on there.

I will still keep this blog but it will just be a gif imagine blog. The new update screwed everything up on my masterlist and blog so I’m just going to stick to wattpad for now on.

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Here’s a list of series I’ll be updating on my wattpad;

-all for show (Steve Rogers)
-just keep swimming (Jensen ackles
-the Hottie next door (Chris Evans)
-happier (Bucky Barnes)
-so this is love? (Jensen ackles)
-unexpected (Chris Evans)
-Everything has changed (Chris Evans x Jensen Ackles)
-a night that changed it all (Sebastian Stan)

And there will be New series coming out as well.

Since I have quit my job, I have had more time to write. Still, it’s can be hard with a little baby who breast feeds, but I will make sure to get at least a new chapter/story out every week.

I miss writing. I miss you all.

So again, thank you to everyone for the amazing support!! Hope to catch you on wattpad!



Five hours with him (Fourth hour)

A/N: okay so now this is coming to an end :((((((((((((

Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (soon)

Dear passengers, we have arrived to the Massachussets state”

- Your time is running off. - he said.

- Oh, really? What a pity. - I said, sarcastically.

- Wait, you’re not concerned?

- Well, what can you make me do that is so horrible? Have sex with you? I’ll just get drunk and forget. It ain’t that hard.

- You’re mean. Really mean.

- I’m aware.

- So, you really don’t care about losing?

- Nope.

- Not even a bit?

- Not even.

- Then why did you accept?

- To keep myself entertained. It’s a five hours journey, what did you want me to do?

- You know what? I feel betrayed.

- I’m sorry – I said, shrugging.

We kept quiet for a while.

- So… you want me to tell you who am I?

- You just want to tell me who you are because I told you I’d kiss you once I knew.

- Well, yes, but…

- That’s why I want to guess.

- To keep me suffering?

- Yes.

- Oh, great.

- Yeah.

Another moment of silence went by. He, significantly bored, took my left hand, starting to play with my fingers.

- I like this ring. - he said, spinning it.

- My ex boyfriend gave it to me.

- Andrew?

- Yeah. By the way, he’s also the Cinderella’s castle guy.

- Oh… - I sighed. - Are you okay?

- It’s just that… I miss him sometimes. This ring. It was an engagement ring. And, you know. Now that everybody around me is getting married or having kids… I miss him.

- Why did you broke up?

- He… he broke up with me. He went to France, work stuff, you know. At first, it was going to be just for the summer. But there, he met this girl… Laurie. And he… fell in love with her, I hope. He cheated on me with her. She didn’t even know I existed. I spent the whole damn summer planning the fucking wedding, sending him all the flowers, the patterns, the decorations. All he ever responded was “You chose, babe. It’s your day”. We were supposed to get married on October. 15Th October, I still remember. He came back on September. I went for him, to the airport. And when his motherfucking ass got out of the plane, he had that girl curled on his arm. He saw me. He went to me, and he didn’t even wait to get home. He explained it all to me right there, on the motherfucking airport. I couldn’t do anything but cry. People were looking at us, and I… I…

- Sh, sh. Stop talking. I get it, doll. - he hugged me. - He was such an asshole. He didn’t deserve you. - he stroke my hair. - He was stupid for letting you go. - he kissed the top of my head. - But, can I ask you a question? - I nodded. - Why do you keep his ring?

- I’m… not sure. I think I… don’t want to let go.

- Well, you know what? You want now. And you will. Give it to me.

- What? The ring?

- Yes, the ring.

- My ring?

- Yes your ring.

- But why?

- Just do it.

- But…

- Come on, doll!

- Okay, okay!

I took my ring off, and gave it to him.

- Thank you. - he stood up, and offered me his hand. - Do you trust me?

- What?

- Do you trust me?

- Yes. But, wrong movie. You’re from “The Little Mermaid”

I smiled, and stood up, taking his hand. He guided me to the bathroom.

- Sebastian, this is the men’s bathroom.

- I know, but it doesn’t matter. Come with me.

We entered the bathroom, and he lifted the WC’s cover.

- Are you ready to say goodbye to Andrew for good?

- Are you throwing my ring trouh here?

- Not your ring, the ring. And I’m not. You are.

- I am.

- Fuck yeah. - he gave it to me, and smiled. -  Come on. Do it.

- Alright, alright.

I gulped, and looked at the ring.

- Come on, doll. You have to do this.

I nodded, throwing the ring to the WC. Then, I flushed. A few seconds later, it was gone. I looked at  Sebastian.

- You did it!

- I did it! - I said, hugging him.

- You did it, doll – I looked at him, smiling. I got closer to his face, and took him by the cheeks.

- I did it, Stan. - I smiled, and kissed him.

He opened his eyes in surprise, but soon took me by the waist and kissed me back.

- Thank you – I said, once we split.

- Thank me? Thank you! - he said, making me smile again, and hug him.

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