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i went and came back from taemin’s concert with jonghyun. happy that the stage that our maknae taeminnie has been dreaming of has now been made real; seems like he prepared really hard. taemin mangaged to relay his heart to everyone, right? do show much love and support to taemin in the future too. i have smtown live in korea today!  will be meeting you guys in osaka next week! looking forward to it! stay healthy and wait like the promise you made to me! 

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1) Saw SHINee’s Onew when I was working at the convenience store, he came to buy food like triangle kimbap, tylenol, beverage etc
Cr: pcy95z

2) I went “Oh??Wow!!” So he just smiled brightly. He wore a mask and a hat so he wasn’t seen well. It was really late at night. He was handsome
Cr: pcy95z

3) (omitted) He looks like he is/was having a hard time but still seemed like he’s doing fine. Shawols, Onew seems fine.
Cr: pcy95z