Kousuke and Hiro-pon

The only one who’s the same age as me!!!
We were always together during rehearsals, every prefecture we went to, in the dressing rooms, and even in private.
I feel like I have to work hard so that we can be together again in another production someday.  
When the final performance was over, the two of us went to eat Shabu Shabu!
And right now he’s at my house.  lol
Hiro-pon is actually napping right now so I’m cleaning.  lol

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

161213 - Seventeen Melon Radio broadcast

HJS: After I’m done showering, Jeonghan always calls me

“Shua-ah shua-ah”

“Yes Jeonghan what?”

“Turn off the lights” 

*Other member completely agrees with HJS lol*

vid cr. king_0615

its funny how u can be like “uwu I want to slep” like all day but it comes night time and you’re fucking exhausted and ur like “I don’t wanna go??”
cease the day, cease the night along with it. like it’s not like u have to stay up but?? here I am. it’s only 10 to 11. zzz???