Commission update

Hello ! I just wanted to update in case some of the commissioner were worried. I’m still working on them, I had to take a break cause I had a surgery but I’m back at it. 

The meds I’m taking are making me dizzy but it’ ok haha. The queue is of 34 commissions now!! Which is better than 47, like 2 weeks ago lol

I apologize for the wait and will do my best. 

Thank you for supporting me!!! ;v;


Robert Pattinson gives the performance of his career in #GoodTime via @thefilmstage

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Hiii, I just wanna share that I don't think louis and harry's team promote their things in coordination. I think they do what's best for their own client. I think right now, they're not relevant to each other regarding their solo career professionally. Do I make sense? Hahaha. I'm sorry.

You make sense and that’s perfectly fine to interpret it that way. Obviously Harry’s stuff needs to coordinate around Dunkirk first and foremost so any other coordination could be planned or coincidental depending on what the team’s motivations are. I do think the whole band would want to at least be slightly coordinated since they’re essentially fighting for the same pockets, but they are also individual artists now and there are only so many Fridays in a year and they obviously have other things to schedule around like interviews and performances so we’ll see how things progress.

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This poor man couldn’t remember saving the enterprise and her entire crew :’(((((
But he does remember Jim :’(((((( JUST FUCK ME UP SCOTTY

*blows dust off of ouija board while sobbing*
Nimoy what have you done. You utter shit. 

When I become a teacher this is what I’ll have my students write essays on. If I can’t have rest then nobody else will. FUCK!!!!!

aali: scout im gonna warn you

aali: make sure you keep it quiet that you don’t know much about the city

aali: if the wrong people hear you, something bad might happen

scout: l-like what?

aali: i don’t know. you might get mugged or something. people listen out for that kinda thing.