Reaper Bunny: Dino meet Dina, Dina meet Dino.

Dino: You’re pink! Pink is evillll!

Dina: I’m not evil, I’m just colored that way!

Dino: Promise?

Dina: You have my word or my name isn’t Dina Maria Rexius!

Dino: Uhm okay! So Reaper Bunny, sir, how long am I staying? It’s been fun and all but all these bones make me nervous.

Reaper Bunny: The bones are for show. Grim gets all the fear and pomp. I get mistaken for a cute cuddly wuddly.

Dino: Well you are rather cute!

Dino: You shouldn’t have said cute. *sighs*


The Laundry Gnome Altar..

El Bandito: Oh no, not I. I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to love
I know I’ll stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
I’ve got all my love to give and I’ll survive
I will survive,
I will survive!

Laundry Gnomes: Encore! ENCORE!

Hafi: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Ow, leg cramp.

El Bandito: Hafiiiiii!

Hafi: It would be the raccoon I find first! Watcher help me! Seriously help me out of the water this jacket is leather!

El Bandito: You heard the lady! Help her out of the water laundry gnomes.

Laundry Gnomes: Only if you sing again!

El Bandito: I have fans! They like me here, Hafi!

Hafi: They must be tone deaf and only have stuffing for brains…


Black Bear: This is your stop! Get off, Skunky!

Skunky: Wait, this is the Pink Lady’s house? Doesn’t look all that pink! Are you trying to trick me?

Lilting voice: No trick, welcome to my home Skunky McSkunkerson.

Skunky: How do you know my name? What the hell is going on? Where is Dino? Why is she purple?

Pink Lady: I know all. That is for you to figure out. Dino is with the Reaper Bunny somewhere here in Forgotten Bay and Pikkon is purple because she is a zombie.

Skunky: I’ve seen The Walking Dead! Zombies are NOT purple!

Pikkon: Father, may I eat his brain. It’ll be like an appetizer. Mmm, skunk brains.

Pink Lady: No, son. No skunk brains. Listen, Skunky, zombies are purple here.

Skunky: Why? Wait, why do you call her son?

Pink Lady: They just are and it’s opposite day!

Skunky: But why are zombies purple here?

Pink Lady: *sighs* Do I really have to explain?

Skunky: Yeah, clue me in. What happened here?

Pikkon: Skunk braiiiiins. Mine. I want to eat him.

Skunky: Really? Go find a Sim to munch on!

Pink Lady: Down, Pikkon. Skunky, Forgotten Bay is, well, it’s different. Down is up, up is down.

Skunky: Why do I feel like Alice when she feel down the rabbit hole?


El Bandito: Don’t leave me!!!!!!!!!

Skunky: Can this thing go any faster? I’ve been trying to get away from that raccoon since I met her.

Black Bear: It can but we are coming up on a narrow opening before the river spills into the main lake.

Skunky: I see, So Forgotten Bay, huh?

Black Bear: Yes. There are many dangerous things in Forgotten Bay. Purple zombies among them!

Skunky: Purple zombies?!?!

Black Bear: Once I get you to the Pink lady, you shall see. You shall see and you shall regret coming here, Skunky McSkunkerson.

Skunky: Wait, whut?!?!?!!? I never told you my full name.

Black Bear: Oh you didn’t. Hmm, how odd that I know it.

Skunky: EL BANDITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Skunky: Dino, do you wanna build a snowman?

Dino: Skunky we already built one, see?

Skunky: Impossible, I just came out here!

Dino: Skunky something is wrong!

Skunky: What do you mean? Oh by the Watcher!

Reaper Dino: Save me, Skunky! Save me!

Reaper Snowmen: Yes, try and save him! We are waiting. We are ALL waiting!

Skunky: *screams*

El Bandito: What is it Skunky? Did you have a bad dream?

Skunky: I think Dino is in MAJOR trouble! We have to go help him.

Hafi: You tried to reap me, count me out. I love Dino and all but this. I think it’s best if I just stay at the computer.

Skunky: Selfish!

Hafi: and proud!

Skunky: Fine, let’s go find Dino, El Bandito!

El Bandito: Where do we start?

Skunky: Hell, perhaps?

El Bandito: Isn’t this hell? It’s so cold and I can’t feel my paws.

Skunky: Suck it up, Raccoon.

Ninja Gnome: This is the Pink Lady.

Skunky: Uh, nope, this is just a regular statue.

El Bandito: Too Easy!

Ninja Gnome: This is the Pink Lady!

Skunky: No, it is a regular statue. I’ve talked to talking statues before and this is a normal if you push it, it will crush you statue. It does not speak.

Ninja Gnome: It has pink flowers. It is the Pink Lady!

Skunky: I don’t think these Ninja gnomes are very bright.

El Bandito: one too many knocks with a bamboo pole maybe?

Skunky: I think so. Maybe we should make a run for it.

El Bandito: Right behind you!

El Bandito: Skunky, we’ve run for days! I don’t think those Ninja Gnomes are still chasing us.

Skunky: No, but….

Bear Gnomes: Oh great Grey Lady, shed your light on us! This is a dark time for Forgotten Bay. Help us with the purple Zombie threat. Please, don’t let them eat our tiny brains!

Skunky: Uhm, hey you! Da Bears! Do you know where the Pink Lady is?

Bear Gnomes: Yes, Pink Lady. Everyone knows the Pink Lady.

Skunky: Can you tell us how to get there?

Black Bear: I could but, you see, the Pink Lady doesn’t like cats. The brown thing there looks like a cat.

El Bandito: I am not a cat! *meows*

Black Bear: Right and I’m the Pope! As I was saying..

Skunky: I get it! El Bandito you’ll have to stay behind.

El Bandito: Skunky, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get separated.

Skunky: What is there to fear here? You’ll be safe, find a nice house and settle in. I’ll come back after I find the Pink Lady.

El Bandito: I got a really bad feeling about this.

Black Bear: Follow me!


Somewhere in Forgotten Bay…

Hafi: Phew, I don’t think the zombie followed me but now my ankle hurts after falling into this stupid hole.

*hiss hiss hiss*

Hafi: Oh please, no! Anything but SNAKES! Why’d it have to be snakes? *cries* Maybe if I pretend they aren’t there!

*hiss hiss hiss*

Hafi: NOOO! Go away!

Voice: Hello down there! Looks like you need a hand!

Hafi: People! Help there are snakes down here! I hate snakes! Help me!

Voice: Sure but uhm, you look a little purple so…

Female: I say we leave her. She may be infected.

Male in black: Let’s pour the content of this bag on her and if nothing happens we’ll help her out.

Male in grey shirt: How will that possible help?

Male in black: It’ll get rid of the garbage!

Hafi: I think I prefer the snakes.


Somewhere in Forgotten Bay..

Hafi: Are you sure you want to stay, El Bandito?

El Bandito: Yes, more than sure. I can deal without purple zombies but where will I find others who will love my singing?!?! I mean, I’m a star here!

Hafi: Okay! Great! Well, I better set out then. It’s been a while since I fell into that lake and caught a cold.

El Bandito: Yup but at least the leather jacket survived.

Hafi: True! We’ll pick you back up on the way home, I hope.

El Bandito: No worries. I’m fine here.

Hafi: See ya, Raccoon. *whistles and walks away* Those bears, Watchers bless them. *breaks into a hula dance* No more Raccoon, Hallelujah, no more raccoon.

El Bandito: I can still hear you!!!

Hafi: Sorry, but totally not! *runs off*

El Bandito: Skunky, I think we took a wrong turn while falling!

Skunky: Halt, Ninja gnomes. We are looking for the Pink Lady and Forgotten Bay.

Ninja Gnomes: We know of a Pink Lady and this is Forgotten Bay. You are intruding on our practice.

Skunky: We just want to find the Pink Lady.

Ninja Gnomes: We’ll take you to her.

El Bandito: This was too easy! I don’t like it.

Skunky: Yes, too easy.

Hafi: Oh my head! What did I land on? Why do I feel like I’ve been dragged for miles?

Wise Ninja Gnome: Er, well you landed on top of the hole and you were dragged for miles. I had to listen to them complain the whole way about you being so heavy.

Hafi: I am not heavy! I..well, I guess I am for a gnome. You haven’t seen a Skunk and a Raccoon pass through here, have you?

Wise Ninja Gnome: I have and they ran away.

Hafi: Figures! I should go, thank you for the bed.

Wise Ninja Gnome: Wait! I didn’t get a chance to warn those two but I should warn you. There are things in this world, horrible things.

Hafi: Yeah, that’s every world.

Wise Ninja Gnome: But we have purple zombies!

Hafi: Oh man, that is….just friggin’ awesome. I mean that’s cool! It’s great. Purple is my favorite color. Anything else?

Wise Ninja Gnome: Blue aliens, pink Sims, black werewolves…I think the vampires look normal.

Hafi: I’ve fallen into Heaven! Except for the pink part but hey, close enough!

Wise Ninja Gnome: Your generation is odd.

Hafi: My generation? What are you, like 2 months old?

Wise Ninja Gnome: *coughs and poofs away*

Hafi: Yeah, that’s right! Now to find those pesky rodents.


Somewhere in Forgotten Bay..

Hafi *singing*: No more Raccoon. I washed that raccoon right out of my hair. *stops* Ooh, chain link fence and are those grills I see?!?! Aw, look at the really high Angel statue! I guess this must be a park! *wanders around* Aw fuuuuuu… zombie! It’s a zombie! They were not kidding about purple zombies! *runs* I’ll hide in the bathroom. I’m sure that zombie will never find me in here. Nope!

Pikkon: *scratches head* Do I smell bad? I was just harvesting coconuts! Damn humans! They are so bad for harvest time.


Pink Lady’s house, Forgotten Bay

Skunky: So, you really don’t know what happened? That IS what you are saying, right?

Pink Lady: Yes, that is what I’m saying. Since half the population of Forgotten Bay went purple zombie I haven’t had time to investigate. That’s why I sent the gnomes. I need you to find out for me.

Skunky: And Dino?

Pink Lady: I’m sorry. I don’t have a clue. I just told the gnomes to use whatever excuse was handy. We need help here. I figured you were the skunk for the job!

Skunky: Lady, I’m a reporter. I don’t know what you think I can do, other than sniff out news.

Pink Lady: *sighs*

Pikkon: Father! I saw the strangest human while gathering coconuts. She actually screamed and ran away. I didn’t want her brains but now that I think on it maybe I smiled too much.

Skunky: This human is one you didn’t know?

Pikkon: I never saw her before. She had black hair, hazel eyes and was wearing a black leather jacket.

Skunky: Oh my God! Hafi followed me and she has no clue! I have to go find her. Great! Now I’m looking for Hafi and Dino! Sheesh, my life. See what you did to my life. I had a pretty sweet deal reporting on all those towns and poof.

Pink Lady: Hey, I didn’t do it! I only asked the gnomes to bring you here. I didn’t take Dino!

Skunky: Sure, tell yourself that. I bet you are behind it all. Damn, pink. It’s evilllll!

Pink Lady: I am not evil besides we are all pink on the inside!

Skunky: Yeah and look at the world! EVILLLLL! *runs out of the house*

Pikkon: You really should have let me eat his brains!

Pink Lady: Time for that after he finds out everything. We need to find the cause of this. That little skunk can do it. After we have who ever did this, the skunk is all yours.

Pikkon: EVILLLL! *cackles*