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I accidentally put my arm down in a puddle of silver nitrate during lab, I don't attend elsewhere university but if there are fae folk on my campus what should I expect?

Your first concern should probably be that your lab has puddles of a toxic and corrosive substance just hanging out. That said, if it was in contact with you long enough to burn you, you now See Everything, and will continue to do so till it heals. The Gentry can be… touchy about this. Be careful.

As much as I don’t care for Lena kissing anyone but Kara, my bisexual ass also thinks that Lena kissing Jack in the promo is kind of hot? Pls don’t murder me. 

INFJ guys and their love
  • Celty: D-Don’t hug me in public!
  • Shun: Hajimeeeeeee~
  • Hajime: Don’t cling to my arm.
  • Victor: Yuuuuuriiiii~!
  • Yuuri: V-Victor!?

….. ?

Goodness, things seem to be moving around and ending up in places they have no right being in. How odd, no ? A frying pan in the hallway, a lamp from a bedroom placed on top of a bed, a chair from the school laid out outside it. Here and there, anyone with a keen eye ( and even not so keen ) will surely notice the furniture and knickknacks which have been shifted around haphazardly. Small things, some from around you and some things you brought with you, moved around to be in placed in placed they have no right to be in. 


No one SEEMS to be moving them thoughor at least, you haven’t SEEN anyone moving anything around… 

Yet it happens, one moment something is right before your eyes and the next it’s moved over across the room with no memory of how it got there or even recollection of seeing it be moved. ( you know it was though, it had to be, that wasn’t THERE moments before you are SURE of it ! )

Strange indeed.

Oh well… it’s probably nothing.



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But do we know what project GA was doing with Gordon Ramsey on that twitter post from last week? Because Ramsey spends a lot of time in Malibu - I follow him on SM and he often posts pics at Malibu Farm (Malibu pier), at the beach... And he also shoots his shows in LA... I thought GA would definitely be back in the UK for Comic Relief, but she was/is MIA... 🤔

Actually, they both were spotted in London at a place related to Red Nose. It’s weird because he did appear on the comic relief thing, but not Gillian. I don’t think they necessarily were doing something together, though, but I thought it meant Gillian would be at the event. So maybe the person on Twitter was mistaking and it wasn’t her, or maybe it was but she just didn’t do the show. It had nothing to do with LA, though.