Yo @ Everyone in the U.S

Y'all may think it’s a joke but this clown thing is getting out of hand. I just want everyone who sees this, including my followers, please be safe this Halloween and safe in general. There are people who will NOT THINK TWICE to snatch your ass up, and hurt you and cut you up or who knows what else.

Think about taking up something to defend yourself, carry things around to protect YOU. I cannot emphasize how much I care for people and how much I don’t like seeing things like this on the news. You can think it’s a joke until it happens to you, please please PLEASE, be careful and be cautious and aware of your surroundings!!!!

New pic of Dylan! His hair is crazy wild and I love it tbqh :)

Thanks for sending it in. I predict some wank because the girl said she got his number and that sounds suspicious af, but we’ll see. Also, I really hope the cig isn’t his, but whatevs. And that size behind him is creepsville, lol. I rarely get “protect Dylan”, but something in this milk ain’t clean. Source: Check out @elanakalish’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/elanakalish/status/781649306336030720?s=09


(Sorry it’s so shaky)