Nine things that cats can see that you cannot

1. Because your cat is able to see in ultraviolet light, your cat can see more stars in the night sky than you. Cats may even use these stars to navigate by.

2. Similarly, your cat can detect hidden bottles of tonic water far faster than you can. Some say that cats can also detect spirits unnoticed by humans. This means that, at least in theory, your cat could make a gin and tonic and bring it to you far faster than you could make one yourself. Of course, your cat will not do this. Your cat is not interested in your comfort.

3. Cats are able to see the tiny ghosts of unmade cakes, which float around warm places trying to get people to bake them out of purgatory. Occasionally, a kindly-minded cat may give them a good kneading in the hope of raising them to someone’s attention.

4. Cats can see themselves, even in the dark, on the floor, in the crook of the winding stairs. With their eyes closed, they can still see some part of themselves. Thus secure that they have been noticed by the most important being in the room, cats sleep like the despots of newly-formed micronations and have delicious dreams.

5. Your cat is also able to see the flaws in your theory. However, your cat is not interested in providing assistance to improve the theory. No, your cat just wants to sit there and look superior.

6. Cats are able to see the passage of high-energy cosmic particles through a room. Sometimes, your cat will attempt to act as a particle detector by leaping to catch them. The presence of any cat toy nearby is entirely co-incidental. Interestingly, the Square Kilometre Cat Array (SKCA) paticle detector is now in the construction stage somewhere South of Bogota and should be providing us with fascinating results about local astrophysical events very shortly.

7. Cats are able to see people who really need a cat sitting on them. Scientists do not know which criteria they use to make this judgement. For many cats, a person’s strong dislike of cats qualifies them for a particularly persistent sitting-on.

8. Cats are able to see the other person’s point of view, they just do not agree.

9. If you give them a seashell, cats can see as well as hear the sea. If it is a large enough seashell, your cat will walk into the seashell and disappear, only to be found seven years later living a life of fishy luxury on a remote Pacific island.

Robert Pattinson’s official portrait from Vulture Festival, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. Rob was a guest at the festival in support of Good Time. His session was sold out and both the host and the audience were delighted to hear him talk about his career and experiences in the film industry. My edit.


Mont Saint-Michel by Tony
Via Flickr:
an evening visit to the mount, as it was evening (sunset timed at 9:20) the roads to the site where clear unlike in the morning. this was a magical sight with just enough clouds to give interest. Eagle eyed flickerists will point out that a full moon to the west is some what impossible. At this angle the moon should be a new moon on it’s back. Ok hands up the moon was out that night but behind me, so I threw a rope and dragged it around the sky………….with a little help from photoshop.

Robert Pattinson kept the host of Vulture Fest in stitches during his conversation with her today at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I don’t think it’s possible to be more charming or amusing than Rob, and it looks like she and the audience agree with me. 

Brief video here

Vulture Festival‏Verified account @vulturefestival

Can you tell we’re having a GOOD TIME with #RobertPattinson at #VultureFestival?

She’s lying on the pocket with the cartridges in it, though otherwise mostly resigned to not being a deer dog.

I stayed for three hours in a stand in the freezing, blowing fog because the guy whose stand it was said that staying out there for a long time would be impressive. My parents were impressed but that doesn’t count, I don’t think three hours is all that impressive. I’m going out again in more layers noon-sundown, and tomorrow all day for REAL all really bundled.

Like.. I feel like some of y'all gotta remember this is all supposed to be a fun hobby. if you find yourself getting overly stressed and worked up about it, especially on a regular basis, it’s completely OK (and encouraged) to take a step back for as long as you need to and shift gears.

I know it’s an overwhelming, demanding hobby we’re obsessed with, but the goal is to have fun and support our favs happily. there’s always more to life than kpop, you know? than any of this stuff. a lot more. there’s gotta be. and I say that as an obsessive stan that would take a bullet for my man lmao.. he’s the love of my life but at the end of the day, following his career is still a hobby and I have to live my own life, too.