help out a beginner witch

I’ve been really interested in occult practices for a while and I want to begin practicing on my own

unfortunately, alot of the starting out materials are expensive and I don't have money

I would like to start off with dowsing or contacting spirits/ tarot card readings so most of the items on my wishlist are related to that

if anyone would like to help my wishlist is here

thank you for reading!

My wishlist for US politics:

  • Ranked ballots
  • Voting districts drawn in uniform shapes by a non-partisan organization, by population (ie, rectangles that each contain X% of the state’s registered voters)
  • Automatic voting registration when you turn 18
  • Federally mandated uniform rules for federal elections (voting hours, absentee ballots, polling locations, polling machines used, etc.)
  • Polls are open for a minimum of one week
  • Caps on campaign spending
  • Limits on media coverage for candidates (all candidates covered equally, no coverage during the last 48 hours before the polls open)
  • Automatic spot-check auditing for polling machines in each state
  • Congress may not excuse itself from any legislation it passes. It must abide by the rules it lays down for the rest of the country.
  • Congressional salaries taxed.
  • Members of Congress must recuse themselves from making laws regarding the governance of any industry in which they or their immediate family members have financial investments.
  • Voting rights for people with arrest records/felons
  • Actual availability of recourse/dire consequences if one group of politicians goes off the fucking rails
I feel like that would be a good start.

okay uh. im fugo. some of you know me,most of you dont. but,to be blunt,my family is getting poorer and poorer. 

im a minor and i live with my grandparents,both disabled. my grandmother doesnt work and needs to get surgeries often. my grandfather works around 9 to 12 hours nightly and rarely spends time with the family. it gives us enough money for now,but he has knee problems,back problems,diabetes, and his job in itself could kill him if he something falls on him. and if something happens to my family,i have to live with my abusive aunt.

this year,we’re going to need to replace my school supplies,and well,our family needs to save money just in case something happens to us and my grandfather cant work anymore or if something worse happens. 

i dont have a paypal or ko.fi or anything that you guys can transfer money to. but here is my wishlist with school supplies and books and this is my wishlist for self indulgence that isn’t as important 

please,please rb this. it would mean a lot if you do.

hey guys sorry im gonna make a new post about this cause like i need help im a mentally ill trans man living in a pretty unaccepting household like my mom wont even let me talk about being trans and when i do accidentally she snaps and yells at me and calls me a girl and ever since i started hrt shes been getting even more snappy and just all around abusive

i know other people have asked this before but could i please get some donations so i can buy clothes to help me pass better i really need this

heres my wishlist my venmo and cash.me are both @ ronaldknox and my paypal email is strawberrymetalfusion@yahoo.com please help and if you cant please at least reblog this id appreciate it


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Also, side note! I’ve made an amazon wishlist (link in my about) So please check that out if you want to spoil me with graduation/birthday gifts or if you’re just curious as to what art supplies I use + my brief thoughts on them all!

anonymous asked:

I don't wanna be rude, but how can someone sit around and ask people to buy them shit? Your wishlist is full of materialistic stuff. I'm starting to question you

That’s cuz the stuff I needed, like my heating pad, humidifier, facial cleanser, etc have already been gifted to me :)))

People get things for people whose content and work they enjoy. I’m not forcing anyone to do anything for me, sugar. I don’t care if you question me, I don’t know you because you’re on anon.

Anyway, I love wishlist culture and if I see your wishlist, I’ll reblog it!

I just received:

  • My boyfriend’s lovingly wrapped yoshi, complete with a bunch of hugs and kisses that he gave it before he sent it + a letter with a BUNCH of adorable stickers on a really cute mamegoma stationary
  • a terrific new pillow that someone got off my wishlist
  • a nick cage pillow case that someone sent me for some reason (also off my wishlist)
  • my cosmonaut poster!!!!

im so fuckin happy