@mylittlelovelyblog Awwww, did you watch tonight?? It was lovely even if we need to ignore you-know-what. I have to admit that I wasn’t too fond of Liv at the beginning, I was like “why does this girl have to be in the middle of everything all the time?” It took time but she’s growing on me <3

@butyouknow-iknow well, i am telling you, if we don’t get any kitchen fluff I AM  SUEING. With the amount of tea and toast those two consume i think it’s safe to believe it’ll be happening point, tbh.

oki. never done this before. but since it’s my birthday in a week here’s my amazon wishlist if anyone is interested :)

I’m obviously not expecting anything lol. But I thought I’d give it a try. It’s in order of what stuff i like most… and if you do go ahead and decided to get something I’d recommend buying it with several people so that it is much cheaper. If you do end up getting something i’ll make a video to thank you 😊 thank ily guys

enby-gaymer  asked:

Also, I want to make you something for your birthday since you deserve the best things but idk what you want ;^;

I maaaay or may not release a wishlist on my birthday depending if people are curious.. I’ve already gotten a few requests for it but I don’t wanna answer and seem materialistic ;/////; I just want stuff that I could use every day tbh. Like… basic stuff… nice shampoo, some lotion finally, idunno.

But omg if you wanna make something, a written letter would be cool! I’d totes send one back too! I’d love to get letters from people omg. Best ever. I’m pretty comfy giving mutuals a mailing address too ♡