WOW !! Look what I got in the mail today!! It’s @hoodyexchange time again.

Thanks to the lovely @activeinthemtns I now own a real Boulder Colorado Hoody! Very happy with it……I’ll wear it with pride. I would love to visit Colorado one time…….Revel Rockies Marathon is still on my wishlist.

The added ball is already owned by my youngest son…..😂. And the sticker will get a place on our wall of fame.

Always fun to join in and get in touch with the other side of the World. My package will be on it’s way very soon…..

Also a big thanks for @coffeeandmuscles for putting this all together 👍.

The K2: A Different Story

This is based on a screenshot of what I believe is some commentary on dramabeans that postulates Anna being a child instead of an adult. I mixed it with one of my wishlists. It will be five parts and is highly Yoo-Jin and Jae-Ha centric. For those of us that enjoy that ship, I hope you like this. I’ll post it every Thursday at 3pm Pacific for the next five weeks.

I have only seen through episode 9 and then I dropped it because Anna and K2 became a NOTP for me.

part 1: reassignment

one. Reassignment was always a punishment. He clenched his jaw and barely inclined his head at the order. She had to be angry about the stunt with the sprinklers. That was fine. He wasn’t impressed with her current detail but he was certain most of them would die for her.

“Come with me.” She walked briskly to her car and he followed her out of JSS. He sat in the front seat as her driver obeyed her order to go to The House. There was very little conversation during the drive to a wealthy neighborhood. He helped her out of the car once they arrived at a modest home.

She went up to the main door and unlocked it with a code he didn’t catch. He followed her inside as two women hurried up to her. One was about his age and the older woman at least a decade older than Choi Yoo-Jin.

They bowed and Yoo-Jin’s smile tightened. “Is she awake?”


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I did this the other day. I’m working on some more. I’m going to be opening up a shop for this style of commission soon! I’ll take things on my wishlist, gems, or treasure, but I really need money. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Edit: Forgot to link back to the owner of the dragon, Kizmetto - the dragon is Trellis!

You know what’s a crazy thought? If each of my followers donated $1 to my college fund, I would have enough for an entire year at UMass. $2 (the cost of a kofi) would be two years. $3 would be enough for my sophomore year at community college and my two years after transferring.

A couple people recently donated to me and this just hit me. Thank you so much to those of you who have supported me, whether through donations or mail or my wishlist. Even if y'all aren’t getting me through college financially, you sure as hell have been wonderfully supportive emotionally, and I couldn’t ask for more.