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If I'm not mistaken wasn't that couch pic taken when they were teasing Niall about nofia, and why Niall looks like that haha.


That interview was during Nophia shade season, in which Harry Edward Styles enthusiastically participated.

I stand by my headcanon that Niall slept with Sophia and Harry was quite put out by all this hetero hoe shit. LMAO

But the pic still counts as a certified Larry/Ziam moment. Because the couples were clearly enjoying the shade specifically with each other. Louis was trying and failing to hold back his Harry fond (I wish he didn’t feel compelled to do that–damn the closet), which erupts at the mere sight of Harry’s smile.

And Liam was very pleased that Zayn was amused. Because knowing your boyfriend’s beard is a thirsty groupie that got played by one of your bff’s is a beautiful thing and they both know it.

And precious Niall–well they just don’t get it. It’s a jungle out there and he’s mostly single with needs. They haven’t been the subject of a “violently masturbating” meme. He’s wasn’t going to bed with the love of his life every night on tour. So a dude had to do what a dude had to do. As Little Wayne said, if you pitch it at him, he will swing at it. I understand your moment of saltiness directed at the smug couples, Nialler.

And that in a nutshell is why that pic is fandom famous.

I’m sick of the rhetoric that lesbians can’t be biphobic because they have no systematic power over us. It’s true that lesbians don’t hold any systematic privilege over bi women, but all that means is that you can’t systematically oppress us. It doesn’t excuse lesbians who openly say they hate bi women, it doesn’t excuse lesbians who call bi women in m/f relationships “bihets,” it doesn’t excuse lesbians who consider bi women “less than them,” it doesn’t excuse lesbians who are openly hateful towards bi women. It doesn’t make it any less disgusting, and there is no excuse for it. We are not homophobic by virtue of existence, there is nothing wrong with us. you have no excuse for hating us.