If you are going to ANY of the remaining concerts on the Mobile Orchestra tour then please read this!

As you guys have probably heard or seen by now, Adam hasn’t really been his usual excited bubbly self while performing on this tour. But recently at the Chicago leg of the tour a group of people say on the floor during This Isn’t the End. And more and more people joined and say with them. Adam had his eyes closed and was so into the song refused to open them.

I think it would be amazing if at each of the rest of the concerts to have everyone sit on the floor during This Isn’t the End. It’s by far the most personal song, and it is one of Adam’s favorites. Of all the songs on the track list I truly believe that This Isn’t the End deserves the most respect, and what better way to do that by sitting on the floor, not saying a word or screaming along with the lyrics, just soaking in every note that Adam sings.

I get that some places might be cramped standing, but It’s just for one song and even if Adam has his eyes closed when it happens and doesn’t see it, he’ll know it happened.

Please try and spread this word around. I think it would be the most amazing thing if we could make this happen.

ZAYN's "PILLOWTALK" Confirmed For iHeartRadio's "On The Verge" Program
Last week, Headline Planet broke the news that ZAYN'S "PILLOWTALK" had been selected for the iHeartRadio "On The Verge" program. Early Thursday morning, iH

iHeartRadio confirms ZAYN’s “PILLOWTALK” as its newest “On The Verge” song.

Last week, Headline Planet broke the news that ZAYN’S “PILLOWTALK” had been selected for the iHeartRadio “On The Verge” program.

Early Thursday morning, iHeartRadio officially confirmed the story. “PILLOWTALK” is indeed the newest “On The Verge” pick.

In addition to branding support, “On The Verge” entitles ZAYN’s debut single to guaranteed airplay on the iHeartMedia stations within the designed radio format(s).

For “PILLOWTALK,” the push is definitely underway at pop radio. Sources say it will also apply at the rhythmic format.

The program can prove very valuable; songs like Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” and Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” received “On The Verge” support en route to reaching #1 on the Mediabase pop airplay chart. Natalie La Rose’s “Somebody (featuring Jeremih)” and Post Malone’s “White Iverson” topped the rhythmic chart with assistance from “On The Verge.”

Thanks to strong opening week sales and streaming and a respectable level of early airplay, “PILLOWTALK” debuted at #1 on the all-encompassing Billboard Hot 100. Attention will now turn to its longevity on the Hot 100, as well as its ability to reach the upper reaches of the pop and rhythmic airplay charts.


Have you ever made Owl City art with the dream of Adam seeing it? Or had something that you desperately needed to tell him but could never find out how to get the message to him? WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK!
I am meeting Adam on October 22nd and I want to make him a book filled with things from hoot owls all around the world! If you have a drawing or artwork that you’d like to show Adam or have something you want to tell him then please send everything to the email that is listed at the bottom!

There is some procedures to making sure everything doesn’t get mixed up. In each email please include your information following this example:

Name: Mara Landon (or Mara L. If you prefer)
Location: Seattle, WA (or Washington, USA)
Instagram: @owl_society
Twitter: Doctor_HooLock
Tumblr: doctor-hoolock

If a certain social network doesn’t apply to you please put N/A. Also if you have multiple accounts for something you can do it like this:

Instagram: @owl_society & @maralandon

For any messages or stories for Adam please type them exactly how you would like them. They will be proofread for typo’s, but I will not change them in anyway.

For drawings or digital art please attach a picture of it in its highest quality. For drawings please scan them into a computer or take a STRAIGHT ON picture so it can be cropped easily without cutting out part of it.

Feel free to send any pictures (that you took) from previous owl city concerts or meet and greets that you went to! If you do send those then please include the date and location of the concert.

The email to send everything to is owlcitybook@gmail.com [and put “entry” in the subject line!]

Hope to have something from all of you!! At this point there is no specific due date, and also you can send multiple pictures and you can send a mix too (drawings and a message, pictures and a drawing, or even all 3!)

I know this was a lot of information, so if you have any questions please email them to owlcitybook@gmail.com and put “information” in the subject line!