On the third day he rose again

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Valentine's Day

By @accio-hogwarts-a-history

9.3k words, G rated

It’s Valentine’s Day in Albus and Scorpius’s fifth year. Scorpius is determined, as always, to get his date with Rose, and Albus is trying to work out how to confess his true feelings to Scorpius. 

Thank you so much @torestoreamends for beta'ing and for being so incredibly patient. :’)

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hamilton

Part 6/6


Pairing: jamilton (hamilton x jefferson)

Premise: modern law school au – Thomas works at the law library where Alex spends all his time.

Tags: @overrealityy​ @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips​ @catsmlg@supernatural–obsessed

Word Count: 2200 (i honestly don’t know how i keep getting even numbers)

Warnings: mentions of depressive behaviour, swearing

Dedicated to: @a-dott-ham @gone-with-the-wifi @haleythehomiedoughsquad (and everyone already tagged) thank you for reading <3 

a/n: i’m actually really sad that this fic is over. i’m sorry it was so short… if you want me to write more things, please send me ideas!! love you all <3

Thomas waited in anticipation all Sunday. He routinely picked up his phone just to make sure he hadn’t missed a text from Alex – but he never had. It was radio silence. Trying not to feel too heartbroken, he distracted himself by watching TV and doing some reading for his classes. His mind would always find a way to wander back to Alex or to James… both people bringing him pain, but for different reasons.

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withloveandtime  asked:

"Actually...I just miss you...." That's what the note said. Just those five words on a piece of paper. It looked like he had written a lot more, but all of it had gotten erased. Just those five words survived, along with his signature, John Noble.

Ten x Rose AU

“Actually…I just miss you….” That’s what the note said. Just those five words on a piece of paper. It looked like he had written a lot more, but all of it had gotten erased. Just those five words survived, along with his signature, John Noble.

Rose fingered the worn and creased piece of paper in the pocket of her coat. She’d long ago memorized the words, memorized the exact curve and weight of every penstroke that it contained.

Everyone had told her to give up hope, to move on with her life. The war had ended four years ago and John obviously wasn’t coming home, they said. But Rose had this note, delivered a month after the armistice, and she wasn’t giving up on him, not while her heart still told her he was alive and making his way back to her.

Rose bit her lip and turned away from the biting wind as she stepped out of the shelter of the train station. She had to stop at the post office before going back to her flat still, and she had to hurry if she wanted to get there before they closed.

It was her daily routine. Go to work, stop by the train station to see if anyone had noticed a stranger with John’s description arriving that day, stop by the post office to check for letters and telegrams, and then back home to sleep before doing it all again.

(The workers at the station and post office gave her pitying looks that they thought she couldn’t see but Rose kept her chin up and tried not to let them affect her.)

(He was coming home. He was. He’d promised.)

There was nothing waiting for her at the post office and Rose hurried to her flat, wanting out of the bitter cold as soon as possible. She trekked up the stairs to the third floor, already dreaming of wrapping up in blankets with a hot water bottle.

Rose frowned when she started down the hallway and saw a man sitting slumped against the wall in the shadows a few doors down from her flat. They didn’t usually get the drunks this far up in the building but maybe the bloke lived here and just couldn’t find his keys or something.

She tried to hurry by him, stepping over his long legs in the narrow corridor but as she did, his hand reached out, quick as lightning, to grab one of her ankles.

She opened her mouth to scream, but he spoke before she could make a sound.


Just a single word but it was enough to make her head whip around to try and see his face.


He lifted his head and she choked back a sob. It was him. He was thin and dirty and bearded but it was him.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so she settled on smiling down at him, tears shimmering in her eyes, and inviting him into her flat. 

Rose helped him to his feet and then didn’t let go of his hand until fifteen minutes after they’d made it inside.

She was finally home.

Plucking Petals (Lafayette x Reader) Part 1

Prompt: “Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

Word count: 2.4k

A/N: I wasn’t really planning on writing any Hamilton/imagines but here we are…This is part 1 out of 2, but let me know if you want the second part!

You and Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette had been friends since you were in frilly, cloth diapers. You had grown up in the same commune in Chavaniac, France, due to both your fathers being apart of noble military lineage.

You spent almost every single day together: running around the buildings, riding horses, laying around the fountain in the middle of the estate, getting into more trouble than either of your families cared to admit.

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anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about the whole Cas as Jesus arc, and I just had a thought: What if he comes back during 13x03? "On the third day he rose again..."

Yeah this is more or less what I expect, timing wise… well, it dépends obviously on quite a few points but this is definitely a strong contender. It’s a nice idea! I mean I see Cas’s sacrifice in the Jesus parallel as being his final choice to become Human, his final fall, but yeah still - lots of parallels are all over the place in terms of characters portraying them and time wise but they are all still there.

Meanwhile, Mary Magdalene, sometimes viewed as Jesus’ lover, who loved Jesus regardless, cared for his body and washed his wounds after he was killed and before he rose… I’d love to see some pining!dean and something along thèse lines in 13x01…

Originally posted by spnfeed

But now with… more angst and free worded love obviously ;)

Our Universal Mother - Part 66 A

Obtaining A Plenary Indulgence For the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

On the following days a plenary indulgence can be obtained;

May 13, 2017

June 13, 2017

July 13, 2017

August 13, 2017

September 13, 2017

October 13, 2017











Our Father, Who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting. Amen.


If you knew you were about to die a painful, torturous death, when the time came, would you willingly follow through? This is the reality of what our Savior did for us on Calvary’s cross. Jesus already knew that He was going to be killed (Mark 10:33-34), and yet still, He followed through. Yet still, He continued all the way until “it is finished.” : When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. - John 19:30

We now know that on the other side of the crucifixion, there was the glorious Resurrection because on the third day, Jesus rose again, but it wasn’t without what Jesus already knew: first, He would die a painful, gruesome death as innocent man. Flogged, mocked, beaten, and treated like anything but the Son of God that He was. He would do that, because He loved us.

Let us not forget that Jesus chose to follow through, even though He knew what was lying ahead. That’s how much He loved us, and may we live our lives as a reflection of knowing this truth.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

the love you have | shawn mendes imagine


word count: 2,821

author’s note: here is the imagine based on “roses” that i promised! i did a very quick proofread because i wanted to get this up asap, so i probably missed a few things, but i am very proud of some of the writing in here. i hope you enjoy.

Your name: submit What is this?


The vase was waiting on your doorstep when you arrived home Saturday night.

As soon as you pulled your car into the driveway, you were glad that you had said goodbye to Lucas at the restaurant, knowing that he wouldn’t know what to make of it. Once you locked your car and got closer, you could see that the vase held five scarlet roses, beautiful but painful in their implications. A small note had been tied with a string around one stem, but you didn’t need to look at it to know who had left them there.

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Nicene Creed

I believe in one God,
  the Father Almighty,
  maker of heaven and earth
and of all things visible and invisible.
And in one Lord Jesus Christ,
  the only-begotten Son of God,
  begotten of His Father before all worlds,
  God of God, Light of Light,
  very God of very God,
  begotten, not made,
  being of one substance with the Father,
  by whom all things were made;
  who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven
  and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary
  and was made man;
  and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate.
  He suffered and was buried.
  And the third day He rose again according to the Scriptures
     and ascended into heaven
  and sits at the right hand of the Father.
  And He will come again with glory to judge both the living and the dead,
  whose kingdom will have no end.
And I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Lord and giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son,
who with the Father and the Son together is worshiped and glorified,
who spoke by the prophets.
And I believe in one holy Christian and apostolic Church,
I acknowledge one Baptism for the remission of sins,
and I look for the resurrection of the dead
and the life + of the world to come. Amen.

Part 2 of Theology Thursday!

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God, Schrodinger's Cat, and Me

Have you ever heard of a quantum superposition?

Even if you haven’t, I guarantee you have. Schrodinger’s cat. It’s the thing everyone tries to reference to make them seem smart when they don’t actually get it.

See, here’s how most people see it:

       -Cat in box with some ornate trap

       -The box is closed

       -The cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

That’s not it. That’s nothing. That’s not science. That’s just idiotic silliness. Anyone can make that up.

Well, it’s kind of right but it misses the point entirely.

The reality of Schrodinger’s cat and quantum superpositions, though, that’s where it gets interesting.

See, to start with, most people assume as soon as the cat goes into the box, it’s both alive and dead, because you don’t know. It sounds silly because it is. But the Superposition takes time to occur, it’s not instant. (Otherwise, those mystery box shows on TV would all be quantum superpositions just because “you don’t know how much money is in each case.” Obviously that isn’t true; a box with $1 cannot contain $1,000 just because you don’t have X-Ray vision or psychic powers.)

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Symbolum Apostolorum

Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem, Creatorem caeli et terrae. Et in Iesum Christum, Filium eius unicum, Dominum nostrum, qui conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto, natus ex Maria Virgine, passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus, et sepultus, descendit ad inferos, tertia die resurrexit a mortuis, ascendit ad caelos, sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis, inde venturus est iudicare vivos et mortuos. Credo in Spiritum Sanctum, sanctam Ecclesiam catholicam, sanctorum communionem, remissionem peccatorum, carnis resurrectionem, vitam aeternam. Amen.

Apostles’ Creed

I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, Who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; He descended into hell; on the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from there He will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.

Of the following (semi) deities, legends went around that they were born of a virgin:

Augustus (his father was the god Apollo)                  Agdistis                        Attis
Adonis                                                                     Buddha                        Dionysus
Korybas                                                                   Krishna                        Mithras
Osirus                                                                      Perseus                        Romulus and Remus
Tammuz                                                                  Zoroaster                     Jesus

So basically, all the pagan religions were alike, including Christianity. It just happens that one of them got the ascendancy, and became the most powerful, and did its best to wipe out all the others. In addition to a lack of historical support, many characteristics of Jesus, which Christians today believe in, are undeniably similar or identical to religious trends and beliefs that preceded Christianity. There are tens of accounts of pagan gods of many different cultures who were said to have the same attributes as those that Christians claim Jesus had. A brief review of some of these may lead to some interesting questions concerning the originality of the Christian claim:

ATTIS - Phrygia: Born of the virgin Nana on December 25. He was both the Father and the Divine Son. He was a savior crucified on a tree for the salvation of mankind. He was buried but on the third day the priests found the tomb empty – He had arisen from the dead (on March 25th). He followers were baptized in blood, thereby washing away their sins – after which they declared themselves “born again.” His followers ate a sacred meal of bread, which they believed became the body of the savoir.

BUDDIAH – INDIA: Born of the Virgin Maya on December 25th. He was announced by a star and attended by wise men presenting costly gifts. At birth angles sing heavenly songs. He taught in temple at age 12. Tempted by Mara, the Evil One (Satan), while fasting. He was baptized in water with the Spirit of God present. Buddiah healed the sick and fed 500 from a small basket of cakes and even walked on water. He came to fulfill the law and preached the establishment of a kingdom of righteousness and obliged followers to poverty and to renounce the world. He transfigured on a mount. Died (on a cross, in some traditions), buried but arose again after tomb opened by supernatural powers. Ascended into heaven (Nirvana). Will return in later days to judge the dead. Buddiah was called: “Good Shepherd,” “Carpenter,” “Alpha and Omega,” “Sin Bearer,” “Master,” “Light of the World,” “Redeemer,” etc.

DIONYSUS - GREECE: Born of a Virgin on December 25th, placed in a manger. He was a traveling teacher who performed many miracles. Turned water into wine. Followers ate sacred meal that became the body of the god. He rose from the dead March 25th. Identified with the ram and lamb’s and was called “King of Kings,” “Only Begotten Son,” “Savior,” “Redeemer,” “Sin bearer,” “Anointed One,” the “Alpha and Omega.”

HERACLES – GREECE: Born at the winter equinox of a virgin who refrained from sex with her until her god-begotten child was born and was sacrificed at the spring equinox. He too, was called “Savior,” “Only begotten,” “Prince of Peace,” “Son of Righteousness.”

KRISHNA - INDIA: Krishna was born while his foster-father Nanda was in the city to pay his tax to the king. His nativity heralded by a star, Krishna was born of the virgin Devaki in a cave, which at the time of his birth was miraculously illuminated. The cow-herds adored his birth. King Kansa sought the life of the Indian Christ by ordering the massacre of all male children born during the same night at He. Krishna traveled widely, performing miracles – raising the dead, healing lepers, the deaf and the blind. The crucified Krishna is pictured on the cross with arms extended. Pierced by an arrow while hanging on the cross, Krishna died, but descended into Hell from which He rose again on the third day and ascended into Heaven. (The Gospel of Nicodemus tell of Jesus’ descent into Hell.) He will return on the last day to judge the quick and the dead. Krishna is the second person of the Hindu trinity.

OSIRIS – EGYPT: He came to fulfill the law. Called “KRST,” the “Anointed One.” Born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th in a cave / manger, with his birth announced by a star and attended by three wise men. Earthly father named “Seb” (translates to “Joseph.”) At age 12 he was a child teacher in the Temple and at 30 he was baptized, having disappeared for 18 years. Osiris was baptized in the river Iarutana – the river Jordan – by “Anup the Baptizer,” who was beheaded. (Anup translates to John.) He performed miracles, exorcised demons, raised El-Osiris from the dead. Walked on water and was betrayed by Typhon, crucified between two thieves on the 17th day of the month of Athyr. Buried in a tomb from which he arose on the third day (19th Athyr) and was resurrected. His suffering, death, and resurrection celebrated each year by His disciples on the Vernal Equinox – Easter. Called “The Way, the Truth, the Light,” “Messiah,” “god’s Anointed Son,’ the "Son of Man,” the “Word made Flesh,” the “word of truth.”  Expected to reign a thousand years.

angeredthoughts  asked:

Okay! Tiny prompt? So we know Tony is always kidnapped (seriously, why?) but this time it was Clint and Bucky. He's rescued them and now is timefor the comfort they need, yeah? ^_^ (or the rescue, which ever you prefer <3 )

Perhaps it is easier to get Tony in the middle of the cuddle pile if he’s kidnapped? Maybe that’s why? After all, it also seems that a lot of us like Tony in the middle. And  I don’t deny that I am one those people who enjoy Tony in the middle of a love sandwich. 

Clint groaned as his stomach crashed into something bulbous and metal. He smelled smoke and he thought he saw fire through his blurry vision, but he couldn’t be sure. A metal hand stroked the cradle of his back as something else made out of metal kissed his side.

His fingers twitched. He should be fighting, but the drugs Hydra had pumped into him made him limp.

He groaned again as his body swayed and black consumed the edges of his vision.

He thought he saw Natasha emerge from the smoke, but when he squinted his eyes, the blackness devoured all of his sight.

It felt like he was nosediving off a cliff, and then nothing.

“Personally, I wouldn’t be complaining if I was you,” Tony voice broke through Clint’s sleep.

Clint snuggled against the warm body next to him and tugged his plush blankets tighter around him.

“…You got a Stark upgrade to your security free of charge. You should be thrilled, Patches.”

Tony was silent, but Clint could hear him pacing the room.

Hear? He shouldn’t be able to hear anything. Hydra had taken his hearing aids.

Clint blinked against the sunlight that shone in through the penthouse windows.

He slowly moved his head, taking in the sight of his month-old home.

A metal armed shifted against his side, and Clint turned to see Bucky resting against the couch–also bundled up in a nest of blankets. A bandage covered his cheek and the tips of his hair looked a little singed, but otherwise he looked healthy and peaceful.

Clint took that moment to cuddle into Bucky more. He didn’t know how he’d gotten away from Hydra or how was in Tony’s tower, but he was going to enjoy it for the moment.

Bucky moved beneath him. He tensed just enough to reveal that he was awake, but not enough to concern Clint that his boyfriend was about to launch up and attack the nearest person in the belief that they were Hydra.

The metal arm pushed through the blankets surrounding Clint and pulled him closer to Bucky. Clint tucked his head under Bucky’s chin and let out a sigh. He closed his eyes and basked in Bucky’s safe embrace.

“Don’t take that tone with me,” Tony raised his voice. “This is twice now that Hydra has managed to get through your security. Obviously you need help. Also, did you just hear what you made me say? ‘Don’t take that tone with me’? You’re making me sound like a parent, and nobody wants that.”

A pause.

Tony paced the room again.

“You know what? I have more important things to deal with. If you have any complaints take it up with SI’s complaint department. I’m sure the employees there need something to do.”

Tony sighed after he hung up.

Clint could sense Tony staring at him and Bucky, so he peeled open an eye and smiled at Tony. “So I’m guessing you were our knight in shining armor.”

Tony crossed his arms over his chest and shifted his weight between his hips. “Wish I could take all the credit, but I did have some help from our friends. Also, the medical team that bandaged you up.”

“I feel like a mummy,” Clint commented. He hadn’t taken a good look at his body yet, but he could feel just how wrapped up he was. Also, Hydra may have drugged him, but he had still been conscious enough to remember snippets of the torture they had had put him through.

“And you?” Tony aimed at Bucky.

Bucky’s chest rose and fell with a deep breath. “Physically fine. I’m going to be jumpy for the next week though.”

Tony nodded and paced the room for the third time. His fingers tapped along arms as he all but hugged himself. “Good. We can deal with that, not like we haven’t before. I also donated some security tech to SHIELD, so this shouldn’t happen again. I can work on increasing security measures here too. I already had some programs in the works, so just give me a couple of days and I should get them finished. Maybe we should add some things to your gear too. Maybe I could create something with a panic button that will harm anyone who touches you, but not–”

“Tony.” Clint shoved down his blankets so he could extend his arms outward. “Come here.”

Tony froze mid-pace. He eyed Clint briefly then shook his head. “You’re beat up, birdie. A hug right now might hurt you.”

“We’re cuddlin’ up just fine.” Bucky extended his arm out to Tony. “Get over here, you martyr.”

Tony still hesitated. “You two need to heal. You two don’t need to worry about me. I wasn’t the one–”

“Come here!” Clint and Bucky shouted in unison, exasperation clear in their voice.

Tony looked dumbfounded for a moment. He looked behind him as if he expected someone to come out and chastise him at any moment.  Then he was hurrying to the couch and squeezing himself between Bucky and Clint.

Bucky and Clint each took a blanket off of themselves and wrapped it around Tony.

Bucky hugged Tony to his chest, and Clint wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist and buried his face in Tony’s chest.

“We’re all a little shaken,” Clint mumbled against Tony’s clavicle.

“Yeah, but you two were the ones who–”

Bucky shushed Tony and kissed his temple. “No talking. Just enjoy the moment.”

Clint nodded. “All of us need this.” He closed his eyes and let himself relax against Tony.

Tony was silent.

Happiness sprang into Clint’s chest when Tony wrapped his arms around him.

Tony rested his chin on Clint’s head. “Yeah. We do.”


Calefaction Part 3

its part 3 right im so balloon headed right now.

im so proud of that communicator like i literally felt like i was an artist when i drew it.

i havent drawn sonic in days it was so nice to draw him again like a sigh of relief ahhh


Here’s some more GTA! Raywood for you lovely peeps! :

They don’t even announce it to the rest of the team. They go on with their lives like nothing has happened. One day everyone is in the planning room and Geoff and Michael are in a heated discussion about motor bikes. Soon everyone is screaming except for Ryan and Ray. Ray would usually let this play out, but he’s on Michael’s side this time. There are so many road burns on his back already! So he stands up and clears his throat. No one even bats an eye. He tries again and somehow Michael’s on the damn table ready to punch the stupid whiteboard. Before Ray could try a third time a loud and sharp whistle punctures the air.

“Hey…my Rose has something to say.”

“Thanks Babe, so anyway…”

As soon as Ray finishes his point, Gavin makes it his business to jump across the table and into Ray’s face before asking the million dollar question!

“So wait… He doesn’t call us any cute nicknames…”

“That’s not true, he calls you Idiot…”


Ray and Ryan just look at each other before Ray burst into a fit of laughter.They decided not to really label what they have. The sniper claimed it wouldn’t be fair. They have each other(W.A.F.F.L.E.O ). They have the simple days of staring at sunsets and they have the night where they’re so high on adrenaline after a heist gone right that all they can do fuck and crash.They have the hushed breaths and whispers of 'It’s gonna be alright’ while waiting for the other to wake up on the hospital bed. They have the special days of bailing out of the penthouse just to set off fireworks on the roof of a five-star hotel.

When Ray stops laughing he simply shrugs with an all knowing look. Meanwhile Geoff and Michael hand over a few stacks of cash to Jack while she walks over to pry Gavin away from Ray’s face.  

Take Our Time

Bellarke Fic Week February 2015

Day 1: Valentine’s Day

Clarke had planned (happily) on spending Valentine’s Day alone, that is, until her roommate’s brother shows up on her doorstep, stranded in the city because of the blizzard, with nowhere else to stay…

Clarke glared at the door from her very comfortable, very cozy position on the couch. She had just gotten settled in her cocoon of blankets (because jacking up the heat even with the raging blizzard outside was not worth the extra money it would cost her and Octavia that month) when their apartment doorbell sounded. Sighing, Clarke debated ignoring it. If Wells had trekked all the way over heretonight just so she wouldn’t be alone on Valentine’s Day (because really, that apparently was a mortal sin in everyone’s book but her own), well, then he could stay out there in the blustering wind and cold. Clarke was perfectly content to curl up in her living room, surrounded by copious amounts of salty snacks and holiday-appropriate candy with no one to hog it, watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. No boys allowed.

The doorbell chimed again, and very reluctantly Clarke rose to buzz her friend inside, because this blizzard—the third one in as many weeks—really was quite brutal. Yanking open the door, she heard clunking footsteps climb the stairs to her third-floor apartment.

“You’re a pain in my ass, you know that?” Clarke called down as she stood in the doorway. “I told you, as a proudly single, independent woman kicking ass in her third year of medical school, I am completely fine spending Valentine’s Day alo—oh.”

Her visitor had finally reached her apartment, and it wasn’t Wells. Tall and freckled, he had brown eyes (handsome, warm ones), and snow crusted almost every part of him. As he stamped it from his boots, Clarke leaned back into her apartment just a bit, hand tightening on the door because stranger danger.

“Sorry, um, who are you?” She asked warily.

“Bellamy—I’m Octavia’s brother,” he said with a polite smile. Taking off his glove, he stuck out a hand, which Clarke shook, startled at how cold his fingers were. He continued, “You’re Clarke, right? The roommate?”

“Yes, hi, sorry, I should’ve recognized you. Octavia must have a hundred pictures of you in her room. She’s not here right now, if you’re looking for her. She’s with Lincoln.”

At his blank look, she added, “Her boyfriend’s. For Valentine’s Day.”

Watching his face tighten, brow furrowing in annoyance, Clarke realized she might need to apologize to Octavia later, because clearly her brother did not know about Lincoln. Bellamy didn’t say a word, and neither did she. Just as Clarke was about to hit her awkward quota, he spoke up, tone slipping towards wryness.

“So, can I come in?”

“Sure, but, um—” Clarke hesitated, wondering how much more trouble she was about to get Octavia in, but, screw it, the cat was already out of the bag. “I am pretty sure she isn’t coming back tonight. Or tomorrow. Or probably until the weekend is over.”  

“Well, at least I know why she didn’t answer her phone.” Then a pained expression flashed across his flushed face, probably realizing exactly what was keeping his sister so preoccupied. Clarke almost laughed but managed to stifle it because he looked so distraught.

Then Bellamy sighed, muttering something about annoying, secret-keeping sisters under his breath, and said, “Look, I was on a stopover here and my outgoing flight got cancelled because of the storm, delayed until Monday. I was hoping to crash with O this weekend because most of the hotel rooms are booked. I know she’s not here, but, I still need someplace to stay.”

Though she groaned internally (because playing hostess had not been the plan for tonight), Clarke slapped on a welcoming smile and stepped back to let him into the apartment. “Sure thing, come on in.”

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anonymous asked:

What do you know about Joyce Meyer? Is she a good evangelist/author?

What does Joyce Meyer teach?

For the most part Joyce Meyer preaches a positive, biblical message that is of great value to many people.  We applaud her desire to be biblical, to point women to godly submission and humility, to trusting God, being loving, to have value based in what Christ has done for us, etc.  These are all good.  However, there are some very significant errors that need to be addressed.  Some of them are so bad that she is outside of biblical orthodoxy and must be considered a false teacher.  Let’s take a look at what Joyce Meyer has said.

Following is a list of quotes from Joyce Meyer, along with responses.

  1. Jesus stopped being the Son of God:  “He could have helped himself up until the point where he said I commend my spirit into your hands, at that point he couldn’t do nothing for himself anymore. He had become sin, he was no longer the Son of God. He was sin.”(http://storage.carm.org/joycemeyer/joyce-meyer-Jesus-became-sin-stopped-being-son-of-God.mp3)
    1. Response:  This is heresy.  Jesus did not ever stop becoming the son of God.  Essentially what she is saying is that Jesus stopped being divine, the eternal son, second person of the Trinity. This is an attack on the very nature of Christ and it is a dangerous false teaching.  Joyce Meyer needs to repent and retract this statement.  There is no place in Scripture that says Jesus stopped being the son of God.  She’s adding to the word of God and placing in the hearts and minds of listeners false doctrine.
  2. Jesus was born again:  “The minute that blood sacrifice was accepted Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again,” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neKsa_74w7k&feature=related)
    1. Response:  This is just plain wrong.  Being born again means to be saved from the wrath of God for a person’s sins (Eph. 2:1-3), to have a new birth (John 3:3), and to be regenerated (2 Cor. 5:17).  Mrs. Meyer is simply wrong biblically.  Why does she teach this?  It can only be because she has bought into many of the errors of the Positive Confession movement where it is sometimes said that Jesus lost his divine nature, went to hell, finished the atonement in hell, and was born again!  This is a serious error since it implies that Jesus needed to be changed…
  3. Jesus paid for our sins in hell:  “He became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not stay dead. He was in the grave three days. During that time he entered hell, where you and I deserve to go (legally) because of our sin. He paid the price there.” (The most important decision you’ll ever make, by Joyce Meyer, second printing, may 1993, page 35)
    • Response:  This is blatantly wrong.  Jesus did not pay the price of our redemption in hell.  He paid the price on the cross.  It was finished on the cross when he said, "It is finished” (John 19:30).  Also, consider the following verses:
    • Col. 1:20, “and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven.”
    • Col. 2:14, “having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us and which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.”
    • 1 Pet. 2:24, “and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.”
    Jesus went to hell in our place and was tormented:  “Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place. Then as God had promised, on the third day Jesus rose from the dead. The scene in the spirit realm went something like this: God rose up from his throne and said to demon powers tormenting the sinless son of God, ‘let him go.’ Then the resurrection power of Almighty God went through hell and filled Jesus. On earth his grave where they had buried him was filled with light as the power of God filled his body. He was resurrected from the dead – the first born again man.” (The most important decision you’ll ever make, by Joyce Meyer, second printing, may 1993, page 36)
    • Response:  Where does she get this completely fictitious dialogue between God and the demon powers?  It is made up, not founded in scripture, and mistakenly assumes that Jesus went to hell, the place of torment and suffering after he died on the cross.  The Bible does not teach any such thing.  However, it does say that Jesus descended into the lower parts of the earth (Eph. 4:9).  This can mean that Jesus was physically buried, or that Jesus went to Hades to inform those who had already died about who he was and what he did on the cross, or it can be referring to his incarnation as is contrasted with his ascending into heaven (Eph. 4:10).  But there is simply no reason to believe that Jesus suffered in hell and finished the atonement there.  See response to Quote 1.
    If you don’t believe Jesus went to hell, you cannot be saved:   “His spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go… There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth.” (The most important decision you’ll ever make, by Joyce Meyer, second printing, may 1993, page 37)
      1. Response:  This is an amazingly bad statement on her part.  She is saying that you cannot be saved from your sins unless you believe that Jesus went to the hell where we deserve to go.  This is a modification of the gospel message that saves, as is found in 1 Cor. 15:1-4 that states it is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  Nowhere in scripture are we told to believe that Jesus suffered for us in hell or that he went there, where we deserve to go.  This is very wrong and is heretical.
    1. We are called little gods:  “I was listening to a set of tapes by one man and he explained it like this..this kind of gets the point across…he said why do people have such a fit about God calling his creation, his creation, his man not his whole creation, but his man, little gods? If he’s God what’s he going to call them but the God kind? I mean if you as a human being have a baby you call it a human kind. If if [sic] cattle has another cattle they call it cattle kind. I mean what is God supposed to call 'em? Doesn’t the Bible say we are created in his image? Now you understand I am not saying you are god with a capital G. That is not the issue here so don’t go trying to stone me or yell blasphemy at me." "The Bible says right here John 10:34…'and Jesus answered is it not written in your law I say we are gods.' So men are called God’s by the law…”(Joyce Meyer). (www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrP3OLCH9GI&feature=related)
      1. Response:  In this clip she goes on to quote John 10:34 where Jesus says to the Pharisees “you are gods,” which is a quote from Psalm 82:6, which is an imprecatory Psalm of condemnation for the unrighteous judges.  Psalm 82:7 says, nevertheless you will die like men.  She then turned to Psalm 82 and went through it.  The video stopped so I do not know what she would have said about the next, all important verse.
    2. Joyce Meyer said she is not a sinner:  “I am not poor. I am not miserable and I am not a sinner. That is a lie from the pit of hell. That is what I were and if I still was then Jesus died in vain. I’m going to tell you something folks. I didn’t stop sinning until I finally got it through my thick head I wasn’t a sinner anymore. And the religious world thinks that’s heresy and they want to hang you for it. But the Bible says that I am righteous and I can’t be righteous and be a sinner at the same time.” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dmHJdM63hk)
      1. Response:  Mrs. Meyer needs a lesson in basic Bible.  1 John 1:8 says, “If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us."  Notice that John the apostle says "we."  He is including himself with sinners.  Also, Paul said in Rom. 7:19-20,24, "For the good that I wish, I do not do; but I practice the very evil that I do not wish. 20 But if I am doing the very thing I do not wish, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me…24 Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?"  Is Joyce Meyer better in Christian character than John and Paul?  I think not.  Mrs. Meyer fails to recognize her own sinfulness, and so mistakenly denies her own sinfulness.  I can only conclude that this false teaching comes from pride because it certainly isn’t biblical.
    3. The host of hell were literally on Jesus and were laughing:  "They were having the biggest party that had ever been had. They had my Jesus in the floor and they were standing on his back jumping up and down laughing. And he had become sin. Don’t you think that God was pacing, wanting to put a stop to what was going on? All the host of hell were upon him. Upon him. Up on him. The angels were in agony.  All the creation is groaning. All the host of hell was upon him. Up on him. They got on him. They got him down in the floor and got on him and they were laughing and mocking. Ha ha ha ha. You trusted God and look where you ended up. You thought he’d save you and get you off that cross. He didn’t, ha ha ha.” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwNfOaxIcOMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwNfOaxIcOM)
      1. Response:  Where did she get this - in the sacred Book of Joycemeyeronomy?  It is certainly not in the Bible, and yet she has no problem teaching it as an authoritative truth.  Does she not know that the Bible says not to exceed what is written (1 Cor. 4:6)?  Yet, she has done exactly this.  She is in grave error and has violated God’s word that says that Jesus bore our sins in his body on the cross (1 Pet. 2:24) and finished the atonement on the cross (John 19:30) - not in hell at the hands of demons!  There is no way demons were literally standing 'on’ Jesus.  Meyer is in gross error!
    4. Joyce Meyer gets revelation knowledge:  “The Bible can’t even find any way to explain this. Not really that is why you have got to get it by revelation. There are no words to explain what I am telling you. I have got to just trust God that he is putting it into your spirit like he put it into mine.” (http://storage.carm.org/joycemeyer/joyce-meyer-revelation-knowledge.mp3)
      1. Response:  Revelation knowledge?  Is she on par with the apostles who received revelation knowledge from God himself?  Or how about the Old Testament prophets?  Does she, like them, also receive revelation knowledge from God?  If so, how would we know if it were true or not? The answer is simple:  we test what she says against Scripture, and it is obvious that she is getting a lot of things from somewhere else that contradict the word of God.

     She is NOT someone that I would follow.  God bless you!!! Maranatha!!! :):)

    SQW Summer 2016 - Day 1: Confessions

    Emma ended up carrying the rose around with her that day, after cutting off most of the stem and sticking it into the breast pocket of her red leather jacket. Mary Margaret thought it was sweet and gushed about how she wanted to be the first to know when Emma discovered who her secret admirer was. In truth, Emma was watching everyone around her for their reactions to her wearing the rose, proudly on display.

    “You’re such a sap,” Ruby said when the blonde strolled into the diner for her usual mid-day grilled cheese and hot cocoa.

    “Well maybe if you told me about your hunch, I wouldn’t have to resort to such measures to figure out my secret admirer.”

    “Nuh uh. My lips are sealed. I enjoy being alive, thanks.” The waitress set down her order and scurried off, leaving the blonde alone at the counter. Emma rolled her eyes and took a gulp of her drink, looking up only when her spidey-senses tingled, alerting her to a certain Mayor’s presence.

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