On a more serious note

on a slightly more serious note i think fanime really made me realize where I am as an artist, not just in the things I need to work on, but how far i’ve come and how proud i am that i was able to table (if you suggested tableing at fanime 3 years ago i would have laughed)

i struggle with seeing myself as a ‘good’ artist, or one that has recognition, and tbh i deny a lot of my popularity. but the past 4 days were idk, an eye opener. talking and meeting with so many super super cool artist made me realize like, this is real, they know me, they like my stuff what….???? and all the people who came to the table and said they follow me….

it didn’t just feel real, it totally was. and im like, super excited to keep making art and know that people out there like it

Something we didn’t really tell the audience, but I knew in my own heart and mind, was that in her back story, Tauriel was orphaned when she was a young, young elf. She’s still a young elf — she’s only 600 — but at some point in her life, she was orphaned, and her parents were killed at the hands of an orc, or orcs (I’m not sure how many). And that influenced … her attitude, her demeanor, her presence, her coldness, the anger that sort of seethed out of her was this need for revenge, this need for justice, this need to make things right in a world that had wronged her. And then as Kili enters her world, he opens up her heart and mind and her soul to the notion of innocence again. She sees innocence and purity in him, and she sees a spark of life that she hasn’t known since before her parents were killed, and it reminds her of the young elf that she maybe threw aside in her pain. In a weird way, it’s a coming-of-age story, and yet when we come of age, if we do it with grace, then I think in a way we return to some of the innocence that we held in childhood. In our maturing and our wisdom, we realize the infinite wisdom that children have in their idealism and in their passions. So I think it’s a beautiful arc for the character, and I was very excited to play it.

So there’s a little less than two days until the FCC votes on net neutrality–I know there have been a lot of posts like “Tumblr will do ‘save the internet’ but not [x]” but this does go beyond Tumblr, and I would strongly urge you to consider looking into the issue and how it might affect your online experience in the future

Idk how many of y'all have dealt with cable companies, but I’ll vouch that it’s neither fun nor something I want to do in regards to internet content. Cable companies have the advantage in that they have a lot of money to pour into lobbying–if internet users don’t let their representatives know what they want, then we may have a problem. Remember that sites with less money will be shafted with this–and that may mean underdog sites that are fighting for social justice and greater economic equality

Take a look at https://www.battleforthenet.com/ and at least consider sending an email 

We’re making progress I swear.

But in other news, one of our voice actors was kidnapped by bees. The ransom is three cookies. We’re aren’t going to fulfill the ransom, obviously. He’s not worth three cookies. Maybe one. And a potato.

But anyway, Episode Two is delayed until we can organize a team to rescue our voice actor from the bees. Or the elections happen and the bees win. Whichever’s sooner.

so i got to episode 17 at the stabbity part and Jack just bounds in to separate Alexis and Elizabeth and everything is serious and i look at the expression on Alexis’ face and i remember the story Misha told about how Kiefer actually choked him and i let out a string of sympathetic giggles. i paused the episode so i wouldn’t miss anything due to the giggle fit and i just


So I was flipping through the Kuroshitsuji Artbook...

You’ve all seen this




On a more serious note, Toboso-sensei named the following illustration “Portrait of the Matriarch and Butler of the Dalles Family”. She said while they are master and servant, their relationship also resembles that between sisters and friends. ;A;

But again this post is supposed to be about mangosteen.

Forget Grelliam, GrellxMangosteen is my OTP.

i like to think that after the paladin pals went off to train under the argent dawn, fiona went her own way but stayed in the plaguelands ferrying supplies and pilgrims because if there’s any place that needs her help, its there. and she keeps all of the trinkets on board because she’s a surprisingly sentimental hulking wolf beast, including the doll

& it starts as just kind of a. vague unsettling feeling she gets while working on the road - loading, unloading, haggling, gathering, the like - but the sense that she’s being watched keeps intensifying and finally fiona gets sick of watching this poor ghostly little scrap of a girl following her around wistfully and invites the kid on board

and okay maybe pamela isnt the best conversation (she doesnt say much) and her teacup slips through her hands and the blanket fiona gives her falls through her shoulders but it’s nice to have at least someone around, even if that someone is hollow-eyed and cryptic and long, long dead and somehow fiona can tell that the girl appreciates the affection


I’m back again, with more teasers taken from my new Moka from Rosario Vampire donation set. <3

Also since It’s tittytuesday on cosplaydeviants I figured I would post some more pics.<3

This set is one of my most playful to date, with lots of toothy grins and fan service. It contains 98 images clothed, stripping, nude and show cases every part of me as a adorable vampire school girl. c;

It can be yours for good, for a minimal donation of 25$.


On a more serious note, I’m sure some of you may be wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately and haven’t been posting original content as much.

Well the truth is I’ve actually been devoting my time taking special care of one of my cats Natsu who has been having some health problems off and on since my move.

As a loving cat-owner it breaks my heart to see either of my two furbabies in discomfort… so I try to find solutions and get them proper care.

Natsu has been taken several times to the vet recently already for his bladder irritation issues. Though after a couple weeks of after vet treatment symptoms seem to just re-occur. You might be able to imagine both of our frustrations with this, especially when emergency vet visits tend to get pricey during after-hours. I’ve changed both of my cats to healthier vet-recommended grain free diets since then but Natsu still seems not 100% his normal self. So I feel like it’s getting to the point where I need to take him in once more this month to get examined.

That being said… looking at things realistically I’m not able to immediately do that, due to prior vet visit cost’s already this month draining me quite a bit.

As embarrassing or dirty as I feel broadcasting my own issue’s I figured I would at-least make you all aware that worry about me being in-active. Or perhaps if any of you fellow cat-owners have experienced similar issues before, you could enlighten me to suggestions. Or more then anything if any of you were still interested in getting a set or my most recent Moka set ( pictured here) know that all fund’s will be going to Natsu’s vet visit.

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of the support you have given me and encouragement and I’m hoping me and my furbabie will be able to get through this together.



If you are interested in getting this set from me remember, simply shoot me a email at foxycosplay@hotmail.com and I will see to your needs.