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What's it like to live with a misandrist?

“I’ll let you know when I live with one.” HA HA HA  I’m so funny just like you.

On a more serious note: people who have used the internet and BBSes as long as I have usually know full well not to feed the trolls. My wife would probably just delete your message because she, frankly, doesn’t have time for this kind of bullshit. However, I feel like this is an unusual chance. Usually cowardly misogynists choose female targets, but you’ve made the interesting choice to engage with a man. So because I am a man, perhaps you, or others like you, might actually listen, maybe even subconsciously to a fraction of what I have to say. Also, I’m on lunch right now after just having eaten delicious leftover tri-tip roast, so I feel pretty energized.

To put it bluntly, my wife is no misandrist. To make such a claim means one of two things: either you don’t understand what misandry is, or you haven’t read the sort of things she posts. Misandry, according to the dictionary, is a fundamental hatred for men and belief that they are, as a group, inferior just for being men. In common use it also refers to the ridiculous notion of women somehow oppressing men–and if you think that is actually happening, you may be beyond the help of whatever wisdom I can provide.

Neither of these concepts of misandry apply to my wife. Reading any substantial amount of her writing makes it clear that it’s the actions of a person that matter, not their gender, sexuality or whatever. She creates an open space where all are welcome so long as they respect that space. Oh, perhaps you’re referring to a recent post where she said, “I’m not interested in watching something primarily about dudes.” Sorry, but that’s not misandry, that’s an entertainment consumption choice. It’s very similar to how many men are saying right now, “I’m not interested in watching something primarily about chicks like the new Ghostbusters.” Would you call them misogynists? (Even if you answer yes, you’re still wrong. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to watch movies that you feel you can more closely relate to. The misogyny around that particular movie comes from the belief that just because the leads in the new Ghostbusters movie are female, that the movie is inherently unfunny, inferior and worthy of ridicule.)

So, are you ignorant about what misandry is or just too lazy to find out anything about the person you’re attacking? Either one is a fine excuse, and exactly the sort of thing I would expect from the kind of person sending anonymous hate mail to someone’s spouse. But neither of them makes you correct.

I think in explaining your lack of comprehension around the concept of misandry (and perhaps my wife’s thoughts on the matter), the late Maggie Estep summed it up best in her song “Hey Baby”:

“Whatsa matta, baby, you got somethin’ against men?” he asks
“No,” I say, “I don’t have anything against men… Just stupid men.”

Something we didn’t really tell the audience, but I knew in my own heart and mind, was that in her back story, Tauriel was orphaned when she was a young, young elf. She’s still a young elf — she’s only 600 — but at some point in her life, she was orphaned, and her parents were killed at the hands of an orc, or orcs (I’m not sure how many). And that influenced … her attitude, her demeanor, her presence, her coldness, the anger that sort of seethed out of her was this need for revenge, this need for justice, this need to make things right in a world that had wronged her. And then as Kili enters her world, he opens up her heart and mind and her soul to the notion of innocence again. She sees innocence and purity in him, and she sees a spark of life that she hasn’t known since before her parents were killed, and it reminds her of the young elf that she maybe threw aside in her pain. In a weird way, it’s a coming-of-age story, and yet when we come of age, if we do it with grace, then I think in a way we return to some of the innocence that we held in childhood. In our maturing and our wisdom, we realize the infinite wisdom that children have in their idealism and in their passions. So I think it’s a beautiful arc for the character, and I was very excited to play it.

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All my best friends are Ns (ENTP, INFJ, ENFP, INFP and ENFJ) and I'm an ESTP. The thing is, I usually get annoyed by Ns because sometimes they're too like "YES WE, A GROUP OF TEENAGERS, CAN END WORLD HUNGER RIGHT NOW" and I'm like "dude chill no we can't" is it a coincidence that my best friends are Ns or is there a nice psychological reason why?