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tyleroakley & joesugg at Universal studios ❤️💛💚💙💜


so guys i found this app called adhd flow. it’s the most inclusive symptom tracker ive seen so far and even includes the emotional symptoms as well. you can rate your symptoms on a one to ten scale and it’ll give you your symptom percentage. it also includes medicine reminders, notes, and a bunch of different settings for your mood. my favorite right now is probably “run” with an angry devil face.
but in all seriousness- this is really awesome, go download it.

Steven Moffat seems to have gone from "two-parters? who even needs two-parters?" to "you know what, we are going to perfect the very idea of a two-parter" and that’s absolutely fine with me.

How I Want You (How I Need You)

Author: Kaspian

Genre: wolf au

Rating: NC-17

Kinks: age switch, incest, knotting, humping, rimming, possessive kai

Summary: Kyungsoo has had eyes for an older Alpha for a while now. Crushing on a mysterious lone wolf is cute, but if it is on ones future stepbrother, it might be a different case.

Admin N’s notes: STEP ASIDE THERE’S A NEW WOLF AU IN KAISOO TOWN AND IT’S THE RAVE!! also it comes with so many kinks ;-; incest + abo verse is the best thing that ever happened. it’s not just a pwp there’s some plot too ISN’T IT AMAZING /swoons/


*tries to understand the ending of jack and the cuckoo clock heart*

did jack die??

did time freeze around him preserving his last memory with miss acacia as he died and that’s why he left her behind to climb the sky bc he was ascending to heaven????

this movie is so good but so weird i don’t understand what happened

i’m gonna be sad if jack died though okay he went through so much shit jack my son

The white people who are throwing fits over #blackout day are really fucking hilarious. You think it’s racist to have a day amongst a community supporting each other’s selfies & uplifting each other? Literally all they asked was that you didn’t post your selfies in the #blackout tag today. They didn’t say you couldn’t make your own day. They didn’t say fuck everyone else. They didn’t say we are so much better than everyone else. They said, “March 6 will be a day where we appreciate each other’s beauty.”
And yall are so fucking offended by that. You guys think that’s racist?? Really? It definitely shows that you believe yourselves to be victims when, well, you aren’t.

On a slightly different note, I absolutely adore how many beautiful black people are on my dash! I fucking love it. And I love how I went into the #whiteout tag to find hundreds of more beautiful black selfies and literally only 2 arrogant ass white people.

qcatter asked:

Small idea, SCnaga!Vincent, the gem on his chest imagine it being cracked, after all SC Vince was dead at some point. On a different note, mermaids are often shown basking on rocks, and all i'm seeing in my head is Vincent and Scott napping in the sun on some rocks.

actually I was having a chat with tatter-bug and they have a great idea for it, so yes Vincent does get killed, but practically Vincent is finally killed by the naga hunters and they take his gem. And since this is associated with SCau that means he comes back to life, but he doesn’t have his gem ouo and Tatter-bug in their drawings of NagaVincenet and MermanScott it does show Vincent without his gem ouo

But I also had an idea for how the two of them meet ouo Since in this mashed up au Vincent dies, maybe after the Naga hunters kill him they throw him into the ocean. Thus Scott would probably find Vincents body near where he lives. Not sure how Vincent comes back to life just yet, but i do know that’s their first “encounter”. Though maybe Scott goes to try to bury Vincents body somewhere and he suddenly starts breathing and trying to get air while under water or something and Scott has to bring him up out of water or something.

But that’s all I’ve got so far. And probably will leave it at that

David Henrie, a devout Catholic, admits that it is much easier to “party every night and do ridiculous things,” but he notes that makes the difference between “a virtuous guy and a guy who is pleasing his emotions or passions.”

"My morals and beliefs are very important to me and will always impact the choices I make," he said.

As a child star, Henrie said that he never knew how difficult Hollywood would be, especially the part about avoiding the negative aspects of the entertainment industry. He credits his faith, family and friends for keeping him grounded, while acknowledging the reality that celebrities oftentimes get lost along the way because temptation is everywhere. • #CatholicConnect #Catholic #Faith #Religion #Pray

Ghazal discovers common musical ground - The Georgia Straight

“…Indian food is too spicy for Kayhan, and I find Persian food very bland,” confesses Khan, on the line from his home in Mumbai. “But if we’re eating Indian food Kayhan will order chicken tikka and dal, which are safe. If I’m eating Persian food I carry my own powder with me, chili powder, which I’ll sprinkle over everything. And then Kayhan loves Italian food and I love Chinese, so we find a lot of stuff to eat. We manage very well.”

Apart from a shared fondness for slow-cooked stews—flavoured with nuts and pomegranate molasses in Kalhor’s birthplace, aromatic spices and chilies in the Khan family kitchen—Persian and North Indian cuisines are, as the sitarist notes, radically different. But the two countries share a common musical heritage, which Khan ascribes to the traders of the Silk Road, a once-thriving social network powered by camel travel rather than cable transmission…

Nonetheless, the musical systems of the two regions have retained their similarities. The Iranian dastgah, or scale, known as Esfahan, for instance, uses the same notes as the North Indian raga kirwani; only the inflections are different. The Iranian lute known as the setar is arguably the precursor of Khan’s sitar, while Kalhor’s kamancheh, a kind of spike fiddle, sounds very much like the Indian sarangi. Beyond these correspondences, however, Khan and Kalhor’s trio Ghazal, in which they’re joined by percussionist Sandeep Das, depends primarily on the kind of rapport that can’t be taught…

Ghazal plays West Vancouver’s Kay Meek Centre next Friday (March 13).”

"Gay characters don’t belong in animated movies! THEY’RE FOR KIDS!"

Yeah! Kids’ movies are supposed to be innoc-

Because telling kids that they can love whoever they want is TOO TERRIFYING AND CONFUSING. But showing them murder, execution, death, frightening images, and war is just fine.

Selma is now. Because the struggle for justice is right now…we know that right now the struggle for freedom and justice is real…there are more black men under incarceration today then there were slaves in 1850.
—  John Legend’s using his acceptance speech for “Glory” to drop some harsh truth 
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