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ootd for 160729 🌺 for some reason i always wear pastel colours at the week’s end. i had a 10am to 5pm uni schedule today so i was totally dead… at least i looked cute tho 😘 i love this new pink embroidered jacket that i got, it goes really well with a lot of my wardrobe! 💕 also note to self: i need to get different pink items to put in these ootd posts.

jacket + shirt + skirt (feat. pom pom + blush)

We have an opportunity to leave ‘warm fuzzies’ in a bag for each staff member - nice noted expressing fondness and appreciation. I wrote three different ones for Garden Girl before tearing them up, because this is middle school again, and now I’m trying to decide if it would be Too Weird to leave her the little portrait I drew of her. I think it might be. But I could also play it off. I meant to ask permission to draw her but people kept distracting me and I didn’t want to show her my sketchbook when she asked in case she saw it.

Hey thrifty witches I found these super cute and colorful booklets for sale at Walmart for 88cents! I thought they would be perfect for writing notes in and I took a picture to share with y'all!

They have around 5-6 different colors with different notes on the front so go check them out! Also now is a fantastic time to stock up on journals (or wait till tax free weekend to do your shopping but that’s kind of hectic so be careful) anyways I wanted to share this find with you guys!

On a different note: @kerzvlab - I’ve started reading the first Dresden Files book. I don’t know why but from your intense discussions and the cover of the book, I thought it’d be more serious.

I live it.

So far, apart from Dresden himself whose humour I love, I love Toot-toot. He’s so over dramatic.

Ah, and Bob. Bob is good.

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Another cool fact bc i love u and also random facts, euro notes all have bridges on them but bc there were more counties using the euro than different euro notes when they were made, they couldn't use images from the countries bc that would be unfair right? So an artist made up a bunch of bridges and put em on the notes so nobody got jealous. So, of course, an architect in Denmark (they still used euros) built the bridges in Denmark to claim them for their country and I think thats beautiful

I actually knew that! I go to Europe a lot because of family in Ireland.lmao Europe is so petty sometimes I love it

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I just saw CV interview and it does seem like Dante is a goner. That is gonna be very heartbreaking for Cisco. TBH, I don't want the show to kill off anyone else. I still found Henry's death unnecessary. He was a plot device to get Barry to flashpoint. GG did say that BA's actions will weigh on his conscience and that BA will try to make things right. Conflict between Cisco and Barry will be different. Side note: looking forward to seeing businessman Cisco. Excited for that and of course WA.

Yeah it’s most likely Dante which is unfortunate.. I thought Henry’s death was so unnecessary too especially because Barry had just gotten him back. I knew it was coming but I hated it. I would be fine if they went a season without killing anyone but someone just has to die every season. I think if FP is responsible for it, then it will create some type of conflict between him and Barry. And I want to see businessman Cisco too! I’m lowkey salty they didn’t let him keep his facial hair for that storyline but whatever I guess lol

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have you considered: NOT using unsourced fanart ;)

oh i’m sorry, i’m not aware that happened! If you can tell me where a mod has done that, i’ll source/find a different image!

side note: please be polite when you message about these kind of mistakes! i’m sure it wasn’t intentional, so no need to be sarcastic :(


Spending my entire weekend making fanart for @loverofpiggies?? Me??


little ghostbusters things
  • laundry day is just everyone throwing their clothes towards the washing machine, despite erin’s insistence at having a rota and separate color/white washes
  • all the ghostbusters make sure holtz is hydrated and eating when she’s so focused on her project that she forgets
  • patty insisting the girls have their nails painted, all while listing interesting facts about nyc
  • somehow a little ghost plushie ends up hanging in ecto1, and no-one admits to putting it there
  • friday somehow becomes takeout + movie night, and they try a different takeout place each time
  • abby leaves random post it notes everywhere with cute little messages and the occasional to-do list for everyone
  • a stray cat wanders in to the firehouse one day and it ends up never leaving. they name it casper.
  • they soon garner a large following, nicknamed the #Ghosters, and occasionally post anonymously on the forums just for the laughs
  • subsequently, they make a twitter account and it’s mostly just random snapshots of their day. 80% of the tweets are about holtz setting something on fire
  • after a particularly exciting catch, they all end up drinking. holtz is surprisingly a lightweight, abby sticks to gin + tonics, patty makes really obscure cocktails that no-one has every heard of, and erin can have 15 shots and still be weirdly sober

idk just with school starting soon i thought it would be a good idea 

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…ANd THEN THe forest girl grew up and so did everyone else, and she married the person she met one time when she was 12, thus ending of the swapped version of the story. SO MUCH happened in this arc (that i love) and i couldn’t even get to my favorite bits, but…that’s the ending. …I mean, theres not MORE after this. Surely nobody would be crazy enough to continue something that had a solid enough ending 8) *nervous laughter* ….

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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This is going to sound so incredibly lame but I just enjoy rifling through your blog to read your writing because the way you weave words is just so incredibly fantastic, I could shit bricks. I was hoping to pick at your brain a bit and wonder how did you get so good at it? It's probably because you're so naturally damned good at it, I suppose, but one can try to ask!

Thank you, thank you for thinking so. Much of my adolescence was spent in chatrooms in the late ‘90s/early millennial years, when they were still open and filled with pompous textual roleplayers and digital predators. To be 'taken seriously’, the culture demanded a certain wielding of the language, often choked with flowery, verbose descriptors of your manifestations, your personalities, your characters, whatever.

None of it was natural. 

It was marathons late into the night: tunnel-vision anticipation and keybind flirting; towels shoved underneath your door to prevent the light from seeping into the dark of your hallway; pimply faces baptized by the flickering glow of the CRT-monitor.

None of it. But what an era.