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Nicknames-  Andra, Andu

Gender- Female

Star Sign- Virgo

Height- 162 cm

Sexuality- I’m bi

Hogwarts House- .

Favorite Animal- black panther

Average Hours Spent on Sleeping- 9 hours or 4hours, never in between

Dogs or Cats- Both

Number of blankets I sleep with- 1 

Dream Trip- hmmm Venice, Asia

Dream Job- make-up artist

When I made this account- 30 april 2013 for  my personal blog and the blog just for kpop: 23 sept 2017 ( @kpopislitbitch follow me?? no.ok. :’( )

Why I made this account- I wanted to see what tumblr is. so here I am :))

# of followers- 1,545

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