Michael Phelps (in Armani and Louis Vuitton) photographed by Danielle Levitt for Italian GQ, February 2013.


Can you guess what I’m reading on my day off tomorrow? The new ebook version of the crossover short story “The Staff of Serapis” by Rick Riordan of course, along with the included sneak peak of Blood of Olympus. Look for a review on both from me tomorrow afternoon on www.chicgeekspeaks.wordpress.com. In the meantime, dress like the new short story’s heroines Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane with these character-inspired outfits I made in Polyvore (click here then click the pictures to see all the items used and where to find them). 

Yayyyyyyy jumpin’ on this band wagon thing. Here’s my crap contribution to monkeyscandance’s pjo fashion show thing. I just love everyone’s designs!

I hope to make more in the future that aren’t poo  but we’ll see! (Have some Piper, ‘cause she’s the funnest to draw) 
(also if someone wants the back breaking work of coloring this junk be my guest)